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Woman’s Report of Armed Robbery Leads to SWAT’s Raid of 2 Homes Before Suspect Is Caught Elsewhere

| December 13, 2014

Charles Lenard Phillips in his state prison and Flagler jail booking photos.

Charles Lenard Phillips in his state prison and Flagler jail booking photos.

The alleged armed robbery of 23-year-old Nicole Rizzo on Bunnell’s South Chapel Street in early evening Friday triggered the deployment of the Flagler County Sheriff’s SWAT team, a search of the area and, just two hours after the robbery, the arrest of a Bunnell man who’d been released from prison seven months ago. Rizzo was not hurt.

Charles Lenard Phillips, 27, a resident of 413 South Chapel Street known as “CJ,” was arrested on charges of armed robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and petit theft. By Saturday afternoon, he had posted bail on $4,500 bond and was released. Phillips was released from state prison on May 20 after serving two years on drug charges.

Rizzo told the Bunnell Police Department’s Cpl. Christopher Wolfle that she was walking her bicycle down East Court Street toward Dr. Carter Boulevard when she saw Phillips, with whom she was familiar: she used to be in “high debt” to him, she told police, some three or four years ago before he was “busted” in a drug operation. Rizzo said Phillips at first asked her how she was doing, but before he finished his sentence he’d pulled a gun out from his waist.

Nicole Rizzo

Nicole Rizzo

Phillips, according to Rizzo, did not point the gun at her, but kept it pointing at the ground. He allegedly ordered her to give him her money and a gold necklace she was wearing. Rizzo complied, handing over $113.00. Phillips then took off jogging. Rizzo told police that she followed him to see what house he was going in.

Wolfle and another officer had been dispatched to the robbery call at 4:23 p.m., according to Phillips’s arrest report. Between that time and 5:53 p.m., a stream of police units–a combination of Bunnell police and Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies–converged on the scene near the old hospital. (Rizzo said the alleged robbery took place behind the hospital.) In all, about 20 cops converged, along with two K-9’s.

The SWAT commander arrived at the scene at 5:23 p.m. Rizzo had told police she believed Phillips had gone into one of two addresses on South Chapel–either 300 or 302, though she said she saw Phillips neither enter the residences or leave the area.

At 6 p.m., the SWAT team raided the 300 South Chapel Street address, but that “yielded negative results,” the police report states. Six minutes later, the SWAT team raided 302 South Chapel, again with negative results.

At 6:17, deputies located and seized Phillips near 308 South Chapel.

Police took Rizzo to where Phillips had been apprehended. She positively identified him as the suspect who had allegedly robbed her. Phillips was then placed under arrest and booked at the Flagler County jail.

Rizzo’s arrest record in Flagler is not modest, either: she’s been arrested five times since 2012, on charges of drug possession, theft, and numerous charges of probation violation.

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16 Responses for “Woman’s Report of Armed Robbery Leads to SWAT’s Raid of 2 Homes Before Suspect Is Caught Elsewhere”

  1. sw says:

    Now that was not a very nice thing to do. What I dont like is that he is free. Not for long I am sure LMAO

  2. Saint says:

    My hands are up ,

  3. FiveO says:

    The SWAT than did not “raid” anything. They searched the two houses with the owners consent for the armed robbery suspect.

  4. bri says:

    “armed robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon”..arrested fri ,back on the street sat..our courts/ judges are a complete joke!!!!

  5. Jerry M says:

    All sounds questionable to me. She probably still owed CJ money and when he demanded the money she conceives this arm robbery scenario; to get him back in trouble and to get her money back. Also the whole gun description sounds kind of weird. I would think there is a large size difference between CJ and Rizzo. I’m sure the use of a gun was not necessary to forcibly take the money from Rizzo (and factor in the loss of street cred that it took the use of a gun to extract money from a girl). She probably added that just to get the police all excited.

  6. Anonymous says:

    How does a convicted felon commit an armed robbery with a gun, and then gets released on $4,500. bail. Please help explain to me, because I don’t understand our legal system.

    • bri says:

      our legal system blows..the criminals have all the rights, due to our liberal courts..its sickening..imagine how the arresting officers feel!!!!!

  7. Heading North says:

    You folks elected the judges! Remember that the next time elections come along!
    The Bunnell police and FCSO did their job efficiently and quickly with no injury to ANYONE – so shove your “hands up don’t shoot” remarks!
    Good wishes to the people of Flagler County as always.

  8. hello says:

    Convicted felons can always get away with just about anything and there is always someone making excuses for them and bailing them out. When will it ever get better???? Dont know.

  9. Outsider says:

    “What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?”

  10. Teddy says:

    Anybody notice that the picture of Nicloe Rizzo is a mugshot? Look her record up, she’s been arrested SIX times in Flagler Co. since 2012. Thinking there is more to this story.

  11. Joy says:

    I don’t understand either. Bail? for armed robbery with a deadly weapon, and a convicted felon? Someone is asleep at the wheel.

  12. PJ says:

    Cops do the work get a bad guy the bad guy gets out for less than I pay in a red light camera!

    Where is the justice? Likely the same fat cat judge that would not listen to reason for a traffic infraction likely released this guy………

  13. Smarter says:

    Did you actually read the story? ~FL

    She has a criminal record but that’s being ignored. Feminist nazis. White girl is an angel. Please.

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