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At European Village Jewelry Store, Two Unspeakable Words, One Charge, Then Jail

| October 1, 2011

Edith and Dan Ferrena in their store at European Village this evening. A portrait of Dan Ferrera's father, a World War II veteran, hangs to the left. (© FlaglerLive)

Note: The State Attorney dropped the charges against Dan Ferrena on Nov. 29, 2011, closing the case. See the story here.

Dan and Edith Ferrena were in disbelief Friday evening as they cleaned up more than the routine clutter of a day’s work at Palm Coast Gold Buyers, the store they’ve owned at European Village for about two years. The store actually looked quite orderly, its many family portraits arrayed higher than the jewelry and a red oriental carpet warming the center floor space. It was the events of the day that threw the Ferrenas’ lives in shambles: Dan Ferrena, 54, had just posted $1,500 bond and left the Flagler County jail, where he’d been booked earlier in the day on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon–a charge both find stunning, considering what had unfolded around noon.

The day was going along normally in what has been a particularly busy season of buying and selling at the store: twice the Ferrena’s store was featured in recent editions of the News-Journal as an example of the bustling gold business of late. With the nation’s credit rating downgraded, customers have flocked to the store to sell gold and silver, or to buy gold as an investment, rather than invest further in stock-market-dependent 401ks. With the enduring poor economy, customers have also come in to sell gold to buy groceries.

Two customers were in the store at about noon when Joshua Newby, 28, walked in to look at a watch. He initially went in with his son (the police report erroneously says he went in with his daughter). He then asked his wife and a friend both to come in and have a look at the watch as well. The couple’s anniversary was coming up, and Newby was thinking of buying a charm bracelet for his wife. The pair had several children with them–five pre-school children, as Edith Ferrena remembered them (she was once a school teacher). Three of the children are the Newby’s.

According to a sheriff’s report (see the full report below), shortly after the children went into the store, Edith “rudely told them to leave.” According to Newby, Edith told him that “a jewelry store was no place for children,” so Newby told the Ferrenas he would take his business elsewhere, and left. “My kids were in there for maybe–maybe 15, 20 seconds before she said something,” Newby said in an interview Saturday morning.

That’s not quite how it went down, according to the Ferrenas. Edith was minding one of the two customers who had been in the store before the children had come in. Dan was busy behind the counter. The children, as young children often do, wandered about the store, “and they really did look adorable,” Edith said. “It was like a day out for the kids, the lady was saying, ‘see the pretty jewelry?'” The jewelry is arrayed in L-shaped glass-encased displays. At one point, one of the children, according to Dan, had lifted himself up on the glass case by the hands, his feet off the ground, his weight entirely on the top of the glass case–which is not designed to bear that much weight. “God forbid that breaks and he gets hurt,” Dan said this evening, recalling the scene. “We face a lawsuit.”

Palm Coast Gold Buyers at European Village. (FlaglerLive)

At that point Edith said she politely asked the adults to take the children out of the store, saying, as the police report states, that the store is not suited for children. One of them immediately lit into the store owners–according to Edith and Dan–saying huffily: “I can see you don’t want to sell jewelry.” More words were exchanged, then the group walked out.

Newby was himself in disbelief Saturday morning, saying the Ferrenas were making up the story about the display case, among other things. “There’s no way a child, a 4-year-old, can climb on a counter that’s chest-high,” Newby said. The kids never climbed on the glass counter. The kids are very well behaved.” And again, Newby said, the children were barely in the store before they were told to leave.

The police report states that Newby, after going outside, got upset at the way he was treated “and went back inside to speak with Dan and Edith about the incident.”

There was no “speaking,” the owners say, and at that point Dan was still not quite involved: it was aggressive yelling, with Newby claiming to be a doctor “at one of the local hospitals” who was going to let all his colleagues know not to shop at the jewelry store. Again, not so, Newby said: he mentioned he worked at local hospitals–he is a registered nurse at Florida Hospital Flagler and Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach. “I never said I was a doctor. That makes no sense,” he says.

More words were exchanged, at which point Newby said something neither side disputes, and which goes to the heart of what followed next, as it escalated matters by bringing Dan Ferrena fully into the fray: Newby called Edith Ferrena “a fucking cunt,” a supreme insult in any language on many levels. It was spoken loudly, with the two previous customers still in the store.

Dan Ferrena doesn’t deny it: he was livid. “They’re more than fighting words,” he said this evening, “and this was not in the street. This is in our store.”

Speaking Saturday morning, Newby didn’t deny that he used those words, but he did so after Ferrena called his family trash. “You don’t call my family trash,” Newby said. “When he said that, I snapped. I’m sorry. You don’t call my family trash.” There’s disagreement between the two sides about the sequence of events. The police report has Ferrera lashing his insult only after Newby had thrown out his.

Dan tells Newby that he ought to beat him up for disrespecting his wife. According to Newby, cited in the police report, Dan demanded that Newby leave the store, followed him out and uttered the “trash” words, then dared him to repeat the insult to his face. According to both men, Newby then threw down his glasses and his car keys and dared Dan to “bring it on,” though both Dan and a witness in the store, who gave a statement to police, say it didn’t stop there: that Newby charged Dan. Newby denies he did any charging.

