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24-Year-Old Woman Shot in Road Rage Incident on I-95, Suspects in Mercedes Flee

| October 24, 2014

The shooting incident took place Friday afternoon near mile marker 290, in the southbound lanes. The image above is a file photo. (© FlaglerLive)

The shooting incident took place Friday afternoon near mile marker 290, in the southbound lanes. The image above is a file photo. (© FlaglerLive)

Kaitlyn Foster, a 24-year-old Jacksonville woman, was shot in the arm in what the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office is describing as a road rage incident on I-95.

The incident took place at 3:17 p.m. near mile marker 290, about a mile north of the intersection with Palm Coast Parkway, in the southbound lanes. The woman’s injury are not life-threatening.

“It came in as a possible gunshot, somebody cut in the arm type of deal,” Bob Weber, the Sheriff’s Office’s chief spokesman, said. Rescuers and detectives responded and found indications that it was “a road rage type incident.”

The assailants were reported to be driving a black Mercedes SUV, heading south. A man and a woman were believed to be on board, but their race is unknown.

According to the incident report narrative, Foster was driving a silver Hyundai when, she told deputies, the Mercedes “cut her off.” Shortly after that, the Mercedes pulled up beside her “and she showed the Hispanic male driver her middle finger.”

“She then stated that the front passenger side window shattered and something hit her arm. She stated that she then pulled over to the side of the road and the black Mercedes SUV continued south on I-95. She also stated that there was also a Hispanic female passenger who was possibly wearing a white shirt in the black Mercedes SUV.”

Deputies checked the I-95 weigh station and their security videos, all I-95 exits south bound from the incident, and all surrounding businesses immediately after the incident occurred for a black Mercedes SUV. A Be On the Look-Out was also issued for Volusia County and the Florida Highway Patrol. All met with negative results, according to the narrative. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office pulled over a few vehicles, but produced no suspects.

Roger’s Towing impounded the vehicle, which was processed by the sheriff’s CSI unit.

Traffic was never impeded along the Interstate, Weber said. The victim was taken to Florida Hospital Flagler.

Anyone with information or witnesses are asked to call 386-313-4911 in reference to case number 2014-98115 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-277-8477.

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13 Responses for “24-Year-Old Woman Shot in Road Rage Incident on I-95, Suspects in Mercedes Flee”

  1. Sherry Epley says:

    After yet ANOTHER school shooting and reading this. . . It is simply astounding to me that so many people still believe that our citizens should continue to be armed to the teeth and that “only criminals” shoot others!

    Can no one see the logic in the idea that the more guns owned and available in our society, the more people will those murder weapons, instead of words, when mentally unstable or under stress or duress?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sherry, one thing you said in your post is correct. “only criminals” shoot others. Unless you are defending yourself, your family, or others.

      • Steve says:

        Let’s bear in mind that David Mohney was not a “criminal” right up to the very moment he shot his children. While someone understood that his gun should be taken away from him while he was going through a divorce, the gun was given to a kindly neighbor for “safekeeping.” Jaylen Fryberg wasn’t a “criminal” either until he shot and killed a classmate and wounded several others. So, in this chicken-and-egg argument, I would ask which came first, the gun or the “criminality.”

  2. Phillip Mele says:

    What about all the damned surveillance cameras???? What good are they if not for this? WT_!

  3. Seminole Pride says:

    Wow !! Me and the little lady were on I 95 about that time. So am glad we got off at the US 1 exit to go to the DQ to get a Blizzard. Crazy idiots.

  4. Ben FL expat says:

    While I lived in Palm Coast for fourteen years, I noticed a lot of hostility in people.
    I’m in New England now and am glad to say that I got away from all of this.

    I’m in rural NH now and it’s MUCH easier going than my old Florida home.

    It’s interesting to me originally being from NYC that Florida is the scariest place
    I’ve ever called home. Many people in PC are embittered. There is a desperation
    and fear in people there, and it’s palpable.

    In my neck of the woods it’s easy to acquire firearms and it doesn’t seem to
    be on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Most of us don’t make it a point of carrying.
    It feels much safer here and it’s prettier too.

    If you’re glad I’m gone – well I’m happer still. No more traffic cameras!
    Canada is a short ride away. It’s great!

    Yep – I still read Flaglerlive. Always will.

    • groot says:

      Ben you are 100% correct. I actually have gotten to the point that I drive to St Augustine or Jax to do my shopping. I belong to Planet Fitness but have the black card so I can use other Planet Fitness gyms. I try to use the St Augustine facility as much as possible.It’s always something in Palm Coast. Aggression on the roads, issues in the stores; help that have tudes, poorly stocked shelves, spoiled food and flat out rude behavior toward customers. At the gym here, they park motorcycles on the sidewalk in front of the “no motorcycle parking on the sidewalk” sign! I was hit by one about a month ago when he pulled in. He didn’t care, I was okay so, I just chalked it up to more Palm Coast idiocy. You did the right thing to go home. We would love to go home but we refuse to take a loss. Biggest mistake I ever made, buying a home in Palm Coast. I have never seen such aggression and flat out disregard for the rights of others.

    • Glad I left Palm Coast says:

      Ben Fl well said, I left PC to go back to New England, while I am in Western Ma, NH rocks!!!!!! you are right about beauty and the people are more laid back, the only drawback is Springfield and Holyoke. so much like PC full of tax burdens. I do carry heat when in Springfield you have too. a good deterent. I am making a lot more money up here, $12.50 an hour for 3 years no raise as a heavy equipment operator in Palm Coast. Simple economics, Florida sucks for wages and always will.



  6. Sherry Epley says:

    Dear Groot and Ben,

    I am a Florida native, born in Jacksonville, with my ancestors going back to the 1600s in this region of the USA. At 17, I moved to Long Island and then later lived for 20 years in the San Francisco area. Upon moving back to this region of Florida, I have been deeply saddened to find such conservative, fear driven, defensive/divisive disregard and hostility for other human beings. Was Florida really like that when I was a happy child here. . . or has something terrible happened to the people who live in my home state? Maybe it’s just all relative and my living for so many years in kinder, more open minded cultures has created my personal regrets about choosing to return here.

    My saving grace is choosing to live in Flagler Beach instead of Palm Coast, and traveling extensively. . . but my heart is broken for my fellow Floridians. . . especially when they have been massively manipulated enough by the NRA and the Koch Brothers and FOX to even consider 4 more years of a beast like Rick Scott.

    Gun safety does not make us weak. . . it makes us POWERFUL and SMART!

    • Anonymous says:

      I split my time as a youth and most of my 20s between Florida and a mid-western state starting in the late 1950’s. I left around 1980 for a better state job up north, I was working for HRS. We would come back to visit my family and my wife’s family in the South Florida area. On one of those trips south we drove A1A all the way south. This was maybe 1987 or so. I fell in love with the Flagler county area at the time and decided I would come back to retire. I did come back. It was a darn good thing I left for employment up north, I have a really nice pension with really nice benefits. If I had continued working for the state here, I would have comparatively speaking, nothing. Sprawl is a real problem in this area now, as is unemployment and a general rudeness toward others. It is just not the Florida of my youth. When we can leave, without losing money on the home sale, we will. Regarding the shooting on I95, I think there is a good chance the lady bumped into a drug dealer or gang banger. I never make gestures to others. Just ignore and move on.

  7. barbie says:

    Unbelievable, the woman could have been killed, and “it’s just a cut in the arm type of deal”. What’s up with the police trying to brush this off? That’s how it reads, and that’s just disgusting.

  8. happening now says:

    Sometimes I feel that we all live in an open air insane asylum…….

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