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Council Candidate DeLorenzo Takes $500 From Waste Pro Even as City Mulls Garbage Contract

| October 31, 2011

Jason DeLorenzo (© FlaglerLive)

[Note: Be sure to participate in the election survey if you haven’t already.]

Nov. 3 update: Jason DeLorenzo said today that he will return the $500 donation to Waste Pro, whatever the conditions of his campaign treasury. He said he would put in the money himself if necessary.

In July, Palm Coast City Manager Jim Landon told the city council he would not put the city’s expiring, $7-million-a-year garbage contract out to bid, but instead solicit “information” from haulers interested in challenging Waste Pro’s existing contract. A public outcry forced the manager and the council to backtrack in mid-August, though Landon again balked over putting the contract out to bid. It would be a “request for proposal,” leaving it to him and his administration to judge the applicants and make a recommendation to the council.

Meanwhile, Landon urged council members not only to avoid all contact with haulers, once the RFP goes out, but to let him know if any contact is attempted so he can disqualify that applicant. Nothing was said about Waste Pro’s existing relationship, which involves routine contact between hauler and city officials, giving Waste Pro one of many insider advantages. The proposed RFP is being written specifically to favor Waste Pro as well, guaranteeing it, for example, 10 percent of the points that’ll determine the winner just because it’s the current hauler.

Jason DeLorenzo is one of four candidates for two seats in the Nov. 8 Palm Coast City Council election. He’s running from District 3. His opponent is Dennis Cross. DeLorenzo had objected to the no-bid process, as had Cross. DeLorenzo says he is the only one of the candidates to have done so before the council. That was before the council reversed course on skipping bids or RFPs altogether.

Sometime in early October, DeLorenzo accepted $500 from Waste Pro as a political contribution to his campaign. It is one the three largest single monetary contribution to any of the four candidates in the race. DeLorenzo also accepted $500 from Stephen Barnier, the accounting firm. A $500 donation went to incumbent Holsey Moorman, from Barbara Holley. Moorman is running against Bill McGuire in the District 1 race. (All campaign finance reports in all city council races are posted below.)

In a 16-minute phone interview, DeLorenzo at first appeared unaware that the contribution would raise questions of ethics or judgment, defending the contribution as one of many from members of the Home Builders Association, for which DeLorenzo works as its legislative director and lobbyist, and hedging on whether he would give back the contribution.

“Maybe it wasn’t the smartest thing. I really didn’t think about it, because I know them, I know the local manager well because she’s an active participant,” DeLorenzo said of Nancy Finley, the Waste Pro manager. “I haven’t really thought about it. I could give it back. I actually don’t think I need the money. But I’ll tell you, you know, I was the only one that stood up at the city council and asked them to go out to bid. I wrote a letter to the editor that was published suggesting that we need to go out to bid.”

Asked point-blank whether the contribution might look like Waste Pro was buying his vote, DeLorenzo said: “Why is everything like that? It doesn’t look like they’re buying a vote. It looks like they’re interested in the candidate that wants to make our economy better.” Should DeLorenzo be elected, he will be voting on the city’s new garbage contract come January, most likely. Pressed about why he would accept a contribution from the company, given the sensitivity of the issue and the timing, he said: “You know why? Because I don’t think that way. That’s why. I didn’t even think about it.” He added: “I would relate it to racism. I don’t see it. I don’t think about it. It didn’t even cross my mind,” saying he would be able to maintain an objective approach to decision-making on the council regardless of his relationship with Waste Pro or any of the 160-odd members of the association, several of whom have been among his contributors, and many of whom have business before the council.

Cross addressed the matter of the Waste Pro donation in answer to questions to be published on FlaglerLive later this week. “I have not accepted, nor would I accept a waste company contribution knowing that a five-year contract for $7 million per year is going out for competitive bid.  The acceptance of a $500 contribution from Waste Pro by my opponent displays a serious lack of ethics in my opinion,” Cross said, calling the contribution a conflict of interest.

