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Arrest Report Details Fischer Trying to “Mislead Medical Personnel and Bystanders”

| February 25, 2012

The spot where Francoise Pecqueur was struck while walking her dog, on Columbia Lane in Palm Coast. (© FlaglerLive)

As a devout Catholic, Jamesine Fischer knows the story of St. Peter lying three times before sun-up in denying knowledge of Christ. That story may haunt her as she battles charges, detailed in her arrest report, that she lied three times to medical personnel and witnesses about what had happened to Francoise Pécqueur, the 76-year-old woman she struck with her PT Cruiser the evening of Nov. 10 on Columbia Lane. It was almost sun-up, 12 hours later, that Fischer called authorities to report that she’d hit something on Columbia Lane—a dog.

Pécqueur died less than 48 hours later.

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Fischer, who is married to John Fischer, the Flagler County School Board member, was booked into the Flagler County jail Friday at 7:18 p.m. on a charge of leaving the scene of an accident, with a death involved—hit and run, in common parlance. Fischer was taken to the jail by her attorney, Steven Alexander, and posted $30,000 bond two hours later.

The arrest report, written by Florida Highway Patrol Brian Wood, the lead investigator on the case, is a thoroughly detailed, systematic account of that investigation, revealing numerous details that had not been made public until now, including the clump of hair that had been caught in the shattered windshield of Fischer’s PT Cruiser, and the various ways Fischer “attempted to mislead medical personnel and bystanders at the scene of the events of the crash,” the arrest report states, “by leading them to believe that there had been no collision but that Mrs. Pecqueur had fallen.”

Wood’s arrest report clarifies a succession of events until now clouded by rumors and assumptions. But it remains only an arrest report, not proven fact, as would presumably be established in the course of a court case or a plea agreement.

“The first witness to see Mrs. Fischer at the scene was Jules Proctor,” the arrest

Audio: The 911 Call
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report states. Proctor is a resident of the neighborhood around Columbia Lane. He saw Molly, Pécqueur’s tiny, white poodle, in the road. “The dog appeared to be frightened,” on a leash without an owner. Proctor stopped. Got out. Then saw Fischer “standing in the shadows.” The report continues: “He yelled over to Mrs. Fischer, asking her if everything was alright. In response, he heard some mumbling, and it didn’t sound right to him. He grabbed the dog’s leash and moved closer to where Mrs. Fischer was standing. At that point, he observed an older lady (Mrs. Pécqueur) laying on the ground on her back, bleeding.”

Proctor asked Fischer if she’d called 911. She hadn’t. Proctor did. “I got  lady here on the street, she’s laying down on Columbia and Colchester,” he tells the dispatcher as he attempts to wake up Pécqueur. “She’s got blood coming out of her mouth,” he says. He makes mention of another “lady” present.

Molly. Click on the image for larger view.

When paramedics arrived, Proctor asked Fischer if she’d seen what had happened. “Fischer stated that she saw the lady falling over or falling down,” the report states. “Her mannerisms caused him to believe that Mrs. Fischer seemed out of it or incoherent. He did not smell alcohol on her but he suspected that she may have been on medications or drugs.”

Helen Westenberg is a resident at 4 Columbia Lane. The collision took place in front of that house. She’d heard “a commotion” and “loud voices” and went outside to investigate. She saw Fischer bending over Pécqueur, asking her if she was all right. The report doesn’t place that detail in the timeline: it’s not clear if Westenberg came out before or after Proctor arrived at the scene, though from what’s stated, Westenberg went outside immediately after the collision. “Mrs. Fischer told Mrs. Westenberg that she found this person laying in the ditch,” according to the report—a different account than the one she’d give Proctor.

To a third witness who also came out of her house—Katherine Kazprzak—Fischer said she’d tried to drive around the dog, “stopped her car, and saw the lady in the grass.”

