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Update: Two Children in Critical Condition Following Seminole Woods Wreck Near Integra Woods

| August 1, 2011

Palm Coast and county fire rescue personnel were at the sxcene of the two-vehicle wreck late Saturday. (FlaglerLive)

Palm Coast and county fire rescue personnel were at the scene of the two-vehicle wreck late Saturday. (FlaglerLive)

Last Updated: Aug. 1, 7 a.m.

A severe two-vehicle accident took place at around 11 p.m. Saturday night (July 30) at the intersection of Seminole Woods Boulevard and Integra Woods Boulevard, near the Integra Woods apartment complex, triggering trauma alerts for four victims.

The block between Squash Blossom Trail and Integra Woods Boulevard, going east on Seminole Woods (away from U.S. 1), was closed to traffic as that stretch of road was turned into a landing pad for airlifts. One helicopter had evacuated victims shortly after the wreck.

The road was closed for several hours as the Florida Highway Patrol was investigating the scene.

The wreck involved a black, two-door 2006 model Ford Mustang Supercharged, and a dark-red 2002 Pontiac Montana van. (The car was initially referred to as a Pontiac as well; several commenters pointed out the error.) 

The Mustang was driven by Daniel Legault, 39, of Daytona Beach. He was not wearing a seat belt. The van was driven by Lisa Bianco, 42, of Bunnell. Also in the car with Bianco were her children, Madison Bianco, 7, and Lincoln Bianco, 5. All three wore seat belts.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol’s preliminary investigation, Bianco was traveling east on Seminole Woods, Legault was traveling west. Bianco attempted to make a left to enter the Integra Woods complex and, according to the FHP report, “violated right of way of oncoming traffic.” The two vehicles collided in the westbound lane. The van rolled over on its right side and came to rest on upright, ejecting Lincoln onto the sidewalk north of the roadway.

A neighbor who heard the crash from his home, immediately fronting the road where the wreck took place, described the crash as “like a big explosion.” He immediately went outside and saw Lincoln outside the van, whom he helped. The neighbor said recalled seeing three victims from the van and one from the sedan.

According to the FHP report, Lisa Bianco was taken to Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach. Her condition was serious. Both children were taken to Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando, in critical condition. Legault was taken to Shands Hospital in Gainesville, in serious condition.

The two vehicles, both of which came to a rest on the north side of Seminole Woods Boulevard–mostly on the shoulder of the road–appeared to have slammed head-on into each other. Fluid slicks in front of the Integra Woods complex had been sanded over. The van had come to rest facing east. The two-door car was somewhat perpendicular to the van, facing north.

The FHP report says no alcohol was involved in Bianco’s driving, but that the matter is pending regarding Legault. The Mustang sustained $20,000 damage, the van, $5,000 damage. Both vehicles appeared totaled. The crash investigation was conducted by trooper D. Schlosser. The full report is available here.

Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

(© FlaglerLive)

(© FlaglerLive)

(© FlaglerLive)

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45 Responses for “Update: Two Children in Critical Condition Following Seminole Woods Wreck Near Integra Woods”

  1. Ashley says:

    The black vehicle is a Ford Mustang…not a Pontiac. And if that Mustang belongs to a resident of Integra Woods, I’m pretty sure it’s our neighbor. Sad :(

  2. Brittany Figueroa says:

    The black car is clearly a Mustang, ranging from a 2005 to a 2009. I was in the complex when the crash occurred, and it sounded like a car was dropped five stories. A helicopter landed on Seminole Woods Blvd. and airlifted four people to Hallifax. I pray that everyone is okay.

  3. Charles Ericksen, Jr says:

    Amazing that anyone survived.

  4. Informed says:


    Four people were not airlifted. One was airlifted to Halifax, one to Florida Hospital Flagler and later airlifted to Shands Gainsville and the other two were taken by ambulance to Halifax.

  5. The Truth says:

    Actually, the Mustang is the latest generation of Mustangs so it’s not 2005 to 2009 but rather 2010 and newer.