This is the point at which the central disagreement unfolds, and also the key to the veracity of the charge against Dan Ferrena–or lack thereof: Newby says Dan threw out the threat to his face about repeating the insult “as if to provoker a fight,” then Dan removed his semi-automatic 9mm Walther PPS from his waistband, cocked it, and pointed it directly at him. Newby told police he was in fear for his life, walked away while Dan continued to provoke him with yells of “come back,” and called 911.

The police report doesn’t mention what Newby spoke of repeatedly on Saturday: Ferrena pointed the gun not just in his direction, but in his children’s direction, with one of his children’s direction–in five children’s direction. “He pointed it at five kids 4 years old and under,” Newby said. Standing from the jewelry store’s entrance, and looking out, the perspective is on the Mezzaluna Pizzeria’s sidewalk tables.

The Ferrenas–and a witness in the store, who gave her statement to police–saw it differently. Dan doesn’t dispute that he carries a gun. He has a permit. As a jewelry store owner, he says carrying a gun is a must. But he says he never pointed the gun or cocked it. He lifted his shirt and displayed it, telling Newby that he was armed. The witness also told police that Dan never pointed the gun or cocked it, but removed it from his waistband “and displayed it down by his side,” according to the police report.

The Ferrenas are incredulous about another detail relating to Newby’s claim that he was in fear for his life: after the end of the confrontation, he went with his group to a the nearby pizzeria and had lunch, the Ferrenas say.

Sheriff’s deputies say Dan Ferrena cooperated throughout. But in early afternoon, he was walked out of the store by a deputy and taken to jail, with a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, which now begins an entirely different ordeal for the Ferrenas. “Our business runs on trust,” Edith Ferrena said this evening, worrying about the business’ future. “We earn that trust every day,” her husband says.

Words, two words in particular, fired at Edith Ferrena by a man the Ferrenas say had never been in the store before, turbocharged what had already been an ugly confrontation, with consequences that now have a thriving business’ reputation and future in jeopardy.

Newby says the Ferrenas’ version of events “makes these people sound like they’re angels. They pulled a gun on five children.”

Newby doesn’t have an entirely clean sheet. In late 2003, when he was 20, he was jailed for armed burglary and grand larceny in Port Orange. “It was eight years ago, before kids, before my wife, before my life changed,” he says, noting that adjudication was withheld, and that he has long since changed his life around. “Nothing has happened since except good things in my life.”

Newby-Ferrena charging affidavit: European Village Palm Coast jewelers

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58 Responses for “At European Village Jewelry Store, Two Unspeakable Words, One Charge, Then Jail”

  1. IVANA SPEAK says:


  2. Susan says:

    Why would this man loose control, point a gun in the direction of 5 preschool children with their parents, cock it, yell disparaging remarks with foul language and then try to sell us a fabricated story about what happened……answer: In order to try and save his business! Check the Surveillance cameras! The store owner probably erased them. How about European Village, do they have cameras? This man lies! Nice selection for a picture to post on this story Ferrena, making you look like an innocent trusting family man. I call Bullshit on your story. You say If the glass breaks you face a law suit? What about pointing a gun at the family outside the store dumbass! That will guarantee you a lawsuit! Were you thinking of the children’s safety while pointing the gun?

  3. Outsider says:

    Well, after reading the story several times, I have to think the police were right in this case. The store owner should not have followed Newby out of the store armed with a gun, particularly when he was in such an agitated state of mind. He escalated the situation which apparently was over. The law clearly states that law enforcement officers should rule in the person’s favor who used deadly force if there is any doubt as to who’s telling the truth. However, the witness stating that Dan followed the man out of the store to continue the argument, then displayed the weapon when Newby took him up on his offer to fight indicts Dan for improper display of a weapon and use of deadly force. Had Dan demanded Newby to leave the store, and THEN Newby charged him in the store, Dan should have been okay.

  4. mamamia says:

    I have been to this store many times. These are good people. They are always hospitable to those entering their store.

    Word of advice if Mr. Newby and his family show up at your place of business and begins throwing insults, pick up the phone and call the police, after you have asked them to leave the store. Don’t attempt to settle these disputes yourself.

  5. Bob says:

    European Village is a S&!^hole. Funny how the story states the guy went to eat at the pizzeria after. If it wasn’t for the pizzeria, European Village would have no one there. In closing, I say the European Village sucks and is a complete disgrace to this city. It is ashame to what COULD HAVE BEEN such a nice place has come to. I guess the guy running around there with the “payne stewart” hat on, who claims he pretty much owns the place, doesn’t know how to run it.



  7. Anonymous says:

    Being a twenty plus year resident of Palm Coast and a business owner. I’ve seen the attitude of patrons really take a nose dive almost to the effect that it’s expected you have to allow them to run over you and treat you like a sounding board for whatever gripe they may have business oriented or not, all in the name of “customers always right” and “you want to make money right”? The economy is in a sad state stress levels are high for everyone.The mood of the current population of Palm Coast, impatient, pushy me-first and “this place stinks but I want to still live here anyways attitudes will only get worse. Chances are if you are an accessible business owner right or wrong YOU will feel whatever wrath the public cannot inflict on public officials. I don’t know either of the men in the article personally but I hope they come to settle this before a conviction.

