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Arrested For Felony Child Abuse and Pot Possession: The Mother’s Account

| February 5, 2014

An image contributed and marked by Sophia Zhudro, showing where her vehicle was parked when she was arrested on Jan. 24 for marijuana possession and child abuse.

An image contributed and marked by Sophia Zhudro, showing where her vehicle was parked when she was arrested on Jan. 24 for marijuana possession and child abuse.

Sophia Zhudro is the 30-year-old resident of Palm Coast’s B-Section who was arrested on Jan. 24 for marijuana possession as she was parked on the side of a residential street in her neighborhood. With her was her 15-month-old daughter. The account of Zhudro’s arrest is here. It generated a strong reaction from readers who took issue with the way Zhudro handled herself, the way the Flagler County Sheriff[s Office handled the arrest, and the way the story was reported. Saying her side of the story has not been fully heard, Zhudro this week submitted the following account, as well as her version of events, contrasted with the way the events were portrayed in the arrest report. Note: Zhudro’s claim in her account below that she had not committed a crime is incorrect. Marijuana possession of less than 20 grams, to which she admitted at the scene, is a first-degree misdemeanor under Florida law, punishable by up to a year in jail (though first-time offenders seldom serve time). The full arrest report appears below the piece. The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office has been invited to reply.

By Sophia Zhudro

That morning, I took my son to school at around 8:35 a.m., then returned home. Around 10 a.m., I headed over to Publix on the corner of Belle Terre Parkway and Palm Coast Parkway with my 15-month-old daughter Sabrina to pick up some milk, bread and snacks. Upon returning from Publix, I dropped off the groceries at my house on Beauford Lane, but kept a couple of snacks in the car. As I was driving down Beachway Drive, I wanted to grab the bag of mini powdered doughnuts from the back seat, but was not able to reach them. I made a left on Beckner Lane and parked properly on the right side grass. There were wooden lots on both sides of the street, without any “for sale” or “private property” signs posted.

Sophia Zhudro and her daughter. (Sophia Zhudro)

Sophia Zhudro and her daughter. (Sophia Zhudro)

While I was parked, I reached in the back seat, opened a snack for Sabrina, and then was texting my friend on the phone, because I do not text while driving. In these few short minutes that I was parked, I only saw one car pass by. It was not a police cruiser but a gray-looking Impala. I was looking down at my phone. The next instant I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw a car parked behind me. I thought it might be someone I know, because I was in my neighborhood, so I opened the door and got out for a second to see who it was. That is when I noticed it was a police vehicle. I got back in the car and closed the door.

Flagler County Sheriff’s deputy Frank Gamarra walked up to the driver side window of my car. First question he asked was: “Do you have a driver’s license?” I gave him my driver’s license. I asked the deputy what I did wrong. My question was not answered. Instead, the deputy made me get out of the car and walk toward his cruiser, leaving my 15-month-old daughter in the back seat of my car unattended.

Next question the deputy asked was: “Do you have any marijuana in the vehicle?”

I immediately replied: “Yes, I have a little bit, and I will give it to you.” With that, I started to head back to my car to retrieve the tiny little half a gram of marijuana that I only use when I have a headache. The deputy stopped me and made me sit in the back of his car. Meanwhile my daughter was left alone, screaming in the back seat of my car.

Next, I saw the same gray car I’d seen pass by earlier pull up and park directly behind the police car where I was sitting. The grey car belonged to detective Joseph Costello. I told the detective to let me go, because I hadn’t committed any crime, I was not parked illegally, and I had my baby in the back seat. Without asking for permission, Gamarra conducted an illegal search of my vehicle for the marijuana for approximately 20 minutes, with my daughter screaming and almost choking on her saliva. After not being able to find what he was searching for, Gamarra came to me and asked me where the marijuana was. I reminded the deputy that I did not commit any crime, I was honest and told him the truth, that once he’d let me go to back to my car, I would give him the marijuana and then take my daughter home, because she was terrified and screaming non-stop.