Political candidates at every level routinely take money from special interests, including groups or individuals looking to curry favor with the politician once he or she is in office. That’s why incumbents’ coffers are usually much fatter than challengers’ coffers (Moorman’s, for example, is leading the money race with $8,395 in contributions, at last count). Locally, however, candidates frequently make a point of distancing themselves from contributors whose donations raise the most glaring questions of conflict.

DeLorenzo said he wasn’t sure to what extent association members had contributed, saying he was not too familiar with the campaign finance forms that itemize donors. “I really don’t see them. The stuff doesn’t come to me,” DeLorenzo said. “I’m not involved with the treasury. I’m not even a signer on it.” That’s inaccurate: DeLorenzo’s signature is required and does appear on every one of the seven campaign finance report filed this year, under the line: “I certify that I have examined this report and it is true, correct and complete.” The reports are also signed by his treasurer, Lauren Walsh. Walsh is the daughter of John Walsh, the Palm Coast Observer publisher, whose paper has endorsed DeLorenzo and hosted a social at Walsh’s home on DeLorenzo’s behalf. (DeLorenzo later said that he was referring to the campaign account’s expenses when he said he wasn’t a signer: he doesn’t sign outgoing checks.)

Throughout the interview, DeLorenzo gave various responses to what he would do with the Waste Pro contribution. “I think we’re done spending,” he said toward the end of the 16 minutes, when asked again what would happen to the money. “Our excess campaign dollars are going to do to a charity.” So you’d keep the money, he was asked? “I don’t know.” Why the uncertainty? Because there may still be outstanding bills. “I would like to give it back if we have it. I think we do.” What if there is no surplus? “I don’t know. But I think we do.” Nevertheless, DeLorenzo conceded that accepting the check in the first place was “a bad decision.”

DeLorenzo attributed the criticism of the Waste Pro contribution to his opponent’s tactics, linking them to a pattern going back to Cross’s issue with redistricting (when Cross was temporarily disqualified from the running, before a public outcry pushed the Palm Coast City Council to revise redistricting maps and ensure that the adopted plan enabled Cross to run from Grand Haven). Cross also had issues with the way the Chamber of Commerce-run  Creekside Festival, at Princess Place Preserve, a public park the chamber was rents for the occasion, was excluding candidates like him and McGuire from having their own political booths even though the Republican, Democratic and Tea parties were granted theirs. DeLorenzo’s wife, Rebecca, is the vice president of the chamber, and though the rule had been set prior to this year’s races, it gave the appearance of favoritism to DeLorenzo, who, though not planning on hosting a booth, was to be at the Home Builders Association’s large Green Expo spread. In the event, two days of lashing rain made a muddy mess of the festival and limited attendance to 2,000, compared to 17,000 the year before.

Cross himself has acknowledged that the controversies have aided his visibility hugely: he has thrived on them, just as he raised the matter of what he called “inappropriate” campaign contributions.

As of the last campaign finance report, filed in mid-October, DeLorenzo had raised $7,410 and spent $4,079. The amount he’d raised was second to Moorman’s. DeLorenzo’s largest contributors, other than Waste Pro and Stephen Barnier, included Budd DeLorenzo of Lakewood, N.J. ($485), Chiumento and Associates (the law firm with the two Michaels; the firm contributed $305 in cash and $185 in-kind), and in-kind contributions of $400 each from an online marketing firm, for web advertising, and from, also for web advertising.

Cross has raised a total of $4,919, spending $4,532 so far. His largest contributors—besides a $1,000 loan from himself to his campaign account—is Lucy Crowley ($500). All other contributions are considerably smaller, with a few in the $100 range.

Moorman also loaned himself $1,000 for a campaign total of $8,395. He had spent $5,163 by mid-October. His largest contributors, other than Holley, are include David and Wendy Ottati ($400). David Ottati is the CEO of Florida Hospital Flagler. Moorman is a hospital board member. His contributors’ list also includes $96, in kind, from the City of Palm Coast, reflecting an “election assessment fee,” which his campaign later explained as not any kind of donation from the city, but Moorman’s own decision not to be reimbursed for that fee (which entailed listing it as an in-kind contribution).