  8. some guy says:

    I have verry little spare $$ but after seeing this i plan to go to their shop and see if I can buy somthing from them. i love a story that shows how a LEGAL gun owner protects themself.

  9. Outsider says:

    Sorry some guy, but it appears from the story that this legal gun owner did not “protect himself” in a legal manner. I am a staunch 2nd amendment supporter, and exercise my priveleges thereunder. Regardless of the character of the individuals involved, you must be familiar with and operate under the laws governing concealed carry laws, and, somewhat understandably, this gun owner strayed from those laws. These business people SEEM like good folks, and the customer SEEMS like a punk, but none of that matters. I recommend Mr. Ferrena obtain a good criminal defense attorney. While carrying a concealed firearm, I AVOID all confrontations with everyone, regardless of the situation. While you may defend your or your loved one’s life with deadly force, you may not defend their reputation or feelings with it.

  10. Jack Cowardin says:

    Let’s see. A purported doctor, Joshua Newby, and friends, with five children, go into a jewelry store. The kids “do what children do.” Unfortunately, this is the key to, and catalyst of the events that followed. ‘What children do’ is what parents permissively let them do. In this case it sounds a little short of running amuck, and to climb aboard a glass case, or do pull ups, reflects parental neglect. There was once a time, when children didn’t behave, a diligent parent would have been embarrassed and removed a child(ren) promptly. Like when a baby cried in church, the parent walked away, a practice long since absent.

    Secondly, if Joshua Newby IS a doctor I pray for his patients. A man with gutter vocabulary does not belong in the medical care service.

    Third, Dan. It’s been a bad two weeks to be in the gold market. Your fuse shortened and you lost insight in realizing our society is shifting closer to the edge. Accept the fact rage and intolerance are both just under the skin of all of us. Carrying a gun is your right, in this state and in your business. It’s a reflection on our culture, our times, and our deteriorating value and moral standing as humans on the cusp of the unthinkable. Brandishing a gun outside your store is your dilemma. It was a bad day at Black Rock.

  11. Christie 2012 says:

    Great job Flagler Live!!! Nowhere else would you get a replay of what happened like this story.

  12. outraged says:

    There is no justifying pulling a gun on anyone over words. Obviously these people not being from this country know no other way to resolve a dispute.They must not be familiare with the saying sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never hurt me.For the record most of what they are now claiming after the fact trying to protect their business is b.s. I KNOW FOR A FACT THE CHILDREN NEVER MADE IT INTO THE STORE PAST THE FRONT DOOR. There were no children hanging from counters etc. all lies from a man trying to justify an illegal act. You pulled a gun on a family now you should be prosecuted. Hopefully you will loose your gun permit and take your business to another communitiy to say the least. There is a witness on the Newby’s behalf and let’s not forget the tell all video. So in due time a good family will have their day in court when all the facts are out there and the so-called business owner will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And yes there are laws against pulling out a gun…

  13. time for change says:

    Everyone… make sure you read the last paragraph… I anticipated it before I got to the end… now he’s teaching his children how to behave in polite society… Again… the animals are running the zoo..

  14. Richard says:

    I live in Palm Coast and go to the European Village frequently. I agree, the place has slipped, but that is true about the whole city, county and state. It’s the economy stupid! Many businesses at the European Village are trying heroically to survive in this bad economy. I agree that the guy with the hat goes around making a lot of trouble….I don’t think he owns the European Village, maybe just one store. I have been to the jewelry store a few times to buy by wife some gifts, and once to sell some gold I didn’t need. The couple who runs it and their son who helps out are very gentle, friendly and seem educated. They are very honest and their prices were very fair. This is a very unfortunate incident….our city needs functioning, thriving businesses, so I wish them success. Last night I had some time on my hands and did some research. I couldn’t find anything on Dan or Edith Ferrena, who are in their fifties, but the so called victim, who seems to be in his twenties, and who calls women “cu__ts” and threaten people twice his age, seems to have a criminal record. That should help the authorities determine who was likely to be the aggressor.

  15. Justice for All says:

    I’ve witnessed “upscale” stores in malls ban women with strollers from entering. Why? Because the merchants had been shoplifted to death with the stroller used to stash the stuff. Why bring 5 kids into a small jewelry store? Are they going to buy the watch? No, it was to distract the owner. They checked out the place, figured out how to do it and went back in. Bet those kids have seen a lot worse than a gun in a waistband.

    Get smart, people, we’re sitting ducks here.

  16. Barb says:

    As former neighbors of the Ferennas for many years here in Palm Coast, I can tell you they were always lovely, courteous people and a pleasure to have on our street. We were sorry to see them move. As a customer of their store, they were honorable, polite shopowners trying to survive in a very tough economy. I know they were super cautious about the possibility of being robbed and I often thought what a stressful business they were in. If you read the police account there was a separate witness who basically collaborated the Ferenna’s account of the story. I don’t know Mr. Newby or his family, but seriosuly the guy has a pretty bad police record in the past. None of us can judge as we were not there. I hope the Ferennas are able to move past this incident and are successful in business.