The deputy refused and went back to his illegal search of my vehicle. Costello came to talk to me at this time. I begged him to please let me go to my baby. He did not seem to care one bit for the trauma they were inflicting on the child. Gamara and other deputies, whose names are unknown to me, tore up my car, broke a piece of plastic on the bottom left of the middle console, and broke the plastic fuse box cover on the left driver-side panel. Still, they did not find the marijuana.

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I couldn’t let my little baby cry any longer. I told them where the marijuana was so they would let me and my daughter go. Gamarra then took Sabrina out of the back seat, and gave her to me while I was still sitting in the back seat of the police cruiser. I was holding her and talking to her, trying to calm her down. She stopped screaming, but was still crying and shaking.

As soon as the deputy recovered the tiny piece of marijuana that I had given him, the detective came and told me to give up the child because I was being arrested. I asked him what crime I committed. The detective failed to answer the question. If I did not commit a crime, what was I going to jail for? Both the detective and the deputy kept asking me questions, such as, “Where did you get the marijuana?,” “When was the last time you smoked?” and “What were you doing parked on this street?”

I once again explained the reason for pulling over, told them that I did smoke when I woke up in the morning, which was in my back yard at around 7 a.m. I was as honest as I can be, because in my past experience with law enforcement, honesty goes a long way. In return for my honesty, I was told nothing but lies by both Gamarra and Costello. While my daughter and I were sitting in the back seat of the police cruiser, the deputy said they would call my mom to pick up my daughter. Without my permission once again, the deputy took my phone out of my car and started calling my mom. I told him not to call her because she was in school and would not come to pick up my daughter. I asked to use my phone to call a friend so she could pick up my daughter. The deputy refused.

What happened next is very cruel and unimaginable.

I requested that the deputies videotape what was taking place. They refused. I was ordered by Gamarra to hand over my daughter. I refused. Next, one of the deputies opened the left door of the police car and started moving toward me and my baby. We were in the middle of the seat at this point, because on the right side there were two male and one female deputy trying to grab my arm to force me out of the car. I was protecting my daughter anyway I could, but the deputy on the left side pushed me toward the right and the two male deputies on the right grabbed me by my arms and pulled me out of the car. Then, while the two male deputies were holding me, the female deputy grabbed by daughter by her arms and started pulling on her.

I had to let her go to prevent any injury to my daughter’s tiny arms. After that I was handcuffed and put back in the back seat of the police car. I was told by Gamarra that my daughter was going to be fine that my mom was coming to pick her up. That was a lie, because the deputy gave my daughter to the Department of Children and Families and charged me with child abuse. The last time I saw my phone, it was in the deputy’s hand as he put up to his ear to call my mom.  After that the phone was left in my car, and the car was taken to the impound lot. The next time I saw my phone after I got out of jail, the screen was cracked.

At the jail a woman from DCF came to see me and informed that she has my daughter. She could see that my daughter did not have a scratch on her and is very well cared for. She said she would help me get my daughter back home anyway she could. She was the one who went down to the impound lot and recovered my phone from the car. She called my friend, who was then able to pick up my daughter and take her home safely.

When I asked to make phone call from the jail, I was told I had to wait for a pin number. After I received a pin number, I attempted to call my friend, but the pin number was invalid and I couldn’t get through. The only reason I was able to make a phone call was because one of the female inmates was nice enough to let me use her pin number. I was finally able to get through to my friend at around 9 p.m. on January 24, and only then—more than six hours after I had been booked at the jail—did I hear the good news that my daughter was safe at home and feeling better.

Sophia Zhudro Arrest Report

The following is Sophia Zhudro’s version of events in contrast with the way the events were portrayed in the police report:

Police: “… did commit the crime of child abuse wherein she committed an intentional act that could reasonably be expected to result in physical or mental injury to a child”
Zhudro: Giving my child a snack parked in my neighborhood on the side of the road is not child abuse. Assumption made by police is clearly shown by the word could.

Police: “… did resist lawful arrest and obstruct law enforcement officers in execution of their duties.”
Zhudro: Making false accusations to justify arrest and harassing an innocent mother and child is not a part of police officers’ duties.

Police: “Observed illegally parked vehicle.”
Zhudro: The vehicle was not parked illegally, it was on the grass, surrounded by wooden lots without any “for sale” or “private property” sings. I did not see a marked police patrol car drive by.

