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6 Cars Broken Into or Tampered With at Outback and Nearby Lot Tuesday Evening

| December 31, 2014

The Outback Restaurant parking lot and surrounding areas were targets of a spree of car break-ins Tuesday evening.

The Outback Restaurant parking lot and surrounding areas were targets of a spree of car break-ins Tuesday evening.

Mid-evening Tuesday at least six cars were vandalized, broken into or tampered with in quick succession in the Outback restaurant parking lot and in surrounding areas of Boulder Rock Drive in Palm Coast. The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office is investigating but has no suspects yet.

The crime spree took place during dinner hours when the area is relatively well trafficked. Crimes of opportunity such as car break-ins top the lost of non-violent crimes in Palm Coast. But more often than not, thieves target vehicles that have been left unlocked. Violent break-ins are the exception, not the rule. Tuesday evening was different.

One of the damaged cars belongs to Outback Manager Kelly Miller, 52, of South Daytona. The front driver’s side window on her 2013 Toyota was shattered and her pink purse stolen. “Nothing appeared to be touched in the vehicle and there appeared to be nothing of evidentiary value therefore this vehicle was not processed,” the incident report states. But Miller told police that at least two of her employees’ cars had been tampered with.

One of the employees’ vehicles, a 2012 Ford, had prints all over it that were not there before the employee went to work, but it was not broken into. The second employee’s 2003 Nissan had been more obviously tampered with: the driver’s side door handle was “nearly completely broken off,” according to the report. The moment the employee touched the door handle, it fell off. But that vehicle was not broken into either. All three vehicles were parked near each other.

About 90 minutes later two more victims reported their cars being vandalized and broken into nearby, in another parking lot at 260 Cypress Edge Drive. A 28-year-old Palm Coast resident told police that she’d arrived at Sakura Restaurant at 7 p.m. and noticed, when leaving two and a half hours later, that the rear driver’s side passenger window on her 2013 Ford Explorer had been smashed out. A black canvass tote bag containing several books and paperwork was stolen from the back seat.

Leslie Carr, a 31-year-old resident of Palm Coast, had gone to Anytime Fitness at 8:30 p.m. As he left an hour later, he noticed that the rear passenger side window of his 2010 Cadillac sedan had been smashed. The suspect or suspects apparently entered the car and rummaged through his belongings, stealing $1,000 from the center console, a driver’s license, a military ID, a credit card and a debit card.

It wasn’t over. A deputy was on extra patrol in the area when, just before 11 p.m., he got a report of a silver Volkswagen Passat with a smashed out front passenger-side window. The car was also parked in front of Atlantic Fitness. Gladis Mobbs, a 49-year-old resident of Palm Coast, parked around 9 p.m., placing her black leather purse partially under the passenger side seat before going into the gym.

The purse was stolen, along with a black leather wallet with her driver’s license, her Social Security card, her daughter’s Social Security card and a credit card, a checkbook and $100 in cash. The damage to the vehicle is estimated at $500. “There was no physical evidence to collect and the damage to the vehicle was photographed,” the incident report notes. “The parking lot area is under video surveillance but the video could not be accessed,” the report adds. Investigators were to attempt to get the video when it would become available.

Earlier in the Outback parking lot, one witness told police that a dark Buick SUV whose occupants she suspected may have been involved in the break-ins was tailgating her as she was pulling into the Outback parking lot. When she tried to back into a parking spot, the SUV flashed its lights impatiently then whipped around her and parked in a parking spot on the side of the restaurant where the car breaks occurred. The witness, who was herself black, said the SUV was occupied by two young black men in their 20s. They stayed in the vehicle, and the witness kept observing them while on the phone, until she walked into the restaurant several minutes later, only to see the SUV pull out abruptly, hit a curb and go directly across Boulder Rock Dr. into another business parking lot.

The witness kept observing the SUV, which sat there for a few more minutes before speeding out of the area. The witness thought it all suspicious but did not think anything of it until learning of the car break-ins.

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11 Responses for “6 Cars Broken Into or Tampered With at Outback and Nearby Lot Tuesday Evening”

  1. The Truth says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would keep $1,000 in their center console?

  2. tulip says:

    Keeping $1000 in a console, really? It seems that anyone in PC who has had their vehicle broken into has had in the neighborhood of $900 in cash stolen. The insurance companies must allow a certain amount that you don’t have to “prove” and they will pay it. It seems like a lot of people in PC have a lot of cash to leave lying around unattended.

    I do not understand why people leave wallets, purses and other valuables in their car knowing that there are many thieves out there. Those people are just inviting trouble.

  3. RAY says:

    they probably didn’t. insurance fraud.

  4. confidential says:

    All the sudden I do not see as many sheriff cruisers patrolling Palm Coast as they should…please don’t start lagging surveillance. I saw few days ago our sheriff water patrol in our canals …was time, as speeders some being minors without supervision and the required by law life jackets are going to ruin all our seawalls, floating docks and docked vessels!! The last I known my taxes went up…then why our services go down?
    Newcomers moving to water front properties could not care less for the manatees we have in our canals and law enforcement needs to start giving out tickets to those speeders once pass the Palm Coast Marina into the no wake zone red of saltwater canals.
    Also our deputies need to be seeing around the Casper and Cooper Lanes area as drugs dealings seem to be taking place in and out of there again.
    What about Outback at least having surveillance cameras on parking area? They are a big deterrent.

  5. Face Reality says:

    I’ve been to that outback numerous times, and truth of the matter is… its a prime spot for that kind of criminal activity. its not well lit, especially on the back side of the building. I have parkers across the street near the ice cream shop in the past just so I wouldn’t have to leave my car parked in a dark parking lot. this is what thieves look for.. Oppurtunity, and if its dark and they can get away with it, they are gonna try. $1000 in the console, that’s just silly. Try the bank, or at the very least if your going to leave it in your car, put it hidden in the trunk or something.

  6. Seminole Pride says:

    I have kept many valuable things in my vehicle. including my Golf Clubs valued at $ 4,000. Vandals want touch them because they probably don’t play golf. lol.

  7. happy holidays says:

    we really do need a police department…..

    a sheriff is mostly re-active–only responding to existing calls,police would actually patrol areas like this routinely and make it more secure

  8. Andy says:

    This same night five cars (including mine) were broken into on my street in the Ps. I’m no 2nd amendment nut job – but I hope the next driveway these jerks enter does belong to someone who greets them with a shotgun.

  9. tomc says:

    It is all Bush’s fault.

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