  17. says:

    let me see if i understood the article, bad words were said about a man’s family and out comes a 9mm. where was the threat other than foul language and body gestures without any other weapon or weapons. i think i will but my jewelry on line

  18. Anonymous says:

    WOW…a life could have easily been lost here. No telling what impression this left on these children that will last a life time. Just because one has a gun permit, doesn’t mean they can pull a gun on someone whenever they want. Is this an example of flexing muscle because you have a permit to carry a gun? Maybe IQ tests should be taken before permits are issued.

  19. Richard says:

    I just read the updated article, the police report and some of the comments. Why are some assuming things that are not in the report? I’ve met the the people who run the store and it’s inconceivable that they would point a gun at children or anyone else. They are a typical mom-and-pop store, with children of their own. On the other hand, why would people take a bunch of children into a small jewelry store anyway? And when they were asked to leave, why curse the lady with such a horrendous word? What has happened to good manners in our times? So so called victim was convicted of armed robbery and grand larceny? That is the crime he got caught for, and conventional wisdom says that someone who is convicted of such a bad crime has probably committed several other similar crimes and gotten away with it! He wasn’t convicted of a traffic violation, it was armed robbery folks! A definite menace to society! It doesn’t surprise me a person like that would use such bad language and threaten to beat up people much older than him, right in front of his children. What a bad example! If he is really a nurse in a local hospital, I would hate to be his patient. He would be rude but probably dangerous too. All said and done, our society has too much rudeness and aggression, not to mention litigation. In this case, no real harm was done, so I hope the business continues, because our town has dire challenges and we don’t need one more shuttered store!

  20. Vincent says:

    A person must be in fear of their life when drawing a firearm. The concealed weapons holder must feel that if they do not draw the firearm and use it then they will die. The weapon is not drawn to place your attacker in fear but to end the threat to ones life. Carrying a fiream legally requires a tremendous sense of responsibility and self control because it can only be drawn to end the threat. Someone can curse at you and say the worse things in the world but that does not give you the right to draw your firearm. It must be a situation where you feel their is no other choice for you to take that action in order to live. If someone was to reveal a knife or firearm with the intent of doing harm to you then you have the right to use deadly force. When someone became abusive in my place of business I would ask nicely for them to leave and if they refuse then call 911. The police or sheriffs department are more than willing to handle these situations. Never let the heat of the moment cloud your choices. The law is only on your side when it is followed.

  21. Jennie says:

    Richard you claim no real harm was done, what about the effects that this will have on the young children involved. Newby is a good hardworking family man and is extremely smart and intelligent. You have missed the main point, it does not matter if you think jeweler is a nice man, and in this case he crossed the line and broke the law.

  22. Brittney says:

    Are there no CAMERAS??? seriously are there, that would solve all this he said, she said bs………

  23. Sorry, I can not side with Mr. Ferrena. By following out a man who is leaving, and comitting an act of “road rage”? He has just became the aggressor. It was apparently over, when the man left your store. You took it upon yourself to become the aggresive threat. Even to the point of calling him back to encourage your authorized use of deadly force. Some one could have gotten hurt over your childish display. At your age, you must set an example, not become one. This should be a good lesson to learn about your ego. We have a saying in this country…”sticks and stones..”. You should have stayed in your store and let it go. You are not a bully just because you are allowed to have a weapon. Grow up man. I have met you, and your family. This, did not impress me. It showed, if anything, a lack of maturity and common sense. Now that I know there is a “loose cannon” at the Village, I won’t be visiting. By the way, have you thought of posting a sign in your establishment window declaring “no children allowed”? Good luck.

  24. Amy says:

    I have know the Ferrenas for almost four years now and have done occasional business at Palm Coast Gold Buyers occasionally. The are a very polite couple, always courteous and helpful. Socially, they are very modest and non-assuming. I can’t imagine them being rude to customers or to anyone. I have also met their children and you can tell they were raised well. Dan is in his mid-fifties and not in the best shape, so I can’t imagine him trying to start any type of fight. I am pretty sure he neither Dan or Edith have had any brush with the law. From what I know, Dan operated a pet store before moving to Palm Coast, and never had any incident with customers or anyone else. On the other hand, although I don’t know the other gentleman involved in this altercation, from what I read, he was charged with armed robbery and grand larceny when he was 20! Now I don’t mean to try him in the court of public opinion (and he is not the accused anyway), but, as an earlier commentator pointed out, for him to be charged with those serious crimes at that age (as opposed to say, driving over the speed limit or even smoking pot), it stands to reason he probably did other things as well, leading up to armed robbery, and probably got away with a lot before he was caught. I have a 19 year old son, and I can’t imagine him every committing such an offense. Also, I personally don’t know anyone who would have the courage and audacity to go into someone else’s territory, in this case a store, and call the owner “a f—ing c—nt”. This was not an incident in a pub or a road rage incident, this was 12noon in a jewelry store. Seems to me the gentleman is an aggressive thug, and what he was doing was not so different than armed robbery. So, although I’m not an attorney and neither am I condoning any violence, I just can’t imagine committing armed robbery or behaving in the manner Mr. Newby did. It seems he is an aggressive and dangerous person. On the other hand, if I was an older person, not in the best “fighting” health, and if I was confronted by a cursing, aggressive, much younger man, I can imagine being intimidated, and perhaps telling the aggressor I have a weapon. A lot of the commentators seem to be legal masterminds, knowing all about gun laws and such, but I wonder what they would do in a similar situation. Many commentators are talking about children. The police report doesn’t mention anything about children being threatened. And one more thing, I just can’t imagine a parent or a nurse for that matter, behaving in the vile and aggressive manner Mr. Newby did. Just my humble opinion, publish it if you want or delete it.

