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Bad Boy Wrestling Club: An Ancient Sport Underhooks Flagler’s Youngest

| October 2, 2011

The Flagler Bad Boy Wrestling Club has expanded to include all the county's elementary schools (© FlaglerLive)

Note: today–Sunday, Oct. 2–at 1 p.m., the Flagler Bad Boys Wrestling Club hosts the season’s first countywide elementary series tournament.

The ancient sport of wrestling gained a foothold in Flagler County decades ago–in what passes for ancient history in this county–but this season the two-year-old Flagler Bad Boy Wrestling Club expanded its youth program and introduced wrestling to elementary students from 3rd to 6th grade around the county.

“We have decided to start an entire elementary season,” says Bobby Bossardet, head wrestling coach at Flagler Palm Coast High School and the program’s coach. “We are trying to build one big program here and we wanted to give the kids an opportunity to be introduced to the sport at an early age.”

Registration in September netted an enrollment of 180 students. “The numbers are through the roof,” Bossardet said. “The kids are looking forward to wrestle the other elementary schools in the county.”

Bad Boy Wrestler and Violinist: Drew Dance, with his wrestling shirt on, is also a violinist with the Flagler Youth Orchestra. His father, Andy, who posted this picture on his Facebook page Sunday, writes: 'Our children are so complicated. It is an amazing thing to give them opportunities to grow and try out new and different things, and then sit back and see which ones they have talent for and are interested in pursuing.' He calls Drew 'the first member (that we know) of the Bad Boy's Violin Club.' Go Drew! Click on the image for larger view. (Courtesy of Andy Dance)

Kim Sanborn, Flagler Bad Boy Wrestling Club president, said the club tried its best to crunch numbers to make the program affordable to everyone. “I am very excited that we can offer affordable wrestling to the youth,” Sanborn said. “ Most people can afford the $20 sign up fee but we will not turn anyone away.” Tournaments, sponsors and events allow the program to keep registration low.

For these young athletes, wrestling is an outlet and a way to interact with other students from the region. Afternoon practices are held at each elementary school to make it easier on students and parents.

Farris McGee, Former FPC wrestling coach, and Benjamin Lacy, also a former wrestler and Flagler wrestling coach, together bought the county’s first wrestling mats in 1973. A few years later, Steve D’Augustino took over as the head coach at FPC for 28 years and made it a successful program.

Lacy, a local dentist, still keeps up with the club and sponsors the program.
“Unlike football, where size and weight can be a tremendous advantage, youth wrestlers compete with athletes of the same weight and age,” Lacy said. “And wrestlers compete individually which builds confidence in young boys.”

Watch Charlotte Marten‘s video report:

Flagler Bad Boy Wrestling Club
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15 Responses for “Bad Boy Wrestling Club: An Ancient Sport Underhooks Flagler’s Youngest”

  1. The Piranha says:

    This is what we need more of in Flagler County. Excellent role models, discipline, physical activity in a positive environment for our youth. I will be sure to attend. Job well done.

  2. ??? says:

    All I can say is WOW.. What a GREAT effort and contributions the President, coaches and the people that assist in this progam.. You all have to be commended.for your selfless work and helping to teach beyond the classroom.. Again CONGRATS!!!!

  3. Frances says:

    Great program. Bobby Bossardet is an outstanding person and coach. Flagler County is fortunate to have him and all the other people who are working so hard to make this a great program. Congratulations to all of you.

  4. Liana G says:

    What precautions do we have in place to prevent a repeat of this at home or on the playground at school?

    Young brother gets life for accidentally killing a little sister during play.
    by Daniel Odulo 03.20.2001

    “Young brother Lionel Tate gets sentenced, even against the wishes of the prosecutor, to life in prison for accidentally killing a 6-year-old little sister during play at 12 years of age. “…

    “Lionel was sentenced to life in prison on March 9, 2001 for body-slamming his friend Tiffany Eunick to death in his Pembroke Park home in 1999. The kids were imitating professional wrestling moves. Lionel certainly didn’t mean to hurt Tiffany, but the judge blocked the attorney from showing lengthy wrestling videos to the jury or forcing professional wrestlers to testify.”…

  5. The Piranha says:

    I attended and would say it was everything I had hoped for and more. Young kids from all our elementary schools (minus Belle Terre for some odd reason) giving it their all with many of the FPC High School wrestlers acting as mentors. Again, my hat is off to the program and all who make it happen.

  6. Serena says:

    We prevent our kids from practicing on the younger children in the home through educating them of the dangers. As parents we have responsibilities to teach our children as well as the teachers and coaches. What happened to Lionel Tate was a tragedy from start to finish. Parent involvement is the key.

  7. Patti says:

    This is a fantastic program – my son is wrestling and I am thankful for this program and the coaches and parents who are taking their time to put this together.

    You did a great job Sunday and I am looking forward to the rest of the tournaments.

  8. Tina Taylor Bouvier says:

    We are so excited for this program…. my son wrestles and Coah Boss is awesome. The kids are really enjoying this program. I think it is a fun and fanqtasic way

  9. Tina Taylor Bouvier says:

    This program is just wonderful…. I think this is giving kids a fantastic outlet and chance to learn about team work and a sense of brotherhood that wrestlers and team members have. My son is wrestling and he loves it as well as his friends that are participating. The coaches are amazing role models for our youth and we should all be greatful for this program and all that goes into putting it together.

  10. Stephani Hernandez says:

    Wrestling is a nice chance to get in shape and have fun while getting stronger. My son is also a wrestler and a violinist with the Flagler Youth Orchestra. ;)

  11. tony russo says:

    Awesome program! All the men and women are doing a great job. My kids love it.
    Besides the great coaching the kids are receiving, they are also being taught about accountability, sportsmanship, and respect. Great job, and Thank you.

  12. Tracy Rhodes says:

    I love this and think this is a good way to mold young boys to be outstanding FPC wrestlers. This will teach these boys many things besides just the wrestling, but how to pay attention, social skills, how to control emotions, and how to always show good sportsmanship. I watched all these boys their first matches and all are making great progress.

  13. Colleen says:

    Great role models!!! Grown men taking time to commit and give back to our youth!!!

  14. C0asting_somewhere_beautiful says:

    I believe this could be a great program, if some of the arrogant egotistical coaches were removed from being involved with the children in this sport. I got to witness this season, one particular coach that made changes to the brackets literally as the boys were being called to the mat (for his own reasons i know why he did it and he knows why he did it although he will never admit to it), I also witnessed a particular ref not giving points when they should have been given, and also not letting the winner of the coin toss having his choice of being up or down (being this involved the same coach as spoken of above) .. also the coach of this particular team was let known on Thursday .. 3 days before the championship tournament this past Sunday that a boy would not be there, and numerous emails were sent to let the coach know this as he did not answer back to receiving any of these emails until I specifically asked please this is my 3rd email can you please let me know you received this .. and the funny part of it all was his name was still called as he was left in the brackets anyways … I think certain coaches need to grow up and realize that kids are kids, many of these children were first time wrestlers this season and had so much to learn, but I think what burnt me the most was when I voiced my opinion on certain things I was told “I don’t know what to tell you, he just needs to grow up and deal with it .. really and you are a coach of these children …

  15. Terilyn says:

    My son was a Bad Boys wrestler and he was amazing! It is my job as a parent to educate my child on the dangers of acting out this sport! My son know that he is never allowed to put these moves on his little brother for whatever reason. That was instilled in him by me and the coaches of Bad Boys wrestling.

    Why is it that parents think that our teachers and coaches are the only ones to teach our children these things. It continues when they come home.

    Just saying.

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