Zhudro's phone.

Zhudro’s phone.

Police: “… door slightly ajar.”
Zhudro: Door was not ajar. I opened the door after I saw a car pull behind me to get out and check who it was. Nor was the “door partially opened.” The door was closed.

Police: “I asked Ms. Zhudro if she was ok and explained the reason why I had stopped out with her vehicle.”
Zhudro: First question asked was: “Do you have a driver’s license?” Second question asked: “Do you have any marijuana in the vehicle?”

Police: “… strong odor of freshly burnt marijuana coming from inside of the vehicle.”
Zhudro: I do not smoke marijuana in the vehicle with my daughter in it. I only smoke outside.

Police: “For officer safety, the safety of Ms. Zhudro and her child, I asked Ms. Zhudro to sit in the back of my marked patrol vehicle until I could complete the investigation.”
Zhudro: Neither me nor my child posed a threat to the officer. However my child was not safe screaming and choking on her saliva as she was strapped in the car seat for 20 minutes while the officer conducted an unauthorized search of my vehicle.

Police: “Ms. Zhudro agreed to speak to law enforcement officers without legal representation.”
Zhudro: Law enforcement officers made an assumption; I never agreed not to have legal representation.

Police: “Ms. Zhudro finally agreed to exit the vehicle.”
Zhudro:  Me and my daughter were forced out of the vehicle by abrupt force used by three male and one female deputies.

Police: “Ms. Zhudro acknowledged that she knew marijuana use is illegal in Florida.”
Zhudro: I was never asked to acknowledge whether marijuana was illegal or not.

Police: “Ms. Zhudro stated that she didn’t feel she was putting her child’s life in any danger by smoking marijuana and operating a motor vehicle, or smoking marijuana with her infant child.”
Zhudro: I was not smoking marijuana in the vehicle with my child, so I was not putting her life in any danger.

Police: “Ms. Zhudro stated that she had smoked marijuana around 0700 hours when she woke up and had been driving around with the marijuana, marijuana pipe and lighter in the car seat with her child within in for the majority of the morning.”
Zhudro: When asked when was the last time I smoked marijuana, my reply was: “In the morning when I woke up, outside in the yard.” I was not “driving around” for the majority of the morning. I took my son to school, went home, went to Publix to get groceries, then returned home, then was heading out to see my friend and pulled over to give my daughter a snack. The marijuana and the pipe were not inside the baby’s car seat.

46 Responses for “Arrested For Felony Child Abuse and Pot Possession: The Mother’s Account”

  1. Steve D says:

    Mother of the year. Instead of blaming the police you should look in the mirror. Did they go overboard? Maybe… or maybe they thought you had more in the car than you admitted to. Once you or your husband, boyfriend or whatever, have your child in your vehicle with an illegal substance, then bring a child inside, YOU inflicted this on your child, not the police. Your an idiot and need to grow up. This is the problem with the idiots that want marijuana legalized… Everything else takes a back seat… even their children.


    1) You smoke and buy marijuana, that is still illegal.
    2) you smoked in you backyard in the AM. Where was your daughter then?
    3)you drove your vehicle with your child in it under the influece of marijuana.
    4) why did you stop at that spot when you were so close to home?
    5) why did you resist and not exit the patrol vehicle as ordered?

    Hmmmmmm….. not a model citizen

  3. Florida Native. says:

    Miss Zhudro is about to be a wealthy young woman. Lawyers love stuff like this.

  4. Donald says:

    Police BRUTALITY if I ever seen it . Their just mad because the State of Florida will be passing a law allowing medical marijuana next November and they won’t be able to arrest anyone and ruin their lives, steal their money, and KIDNAP their children.

    • Kathy says:

      Please be sure to not make assumptions about November’s result by counting on others’ votes…do your part on voting day…sometimes this is where surprise turnouts come from.

    • Dana says:

      Seriously??? She refused to comply with the requests of the officers and she was in possession of an illegal substance with her child. Even if the law is passed for medical marijuana, it doesn’t justify her actions or negate her irresponsibility as a parent.

