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Flagler Beach’s Bobby Pace Pleads Not Guilty to Obstruction Charge

| August 28, 2013

Bobby Pace. (© FlaglerLive)

Bobby Pace. (© FlaglerLive)

Bobby Pace, the 41-year-old Flagler Beach acting fire chief until late July, has pleaded not guilty to an obstruction charge the State Attorney filed against him on July 25. Pace waived an appearance before County Court Judge Melissa Moore-Stens at an arraignment on Tuesday and submitted the not-guilty plea in writing through his attorney, Aaron Delgado of the Daytona Beach firm Damore, Delgado, Romanik and Rawlins.

Pace is currently on suspension, with pay, from the Flagler Beach Fire Department, which is being administratively run by City Manager Bruce Campbell, with a handful of paid firefighters on staff, and help from Flagler County Fire Rescue when paid firefighters aren’t on the clock.

Pace was charged with the first-degree misdemeanor obstruction charge following an investigation by the Flagler Beach Police Department that concluded he had prevented police from obtaining information relevant to an inquiry into the falsified records of a felon carrying out community hours at the fire department. The investigation had found that Pace had on at least five occasions falsified the records of probationer Vitaly Tsabak, signing off on logged hours that were “falsely documented.”

The police department charged Pace with a felony charge of tampering with evidence and an obstruction of justice charge. The state attorney threw out the felony charge, but filed the obstruction charge on July 25.

If convicted, Pace faces up to a year in jail and (or) up to $1,000 fine, and up to a year’s probation.

Pace’s is one of two active–and related–court cases on the city’s docket, though the city is not on the hook for Pace’s defense. The city is, however, named in a wrongful-termination lawsuit by two former firefighters, Jake Bissonnette and Shane Wood, who claim Pace was retaliating against them when he fingered them for storing home-made alcohol at the fire station, which is against city policy.

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8 Responses for “Flagler Beach’s Bobby Pace Pleads Not Guilty to Obstruction Charge”

  1. John Smith says:

    Lets all remember this started the Last week of Dec. 2012 with the State Corrections Dept looking into the falsifying State Correction paper work that got a man sent back to PRISON until 2015. So I don’t think the Assistant Fire Chief or the Firefighter that was fired could deny the State of Florida there information they were requesting and again I repeat this was the end of Dec 2012 BEFORE all the other accusations were flying about the other Firefighters that were fired from the Dept.
    So who retaliated who. These guys are still fired and Pace is still on the payroll. Again this is all at the hands of Bruce Campbell wanting Pace for his Captain of the Fire Deptment. Just makes NO sense. Lets see if Campbell can work his magic on the justice system and not some city forum set with his ringer on it to oust personel that he wishes gone.
    Pace admitted falsifying the paperwork which is in VIOLATION of CITY POLICY got 3 days off which is just a laugh after committing a felony again Campbell magic. When all the truth comes out about Paces actions he will be history and Campbell should follow after this lawsuit is settled and it will be.

  2. NOSTRADAMUS says:

    Did Anyone Think He Would Admit He Was “GUILTY”?????????? DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    • Truth says:

      You know youre dealing with some ass backward people when you can make a criminal out of an honest hard worker and others believe the smoke you put up…. A prime example of whats wrong with society today!

  3. Anonymous says:

    John Smith, you are a very smart man who gets what’s going on. It is refreshing to see your honest, no BS comments. Nostro…I agree…if Pace admitted his guilt, he would be done in Flagler Beach, or anywhere else for some time, plus be in trouble with the law. Hopefully the judge in the case will be fair and justice will be served. Then deal with Mr. Campbell for his behavior!

  4. Smith John says:

    The man got sent back to prison on his own terms which had no influence of Paces actions. This was stated in a previous article on Flagler Live.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is true John. But the fact that he was out and about when he was supposed to be at the fire station is a real problem. He was in this position for a reason. But he was also lying and breaking the rules of his probation by not being where he was supposed to be. What was he up to while he was unaccounted for???? He didn’t go back to jail for being a law abiding citizen.

    • John Smith says:

      SJ you might want to research a little more. The guy was sent back to prison for probation violation of his paper work and other problems he was having. But yes the paper work Pace falsified was part of his violation problems and YES it was a influencing part of his violation of probation. It does not take much to violate any ones probation as that is why they have to work at being free.
      This is not what the Charge is about against Pace. The charge has to do with his arrogance toward the Flagler Beach PD in trying to hide his wrong doings along with Campbells help in getting the information needed for the States Investigation into the whole matter. The falsification of the paperwork goes to show Paces credibility is O.

  5. NOSTRADAMUS says:

    AMEN to That Mr. Smith!! Now We Can’t WAIT to See Who is Appointed “CAP’T” of The Failure Beach Police Dept. ????? I’m Gonna “PREDICT” They Guy Who Put in for the “POSITION” Before it was Even “POSTED”., He is Presently “OUT” on Light DUTY!!!!???? “HINT” ; Initials are B.S, Not to Be confused with “BullShit”, But Maybe one of The WAY MORE ” QUALIFIED” Officers including TOP GUN FCSO, That “SLIM JIM” I’m Not A TOP COP, I’m A “WANNA BE” MANFRE, FIRED Because They Knew” BETTER” Than To Back or Vote For a Two Faced, Talks Doo, Doo,” NEVER”, !!!!!! Been a COP, Attorney, Who is Taking Up More Air Time on 92.7 FM Than “TONY BALONEY” The king of The Beach (NOT) & Never Will BE, Trying So Hard To Make Flagler Residents Think “OTHERWISE” !!! WAKE UP FLAGLER BEACH & FLAGLER COUNTY!!! thats the bottom line !!!!

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