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Sex Education In Flagler County Schools: Students’ Comments, Part 2

| April 5, 2011

The Flagler County school district is exploring whether to change its policy on sex education. Currently, the policy calls for an abstinence-only sex-ed curriculum–when that curriculum is taught, which is rare. The district is exploring an “abstinence-plus” curriculum that would still focus on abstinence, but expand sex education to include information about sexually transmitted diseases, safe sex, and contraception. The district is looking to the community to gauge how far it may, or should, go with abstinence plus: how early to start teaching the curriculum, for example, and whether to make condoms available in school clinics.

The district in March surveyed students, parents and “community members” (residents who don’t have children in school) about sex education. The surveys invited participants to include their comments, anonymously. Those comments follow, as they were written into the surveys and provided by the school district. Background on the story can be read here.

The comments below are the second part of students’ comments. The first part can be read here. Students surveyed are in grades 6 through 12. Community members’ comments can be read here, and parents’ comments can be read here. All comments are provided unedited and uncensored.

students should know to be safe

kids under the age of 18 should not be sexually active.

i think in seventh geade you should give out comdomes just incase someone does

that have sex safe by using condom .

dont have sex to young.

that they should teach about people to have safe sex.

my friends are always scared to say they had sex but i all ways tell them to tell the truth if you trust that person.

sex is dangerous. you can say no to having sex even if u have said yes before. its your life and your body if u don’t want to you dont have to your partner should understand and take that into consideration if he doesnt he is not worth it its your sex life u make the choices have sex when your ready and always be safe – thank you

the girl came onto me, and started kissing me. and there was nothing i could do about it. then it just happened, but i did not think that i was going to have sex, so i just went with it.

I believe this topic is better to be talked about with older students about age 16-18.

kids should be taught about sex offenders

I think in my own opinion that children or teenagers below the age of 18 should be taught about sexual activity and safer ways to have sex if they would like to pursue having sex at their age.

I know children at this age are not supposed to have any sexual experience. But I still think some of this is not right maybe someone has had a sexual experience and just doesnt want to tell.

I personally think that all over, schools should teach students, starting in grade 5, should teach about sexual education.

for my opinion i think that 6th grade is a little to early because if the point is to stay away from sex why are you learning this now when you dont suppose to do ”IT” till you are of age

I think that they should teach us about this when we where in 5th grade since we already had the puberty video and some of us still had questions from then too.

i think that kids should be able to do what they want to do but should not be informed not to do it kids are old enough to make there own deciouns these days

i think they should teach about sex in 6 grade because after 6 grade some girls get pregnet and that pretty much ruins there whole life so i think girls and boys in 6 grade should learn about and the effects that come out of it

the condoms were too slippery so i didnt wear it
sex is good for stress.

These questions just ask if you had sex and not any other kind of sex!?

Date rape, we need sex ed

Sex is FUN!!

i never actually had sex, but i have done sexual things

There are way to many teen girls that have gotten pregnant because they are not that well informed about HIV/ AIDS. If they did know they would know not to have unprotected sex.

i always use a condom, i will always use one until i’m married or want a child

i think that if they do teach people about that to make sure that the people should make sure kids use protection.

For number eight I think schools should teach kids about why not to have sex until older ages like marriage, and how to stay healthy.

I think sex education should be taught at earlier grade levels because kids have a right to know about rather than be shielded from it.

i think kids shouldn’t start until there older

I dont understand why parents get mad at their children when they have sex WITH a condom, but some parents don’t care. I told my mom i wanted a child at 16 and she got mad but she did the same thing when she was 16

We should probably be taught more about the consequences of having sex.

I think we should learn more about sex ed so that if we were to be sexual active then we would know what to do.

encourage people not too have sex until they are at least 17 or 18 so if something happens they can learn from there mistakes


I think that kids should learn about safe sex in skool because it would be safer for kids who did have sex to not to get a sexually transmitted disease or to stop a pregnancy or just use birth control

i think if we like to do it we should it’s a big deal to parents and other people but not to us.

i think we should learn how to stay away from sex at a young age nobody should have sex until there late 20’s

i think you should not have sex until your married

i think that we should start talking about sex in 6 th grade because there might be people in 6 th that could start have sex and you should tell kids that sex is no good and you should not have sex before you are married

I think kids should have more education on sex. If they don’t they could get hurt.

I think the teachers should be more open to talking to kids about sex.

I think that we should have sex ed considering the point that girls have become pregnant at school.

I enjoy having sex. :3

I believe you should not have sex until married because that is what the bible says. Intemacy is for you and your spouse not for people who are dating.

Sex is good

Kids shouldn’t have kids. You wait until you are married.

i think that kids once they are in high school should get condoms in case they are raped.

I think we should learn more about sex

People at very young age 9-12 grade should not have sex because it gets them in trouble when they are school that would be but being married when your done with college …. its fine realy aslong as you dont take it outside of marriage.:)

i think that kids should be taught sex ed

use condomes

You need to teach us more about sex and our health issue.

sex is wonderful thing

I think that students should learn about ‘Sex Ed’ during their first year of middle school (or last year of elementary school depending on your school district) because that way the students can learn what not to do and carry it with them for the rest of their middle and high school lives and make the right choices on losing their purity. Students should know better than to have Sex at a young age because the more kids have sex during their teens, the more they are likely to have a horrible (or so) life further after the child is born instead of during marriage.

sex is good for you health everybody needs it in their life

Teachers should inform children in the 5th grade about sex before they go to middle school. So that there prepared.