Paramedics asked those standing by the accident scene if anyone had seen what had happened, and “an unidentified female stated that ‘she fell,’” the report states. The report continues: “While at the scene, Mrs. Fischer never mentioned to anyone that she had heard a thud sound or that she may have been in a collision. Mrs. Fischer drove away from the scene to 42 Columbia Lane to visit a friend (Betty Bifano) and noticed the windshield of her vehicle was shattered on the passenger side around 7 p.m., only an hour after the crash. Mrs. Fischer told Ms. Bifano that she had hit a dog and was going home to take a nap. Mrs. Fischer still failed to notify law enforcement.”

Jamesine Fischer. (FCSO)

At midnight, Halifax Hospital personnel told the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office that Pécqueur’s injuries were not consistent with a fall in the grass, but with “blunt fall trauma.” Sheriff’s deputies went to the scene to investigate and contacted the Florida Highway Patrol at 1:06 a.m. “of what was now being considered a possible hit and run.” Brian Wood, the FHP investigator, was notified at 1:33 a.m. and was at the scene at 2:24 a.m. “to conduct a preliminary traffic homicide investigation.” Whether individuals die at a traffic accident scene or not, a homicide investigation is routine, in serious crashes, in case individuals subsequently die—as Pécqueur did.

It was 5:39 a.m. when the sheriff’s office called FHP to inform the agency that Fischer had called the sheriff’s office “stating that she believed she hit a dog.” The call from Fischer’s home to Sheriff Don Fleming’s home had come around 5:30 a.m. The call from Fischer’s home to 911 was recorded at 5:36 a.m. Highway patrol investigators arrived at the Fischer house at 5:55 a.m. “and observed her vehicle which had damage consistent with a vehicle striking a pedestrian.” The PT Cruiser “had a large circular impact break in the windshield with embedded hair,” the report states.

John Fischer insinuated himself into the case by himself calling Flagler County Sheriff  Don Fleming, at Fleming’s home, about 11 ½ hours after the incident on Columbia Lane and before calling 911, and again having five subsequent conversations with the sheriff over 36 hours. Shortly after FHP troopers left his home, Fischer answered his door when a reporter knocked. Speaking to the reporter outside, he confirmed that an accident had taken place but said little else other than that he was saying prayers for the victim’s family, and that “accidents happen.”

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50 Responses for “Arrest Report Details Fischer Trying to “Mislead Medical Personnel and Bystanders””

  1. Mitzi Gee via Facebook says:

    Oh my …. :(

  2. FlaglerNative says:

    Oh what tangled webs you’ve weaved..when you practiced to decieve.

    Live with the fact that she died because of you and your lies…….great Catholic.

  3. Gab Huffman via Facebook says:

    How terrible! :(

  4. Valerie Walker via Facebook says:


  5. FLATTRUTH says:

    Ok. This is a valid question that I would like “dontbesoparinoid” to answer. How in the world did Don Fleming’s Attorney come to represent Jamie Fisher between the hours of 12 midnight and 5:30 am??? I do not know any attorney that has office hours during that time. Unless…..Fleming called his own attorney during the wee early mornig hours and called in a favor. Phone records will show…and the News Journal will sue to get them. Silence??

    • Nancy N says:

      I can answer that. Because arrests can happen 24/7 and defendants are entitled to legal representation ASAP, most criminal attorneys have 24/7 answering services that they can be reached through outside of normal office hours.

    • dontbesoparanoid says:

      Why do you end your comment with “Silence”? Did you really expect that? How should I know how he wound up with that attorney….But could it be possible Mr. Fischer was already familiar with Mr. Alexander? Sure it could. You’re trying to factualize speculation.

  6. What a mystery says:

    Is it known if Mrs Fischer was prescribed any medications from any doctors she may have seen which would have impaired her judgement or mental state? I am assuming John Fischer only knew what his wife was telling him, and perhaps he didnt call 911 since he may not have known a human was involved, and he called his friend the Sheriff to find out what was going on. If FHP was contacted by the Sheriff or his staff after the 5:30 am call he received from John Fischer why is the Sheriff being beat up in the press about this? If this goes to trial, it is going to be a looong trial.

  7. Nancy N says:

    Don’t believe everything that is in a police arrest report. That’s why we have trials…to determine the truth of what is in those reports. Otherwise they’d just go straight to sentencing people after charging them, right?

