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2 Shots Fired at Florida Park Drive and Flynn Way in Altercation Between Occupants of Two Cars

| August 31, 2014

The area of the shots fired at Florida Park Drive and Flynn Way. (Google)

The area of the shots fired at Florida Park Drive and Flynn Way. (Google)

Information is sketchy–the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office says it won’t release the report because it’s the weekend–but sheriff’s spokespersons confirmed Sunday that two shots were fired early Sunday morning during an altercation involving occupants of two vehicles at Florida Park Drive and Flynn Way.

A call to 911 about the shots was placed at 2:28 this morning. No one was reported injured. Flynn Way is just north of Fleetwood Drive.

Dispatch notes indicate that the 911 caller heard two shots, yelling and at least one vehicle leaving the scene, going south toward Palm Coast Parkway. (The caller’s husband at one point was outside the house with a gun until his wife convinced him to go back inside and put the gun away in a bedroom closet, the dispatch notes state.)

At 3:33 a.m., a deputy summarized what was known of the incident to dispatch, but the summary is heavily redacted. A vehicle had been parked on the north side of Flynn Way when another vehicle pulled up next to the parked car and someone yelled something: that part is redacted, as is the rest of the summary, except for a witness describing the sound of gunshots.

“It appears that a report was written on the incident but it has not been merged with the Records so we are unable to access it,” Bob Weber, a sheriff’s spokesman, said mid-afternoon Sunday. “That will not occur until Tuesday due to the Labor Day holiday.”

Weber added: “The case is an active investigation and additional details are being withheld at this time.” He would not confirm a report of a gun being recovered at the scene. Dispatch notes indicate that evidence was recovered at the scene.

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14 Responses for “2 Shots Fired at Florida Park Drive and Flynn Way in Altercation Between Occupants of Two Cars”

  1. Groot says:

    How trashy and dangerous. How low will we slide Palm Coast, how low will we slide.

  2. Genie says:

    Looking at some of the run down areas in back of Florida Park Drive, I’d say we’re sliding fast. The city has no plan to deal with run down properties, other than code enforcement and that clearly is not the answer.

    We are losing our city to crime and blight.

  3. Ray Thorne says:

    How right you are Genie. When will we wake up? Were losing our city to crime.. I hear the Sheriff on WNZF telling people not to drink and drink and drive this weekend ….the same generic message we get every year around the Holidays. How about a message to the criminal element in this county? If I were Sheriff and had airtime to convey a message id let the criminal know that their time is up in this county and it would behoove them to straighten up, move, or go to jail. It’s not a game.

    • Genie says:

      I agree 100%, Ray. If I were the Sheriff, I’d be taking every opportunity to let felons, felons to be and parents of felons that the time is near. I’d be telling them that Palm Coast has zero tolerance for crime.

      Something has got to change.

  4. Joe says:

    WOW!!! a report was actually prepared!!!

  5. confidential says:

    Last Saturday night or early Sunday morning a week ago, someone try to fire up the big oak in the corner of Club House Drive and Casper Drive…a half way burnt roll of tight bundled paper towels and couple of toilet paper hanging from the tree intended to be fired….burnt material on the sidewalk.
    Sheriff was called and figured were probably “kids”…My advise is we all better be more alert about suspicious people and activities specially on Friday and Saturday nights. Starting fires in Palm Coast should not be kids games.

  6. People Stuck on Stupid says:

    I am sure it was drug related

  7. Too Close for Comfort says:

    Any one know of any glass companies that install bullet proof home window glass ? And where can I get some armor plates for my cars door panels ? I feel like I’m in Chicago’s south side.

  8. Outsider says:

    Palm Coast: the new Deltona.

  9. Groot says:

    I have noticed that the local sheriff is reticent to take and follow thru on crime reports. They are taking no fault to a whole new level. It’s probably to keep the crime rate down. Have to wonder that the real crime rate is hereabouts? Better yet, what is the per capita number of open warrants? Regarding “I feel like I’m in Chicago’s south side” I think Holly Hill is more accurate or Newark, NJ and it’s not just that area of F.

  10. PC Dad says:

    I don’t think the felons are listening to the local Flagler County stations especially on Saturday or Sunday a.m. when the sheriff is on giving his “messages” to the people. Need to look at the music stations out of Daytona/Orlando/Jacksonville evenings and late night for that. Chances are good the felons will just laugh at what is said anyway.

    As for the homeowners who allow these run down homes to become rundown, best bet is they are still up in New York/New Jersey where all they care about is getting their rent check on time. Maybe it is time to start going after these absentee (call them what they really are – slum lord) homeowners. That’s where you will get the most traction in cleaning these places up.

  11. Will says:

    Some, not all, of the rundown homes may be occupied by older people for whom the cost of living has outpaced their income, maybe because they lived longer than they figured. Some can’t afford paint or to fix the broken shutter. Maybe health is bad and they can’t get their lawn mowed either. I wonder if the city has a program or process for identifying these people (and homes) at risk and helping them.

  12. Genie says:

    @ PC Dad and Will: Agree with both of you. However, I do think most are rentals and many of them are owned by local realtors and others who should be required to keep the homes up, inside as well as out.

    Many cities have ordinances for this. Don’t know if we do or not…. Even the bank owned properties should be kept up.

    With the census being done recently, the city should be able to tell us which it is. And for those few elderly, I would hope that friends and neighbors would pitch in and help.

  13. confidential says:

    Will, many of these vacant neglected homes belong in a string of several, to older investors from “up north” that actually do not give a rat’s wish for their vacant homes as long as we endure the blight as they are absentee. Some belong to younger owners not retired yet, that are plagued by substance abuse and are too lazy to mow or keep up their places as could not care less for the upkeep of the houses as long as they have their substance handy. Others belong to questionable activities individuals that run second hand items businesses (some obvious drugs sales) out of their garages and backyards and are too lazy to properly store their junk and display them for sale with total disregard for our ordinances and eyesore to be endured.
    As per my witnessing, those older owners that can’t afford the upkeep of their homes are a very little percent. Actually some of their children inherit their homes and actually refuse to sell them or maintain now.
    We should not look for excuses to allow blight but instead enforce to resolve it, as blight attracts crime.

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