    Regardless, prayers go out to all those involved.

  6. Chris says:

    The 3 occupants of the Pontiac are in Orlando hospitals. Mother at OMC 2 children at Arnold Palmer. The black Mustang was seen on Sea trl and Seattle moments before the accident doing roughly 60mph with the engine wide open. Mother has broken arm and leg. 7 year old daughter has Broken neck and back. 4 year old boy has cuts and scrapes with no major injuries at this time but is being sedated.

  7. charles says:

    people i think talk to much if you were not there why say what happened people should ask why was there a boy laying on the sidewalk maybe adults should put there kids in seatbelts its sad that this happened to the people maybe people should slow down and if there turning they should look twice or maybe three times people need to look in the mirror and look at them selfs and stop judging others that arent perfect

  8. Barb (relative) says:

    About the accident: Both children were wearing seatbelts, always do. Some how the young boy got out of the van. He is stable, no serious injuries,bruises and cuts. Little girl, surgery on neck, stable, can move legs, has broken lower jaw. Mother, surgery on right leg and left wrist. Mother is a very protective,loving mom, she helps others all the time, she is there for you when needed. Again, the children always where their seatbelts., and they both are tiny little sweethearts. God be with them. Please keep all prayers going for them. They all have a long process to recover.

  9. Phyllis says:

    Speaking as a distant relative of Driver of Van; Mother and two children. 7 yr old girl still in back and neck surgery (may be paralyzed) and reconstruction of crushed mandible (jaw). 5 yr old boy was thrown from van while still in carseat! All were strapped in! He was found on side of road still in carseat. Major fractures and lacerations of face; still on respirator…unkown if can breathe on own. Mother still in surgery for fractured arm, wrist, leg and shattered ankle. THEY were the victims… Unknown at this time, the condition of young man in speeding Mustang.

  10. charles says:

    you must not know you were not there people say that all the time even when there wrong look at casey she killed her daughter and got away with it people dont look when turning that is why they get hit as i said befor people need to look many times befor they turn and unless you had a lazer on how fast he or she was going how would you know i gess will leave it up to the police to see who was at faltttt everyone is inisent untill proven guilty right ???? i hope that everyone will be ok in this sad issue wear your seatbelts so this dont happen to your loved ones

  11. Anonymous says:

    Prayers are with the family!

  12. Brenda says:

    The children ARE always in seat belts and car seats. The mother is a wonderful mother and always puts her children first. If you do not know them then do not judge what you do not know. All prayers are welcome for the family – we love them and hope for a speedy recovery

  13. Anonymous says:

    Prayers should go to ALL involved – not just the family. Kinda funny how all these relatives come out of the woodwork to protect the mother. Her innocence should speak for itself – what are you guys trying to hide?

  14. JACQUIE says:


  15. Savannah Green says:

    There are a few discrepancies with the report… The kids ages are incorrect. Madison is 6, Lincoln is 3. They are in Arnold Palmer in Jaxonville. Lisa is in Orlando Regional Medical center. Lincoln is still on ventilator and has had 13 stitches in his face, sedated and recovering slowly. Madison had surgery yesterday for a broken jaw and neck. Lisa has had surgery as well, rods in her right leg, plates in her wrist and ankle. She doesn’t remember much, however the way the accident is depicted here is different from what she does recall. She exclaims Mustang was coming at her in wrong lane. Please do not criticise the truth of the even unless you know for sure, the vistims here are those injured, namely the children, Please keep them in your prayers.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure the accident is depicted differently from her perspetive. If I were her, I wouldn’t want to be at fault either. It’s called an accident for a reason. But I’m sure FHP is just lying.

  17. Concerned says:

    Prayers go to all involved. No matter which driver is at fault, the children are the victims. They had no part in this accident. So to Charles, practice what you preach about talking based on hearsay!!