  8. JP says:

    Walking, running, biking, or even standing on the road in this town is dangerous to your health…no shoulders, sidewalks and dumb azz, drunk, druged, or generally bad drivers out there! Please walk or ride against taffic if you want to live!

    • Concerned Colechester Resident says:

      Live on Colechester Lane which is a beautiful neighborhood however, very dangerous due to the amount of tight curves and many blind spots along the road! It is a pleasure to see so many active neighbors that walk themselves and their dogs every day allowing a healthy life style. I personally am one of those whom walks our small dog and you would think we had a city raceway adopted to our street! Morning/noon and at night vehicles race through the neighborhood uneffected by the speed limit nor those who may be out for a bike ride/jog or a leisure walk with their pet. I purposely stop and demand my dog sit on the side of the grass area until vehicles pass (walking) against the traffic to avoid an accident, however if you don’t hear the car coming you are taking a big risk and things such as this happen! I so feel for the family who lost their loved one due to negligence!!!!

  9. Jojo says:

    I know it will take time but we do need sidewalks everywhere in this City. It just seems so unreal to walk in our neighborhoods without one. Also, people drive like maniacs in my neighborhood all the time. I see them taking bends in the road and ending up on the oncoming side. I see children walking to school and there is no respect the way cars speed past them. There is no respect for pedestrians the way people drive in this city.

    • Hello says:

      Roads are built for vehicles, sidewalks for pedestrians. Walk your dog around your yard, not around the neighborhood to dump on others property. Practice this and it may save your life.

      • David says:

        Hello: I believe you need to freshen up on your drivers manual. According to the drivers manual, the pedestrians has the right of way at all marked and unmarked cross ways, and should not run out in traffic. It is the operator of the vehicle who needs to take full caution by slowing down and yielding to the they walk on the side of the road facing traffic, where sidewalks or paths are not provided. As far as cleaning up after ones pet that is the responsibility of the pet owner.

      • Concerned Colechester Resident says:

        You must be one of the offenders! I have taken your advise and walk my dog in my yard. However we live on one of those tight turns in the road and we had one of those vehicles that were built for the (Road) cut the corner to close and came into my yard (Hummmm) ….

    • Ben Dover says:

      We definately need sidewalks , dog owners stay in the street while their dogs are in the grass , they either don`t want to step in the previous mess their dogs made or are afraid of the grass, but I`ve seen it many times on Whipporwill, , you have two cars ,one heading east one heading west and one has to slam on the breaks coming around a turn, cause theirs a guy with one of them long leases in the road while his dogs in the grass, this one guy does it early morn when its still dark out and again in the evening, actually stands there shaking his fist at people coming and going to work when he`s the one in the middle of the road impeding traffic, solution ,…….. use your back yard to let your dog do his buisiness

  10. Yellowstone says:

    Anybody check her cell phone yet? (Just wondering . . .)

  11. goalie says:

    I have to agree, people drive too fast. We have people going 55 an dover on Belle Terre which is 45. We have all of these sheriffs cars around yet I never see any cars pulled over for speeding. Maybe Fleming should look in to that. Its ridiculous, it snot like we live in a crime ridden city like Memphis, Miami or Jacksonville, so what are you sheriff deputy;s doing. Start writing tickets maybe people will slow down and pay better attention and stop driving like idiots cutting in and out of traffic and riding peoples bumpers or not paying attention to where they are going.

    This is ashame a poor woman had to lose her life and interesting a woman didn’t notice her windshield was shattered I notice when mine is spotty, yet she didn’t notice it, give me a break.

    • Ben Dover says:

      What color is the sky in your little pretend world there Goalie, that`s all they do is write tickets , and if you don`t think there`s not enough crime in Palm Coast to keep them busy, your really living far far away in never never land

  12. Revi says:

    “Birds of a feather flock together”….that’s probably how they got the same attorney. There are plenty of associates out there who share the same legal team so we can all stop being so naive. Clearly Mrs. Fischer was in the wrong and thoughts and prayers go out to the family but six minutes after her husband called the Sheriff, he called 911. The Sheriff clearly did the right thing. How many of us in tragic times call the person who we think can help the most? I know I do. Regardless of the phone calls made Mrs. Fischer was still charged and it won’t be long before the state comes after her too. Let justice serve.