  25. Vincent says:

    The camera would have to show that Dan or Edith were in imminent danger of their lives. At a time after facing imminent danger the legally carried concealed weapon could then be drawn and used. People often get confused how the process unfolds. When their is imminent danger of ones life they should automatically draw and fire. The process is not draw the weapon and talk it over because the situation had moved beyond that point. The rule of thumb which will keep you from going to jail is never draw the firearm unless you intend to use it while in legitimate fear for your life. One of the benefits of carrying exposed in your place of business is that a potential trouble maker will not want to escalate things after seeing that you are armed. However, once you walk outside with your firearm holstered and exposed then you have broken the law.

  26. Amy says:

    Thanks for publishing my opinion. An earlier commentator says Mr. Newby is a nice intelligent man. Then why did he use such bad language towards a lady and kept being aggressive? If I feel unwelcome in a store I just leave and never go back. I punish the business owner by not giving them any business and telling others of how I feel. I don’t call them “f__ing c___nt” and make other aggressive moves, specially in front of my children. Who does that? Is it surprising that he has a armed robbery charge from before?

  27. Hellooo says:

    Newby obviously passed a criminal background check for his occupation in the medical field so obviously ya all are without all the facts ,enough said!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Well Mrs. Amy seems like she sure knows a lot. How can you point the finger to Newby and says he is not a nice intelligent man for sticking up for his family that was disrespected and embarrassed by the jewelers wife and Mr. Ferrena. Being you were not there I am sure you did not hear the exchange of cuss words from one party to the other. This was not a solo conversation that only Newby participated in. But you can somehow feel good about yourself calling a man who pulled and cocked a gun at a family polite and courteous. Mrs. Amy I think you may be confused. Guess what it Mr. Ferrena didn’t have a record he does now, so I guess him and Newby are floating in the same boat. Just saying, don’t judge a book by the cover. Seeing you have a 20 year child old tell me how you would feel if someone pulled a gun on his father while your son was standing nearby. PS interesting how Mr. Ferrena claims there was no tape in the stores video camera but he made sure to remember his gun that day.

  29. Jack Cowardin says:

    If the events unfolded the way they are stated, then shame on all that fail to defend the accosted women in this case. No one mentions a women was first insulted and denigrated. What kind of man fails to defend the honor of one he loves? Typically, it is characteristic of our double standard. If Newby had respect for a lady this whole incident would have been avoided.

  30. says:

    the only way to solve this is through a video, it does not lie. since it is a jewelry store one would think there would be some cameras throughout the business.

  31. Jim N says:

    I can imagine the shop owners rage, upon the actions of the Shopper and his family. If someone called my wife that, You can believe I would be seething angry also, and so would the rest of people. However stooping to this shoppers level and following him outside the store in this situation, although gallant, was a serious mistake.

    I’m not so sure the State Attorney will make a big case out of this under the circumstances, however it should serve as a serious wake up call to all of us, that it is we who MUST control anger. That is the sign of maturity and wisdom, regardless of the VERBAL remarks of others.

    I would suggest to both sides of this incident to look at it carefully, and then THANK their LUCKY STARS because this was so close to be so much more tragic than it was. The better of the 2 here will extend an apology, and learn a valuable lesson, that all of us should heed. Although I am in the same age group as the shop owner, Long ago my parents taught me that it takes 2 to argue. If it is only one side yelling and acting all crazy, guess who looks wrong every single time?

  32. mamamia says:

    I don’t think I am the only parent who is tired of children misbehaving in public. You have no business taking 5 children into such a small shop. And frankly, I agree with the person who suggested posting a sign, “Children not welcom here” and enforcing it. I can just imagine the reaction to my saying this here.

  33. mamamia says:

    Parents, PLEASE MAKE YOUR CHILDREN BEHAVE in public. If you cannot do that, please try leaving them outside with your spouse while you enter the store.

