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Illegal Campaign Stop? Rick Scott Owes an Apology To the Cops He Duped.

| July 10, 2014

A screen shot of Tampa's Fox station report on the Scott campaign event in question.

A screen shot of Tampa’s Fox station report on the Scott campaign event in question.

By Adam Weinstein

Perhaps we’re so jaded today that we just assume all politicians are brazen opportunists. But Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign turned the opportunism up to 11 this week, all for a cheap “tough on crime” photo shoot.

At a re-election campaign appearance in Tampa Monday, Scott burnished his law enforcement record, complete with a cadre of uniformed peace officers from Florida Fish and Wildlife, Hillsborough County, and Tampa proper. It sure looked like the officers were endorsing him.

Except they weren’t. They claimed Scott’s staff secured their presence by lying and leading them to believe their appearance with the governor would be for an official policy meeting, not an electioneering presser. Some of them were even still on the clock, a violation of state law.

The cops expressed shock to the Tampa Tribune that they’d been used for a campaign stop. A video report on the event and the police reaction was even more damning for the governor’s handlers.

Chief executives surrounding themselves with uniformed folks for maximum optics isn’t a new phenomenon. Every POTUS and guv, regardless of party affiliation, loves the implication: The troops literally stand behind this guy. Heroes have his back. They love the man in charge, and you should, too.

George W. Bush did it, as does Barack Obama, along with a host of governors.

That’s acceptable, at least as the rules for uniformed personnel go, during the business of state. But full-tilt politicking is a different beast. Rules forbid service members and other uniformed officers from campaigning while suited up or on duty.

context floridaCampaign staffers, looking to steal a little valor for their bosses, just can’t help themselves — like when Mitt Romney’s handlers pushed Virginia Military Institute to stand some cadets up behind him and politicize a 2012 campaign appearance at the school. The school, to its credit, pushed back.

Perhaps the peace officers who lined up behind Scott, finally realizing what they’d marched into, didn’t feel comfortable pushing back. They take orders from elected civilians, after all. And that’s precisely why their anti-politicking rules exist — not just because their presence looks like an endorsement, but because there’s no way to tell whether it’s compelled or not.

Scott is no stranger to unearned military honors, like when he almost slipped into Florida’s fledgling military hall of fame. Cooler heads prevailed upon realizing that against the state’s Medal of Honor recipients and decorated combat heroes, his Navy accomplishments seemed meager: two and a half years scalping cans of Pepsi to his shipmates while puttering around from Bermuda to Puerto Rico during the Vietnam War.

But Scott’s campaign spokeswoman insists the cops from this week’s howdy-doody knew what they were doing beforehand. “It’s been publicly advertised as a campaign event to everyone,” she told the Tampa Trib.

In other words, either officers of at least three different agencies are lying when they say the governor’s people misled them, or the governor’s trusted advisers lied to the cops and are lying to journalists now. Having served in uniform — and having lived in Scott’s Florida for too long — I know which group I’m inclined to believe.

Adam Weinstein is a Tallahassee-based senior writer for Gawker. He has worked for the Wall Street Journal, Village Voice, and Mother Jones.

FOX 13 News

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6 Responses for “Illegal Campaign Stop? Rick Scott Owes an Apology To the Cops He Duped.”

  1. confidential says:

    So Chris accepting endorsement in a Nascar race car by a Pac group was illegal…but Rick’s using our law enforcement on duty is not..?

  2. Charles Ericksen, Jr says:

    I’m told that Al Gore was in the audience, with camera in hand, as he now works for Militarytimes..

  3. confidential says:

    I am not fond at all of Al Gore….but that Dem if present does not take away or make it less offensive at all Rick Scott illegal use of our law enforcement uniformed presence for campaign purpose! C’mon Charlie, leave the partisan rhetoric out, as do not justify the wrong done by Scott.
    As Republican I am inundated with frivolous request to give my opinion and support the the following from GOP Pontevedra resident De Santis:
    A)Should we proceed with Investigation Committee over Benghazi: my reply NO! is a frivolous way to waste our scarce tax funds we can bring back our four heroes neither the over 200 soldiers killed back then in the Lebanon USA post.
    B) Will continuo de fight to defeat Obamacare: my reply NO! as we have millions now covered by it that had no medical before and is already passed as the law of the land.
    C) Will proceed with the IRS GOP Pac unfair audit investigation: my reply NO! Already wasted over 14 millions of our taxes in that charade. The IRS has the right to audit anyone… what makes you think GOP is exempted?
    Latest the idiotic proposed lawsuit against POTUS! When he has use many less executive orders than GOP Bush and others.
    Why don’ they all, other than fighting the People’s choice elected, get down to work in fixing our economy and by fixing our decaying infrastructure creating millions of jobs, other than frivolous proposals and opposing all the good plans presented to do so?
    C’mon Charlie show us that you are still better than them.

  4. Sherry Epley says:

    Excellent article!

    Is that all you’ve got? Pop Shots?? PACs are not supported by our tax dollars. . . and so that comment is irrelevant. Al Gore being or not being in the audience. . . exactly what does that have to do with anything?

    Rick Scott using police paid by our tax dollars for a campaign photo op is illegal and outrageous. . . whether they knew about it or not. Simply asking them to participate is unethical at a minimum! Despicable Rick Scott needs to go!

  5. Carl says:

    He killed over 100, 000 jobs by refusing funds for the high speed rail and by not expanding medicaid , and killed unknown number of sick people who are uninsured , he`s a despicable horror of a human being , and pulling this nonsense is nothing to what he`s done to the poor, sick , elderly , disabled and homeless, if he wins in November I will have to move , cause I couldn t trust myself to be in same state with him another term of him screwing people, enough is enough

  6. Greg says:

    This stunt reminds me of the JIm Manfre calendar debacle.

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