  13. Diana says:

    The Truth Will Prevail

  14. Diana says:

    Can I adopt MOLLY

  15. Geezer Butler says:

    What a disgusting tale of selfishness and deception.
    But it’s beginning to unravel now, and there’s hope for some modicum of real justice
    for the late Francoise Pécqueur and those who loved her.

    Our Sheriff and a certain County School Board member owe Palm Coasters a detailed explanation
    with regard to those suspicious phone calls. The stench is stifling.

    NOTE TO ALL: The law applies to everyone (in theory), even friends of the sheriff.

    30k bail? Are you kidding me? What an outrage.

  16. palmcoaster says:

    Besides the sad and revealing current issues.
    When it comes to our current law enforcement effectiveness, I have noticed at times takes a long time for the deputies to arrive even to the very center of Palm Coast Parkway to an accident site. Yesterday Saturday around 12.30 PM and with pretty heavy traffic on the PC Parkway East, few yards from the Cypress Point corner ( to Walmart), were two SUV’s involved in and accident the one I believe to be a silver GMC had its front totally crashed. Both drivers wisely have parked on the shoulder “for their own safety” and were handling the normal exchange of documentation while glancing at the heavy and fast traffic. No law enforcement to be seeing around. Don’t we pay over 4 million additional for the Sheriff services now in Palm Coast, less or more? That is besides what we fund the sheriff thru the county taxes as well. Why we do not have like we used to, a Sheriff Depot right here readily accessible by our major central Parkway for rapid response? Why did the Sheriff moved the original depot from the Palm Harbor Mall to the Amaral Complex in Rte 100? This new location (last I knew if depot still there) is over 11 miles from the center of Palm Coast for rapid response. Last I known Palmcoasters still pay additional for sheriff services…or our city is in arrears? Any new findings or comments to the above? Please try to use the keyboard, not bow&arrows, txs.

    • jc says:

      Just a thought, where was Mrs. Fisher coming from just before the accident?

    • dontbesoparanoid says:

      You don’t want bows and arrows LOL but it is getting frustrating having to correct your posts. No we Palm Coasters do not pay 4million or more for extra services. Check again.
      Sheriff did not move the “original depot” from the Palm Harbor Mall to the Amaral Complex on Rte 100.
      He moved it to Old Kings Rd just north of the Palm Harbor shopping center. The correct address is
      17 D Old Kings Rd North. These are simple findings if you just take the time yourself. You have asked others to do research yet you refuse to do any of your own.

  17. Donna says:

    It was reported that Fischer called 911 at 5:36am the next morning. Is there a tape of that call?

  18. Katie Seamore says:

    Is the above picture show where this horrible accident happened? Good Lord, look at the condition of the road. Was it dark? What was the lady wearing? This just looks like an accident waiting to happen. Not excusing how the driver handled it, just saying what a horrible set of circumstances for all involved, especially the poor lady who lost her life and her loved ones.

  19. smiller says:

    Why wasn’t she charged with vehicular manslaughter?

  20. smiller says:

    do they think we are all a bunch of idiots?
    she was drinking and Fleming told her not to report it for at least 12 hrs so that
    the sobriety test would not be positive! add it all up!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Everyone remember this case? Texas woman accused of leaving man to die in windshield after hit & run That girl got 50 years. People keep asking was Mrs. Fischer impaired? Either way you notice how everything she did or didn’t do worked in her favor. Had FHP not gotten involved, this case would have not reached the stage that it did. She thought she hit animal but sees a live dog walking around in front of her, it’s nuts. It’s like the excuses a crazy person uses after committing heinous crimes. Claim their out of their minds while committing the crime but they always hold it together enough to finish the job and not hurt them self in the process. Sounds competent to me.

  22. palmcoaster says:

    @DBSParanoid. Could it be that when the Palm Harbor FCSO depot was moved to the Amaral Complex in Rte 100 the one on 17 Old Kings Road was not settled at the same time but later? Do you remember when the one in Old Kings Road was opened? Thank you in advance for your valuable input.
    Also so far I was able to find out the records of City Law Enforcement paid to sheriff 2,600,000 in 2010.
    Maybe you may want to update that figure to us for 2012 and clear my error?