Bill McGuire continues to be the campaign’s poorest candidate, with a total of $2,456 raised to date, almost all of it spent. He  raised most of his money with a fund-raiser at the Black Cloud Saloon early in his campaign, gathering a small pile of $24 contributions.

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53 Responses for “Council Candidate DeLorenzo Takes $500 From Waste Pro Even as City Mulls Garbage Contract”

  1. Kendall says:

    DeLorenzo’s taking money from Waste Pro give us an idea what it will be like to have a lobbyist sitting on our city council. Not good.

  2. Kip Durocher says:

    Gotta’ love it. A lobbyist who can say “Maybe it wasn’t the smartest thing.”
    I predict big things for Mr. DeLorenzo ~ a lobbyist, now this ~
    he seems to be getting a great foundation for success in state and
    national Republican politics.

  3. Jim Guines says:

    Politically, this was not a very smart thing to do. He should be running for the school board as they do this kind of thing all the time.

  4. palmcoaster says:

    He does not get our vote, even before looking at his candidate report filed.

  5. Lin says:

    Kip, he is not a Republican

    The good-old-boy (and girl) crony capitalism alive & well in palm coast. Thanks FlaglerLive for shedding light on something we have known for a long time. Once again you have given us timely information not given elsewhere. Wish this had come out b4 early voting started.

    The endorsement from the Observer had me scratching my head. Cross has the same qualifications as McGuire, yet they endorsed DeLorenzo — for “diversity” reasons? — he has 30 years less life experience. The rest of the endoresement made no sense from a business perspective — but it did if you know the back-stories.

  6. The Geode says:

    Not scandalous enough. He needs to find a 1500.00 hr. hooker or have a baby with his maid. Then again, this IS Flagler County.

  7. Big Fat Bullies Elections Office says:

    He has my vote…………..and I sure hope he wins!!! GO JASON!!!

  8. Val Jaffee says:

    Lin, Kip’s comment just proves how the two parties ARE identical twins.

  9. Justice for All says:

    Indicative of poor judgement, even if he returns the check. Thanks to FlaglerLive for pursuing the other monies that have been accepted, although some of the contributions will be buried as individual names. Need to look at who those people work for.

    If he’s elected, we’ve got five years of on the job training – someone who doesn’t even know the right questions to ask, much less stand up to the current City regime. Dennis Cross has my vote.

  10. real people says:

    The endorsement from the Observer had me scratching my head.
    Yes Lin
    the Observer is part of the good-old-boy system.

  11. tulip says:

    Where did people find the contributors and expenses of the candidates. I looked all over the Flagler Elections website and found nothing. Years past –that info was always there.

  12. Lin says:

    Val J – If you do your homework you’ll see that in THIS town, in THIS race, the candidates are NOT identical. But I will agree that both parties have responsibility for the mess our economic system is in — and the way elections are financed is full potential for abuse.

    I would suggest that we have real debates in our next election. While I thank the sponsors of the forums for our candidates — they were not very enlightening. I think we would have a better voter turnout if the candidates could have rebuttals and the public could ask questions that were not screened by the sponsors with their own agendas. I heard from people that they could not tell much difference between the 2 candidates for Mayor — if they could sit across from each other and ask each other questions — and the public could ask direct questions I think differences would emerge and turnout would increase.

  13. Lin says:

    Jim Guines,
    Would you please explain how in reference to the school board “they do this kind of thing all the time”?
    I truly don’t know what you mean by this. Are you referring to contributions to the campaigns of School Board candidates?

  14. Layla says:

    Wow…hats off to FlaglerLive for asking the tough questions and staying on top of this. This is a stunner. What we have here is a serious lack of ethics in this candidate, as in none. He doesn’t understand the meaning of the word.

    Scarier yet, he sees nothing wrong in what he did. I thought he might at least return that check, but no…. He doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. And then he lied about signing the forms and tries to blame this on his campaign treasurer, who also happens to be the daughter of the guy who has been holding fundraisers for him? Sounds like a dime store novel.