  18. Cyd Weeks says:

    Prayers to all involved…those in the accident, their families and friends. There is a reason they call these things ‘accidents’. Fault means nothing to anyone but the insurance companies. The kids have youth on their side…they ALL have a lot of good wishes and vibes coming their way. My very best to them.

  19. ASHLEY says:

    Is the town of Palm Coast/Flagler really that bored with their own lives that they have to make such negative comments about this accident???? Seriously, stop making accusations if you DO NOT KNOW what happened. Don’t point fingers either as to whose fault it was- it doesn’t concern your lives! You people make me sick. Go about your own lives…. Prayers go out to ALL involved…

  20. Kuromi says:

    Just noticing a couple things here after having looked at these pictures and being someone who drives that road and that exact spot where they have taken the pictures at and the way the vehicles are sitting, provided they have not been moved it would appear the Mustang was heading South and the van had been heading North. The sidewalk only runs only along the side of the 2 lane road that is heading South which is where the vehicles are BOTH sitting. Which to me says maybe the van was the one in the wrong lane. You can even see the impact spot in the pictures which is in the lane heading South.
    Now I drive that route daily and I know that area very well and people do not look when turning into those apartments or when they are turning out of them. I have had to slam on my brakes to the point where the tires screech to avoid having an accident.
    I am curious as to how the driver of the Mustang is doing there is no mention of them on any of the sites I have been following all I see is about the occupants of the van not a word about them, while I agree it really sucks this happened and sucks even worse that kids were involved in it but lets not forget there were 2 vehicles here and both had people in them why not find out how the other driver is doing as well?

  21. JR says:

    To the family posting here and friends, I am sorry to hear. My families thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Give the family our well wishes and hopes of a speedy recovery.

  22. Romayne Greene says:

    God bless all of you. I offered my Mass and Communion to all of you. Prayers really help……God bless!

  23. PCResident says:

    Prayers go out to ALL the people involved in the accident. The police report does list the mini van at fault for the crash. It’s still sad no matter who is at fault. Hoping for a speedy recovery for ALL!!!

  24. Phyllis says:

    I agree that an “accident” is just that! No fault should be blamed…especially since Insurance companies don’t care whose at fault! It is unfortunate that nothing has been said about the condition of the driver of the Mustang…hopefully his injuries will recover, as well as the Mother’s and her children. Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. This is a very emotional time for us families and friends. Any accusations by anyone can be ignored in these circumstances. Let’s all just Pray for speeding recovery and no longtime suffering of any of them. God Bless them ALL!!!

  25. Phyllis says:

    To Anonymous: REAL friends and family are never IN the woodwork…we are always there and willing and wanting to protect our loved ones…especially if they are good people; living good lives! Other than calling the sweet little children “victims”, no one has pointed a finger at whoever was at fault… It really doesn’t matter, so long as God sees to their recoveries. Besides, maybe the Mustang driver has no one to be supportive? I would like to know of his condition…

  26. Outsider says:

    Prayers to all involved and injured. I really don’t understand why all these moronic comments seem to come out at every accident story. Come on people, let the police do the work they’re trained to do and decide who is at fault. Send wishes to the injured folks or say nothing at all and go watch Jerry Springer.

  27. JACQUIE says:

    fyi…the police were called approx 5 min b4 this accident by another driver to report a mustang speeding and swerving in and out of the lanes…to kuromi, the vehicles flipped over so that may be why they were resting were you see them……very stressful times for our family…thanks to all for the well wishes, luckily these children have an excellent mother, father, grandparents and aunts and uncles……

  28. jordan says:

    wow u people r so selfish that is my family in that car crash and u people have the balls to argue about a freaking car u all should be ashamed.

  29. Aunt Teresa says:

    The children hurt so badly in the accident are my brothers grandbabies, although I have never met their mother I have only heard wonderful things about her, and how loving and selfless she is towards her children. Instead of trying to figure out who is in the wrong here, Please, just pray for my brothers grandbabies, My nephew must be devistated, I know our family are keeping them in our prayers, constantly.

