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“Would You Like To Die Today?” Woman Tells Friend as She Crashes Jaguar on I-95 Near Palm Coast Parkway

| October 31, 2014

Lorita Glica

Lorita Glica

Lorita Glica, a 50-year-old Palm Coast resident of Crescent Court, was jailed on aggravated assault, leaving the scene of an accident and reckless driving charges Wednesday evening after allegedly intentionally driving her Jaguar into the trees on I-95 moments after she told a friend traveling wit her, and with whom she was having an argument: “Would you like to die today?”

Anthony Riccio, a Palm Coast resident who was driving north just behind the Jaguar when the incident unfolded in mid-afternoon Wednesday, told police that he saw the Jaguar suddenly veer from either the middle or far-left lane of the Interstate toward the right “aggressively,” according to Glica’s arrest report. The car crossed lanes onto the shoulder then crashed against trees. Riccio said there’d been neither apparent resistance nor brake lights.

He immediately stopped to check on the occupants’ injuries. Glica got out of the driver’s side. She “appeared to be impaired,” Riccio told police. She called her husband from Riccio’s phone then fled the scene on foot, going northeast. The crash took place just before the intersection with Palm Coast Parkway. Riccio then spoke to the passenger, Dawn Lowery, 45, of Palm Coast. She “was ok, however seemed to be a little distraught,” the report states.

Lowery and Glica had been friends for about a year. She told police that the crash was no accident. Rather, that as the two women were traveling, they got into an argument, Glica became upset, then asked her if she’d like to die before making the hard right turn. Lowery declined medical attention.

Police found Glica at the Fairfield Inn & Suits on Old Kings Road, adjacent to the Interstate. She was covered in thorns and debris. She “smelled strongly of alcohol,” the report states. She told police that she first ensured that her friend was OK before leaving, thinking it was OK to do so. She said there had been an argument and claimed it was because she refused to stop to get beer for Lowery. Glica said that at that point Lowery left the passenger seat and straddled the console, pressing the brake with her left foot while leaving the right foot on the passenger side. That’s what caused the car to steer, Glica said.

The investigating deputy concluded that no brake lights had been observed, and that Lowery showed no injuries consistent with her having straddled the middle console of the car at the time of the crash, without a seat belt. The investigator also noted that shortly after the crash, Glica had bought a beer at Los Amigos, making a proper DUI investigation impossible. The investigator concluded that the crash was intentional, and that both women in the Jaguar had been drinking before the crash.

Glica’s arrest report states that the charges increased her bond to $10,000. Glica by Friday afternoon had bonded out, though none of her charges showed a bond amount on her jail booking record. “We do not have information regarding her bond and if the charges have been dropped,” a Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said just before 4:30 p.m. Friday, regarding the discrepancy, suggesting the state Attorney’s Office or Clerk of Court might. By then, both offices had closed.

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12 Responses for ““Would You Like To Die Today?” Woman Tells Friend as She Crashes Jaguar on I-95 Near Palm Coast Parkway”

  1. barbie says:

    This is a good time to remind all of you how much more dangerous drinking liquor and beer is than smoking some herb. This woman and her alleged friend could have died. You will never have this happen with people who get high on some pot. NEVER.

    • Outsider says:

      Not to make light of this situation, but regarding your point, do we REALLY know how many people died while choking on a slice of pizza because they were too stoned to swallow???

    • IvaHadit says:

      It amazes me how butt-stupid some people act. Not to mention selfish — she could have killed other people on the road, as well as her friend. I agree that pot is much safer and should be legalized. Having said that, I also believe it should have reasonable restrictions. (Age, driving).

  2. NortonSmitty says:

    This woman is a menace!!! A few weeks ago she passed me in her Jag on the on-ramp for I95 North at SR100 at about 90, cut in front of me, ran me off the road, and then flipped me the bird when I blew my horn!

    If she goes away (as she should), can I volunteer as a Jail Guard on the wekends?

  3. Anonymous says:

    More likely this story might suggest that alcohol and/or other drugs are not a good way to medicate oneself or try to make serious personal problems go away. No matter how much better it might make an individual feel in the short-term, in the long-term, it brings nothing but more heartbreak and trouble.


    You hear that?

    I can swear I hear the theme song to Looney Tunes.

  5. intheknow says:

    You shouldn’t smoke pot and drive either.

  6. Groot says:

    No you should not smoke weed and drive, it messes with your depth perception among other senses. I hope this lady doesn’t get off with a slap on the wrist and substance abuse treatment. Intent here was to kill herself and others.

  7. HorseWith a Name says:

    I wonder if that smile in her mugshot has wore off yet? I hope the insurance company denies her claim maybe that will turn that smile upside down. Must be nice to wreck a jag just because she felt like it. I work 50+ hrs a week just to get by, what’s it take to get a golden spoon in my mouth. Heck if I did this they would throw away the key.

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