    Do you people realize that being a councilman is a part time job? That if this man wins the election, he will be a full time lobbyist? A lobbyist IS PAID to represent his clients who are NOT YOU. Why did anybody ever let this happen???? Is this city run by crooks???? Are you people all crazy? The height of stupidity — electing a lobbyist to office. If the city wasn’t crooked before, it will be now. Save you money and just pay off your councilman. It’s perfectly legal in Palm Coast.

  15. PJ says:

    I’m not sure if this was just a lack of good judegment or this is a potential waste Pro buy for council vote

    . My guess Waste Pro tried to hedge it’s bet took a hail Mary passs and wrote the check. The problem with Waste Pro is they have management that make even worse lack of good judgement calls like paying a potential future councilman with a donation. Stupid management from waste pro has just put this candidates future in question.

    You can see what this type of thinking has done here and they essentially have done the same with Landon. This con game waste Pro had put Jim Landon’s future with the city in question.

    Landon’s judgementis clouded to the point that he is willing to twist the RFP just for Waste Pro and only Waste Pro.

    Landon must have been promised something from Waste Pro that he is willing to RISK HIS JOB and REPUTATION. Wow what what a fool. waste Pro hids behind some inexperianced manager front person to make a deal. This underhanded dealings must be great enough that a simple bid has become the the gratest con game since Bernie Madoff.

    The residents can save money but Landon don’t want that he wants to rub out his ego allover the rest of us. YUK

    DeLorenzo your covered in controversey this just finished you off. what a shame you can be bought for chump change and I wanted to vote for you…………………….

  16. Val Jaffee says:

    Maybe so Lin but their “party affiliation” makes it difficult to see the difference. I will vote, but an independent or libertarian candidate would have been very refreshing in these times.

    Ronald Reagan and Rick Perry were both democrats at one time. Politics is fickle business.

  17. Layla says:

    This is very disturbing to me. I don’t think this candidate is mature enough to run for office even without the moniker of being a paid lobbyist.

    I am upset that he lied about signing the forms and tried to deny knowledge of it, blaming everything on Walsh’s daughter. He’s not even a gentleman under these circumstances.

    The question is what does the city do about this contract now? Should Waste Pro be disqualified altogether? DeLorenzo is a paid lobbyist. If he wins this council race he will STILL be a lobbyist.

    Why would it ever be ok for a lobbyist to run for office without being forced to give up his lobbyist job? That’s nuts. He is PAID by special interests, in this case the Builders, to look out for their interests.

    How can someone like this every serve fairly as an elected official?

  18. Charles Ericksen, Jr says:

    Tulip…with this being a “City Election”, all reports were manual, submitted to the PC City Clerk. You are correct, they are not on line with SOE..

  19. rh says:

    Lin deal with it . Wake up. The school board, city manager, politicians are all on the take.. Typical Chicago politics..

  20. Hank Rearden says:

    Crony-capitalism alive and well in PC. We get the best Government money and influence can buy.
    If you want to change the system wake up and vote – but not for lobbyists and influence peddlers.

    Who is John Galt?

  21. palmcoaster says:

    Dear Tulip…I don’t know why but the Supervisor of Elections said from this election on when City of Palm Coast has elections they will handle also the candidates financial reports…So you have to call the City Clerck and ask for all the reports to be e-mailed to you and they will do it. Beats me why this is not posted on the City web site like was done by the Supervisor of Elections until then.
    You will be surprised to see some of the contributors names in those campaigns.

  22. Jim Guines says:

    Lin, yes. I do not want to re-hash it again, but what I am referring to was reported in the paper.

  23. Dudley Doright says:

    Looks like Jason and Landon are joined at the hip! Think about this. Why would Waste Pro give Jason $500.00? Waste Pro just bought a vote should Jason win (he will). But then, we all know what happens when a lobbyist gets involved. The old saying ” How can you tell if a politican is lying? His lips are moving” holds true. I will be standing at the poles making sure everybody I see is made aware of Jason’s total lack of Integrity.