    • dontbesoparanoid says:


      They moved directly from Palm Harbor shopping center to Old Kings Rd.
      There is no update on that figure for 2012 because it hasn’t changed,
      This info is easily accessible to anyone who is willing to ask for it.

  23. Maryjoe says:

    Just asking a question because I really don’t know… Is it normal that you go turn yourself in and are booked at 7:18pm and then your bail is set and you are out of there two hours later? Like..would one of my family members be able to do that?

    • dontbesoparanoid says:

      Yes once the booking procedure is completed.

    • Katie Seamore says:


      Maybe that was when the attorney was available to accompany her. It is not uncommon for people to turn themselves in when they are aware that they are the subject of an investigation. I suspect that the money was readily available to post her bond and there is no indication that she asked for a bond hearing before a judge.

  24. palmcoaster says:

    @Maryjoe, Good question and I believe the answer is NO.

    • dontbesoparanoid says:


      Why answer a question if you do not know the answer? I do not believe you are this naive and my opinion of your comments is that they are made to mislead those who may not know otherwise.

  25. palmcoaster says:

    @DBSParanoid….I try to document my posts if you care to notice. Originally I invited help for updates of the 4,000,000 + – ,if you go back to my post above. Your hiding of the real data other than disclose it, sure does not help but hinder.

    • dontbesoparanoid says:

      I’m hiding the real data other than disclose it? LOL!! It’s no secret. What “does not help but hinder” is your own unwillingness to seek out information. You “hinder” yourself by not taking the time to find out the accuracy of information before you post. I don’t know how many times I have to post the same thing to you. If you wish to engage others on certain topics do your own fact finding. Don’t start a baseless argument and then ask someone else to get the facts for you. Have the facts before your argument.

  26. justathought says:

    Perhaps if she would have called 911 when it happened, instead of watching from the background this poor lady would still be alive. Just a thougtht.

  27. DC3 says:

    Is this entire town on prescription meds?

  28. palmcoaster says:


  29. Thinking says:

    @MaryJo: No, that’s not exactly “normal” procedure. Usually an arrest warrant is signed by a judge, and deputies don’t call ahead and see when it’s a convenient time for the alleged perp for them to stop by and bring them in. However, for special people, often special accomodations are made, as in this case, obviously the lawyer having a special relationship with the Sherrif, and his client’s husband having a special relationship with the sherrif as well, in these delicate cases where it might embarrass someome of her social standing, it’s not illegal for the sheriff, as a favor, to allow the perps attorney to personally drive her there, and get the whole unpleasant event over as expeditiously as possible, in and out quickly so that she is not exposed to any of the criminal elements lurking around in places like jails. No doubt the whole issue of bail/bond was worked out well in advance so as to avoid any unnecessary delays and just get the formality over with.

    • Nancy N says:

      You don’t have to get special treatment from anyone to be allowed to turn yourself in! All you have to do is be aware ahead of time that the warrant is about to be issued – which if you have a decent attorney you most likely will be. Then the attorney can monitor court activity to see when the warrant is issued. Since warrants take time to make their way from the courthouse to the Sheriff’s Dept systems and then be executed, if you are aware immediately that a warrant has been signed, you can make immediate arrangements for bail and turn yourself in before the warrant has time to be executed. It just takes having a lawyer that is on top of things that are going on in your case, not special treatment!

  30. Maryjoe says:

    Thank you Nancy. I guess you just have to know the ‘system’. :)

  31. Thinking says:

    Indeed it’s correct, anyone can turn themselves in……..

  32. smiller says:

    Isn’t anyone looking at the big picture…?
    this entire matter is an outrage and no one is screaming about it!
    the way things look this women is going to get a slap on the hand
    and walk away from killing the poor women…lets cut to the chase….
    add it all up and what do you get? come on people !!!!!!

  33. tim says:

    Throw the book at fischer , she knows what she did and her other half are still trying to cover it up. sleep well at night GOD will take care of people like you!

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