  5. Annoyed says:

    That is the most ridiculous explanation I have ever heard. She admitted to committing a crime (whether people agree with the law or not is not an issue it is the law). Marijuana possession is a crime it is incredibly ignorant of her to keep claiming she had not committed a crime in her explanation when she admitted in the first paragraph that she was committing a crime. Furthermore how is it possible for her to hear her daughter screaming and “choking on saliva” while in the back of a police vehicle. This is nothing more than a self-serving ignorant attempt to explain her actions that day and her explanation makes absolutely no sense by the end of her first paragraph. She clearly attempted to use her child to avoid arrest for a relatively minor crime of marijuana possession which likely could have ended with her release on scene if her behavior did not warrant further action. That is awful. Shame on this web site for criticizing the Deputies work in a previous article to further his own political agenda for the legalization of marijuana. This girl was clearly out of line and she has absolutely no issues lying because this explanation is a festival of ignorance that no body with a shred of common sense could possibly believe.

  6. A.S.F. says:

    “I was as honest as I could be because, in my past experience with law enforcement, honesty goes a long way.” I have no idea who helped this young woman “edit” this account of her story and who gave her the even worse suggestion (or encouragement) to publish it here. If it was her attorney, she should fire him or her immediately. Any good attorney would have advised her to keep a low profile. Instead, she appears to be digging herself a deeper and deeper hole. If her account of her conversation with the Child Protective Services Worker is at all accurate, the worker should be investigated herself–but I doubt the veracity of this account. It i sounds completely self-serving and takes no responsibility whatsoever. I feel very sorry for the child caught in the middle of all this. Ms. Zhudro continues to display very poor judgement. She should have waited until her day in court to tell her story.

  7. Steve Wolfe says:

    Well, good luck, Sophia. I feel for ya after reading your account, but if your account has merit, you should be able to get pro-bono representation. There are some inconsistencies with your own account, and the portrayal of the Deputy’s behavior seems bizarre. If you did have only a half gram, I would think you would at worst get a citation and be released. I will research what the SOP is in Flagler for tiny amounts.

    But here is your worst problem: admitting to using before driving your son to school, and to having some of it in your car as you drive your daughter around. Big mistake. That could be construed as habitual use. You know that people still get arrested for possession, so why would you take such a chance while traveling with your children? And why carry it in your car if you “only smoke it outside?” You aren’t being careful enough with your daughter in tow. Even if marijuana use becomes legal soon, it will be only for medical use, not as casually are you appear to be about using it. And the headache argument— go see the doctor. You are self-medicating with an unregulated amount of THC. You have little recourse if the stuff is laced or you have an adverse reaction for some reason. I think it is still contrary to smoke anything for medical reasons. It is rather counter-intuitive to inhale smoke to improve a medical problem. While I distrust big pharma, at least you know what you are getting when you use a prescription, and there is recourse and treatment for overdose and poor formulations. I think THC should be available in pill or liquid form by prescription, like any other plant-based pharmaceutical. But even then, you shouldn’t drive your children around under the influence of even prescribed narcotics.

    I hope you will stop using marijuana at least until your kids are raised and on their own. There’s still too many issues attached. It isn’t worth it to a mother. It just isn’t worth it.

  8. Just the facts says:

    FYI to all your readers. Apparently she admitted to smoking in the morning and then driving with not one but two kids in the car. Nice!

  9. Longman says:

    Do you think it is a good idea to smoke around 7am and then take your kid to school at 8:35am?

  10. Kurt says:

    There are a LOT of things about this article that upset me, but I will stick with this…

    The search of the vehicle is repeatedly referred to as an illegal search. This is ridiculous, because there is ZERO denying that the marijuana was inside the vehicle, and she admitted it to the Deputy. THIS GIVES THE DEPUTY PROBABLE CAUSE TO SEARCH THE VEHICLE!!! She also repeatedly states things like, I didn’t commit a crime, so what am I being arrested for, yet she admitted already that she had possession of marijuana in the presence of her infant…a crime.

    The whole, I only use marijuana for headaches, is rich. If she smoked marijuana at 7 am at home, then why on earth did she bring it with her to take her child to school?