  24. Layla says:

    I believe that Waste Pro should be disqualified from this process. Anything other than that, it will be obvious who is buttering the Council and manager’s bread.

  25. The American says:

    My question is? Please give me some information on DeLorenzo’s background and who is he lobbying for. Washington has to do away with lobbyists and do away with good ole boy favors as should the county and city.

  26. The American says:

    This is in response to the vulgar blogger Big fat bullies election office says, sounds like you are a disgruntled past employee that has no right using that name. It sounds like it is coming from the elections office, you should be ashamed of yourself, shame on you. You just goes to show the mentality of your support for this candidate.

  27. The American says:

    WHAT IS A LOBBYIST? A lobbyist is an activist usually paid by an interest group to promote their positions to legislatures. A lobbyist can also work to change public opinion through advertising campaigns or by influencing opinion leaders or pundits, therefore creating a climate for the change his or her employer desires.

    It is very easy for a lobbyist to stray into BRIBERY—the most direct way to influence legislation, which is to bribe enough law makers to ensure that the bill you support passes.

    Information obtained from Wise Geek

  28. JOKE says:

    Gotta love some politics… You should’ve got Waste Pro for even “Grand” then they really would have had something to talk about!! hahaha

    Go Jason!!

  29. palmcoaster says:

    Right on Dudley and Thank You.

  30. NortonSmitty says:

    It’s so cute watching them take their first politician baby steps!

  31. Layla says:

    Glad you think all this is cute, Norton. Looks like it’s all going nowhere, not an inkling of it other than here.

    Do you think the newspapers, radio are cute, too. Not one word of this anywhere but here. That’s the sound of money exchanging hands.

  32. palmcoaster says:

    Would be nice that our city will post all candidates financial reports at least in PFD files on the city web site for all voters to see if the wish, like it used to be done before when our city elections were managed by the County Supervisor of Elections and not the City Clerk.

  33. Jim J says:

    I sure hope Jason does not win.

  34. Red White And Blue says:

    This is to the American. -FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! Anytime someone says something you don’t like they are a discruntled employee – can’t you come up with anything better???
    GO JASON!! You will win!

  35. tulip says:

    PALMCOASTER—–I totally agree with you. Palm Coast has made it extremely difficult for citizens to get access to that info, which is public information.

    Has Kim Weeks changed the what she wants on the SOE website, or is PC making it difficult for a reason?

  36. Will says:

    Take a look at page 6A of tomorrow, Thursday’s, Palm Coast Observer. Half of the page is taken under the title “DeLorenzo and Waste Pro’s $500”. The article seems fair and balanced with a historical perspective that’s completely missed by most of the writers above. The end result is that the paper says “We stand by our endorsement. DeLorenzo for City Council”.

    I’ve known and worked with Jason DeLorenzo in community efforts for over four years, and am quite confident that he will be an excellent council member. This whole issue will make him wiser and a better representative of the community.

  37. Justice for All says:

    What would you expect the Observer to write, since their being paid by advertisers.

    This guy will shaft the residential property owners. Read carefully how he wants to “lessen” regulations, including landscaping. Don’t be fooled into thinking that will make this City more desirable to live in. And don’t think more businesses will lessen your tax burden, either.

  38. Ambrose says:

    Please read the following article in the Observer. I think it is very fair and balanced. The issue is fully discussed and analyzed.

    If you are a fair and unbiased person, you will see that the contribution will not influence Mr. DeLorenzo in any way. People, the $500 does not go into his pocket anyway, there are strict rules governing how the money is spent (on ads and signs, etc, and not on personal things). And like the Observer article explains, in a small town such as ours, everyone knows everyone, and situations like this are unavoidable. Over the last several months, I have followed Mr. DeLorenzo’s campaign and met him several times. I firmly believe this contribution will not have ANY effect on his judgement, should he be called upon to vote on an issue concerning Waste Pro. Actually, as the Observer article explains, he has already taken positions that are detrimental to Waste Pro. Our system of politics and elections is mostly based on campaign fundraising. Very few running for public office finance their campaigns using personal funds. If that were the case, only the rich would get elected. National politicians raise millions of dollars from contributors. Does that mean all elected officials are forever obligated to vote in favor of their contributors? I think not! I have met many people who support Jason DeLorenzo, and I cannot think of anyone who is expecting any personal favors from him. I believe he will be good for our city, and that’s why he has my support.