  34. Flagler Citizen says:

    I have given up on the European Village as I place to do business with. Although initially an architectural standout in Palm Coast, the last few years have shown the affect that the lack of maintenance can take on any location. In addition the attitude of a number of the business owners has resulted in losing my business. Want to know one of the reasons for the number of businesses leaving the European Village, you don’t have to look any further than the Business Owners Assn itself. Where there used to be good places to go, i.e. Red Sphere, Break Awayz, Barbara Jean’s etc. there are now empty stores. You have memebers of the association arrested for assault on minors, etc. as well as increased vandalism and violence. Go there on a Friday and Saturday night and there is a very good chance and a very good reason why you will see a Flagler County Sheriffs car parked in the front of the complex. If Mezzalunas every closed up or left, you could probably turn the ligts out on the complex! Me and a lot of my friends have taken our business elsewhere!

  35. Lefty Wilbury says:

    Another good reason to have a surveillance camera recording everything that transpires throughout the day.
    One hard and fast rule – don’t display a firearm in any way unless you’re sure that you or somebody else is in imminent danger of bodily-harm or death. And I wonder who is telling the truth here.

    People are very angry and short-tempered these days for many reasons – courtesy can go a long way in preventing incidents and potential melt-downs like this. Imagine if everybody was polite and considerate. Imagine.

  36. concerned parent says:

    I have to say, that all the owners of shops in European Village HATE when children come into a store, or for that matter anywhere in the village. My husband and I take our kids to dinner at Mezzaluna all the time and I had one of the owners come out and yell at my child while she was playing in the courtyard. Not a good move. You don’t yell at someone’s child, you respectfully tell the parents. And he “claims” it was for their safety. Face it, they don’t like children there. Rude, he got what he deserved.

  37. Unknown says:

    What kind of society are we living in we have people who think kids shouldn’t be allowed to go shopping and we have people who agree that go above the law and pulling a gun on the family is the correct way to handle a verbal altercation. You people clearly don’t have children in your lives if so you would not treat them like dogs and leave them outside everywhere you go. These children supposedly did not make it all the way into the store before they were asked to leave so I can’t imagine them having enough time to misbehave. The store owner claims that they were hanging from the glass which a previous commentator noted the glass is to high to hang from so it seems that Ferrena only posted that to cover his butt for why they kicked the family out. Let’s put this into a different perspective children are at school one child calls another child’s mom a bad name the offended child pulls a gun to protect his mom from harsh words. Is that what we are teaching out children by admitting Ferrena had a right to pull a gun, I think not why do you think it’s illegal? Becuase it is unacceptable. Let’s not forget Newby was out of the store when Ferrena came out to continue the altercation. This is not Newby’s fault it’s Ferrenas fault and only he can be held responsible for that poor decisions he made.

  38. Jennie says:

    As I understand you have an issue with children now, but do not forget these children are the future of our world. I am sure you will not have any problem accepting you reitrement paychecks when you are old and gray and they are paying your retirement. Me knowing the Newby’s personally their children are very well mannered and well behaved, they attend a local private school in which their parents volunteer at. Wow, this sounds like a bad family, husband works in the medical field helping people, wife volunteers her time to help children, kids attend a private school…. yea I bet these children are not being raised correctly sounds more like their parents have set good examples for them to follow so they too will grow up and work or volunteer to help other people. It is too bad there can not be more people out there like this. Instead you all want to point the finger at the kids misbehaving (which was not even the case) rather then looking to the man who held a gun to them.

  39. patty says:

    I am amazed the people above find issues that are not mentioned in the police statement nor in the flaglerlive article and make spiteful and/or irrelevant comments My question is why did the customer leave the store with his family and then return ALONE if not to have a confrontation. Once, the family had been asked to leave and apparently left, that should have been that. In his state of mind as per his own admission, he certainly did not go back in just to TALK to the owners. He had already done that when he said he would take his business elsewhere. His action of going back into the store points to his being in a belligerent mood and his words certainly proved it. According to the report, the store owner only got involved once the customer’s belligerence turned seriously profane and his actions threatening. Who in their right mind would go into a small store, and a jewelry store at that, curse, throw down their keys and glasses and say “bring it on” and not have the store owners and their other customers panic!!!!!! I dont know what position the store owners gun was in because both sides have diferent perceptions and versions, but I certainly know , if I was the store owner myself, I would try and counter the threat quickly with something that would make the aggressor stop short because by the time I could call the police, the young man could have dealt me serious blows and injury.
    From reading the police statement and the article I also cannot understand why the customer after his altercation joined his family and had his lunch right in front of the store where he claims to have been in fear for his life. A normal person who is afraid for his life and safety would get as far away as possible. Something is fishy here.

  40. I agree with “Justice for All” above. What were 7 or 8 people including 5 kids doing in a small jewelry store to buy/look at/scopeout one watch? I use to own a store and groups of people with bad intent used to come in expressly to cause damage or harm and to put it less politely – shoplift!

    Secondly a leopard never changes his spots – armed burglary and grand larceny in a person’s past makes a savvy customer who purposely goes BACK into the store to start an altercation, provoke the unwitting store owner into reacting and then call the cops pretending to be a victim who is in fear for his life – but then can sit down and have a leisurely pizza lunch right next door. Happened to me once, only I did not have a gun but slammed the door in the so called “victims” face – just in time!