    This article…boy I tell ya.

  11. Mary Cannady says:

    I have only one question for Ms Zhudro. If you do not smoke in the car why did you need to take the marijuana with you? That was your first mistake. IMO, marijuana needs to be legalized so no one has to go through this and the cops can chase the bad guys.

  12. disguested says:

    If the second question the officer asked the girl was if she had smoked marijuana, the car must have smelled like marijuana. If she had smoked at 7am at her home and not in her car, and only had a tiny piece of marijuana in the back seat of her car, I do not think the office would have been able to smell it outside her window. I think that right there shows that she had smoked in her car within a recent time frame.

  13. Reaganomicon says:

    Seems like this would be an excellent situation to see film from the police.

  14. Geezer says:

    Dear Ms. Zhudro:

    You’re a mother and it’s time to quit smoking pot.

    I am sorry that you were mistreated at the hands of law enforcement.
    Your account speaks of unprofessional and overly aggressive treatment,
    and I hope that you have retained the services of a good attorney.
    This incident needs to be investigated and turned inside-out.
    I believe you, as I’ve witnessed pleanty of police brutality over the years.

    Not all police behave this way, but those that do – ruin it for the good officers.
    I think that you’ll have to go outside of the county for an attorney that has
    no ties here to our sheriff’s department.

    Good luck to you, and ignore the negative comments that are sure to follow….

    When this is over, I suggest that you relocate. Get a fresh start – you’re young.
    Put this behind you.

  15. KB63 says:

    Does she truly not see that she did anything wrong? She smoked in the morning (because everybody has to get up & smoke a joint first thing before taking their kids to school). She hid it under her daughter’s carseat (because babies don’t find things & stick them in their mouths automatically). With not being able to see that anything she was doing was wrong I’m sure she gave the officers a hard time – yet it is all their fault. Poor, poor her, she has been abused by the Sheriff’s office and their illegal search because she had it in her car, she did not leave it at home. She needs to grow up, stop blaming everyone else for her stupid decisions and learn to be a parent that doesn’t have to pull over on the side of the road to smoke dope with her kid in her car.

    • sublime says:

      I smoke two joints in the morning,
      I smoke two joints at night.
      I smoke two joints in the afternoon,
      It makes me feel all right.
      I smoke two joints in time of peace,
      And two in time of war.
      I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints,
      And then I smoke two more.

    • A.S.F. says:

      @KB63 says–Apparently, she did not…And that is the scariest thing about this entire matter. It is also the reason why I worry about the welfare of her children. I think calling Children’s Services was the right thing to do. I hope they will conduct a proper investigation into the circumstances that those children live in and provide ongoing supervision, to ascertain their safety. If Mom doesn’t like it, too bad. She can be as outraged as she wishes, all day long. If Ms. Zhudro is a good enough mother, she has nothing to fear. If not, she should take steps to clean up her act. This is her chance to get the help and assistance she needs.

  16. Ron says:

    The Number One rule when you find yourself in a hole is to STOP DIGGING!

  17. Annoyed says:

    Has anyone else in this town been randomly stopped by police and immediately asked for no apparent reason if they had marijuana in their vehicle, and then had their child wrestled from them? Probably not. Because I’m pretty sure that 4 officers do not meet up and select people at random who are not committing any criminal violations and detain them and then wrestle their children away from them. A basic scientific principal states that all thing being equal the simplest explanation tends to be correct. So what’s more likely? That there is an elaborate criminal conspiracy involving the 3 deputies and a detective to bully law abiding citizens because they are upset over the potential passage of a law that would only make their job easier? Or that a woman who did not want to be arrested tried to use her child as a shield to prevent her arrest after she admitted to having contraband in her vehicle? The funniest part is she admitted to everything she was charged with on the internet and can now expect a slam dunk conviction. She admitted to possessing the marijuana, being allowed to hold her child, ignoring lawful commands that she was being placed under arrest for the possession charge and trying to use her child as a shield to prevent the arrest. That’s possession, resisting arrest and child abuse. I hope people are done trying to use this unfit mother as a poster child for the legitimate argument for the legalization of medicinal marijuana.