  30. chase rogers says:

    Thank you flagler county fire rescue and palm coast fire rescue for having a quick responce time and save ing lives

  31. relative says:

    Just be thankful all are alive. It was a very frightening experience for all four involved.May God be with them in their time of need. Just stop pointing fingers and making remarks about who was at fault. It was a terrible accident. No one has come forward and said how the driver was from the car, hope he is ok also. I am related to the lady and her children, the young girl is going through a horrible ordeal, please pray she recovers and do all the things she loves to do, like dancing. And yes, thank you flagler county fire rescue for all you did for all involved. Everyone-Just please pray for all families involved and go back to their normal activities.

  32. Kuromi says:

    Still no word on the driver of the Mustang it is driving me nuts wondering how they are doing, I am glad to be getting updates on the condition of the kids and mother but I really wish someone would post his condition as well.

    “The preliminary accident report said Bianco’s vehicle was traveling east on Seminole Woods Boulevard shortly before 10:46 p.m. when it tried to make a left turn onto Integra Woods Boulevard and violated the right-of-way of a car driven by Daniel R. Legault, 39, of Daytona Beach.”

    That is about all I can find regarding him, I cannot stand that entrance to those apts what so ever. It is such a dangerous area and I find it really sad that it takes such a terrible accident to get people to pay closer attention to whats going on around them when driving by that area. Like I said people whip in and out of there like nothing I see it happen on a daily basis. Slow the heck down take those 10 extra seconds to drop your speed a little and make sure someone isn’t coming or going! Always look twice before attempting to turn into or out of there things like this can be avoided if we just take the time to slow down.

  33. nyshcio says:

    Just my opinion but maybe because the invesitgation isn’t conclusive yet we should just pray for all involved and not whose at fault. Wish we could get an update on the driver of the mustang but the family chooses not publicize that, I’m sure they have their reasons, they might not come from such a big close knit protective family as Lisa does but a quiet reserved one , as for the family of the van we have all included everyone in our prayers and would hope they would do the same.

  34. Jess says:

    this is so sad to read, and I am hoping and praying for both families. I agree with many that the guy driving the mustang was apart of this and I would like to see updates of him. Hopefully he is doing ok along with the children and there mother. However no one has the right to judge anyone. you are not the law and do not have that power. it was terrible accident and how do u know whether or not the kids had on seat belts or not? and how do u know that maybe he didn’t accidently unbuckle his own carseat or mybe his sister might have on accident. I have three children and yes I check my babys car seat all the time and sometimes his sister unbuckle it on accident and then don’t wanna say anything. So how can u talk about these kids not having on seatbelts? Answer me that.Oh yeah and no one is perfect we all make mistakes. and if u think u know one person who is perfect, well I would love to meet them. and for anyone else judgeing this. Just how often do u drive down Seminole Woods? I drive it two or three times a day and yes everyone speeds and drive like idiots on it so maybe this guy was speeding and driving crazy but we wouldn’t know unless we was there. so don’t just sit here and judge this poor mother. Think of the other driver. And another thing put yourselves in this families shoe and tell me how u would feel if people got on here and said half these things about your family???? To the family I am so sorrry for what you are going through. I hope the mother and children all have a safe and speedy recovery, and don’t let these people talking out there rear upset u. Your loved one need you more than ever right now. Please remember we are not all rude in Palm Coast. Once again your family will be in my thoughts and prayer.

  35. Melanie says:

    My prayers to both of these families, especially the two children hurting so badly right now.

  36. Cyd Weeks says:

    I got wonderful news this morning…the mother will be released tomorrow, possibly the son. The daughter will be undergoing additional surgery. BUT. All will survive and recover. One day this will be a little blip on the screen for these kids. God bless ’em. Keep those thoughts and prayers coming…

  37. friend says:

    Danny is out of hospital and home. He is very scared and depressed for the children!! He is a great guy and is always very happy. He is a health freak and a personal trainer thats all…….