  39. palmcoaster says:

    Tulip, the change was due to the fact that Palm Coast has to abide by its own city charter when it comes to city elections. Looks like something was mistakenly overlooked until now….as per its own charter city elections are to be handled by the City Clerk, as is being done now. Regarding the posting of these candidates reports on the city web site is up to our city officials desire to do it or not, given the often updates to be posted at least twice a month. I think that “just not any city employee can post” it on the web site they have to be license or something. Maybe Pierre could ratify my general findings, so far and hope are correct.

    • FlaglerLive says:

      palmcoaster, nothing stops the city from routinely posting these financial reports on its website (the way the supervisor of elections posts other local races’ financial reports) or highlighting and linking to them from its Facebook page, though generally speaking the city’s web postings are busily taken up with far more serious and consequential matters of local concerns than elections–such as, this weekend, the seafood festival.

  40. Lin says:

    There is so much spin in that article of king-maker PCO that I could hardly hold onto the paper. Don’t fall for it.

    It is as simple as do we want a man to represent us that works full time for special interest group and takes donation (large by PC standards) from someone with a contract before the Council — or do we elect someone who will represent ALL the citizens?

  41. Silent no more says:

    Make no mistake about it. “The good ole boy” network is alive and well in Flagler County. They groom who they want elected. They will put the push behind some harder then others. They have their own agenda and will do anything it takes to keep power and hide questionable activity. If you fit this bill and are willing to forsake the taxpayers, you are in like flint.

    Lets take Mr. DeLorenzo as an example. Yes, he was endorsed by the Palm Coast Observer. Did you expect anything different with Mr. Walsh’s daughter the campaign treasurer? No, the Observer will not back peddle now.

    This is all a tangled web. Mr. DeLorenzo a lobbiest for the builders assn., Mrs. DeLorenzo Vice President of the Chamber and Landon being the puppet master. How can anyone believe this is a good thing?

    Am I the only one who felt Mr. DeLorenzo’s answers to the questions asked by Flaglerlive were not answered satisfactory? He signed the reports. He knows who gives what. His answers were what a true coached politician would say.

    Sad how 90% of the voters will not know any of this. What they will know, is how nice the glossy postcards are with the family on them that were mailed. The “good ole boys” did a good job with this campaign.

    Flagler County is not going to change until we start electing people who want to work for the people. Not just a select few who are looking to further their political power.

  42. palmcoaster says:

    Thank you for clarifying Flagler Live… and the realistic connotation as well, as I agree that the Seafood Festival (thou important for ED) on the city web site should not supersede, the importance for us city voters, of those candidates reports postings.
    I also agree that city should have posted those candidate reports as we used to see them before when the Flagler Supervisor handling our elections did it..

  43. Updated Info says:

    Wouldn’t if be funny if DeLorenzo casts the deciding vote to go with Republic or some other trash service provider? It sure would shut the mouths of a lot of conspiracy types posting on here. Might make him look like a smart campaigner. I seriously doubt that $500 could buy a $7M+ contract vote especially after he lobbied for an end to the “no-bid” process.

    This story tells me that DeLorenzo has the support of the citizens AND business & that there just might be something off with Cross since he doesn’t seem to have much support from either side….except from his fellow card carrying TeaBaggers. Doubt he will admit that tho.

    Layla makes 1 good point: WastPro should be disqualified. As is any other business who contributed to a city councilperson, county commissioner, state or national legislature.