  18. Outsider says:

    Next time you have a headache, take an Advil sweetie; they work great without side effects.

  19. Rick says:

    As it constantly is, there are always two sides to every story.
    From some of the twit headed comments, I can’t decide if maybe they were hiding in the wooded lots watching or if they think they’re attorneys. Either way it was, I found the reading, at times, ludicrous & whimsical. That & not to mention the misguiding, BS Charging Affidavits & succeeding forms they attempt to fill out.
    I will state one fact though, from the documentaries I’ve seen & from also witnessing in person, that the way these sheriffs handled themselves leaves absolutely no doubt in my mind what so ever the way Sophia Zhudro stated some of it.

  20. chuck says:

    I believe it should be noted that if the use of medical marijuana passes in November it will not be legal for everyone to use it. If Florida ever passes marijuana use in the manner that Colorado just recently did it will still be illegal to drive under the influence of it and also illegal drive around with it in pipe. Just like the current laws support only responsible drinking, there will be an expectation of responsibility when using marijuana.

  21. chris says:

    Where EXACTLY was the weed stashed in the car?

  22. rickg says:

    This should be a lesson to everyone who has this type of encounter with the police. DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR 4TH AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

  23. Kurt says:

    Wow, I just now noticed that she takes issue with the fact that the police used the word “could” in the arrest report…as in, “could reasonably be expected to result in physical or mental injury to the child.”

    She refers to this as an “assumption made by police.” I hope Sophia, you are reading this…the verbiage that is used by the deputy, is not an assumption…it is the exact wording used in a little something I like to call, THE FLORIDA STATE STATUTE BOOK.

    These are legal terms, Sophia, not assumptions. Look it up.

  24. dank d says:

    Police in flagler county are sociopathic lying crooks time and time again. But people dont care in a small community of haves and selfish people. Disgusting, she truly was innocent of wrongdoing and how anyone cam come to any other conclusion makes me lose faith

    • A.S.F. says:

      @dank d says–The fact that you have people “liking” your comment scares the sh*t out of me. God help and protect all the innocent children caught in the middle of situations like this! When weed becomes more important to you than the welfare of yourself and those you claim to love (especially your children), I suggest that it is, perhaps, a more of a problem than you would care to admit.. Ms. Zhudro put herself in this situation by smoking an illegal substance around her children–for whatever reason, right out in the open. She has no one to blame for her current predicament but herself. The one bright side to this would be if she could get help now for any problems she might be having. Friends and family who truly care about her (and those children) would support thiose efforts–not fight them.

  25. Mike says:

    there are three side to every story, Police side, Her side and the truth, I am wondering why the dash-cam was not running? just strange to me that this would all be crystal clear if it were on film. If they really did leave the child in the car screaming for that long then both officers should be charged with child endangement. A badge and gun doesa not make you correct in all your decissions, there would be no reason as to why the mother could not hold the child in the police cruiser during a search. Pot being leagle is just a bad idea, impaired driving will be out of control, medical use is differant, both parties seem wrong here but the police seem to have gone overboard on this one.

  26. Mario says:

    You know what, this whole thing is a ridiculous waste of time, effort and money. Leave her alone and drop this case. Enough already.

  27. FiveO says:

    I think Ms Zhudro needs to read up on the Carroll doctrine or take some law classes. I don’t think any attorney would represent her now in a civil suit after she publicly admitted to committing a crime and even drew a picture of her car being illegally parked according to florida statute. I would hope the FCSO would save this and use it as evidence against her should she still try to sue.

  28. Grandmother4Marijuana says:

    I am a Wife, Mother and successful business woman who is well known in the community. I also smoke Marijuana regularly. I have Chronic-Tension Type Headaches. I am prescribed Amitriptyline however, that is an anti-depressant that is supposed to prevent the headache and it never does. My son who is also a successful business owner in the community, turned me on to Marijuana. If this young Mother truly uses Marijuana to relieve her headaches, I completely understand where she is coming from. Just one thing though, if you don’t smoke Marijuana in your car or around your children, than why did you even have Marijuana in your car? Doesn’t make much sense to me…I keep mine up and out of reach in a well hidden area of my home and never drive with it….can’t wait until it’s legal!