  38. family says:

    this is not the time to place blame. out of respect for all parties involved, especially the children, please discontinue commenting and spend the energy on prayers for the families.

  39. Concerned Koronaian says:

    Our prayers are with the family and the other person, in their time need.

  40. Jen says:

    I don’t know either party involved, but this was an accident no matters who’s fault it was. Everyone should be saying prayers right now for them right now not putting them down. Would if this was your family? Or you? How would you feel? They are all victims here no matter who’s fault this was…

  41. julian bergman says:

    lincoln, the 4 year old is recovering slowly, out of the hospital and staying with my daughter and grandson. remembers nothing about the accident. his older sister has had several operations including on her broken neck. the mother has had several operations but will recover. hopefully the daughter will walk again. danny can feel all the remorse he wants and i do not care how he feels about the others. what is in the police report is only what they the police witnessed when they arrived at the scene and is not what the true facts may be when the case is fully investigated. therefore no one should rush to judgment. what can be said and what is known is that the mustang was observed by others minutes before the accident driving at an excessive rate of speed thru seminole woods; there are no skid marks of any note indicating that the mustang did not brake before the accident. more will come to light when the so-called ” black box ” is pulled from the mustang. i am glad no one was killed or paralyzed. having seen the pontiac first hand it is a miracle anyone walked out alive. a quest. must be asked: how fast was the mustang going at impact [the van was making a turn so could not have been going too fast] to eject the chid from the car when he was strapped in his booster seat in the rear of the van?

  42. John says:

    To all who read what I am about to write, this is the most inspiring story I have ever told…so please hold on to your seats.
    I am the father of the 2 children involved in the near fatal crash in Seminole Woods, and the last 5 days have been hell to me. I came home last nite for the first time since the accident, mentally and physically exhausted. I have gone thru a father’s greatest nightmare, seeing my children hanging on to life by a thread. I never thought I would ever go through this scenario, and this week believed I would never have the strength to make another day. But I have, and it’s because my kids, Maddie and Lincoln, have shown more strength than 10 men, and I thank them both for that. Madison is 2 surgeries deep, and improving every day. She is learning how to walk, move her arms, and generally get back to where she was before
    Saturday nite’s tragedy. She is putting more effort in every day than I can even fathom. Here’s to you baby girl…Daddy’s pulling for you.
    Lincoln went home on Tuesday with dear friends that I will never be able to thank enough. Lincoln was brought in unconcious, not breathing, and severe head trauma. Both eyes swollen shut, on a breathing machine, and fighting for his life. That was Sunday, early morning. On Tuesday morning, 7 a.m., he turned to me, eyes finally partially opened, and said, “Hi Daddy, can I watch cartoons now?” He ate, slept, and was told, at 4 p.m., he could go home. The nurse walked over to him and said, ” Here buddy, hop in this wheel chair and let’s get you out of here,” to which my son, and now hero, exclaimed, “I don’t want that wheel chair, I wanna walk”, and proceeded to walk out of the hospital on his own 2 feet.

    These 2 children should not be felt sorry for, but instead thought of as inspirational to each and every one of us, because when it comes down to it, they are getting the job done and teaching us that healing begins as soon as YOU want it to. Maddie, Lincoln, I love you both and cannot wait to have you both beside me with your warmth and your beautiful smiles. Thank all for the prayers and wishes. I hope the best for the driver of mustang, you have no anger coming at you from me. God bless….

  43. Friend says:

    Don’t worry about the cars, and don’t argue. Lets be lucky that everyone is alive. Danny is a wonderful man and there should be some respect for him in this too, thankyou to the people who have done that. This is a CAR ACCIDENT, not some nascar event and someone hits the wall. Clearly, everyone is doing okay and lets just support BOTH of these families and have some high hopes, okay?

  44. Friends in Michigan says:

    We are devistated to learn of this horrific accident. When we lived in South Florida, the Bianco family were close and dear friends. Our hearts and prayers go out to them, we feel so helpless so far away. May God Bless and watch over all those involved.

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