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Siegel Resigns Over Comments on Christians’ Israel Support

| September 10, 2012

Mark Alan SiegelMark Alan Siegel has resigned as chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party after making incendiary remarks about Christians, according to The Palm Beach Post. Siegel caused a firestorm during last week’s Democratic National Convention after saying conservative Christians were allies of Israel only because they wanted to bring on the Second Coming. “The worst possible allies for the Jewish state are the fundamentalist Christians, who want Jews to die and convert so they can bring on the second coming of their Lord. It is a false friendship,” Siegel said in a video interview with an outlet called Patriot Update. “They are seeking their own ends and not ours.” (See the video interview below.)

After initially resisting pressure from party officials to resign, Siegel did so late Friday, the Post reported. “My comments merely served as a distraction to the good work of Democrats in Palm Beach. Again, I express my deepest apologies to anyone I may have offended,” Siegel said in a statement issued by Florida Democratic Party. Smith elevated vice chairwoman Terrie Rizzo to Siegel’s position, the paper said.–News Service of Florida

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13 Responses for “Siegel Resigns Over Comments on Christians’ Israel Support”

  1. Peggy Ellis says:

    Still, if you are talking about the ultra-right, fundamental Christians, he isn’t completely wrong..

  2. Wtf says:

    You know if it was a republican that said these things it would be the end of the world. It would probably be Bush’s fault too right?

  3. Elaygee says:

    Mr. Siegel happens to be correct. Fundamentalist and Evangelical Christians want Jews in Israel to bring about the Apocalypse and second coming, which would have all the Jews dead at the end by the way.

  4. Dorothea says:

    Mr. Siegel comments are correct. Evangelican Christians believe that all Jews (and any other non-Christians) who have not converted to Christianity will burn in hell. The Evangelical Christians’ support of Israel has nothing to do with a good-will desire to aid the Israelis, but to preserve Israel until the second coming and then all non-converted Jewish people can go to hell.

    Too bad that Rod Smith, chair of Florida’s Democratic Party, doesn’t understand this and that his forcing Mr. Siegel to resign, could antagonize many Florida Jewish voters If Smith is trying to appease Evangelical Christian voters, most of whom will not vote for Democrats anyway, Smith has only added fuel to the fire of the false Republican charges that Obama is anti-Israel.

  5. johnny taxpayer says:

    “Evangelican Christians believe that all Jews (and any other non-Christians) who have not converted to Christianity will burn in hell”

    -I am always amazed at how some people are experts on other people’s beliefs. Ironically enough they’re usually the same people crying about how others are closed minded.

  6. Dorothea says:

    @johnny taxpayer

    Nothing close minded about my statement. I’m not an expert, but I do read. Here’s just one definition of evangelicals, unrelated to the subject and from an unbiased website.

    ….the Barna Research Group, which specializes in tracking the role of faith in America, defines evangelicals as those who:

    ■Characterize themselves as “born again”
    ■Say that their faith is very important in their life today
    ■Believe in a personal responsibility to share their beliefs with non-Christians
    ■Believe that Satan exists
    ■Believe that eternal salvation is possible only through grace, not through works
    ■Believe that Jesus Christ lived a sinless life on earth
    ■Believe in the inerrancy of the Bible
    ■Describe God as the all-knowing, all-powerful, perfect deity who created the universe and rules it today

    • Dawn says:


      All of the above is true. However, what is also true is that The Bible states that nations that are for Jerusalem will be blessed. Psalm 122:6 states: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.” Also, Jeremiah 39:7 states: “and seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace”.
      In Numbers 22-24, Balaam, a soothsayer working on the behalf of the King of Moab sent him to put a curse upon Israel in order to weaken them, and God brought put fear into him by**forcing a donkey to talk** in order to get him to to bless Israel instead. I determine that this is what happened last Wednesday night to the Democratic Party!
      So as it is has been made clear in Biblical text, all who love and protect the Jewish people will be blessed, and all others will be cursed. There may be some crazy so-called Christian hate groups that persecute and slander the Jews, but by and large, while clearly there is disagreement between Jews and Christians over the deity of Jesus being the Christ, there is no disagreement that the Jews are God’s chosen people.

  7. Dorothea says:


    I am no expert on the various bibles of the world, but you can usually find an interpretion somewhere in a bible to suit your needs. However, I was not accusing any group of persecuting or slandering Jews, only that I am of the opinion the Mr. Siegel should not have been forced to resign because he was expressing his opinion, an opinion based on a fact.

    However, I am also of the opinion that the Jews are not God’s chosen people. My god believes that all people are created equal.

  8. NoSmallStir says:

    I don’t think this man should have been made to resign for his opinion. True freedom is the right to have your own opinion. I believe what he believes is wrong, as do I believe that a few of the other commenters are misguided.

    I went from atheist to believer years ago. I don’t know any other Christ followers in my 35 years that believe some of the warped things said about their thoughts on Jews, Israel and non-believers.
    1. The true believer has a heart for the Jews and Israel because of the things written in the Hebrew scriptures that express God’s love and heart for them.
    2. 78% of Americans call them self Christians but honestly, I don’t know how many really ever read the bible or investigated all Jesus meant and said… it may be those who have a wrong understanding.
    3. Whether we like the concept or not, ( i don’t particularly like it) it was Jesus that talked about people that died going to hell/gehenna/sheol. He expressed that a place without the Spirit of God was what we call Hell. So if we/people have an issue with HELL and WHO ends up there… their argument is with Jesus, not his followers. Guess the question is.. Jesus is either a Liar or a Lunatic, or he spoke the truth and is Lord.
    So everyone just needs to stop squabbling, putting others down… and punishing people for having opinions different than and saying stupid things…. In the words of the Beatles… ( and Jesus)… All we need is Love…

  9. Liana G says:

    With his views , he, Seigel should be Libertarian. Mr Seigel, we are in need of strong numbers to promote a 3rd party, so come on over, you won’t be disappointed. BTW, Abe Lincoln ran as a 3rd party candidate and won!

  10. Ralph says:

    Gee, I thought we were allies with Israel because we made a commitment to protect them and the policy has not formally changed yet.

    I don’t think God, if he really does exist, needs mortals to protect anything in this world. By His Own definition He is self sustaining and sustains all of creation through His Word. It is all in the Bible. The book where God explains himself.

    Jesus doesn’t need any help with His second coming. Silly people don’t read much do ya.

  11. Reinhold Schlieper says:

    Perhaps he should have admitted that much of this is a matter of theological conjecture; however, a significant portion of Christians tend to believe precisely as he says. What is a bit sad is that one may find an expression of one’s honestly held and reasonably well supported views to be a kind of political suicide. What’s the value of the First Amendment if folks who rely on it end up squelched?

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