  41. I am surprised that Reverend Haskell is quoting the Bilbe and saying “sticks and stones”! Does this mean he is okay with Mr. Newby using profanity in front of his own small children as well as in front of ladies! Should’t the Reverend be telling Mr. Newby not to use profanity and show anger? Does he think that Mr. Newby went BACK to the store to buy a watch! What is the world coming to if the Reverend thinks it is okay for Mr. Newby to use profanity and charge toward Mr. Ferrena, a much older man,and then call the cops pretending to be the “victim”! Reverend, I think you should tell Mr. Newby the next time he goes on a “shopping spree” with his children he should try to set a good example!

  42. DonJuan says:

    ” He lifted his shirt and displayed it, telling Newby that he was armed. The witness also told police that Dan never pointed the gun or cocked it, but removed it from his waistband “and displayed it down by his side,”

    After reading this statment it appears that Mr. Ferrena’s own witness doesnt exactly agree with Ferrena’s statement. Another important peice of the story which proves that Ferrena speaks in lies.

    I can appreciate the fact that Newby does not deny yelling obscenities to Edith, this shows an honest man who can admit to his wrong doings. To bad Ferrena can’t admit his wrong doings in this case. Man, it is bad enough you appeared to have broken the law, now man up to your mistakes.

  43. JUST WONDERING says:



  44. Bewildered says:

    How does a business owner with witnesses get arrested because of a statement by a flake customer? Flagler Sheriff’s department is wrong here! Wait let’s believe the thug with the record first? Give me a break guys. These shop owners did the right thing! Those words should’ve gotten the dad blown away in most places at any rate! Witness states shop owner did not draw gun! Period! Just another reason WHY Palm Coast is going down the gutter in my opinion. Too many sheisters in this city!

  45. Edith Campins says:

    Dear Sirs:

    I have visited the Ferrara’s store many times. I have always been treated with courtesy.
    I have seen many examples of families with young children running amok in stores, restaurants, museums, churches, airplanes, etc. Usually the parent says something like, Johnny don’t do that, which has no effect on the child whatsoever. I have seen children break things in stores, trip people and swear at adults trying to intervene. A common technique of shop lifters is to create distractions, with children, so that they can steal.

    The store keeper is perfectly within his right to ask that the children be removed from the store. I can imagine how well behaved the children of this man are who, calls a woman ” a fucking cunt ” because she objects to the children’s behaviour.

    Lastly, would you calmly go and have a meal in a place where someone has pointed a gun at your children? What a great lesson for th children, misbehave, if someone corrects you, swear at them and then lie to the police so you can get your revenge,

    I fell badly for the Ferraras.


  46. Vincent says:

    People are insulted every day but most know that does not give them the right to draw a weapon. The store owners boast about their educational background but obviously did not make the right choices in this situation. The way in which a problem is handled can often determine the outcome. I would have said nice lady or nice gentleman you children are in danger when they jump up on the counters if they were dong that at all. Letting the parents know that you care about the welfare of their children is the way to handle it and turns into a win win for everyone. Depth and breadth of knowledge is one thing but application is quite another. I have had many verbal exchanges with Dan but knew when to use psychology to keep the situation under control. In my opinion Dan is hot headed.

  47. ludicrous says:

    I agree Vincent that we have to acknowledge that people are insulted daily sometimes at work, sometimes on the road, and even sometimes by our own loved ones. Not that this is ok but it is the truth. If a person feels defeated or offended then they stick up for themselves. Let me ask this, Is it ok for a child to pull a gun due to a verbal altercation, is it ok to have an act of road rage because a driver flicks you off. These are all examples that we shun upon, so who are the arrogant people agreeing that Mr. Ferrena had a right to pull a gun. Carrying a gun is a privilage and it is not to be taken advantage of. You must be the same people that have road rage and teach your kids dangerous behavior. You are the exact people that have allowed our countries crime to get so far our of control, because you commend it. I also am wondering why so many people are assuming that these children were misbehaving. As a father I enjoy spending time with my kids whether we are shopping together and eating at a restaraunt together I love taking my kids out in public and refuse to leave them outside a store while I go in. My kids like all kids are human and they deserve to be treated with the same respect and dignity as any other person. I can only assume the Newby family continued to eat pizza after the incident was settled so they could presume with their day as normal as possible. Why leave in a frenzy and freak out your kids even more when the situation was already under control. I think the parents had their children in mind when deciding to eat pizza after the occurence. This does not mean they did not feel threatened at the time the gun was pulled. Eventually they had to try their best to move forward with their day.

  48. Flagler Visitor says:

    I don’t know what is more disturbing… the fact that a man pulled a gun out in front of 5 young children, or the comments that some have made here to support the man who conducted this crime.

    Sure, of course these business owners seem ‘nice’ and ‘courteous’… if you’re going to buy something from their apparently struggling in ‘this economy’ shop! They want your damn money fools, of course they’re going to be nice…. but only that is, if you don’t have children of course.

    What Ferrera did was unacceptable, illegal and unjustifiable. Who would want to support a business owner that would do such a thing, especially when jewelry shops are a dime a dozen?

