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Stop Sign Blown: 2 Palm Coast Drivers Hurt in Pine Lakes Pkwy. T-Boning

| November 19, 2012

The wreck took place at Pine Lakes Parkway and Mt. Vernon Lane. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

A two-vehicle wreck interrupted the southbound traffic on Pine Lakes Parkway for about two hours this morning after a driver ignored a stop sign and collided with a car driving on Pine Lakes.

Amber Bowser.

The wreck took place just after 8:30 a.m. at the intersection of Pine Lakes and Mount Vernon Lane. Kimberle A. Dixon, 40, was at the wheel of a 1997 4-door white Mazda as she drove on Mount Vernon Lane, which ends at Pine Lakes. (The parallel road opposite Mount Vernon is Wynnfield Drive). Dixon did not stop at the stop sign, Sgt. Dylan Bryan, a Florida Highway Patrol spokesman, said.

Dixon collided with Amber Bowser, 18, whop was driving a 2013 4-door Ford.

Dixon is from Palm Coast, Bowser from Flagler Beach. They were both evacuated by ground–to Florida Hospital Flagler and to Halifax hospital in Daytona Beach–with injuries at first believed to be more serious than they actually turned out. Both were hospitalized “for precautionary reasons,” Brayn said. But the vehicles were so severely damaged that they could not be removed until Roger’s Towing, a local wrecker, removed them after 10 a.m.

No passengers traveled in either car. Dixon was issued a citation for not stopping at a stop sign.

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13 Responses for “Stop Sign Blown: 2 Palm Coast Drivers Hurt in Pine Lakes Pkwy. T-Boning”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope everyone will be ok, hate to see such accidents especially during holiday times. I guess Palm Coast will be adding STOP sign cameras next…

  2. Dudley Doright says:

    OMG….we need to put red light cameras at all stop signs now. Come on City Council get it done.

  3. goalie says:

    The Flagler County Sheriff needs to do something about Pine Lakes. Pine Lakes runs directly behind our house. We hear people giong about 70-80 mph at night on the weekends and people pull out in fron of on-coming and opposite traffic almost causing accidents daily. I dont’ know how many times I have had someone not stop at a stop sign in a rush to pull out in front of me and yet they coudlnt’ wait till I passed because they are in a hurry. just happened yesterday. A Silver Mini-van pulled out in front of me and my family because it ran a stop sign and pulled out while the car in fron of it pulled out and never stopped. This has to stop People there are stop signs at these streets for a reason if you are in that big of a hurry leave 5 minutes earlier because your stupidity is cause someone else to get hurt or a poor child to be injured whose in these cars. Slow down its 45 not 75.

    • Mayra Fasano says:

      I saw the aftermath and can’t believe the person lived. People need to slow down and realize they aren’t any better than anyone else. Imagine the chaos if everybody made up there own speed because they were in a rush! I also got killed off A1A because someone in oncoming traffic wanted to pass the person in front of them. If your running late, imagine how late you’ll be after a wreck!

  4. Billybob says:

    How can you “hear” someone going 70-80mph? Maybe they just have no muffler or are accelerating from a stop. I understand what you are saying about stop signs and appreciate your frustration but you can not possibly “hear” what speed someone is traveling, that is ridiculous.

    Most people don’t run stop signs and red lights because they are in a hurry (contrary to popular belief), rather they do it because they are distracted or simply inexperienced / bad drivers. Not really much you can do about that. A red light camera at every intersection will NEVER EVER stop collisions. Drive alert, sober, and defensively and be happy when the fact YOU paid attention caused a near collision to be avoided.

  5. Reality Check says:

    Driving has become a right and not a privlidge, people do not follow traffic law; no one seems to stop at a stop sign anymore. people turn out from a one lane road onto a two lane road and go right to the outside lane, traffic laws need to be enforced more strictly. I slowed down is not an option at a stop sign, If someone was punching you in the face repeatidly, would you want them to slow down or stop?

    • daveytickle says:

      @ reality…
      I would want them to stop!
      I’ve been yelling this for so damn long!
      What our government has allowed to happen is that it’s now “DEMOLITION DERBY” time!
      At the risk of offending our deputies on road patrol-THEY turn right on red without *stopping*. What’s the message they are sending to the general public?
      I believe the law was written as “Right turn on red AFTER STOP*!!! Hello??

  6. blondee says:

    I travel this stretch of Pine Lakes frequently. The ENTIRE length is a no passing zone, yet I have been passed more times than I can count because I actually drive the speed limit.

  7. Barbara says:

    Came across that accident while walking yesterday morning, took long time to get the person out of the white car, car was demolished, really surprised there were no deaths, looked really bad. Live off Wynnfield have to agree with others’ comments, people ignore stop signs, don’t even slow down, traffic on the parkway sounds like I95 and I’m 2 streets away from it. Close to being hit several times while walking, facing traffic, on the grass, had persons yell at me to walk on the path that’s what its for, well, have to get to it first. Stop signs at the crossings on the bike path are ignored as well, people just keep going doesn’t matter if they are walking, on a bike, skateboard, whatever the attitude is you need to look out for me, the young teens riding in groups on bikes, will ride right toward you or come up behind you as if they are trying to hit you then scream some profanity when they go around.

    Anyway enough, glad the injured parties were not as badly hurt as it seemed but stop signs are there for a reason and it could have been so much worse.

  8. Dadgum says:

    Notice no one signals anymore. I have observed and noticed more female aggressive drivers in Palm Coast. Lack of enforcement by Sheriffs Department needs to be enforced. I see woman driving 60 MPH in residential neighborhoods. Tell the boys in green to come to the “R” Section once in a while. Never see them? Stop the madness – speed kills and not necessarily the driver?

    • patti bissonnette says:

      I agree Dadgum. The speeding in the “R” section is out of control! I have called several times to ask for patrol or a speed trap. Lots of money to be made on Ryan Drive. Not only are people speeding excessively, but the school bus and Fed X that runs this late afternoon area need to be stopped. It’s only a matter of time before there is a very bad crash here. Cars actually speed and PASS other cars on Ryan. How crazy is that? A race to the stop sign at Rymfire? Please slow down people! I am told that there are not enough officers to patrol because there is only one officer on the cover the P”, “R” and part of “W” sections. My suggestion is that they could probably hire a part-time officer with all the tickets they could write on my street alone!

  9. Anonymous says:

    More Red Light camara’s thats the Dumbest answer i have ever heard! PAY ATTENTION PLEASE!

  10. Intheknow says:

    Quick…… Lets put up a stop sign camera!

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