  29. Genie says:

    Now that marijuana possession is legal in many states, car accidents involving its use are rising. Does marijuana impair your thinking? Yes, it does.

    Something to think about when voting about it this fall. People who are stoned shouldn’t be driving, and they most definitely shouldn’t be smoking around children.

  30. Ron says:

    Ms. Zhudro:

    If you think writing this letter to FlaglerLive will somehow help your case, judging by most of the responses here, you are sadly mistaken. You should take your lawyer’s advice keep quiet. Save it for your trial (or your plea bargain).

    And if your lawyer has not given you said advice, you should find another one. Quickly.

  31. Seminole Pride says:

    This lady is guilty as all. She smokes in the back yard. Later she gets behind the wheel of a a deadly vehicle, with 2 small children, putting both of them in harms way. She drives into a school zone high on weed, putting every living thing around her in danger. Then she said she stops at a vacant lot to feed her daughter a donut, when she is only a block from her house. She stopped to tote up and get high. I have no sympathy.

  32. jennah says:

    Don’t smokie and you won’t end up in the pokie.

  33. Florida Native. says:

    Pot will be legal in Florida soon so we won’t have to worry about this anymore. I worry more about alcohol abuse and drunk drivers.

  34. Steve Wolfe says:

    Seems the consensus of the commentary here is that Ms. Zhudro is in the wrong, and has done herself no service by this rebuttal. Sadly, this is no guarantee that she will suddenly be infused with a sense of personal responsibility. Worse still, I see at least one response that indicates that there is some sense within the pot smoking community that if medical marijuana is legalized, there will suddenly be no restriction on any use of pot whatsoever. I don’t believe that will be the case, so we may be tickled by more of these arrests accompanied by declarations that “…I told the officer that I didn’t break any laws.” Something else to clog the dockets. And something else to be wary of when we drive. Oh, and the rising auto insurance premiums….

  35. Salute says:

    You asked for IT you got IT Toyota…

    Go smoke in front the police station with your child in the car….see what happend then?? Guess you’d blame them for bothering you or making stuff up..

    GROW-UP and take responsibility for your stiupid actions and quit putting the blame where it doesn’t belong… cry…cry…cry…your way to jail…. Quit blaming the police for doing THEIR job..

  36. Steve Wolfe says:

    So many of the commenters here seem to have “been smoking something.” (Happy 103rd, RR)

  37. WLK says:

    Mike, dash cams don’t lie. They don’t have them in Daytona or flagler for that very reason. Dash cams keep cops honest. Hard to make a case on a lie if you have a video. I know this for a fact as I was charged and jailed on a lie. Tell an officer you refuse to let him search your vehicle see what happens to you. Now I have a dash cam. It will never again be my word against theirs. If you people out there have any sense you will all get dash cams. Cops lie just like criminals lie.

  38. theodore moore says:

    Really??? I understand and all but bunnell cops harass us all the time and in worser situation there’s no way they would even try to hear that from one of us #truestory blacks can in No way contest what’s in a police report or probable cause what so’d be really shocked if we could I’m just being honest.

  39. Friend says:

    The story and police report say that she stopped on BECKNER Lane -however the picture above that was marked by her is actually of BECKER LANE …… so it does not seem that she even remembers where it actually happened.

    • Steve Wolfe says:

      You are correct, my Friend. My wife and I stood at the north end of Becker and saw the image in her picture. I wonder if that is another effect of chronic pot use—short-term memory loss. Seems to me I’ve heard that somewhere. Maybe A.S.F. could lead that discussion—she has an extensive clinical background in the issues surrounding substance abuse, and can explain it very clearly.

  40. College student says:

    I drove after smoking better than driving sober. I play sports at a competitive travel level stoned. As a goalie. It honestly helps if you train your brain to operate in different states. Many professional athletes admit to playing stoned. Goalies included. Playing well. Driving high after smoking weed helps with alertness. I’ve driven curvy mountain roads and flawlessly parallel parked with ease. Just FYI. Her actions were reckless as a parent

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