    I visit this area with my family and I have 2 young children of my own. I feel bad for the other businesses in the area that might be affected by this particular business owners very poor decision. And I personally, certainly will NOT be going back to European Village any time soon.

    But I feel the worst for the families that were involved… especially the children. No child should ever have to witness anyone be threatened with firearms, especially their own father.

    Disgusted, disappointed & disturbed!

  49. Becky Covington says:

    The standards.for healthcare workers has surelu fallen in the last 20 years. Noone with a felony record of any
    kind should be in charge of the care of the sick, elderly or children. It is scary to think of all the Govt funded job training programs for high school drop-outs in health care fields.

  50. Patty Jones says:

    Can one assume that Newby considers the words “f–king c–nt” a term of endearment and uses it to frequently address his own wife? The folks who condone his thrashy behavior perhaps use it casually as well to address their own women. I guess they also visit each others place of business and greet each with the same terms of endearment. And speaking of hot heads only a hot head would go BACK into a store to curse and threathen the owners. Bad action gets a bad reaction. None of these commentators were eye witnesses and yet they seem to “know” all the details of the incident while the real witnesses (genuine customers in the store) say otherwise. Get a life people and stop trying to play lawyer or shrink (which most are not) unless you have a vested interest in one party or another.

  51. Vincent says:

    If someone with a temper is provoked who carries a firearm the easily predictable outcome does not require an advanced degree from from an ivy league university. Their seems to me a trigger on tha part of some that says it is okay to respond the way Ferrena did because of the comment towards his wife. The problem is that the law just does not justify following someone outside and pulling a firearm on them. This may be the contrast between elitist thinking and the rule of law. Years back I met a Daytona Beach school teacher who told me having class is insignificant and does not matter. Perhaps this is the outcome of such thinking. If we abandon all the good that people could exemplify we become nothing more than wild animals.

  52. palmcoaster says:

    Yes Vincent I consider a wild animal one that uses that type of insult against a lady that politely asked for the children be taken out of the store and afterwards goes back to the store to further threaten her and her husband for her request. A real wild animal. How have you reacted to that insult on your lady?
    I am also sorry that the owner didn’t call 911 on that wild one, instead.

  53. disturbed says:

    Patty Jones I can only feel bad for Ferrenas wife after your comment. If cussing at Newbys wife is most likely how he treats her based on his behavior in a degrading situation, then I can not imagine how threatened Mrs. Ferrena feels during an argument with her husband. I guess we can ssume Ferrena pulls a gun to her everytime she speaks of words that offend him. Lets just say ASSUMING how one acts at home based on how he reacts in a violent altercation is iggnorant. Basically your comment is insignificant to the case and proves to be condescending. Also I noticed you mentioned that Newby went back into the store to threaten the owners which is why he deserved to have a gun pulled on him. In that case then one would also imply that being Ferrena came outside of the store to continue the altercation, this is why Ferrena deserved to go to jail. Next time maybe you should consider both sides of the story becfore you start writing unethical comments.

  54. Unknown says:

    I consider people who recklessly handle deadly weapon wild animals and I imagine the people who agree with that behavior to be their tamers. You people have lost you mind siding with Ferrena, maybe it is becuase you are scared of him? I don’t blame you, you simply can not trust a man that abuses his privileges especially when its a deadly weapon. Newby is not armed and dangerous Ferrena is. You can call me all the names you want but if you hold a gun to me you better believe you are going to jail. People need to stop trying to determine who is right or wrong, there is only one person who broke the law in the case. If we left the world up to people like Ferrena and his carless actions we’d all be dead.

  55. SHARKMAN says:

    he deserves to go to jail for the rest of his life for even thinking about pulling out a firearm in front of children, he sounds like the trashy one. well i will tell all of my friends not to go to this crappy joint for jewelry

  56. A person who gets violent or uses profanity very easily in front of children should not be in the medical profession. God help the sick people who have to be anywhere near Mr. Newby. Why should he think he could go into Mr. Ferrena’s store, use profanity, harass the Ferrena’s who are only trying to make a living in these difficult economic times and tell the world he is the victim….read the police report. Mr, Newby who has a record should really try to reform his life instead of going around continuing to disrupt other peoples lives.

  57. patty says:

    It appears that many people who don’t know the first thing about the law (except if they have been through the system), have suddenly anointed themselves legal eagles and have prematurely passed judgment on the incident. Others think of themselves as shrinks and claim to know what was or is in the minds of the two men involved. Even a Rev. has chosen to pontificate, totally forgetting “judge not lest ye be judged” and passed judgment. Some comments are totally at odds with the police report and the flaglerlive article above, and their writers have come up with all sorts of scenarios as if they were actually present at the scene of the altercation. Well, if they were present, they should identify themselves as such. Otherwise tirades and name calling are just a symptom of the sorry state that Palm Coast is in, with its many unemployed, who have lots of time on their hands but apparently little time to read or analyze a subject before sounding off.

  58. Lefty Wilbury says:

    Let’s refrain from insulting each other on this forum. This isn’t the old News-Journal, after all. :-)
    “Agree to disagree” is the best attitude.

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