  44. Ambrose says:

    By the way, I just want to make it clear, I enjoy reading FlaglerLive very much and it’s my main source of local, and often national and international news. I just quoted the Observer article as I happened to read it today. My comment was in no meant to imply the Observer was a better source of information than FlaglerLive. It was an opinion on the candidates and the campaign contribution. I have met both candidates and have respect for them as people and for their achievements. I just happen to have the opinion that Mr. DeLorenzo is more suitable for the position.

    • Pierre Tristam says:

      Ambrose, there would not be an issue even if the implication was that the Observer was a better source of information–which in many cases it is, depending on the kind of information you’re looking for: the Observer does what it does very well. I just think that in this case it didn’t (and didn’t even try: there never was a news story on the matter), because it’s essentially compromised. There’s also no question that FlaglerLive has its share of badly done stories, not to mention the mountain of stories that should be done but aren’t.

  45. will says:

    Pierre reported in his new column that DeLorenzo has agreed to return the $500 to WastePro.

    Frankly I don’t mind if an individual or corporation makes a political donation as long as it’s reported and transparent in a timely fashion. It’s the secret or unreported donations that cause more trouble because people don’t know who’s attempting to pull the strings.

  46. Layla says:

    I cancelled my delivery to Observer today. Hope you will do the same. ANYBODY, no matter WHAT what party, who thinks this is ok is not from this planet.

    What is DeLorenzo casts the deciding vote? He will not be allowed to vote on this because of the conflict of interest he has created now. It is the law. Do you know that that is?

  47. Layla says:

    Correction to Updated info: That contract is for a total of $35 MILLION DOLLARS. Who else is paying this manager, council off? That is what you should be looking at.

  48. Layla says:

    We are all human, including Jasonl DeLorenzo. We all make mistakes; we are not perfect. The difference is that Jason does not think he made a moral error in judgement.

  49. Layla says:

    But, a bribe will ALWAYS be taken as a bribe. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is usually a duck.

  50. Flagler County Democratic Club says:

    Surprisingly, what was blogged about isn’t surprising but what wasn’t, is. This is one of those cases that scream “what wasn’t said spoke volumes”.

    Here’s what wasn’t mentioned:
    • Elections cost money and collecting $500 from an entity already doing business in the city is smart campaigning from a smart candidate. This happens at every level, from city councils, school boards, county commissions, Sheriff, State Legislatures and all the way up to US Congress, US Senate & Presidential elections.

    • Campaigns are supposed to raise money AND awareness. DeLorenzo made his case very clear about this process going out to bid way before the donation was made.

    • How come Jason DeLorenzo is the only candidate in his district that has this kind of financial support of both citizens AND business community? Sounds like that with Jason’s kind of respect from both citizens & the business community, it makes him the stronger candidate, as long as he maintains his integrity.

    • If the Palm Coast Observer is willing to endorse Jason DeLorenzo, then something has to be off with his opponent…or something just has to be right with Jason DeLorenzo. It is very doubtful that a newspaper will risk its reputation for a City Council endorsement. So a “relative working on his campaign bought him the Observer endorsement” motive seems pretty far-fetched.

    • Thanks to the City Manager, the current waste services RFP for Palm Coast is supposedly so rigged that the contract is 100% likely to be awarded to Waste Pro; no matter the heroics from the Mayor or a vote from any sitting city council member. So a “bought vote” motive looks pretty far-fetched too.

    The last item brings up a couple of points that citizens should be more upset about. Those items are:
    • The RFP eliminates any bids from companies that utilize automated services, very similar to Waste Pros’ competitors. Wouldn’t automated services reduce workman’s comp thereby reducing costs?OK Conspirators, get to work!

    • Why would the City Manager want to narrow the “out to bid” process and not save Palm Coast citizens $$$? Is it possible that City Manager Jim Landon is personally profiting from eliminating bids from Republic Services and others? Doubtful, I truly hope not but makes you wonder. This would be far more scandalous than a $500 contribution.

    If these points don’t speak volumes to you, then I’m at a complete loss and congratulate your ignorance. But if they do speak volumes, then you only have one logical vote.

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