I believe that they should force sexual education near 5th grade. Also two 8 th graders got pregnat at my school with highschoolars. So i think the school should start enforcing sexual education.

Okay for questions 2 it was because i got raped before i turned 10 but i was to young to know it was wrong and i thought it was good at the time because of how it felt

I think thats its good to be taught about sex because u will make better desisons.

i think that student should be over the age of 15 before they have sex and i think that every school should tell the student about sex in 5th grade and in 7th grade they should make a video about sex (but not a bad video) :)

i think that people do have sex to young so thats why people need to start learning now and maybe that would change their minds

I think you shouldn’t give this to us kids at this age. I sincerely think this is too advance for kids in 6th through 8th grade. I don’t think you should give us this were sincerely too young don’t you think.


well i think schools should because in our world right now kids are having sex for fun and they like it and they have babies at a very young age

I think that we should be taught this in 5th grade to know more about it
i know a qirl who did that and now shes gay

the schools should teach us how to use condoms just incase for safe sex if children are sexually active.

it was a wrong choice and i’m never doing it until im married

it was the wrong choice!

teach abstinence!

safe sex!!

you should learn this in grades 9-12

-to to teach the good and bad parts of sex.

we should have sex ed classes

Learning about this is wierd. Too much immaturity

This Generation is so messed up and because of that we should do something about that.

watch video’s

I love to have sex

I would make a speech about everybody in this school about sex.

Most children are having sex by 8th grade, or 9th grade. So to prevent all teen pregnancy, they should have more sex ed. Since most girls getting pregnant around this age dont even fully know the dangers of sex.

get birth control in highschool

give out condoms in middle school

i think that people should use condoms!

First sex class should be in 4th grade. Condoms should be given to sexually active kids. (everyone). 4 of my friends had kids before 15

It shouldn’t be taught till high school and it’s awkard.

They shoyld start teaching kids before age 12 to make better choices.

you should teacher before grade 6 because some girls have their changes. Also so people are aware of the choices they’re safe and so they know what could happen if you don’t use a condom.

we should have a sex class. kids should be taught at young age!

no glove, no love.

It should be taught to grades 6,7,8. and 9, about sex. I know more than a few kids, that are sexually active.

Should teach people at an early grade level

for #4- not everytime

I aint gone get prego, I dont have to use a “condom”


Students should know wats going down!

Kids are having sex too young. They think its cool. You know you should tell them getting pregnant is REALLY DUMB.

we should learn more about it.

There are way to many babies this is a huge problem that should be stopped!


Schools should teach safe sex

Sex is great.

Kids should know about safe sex. At least 5th grade.

kids at the age of 10 already know about more sex than you think.

schools shouldn’t congratulate someone who has a child.

sex is ok if you want it.

we should have a condom test

I think we should have a class and hand out condoms.

Instead of ONLY saying do not have sex, how about we face reality that we will anyways and you should better prepare us for it.

they should hand out condoms

Don’t judge others. make sure to use condom

I dont think it is a schools responsibility to teach sex ed.

condoms should be easier to obtain

dont make a bad choice. us a condom

I think schools should’ve been taught about sex because so many young girls get pregnant before they reach high school. On top of all of that there is too many STDs around now.

they should have sex class.

I’m not going to take a condom because I’m not going to have sex!;)

you dont want to start this program to young because some kids arent prepared for this yet. Also some kids may think you are trying to get into their personal life so you have to explain yourself well.

I believe Flagler County is behind on the education of sex. Our county’s ignorance to protect kids is futile, we need to teach them early on, so they learn the consequences and effects of sex we should also offer condoms at school to decrease the percentage of pregnancies and STDs.

Would I take a condom? MAYBE? Depends on how I was “OFFERED”?

i think they should make sexual education class.

I think we should have sex Ed because 2 of my friends are pregnant and one just had a baby yesterday. It changed her life and she regrets having sex.

if a condom was offered to me i would say no because i wouldn’t need it

We should be taught about sex education so we can know better when the situation comes to us.

sex is awesome

stop asking people about sexuality!

Middle schoolers are starting to become more sexually active students.

I fuck everyday=)

i think they should give us classes on sex.

i wanna talk about it with my mom and see what happens and stuff but I’m to scared so I just asked my friend.

sex is awesome

I think its serious, but not everyone does it, so not everyone should suffer from listening to lectures or classes.

Teach this topic especially in high school.

Sex is awsome!

I <3 sex! :D Many people think it's a joke to laugh about, but we MUST teach people about sexual issues. More STDs are more common now than ever! Especially beginning in 7th grade, when guys are REALLY start to look. Sex is awesome, abstinence is gone. Sex is good and kids should not hear that abstinence is expected of them because the more they hear the more they'll do. I don't think bi-sexuality is a sexuality issue. I think we should learn more about sex cause most of us in a couple of years will be having it and how to dodge having kids before we turn 20 or older. i did not know teach more about this sexual stuff there should be a sex teacher in the school Im tired of people talking about sex and drugs. I don't need anybody to tell me about sex, I already know all about it. And I've done it with guys and girls(; PREVENTION there should be a sex ED class in middle school and high school. you should consider having a sex ed calss here at B.T.M.S schools should hand out condoms for the poeple who don't have them or need them. of course i use a condom I'm from Canada. I had my first sex ed class in 4th grade. I've never been pregnant, I'm safe, and I know what I need to know about my body and others, as well as how to protect myself. TEACH MY PEERS! I do use condoms, but it depends on who and if they want to . Our parents are the ones who are supposed to talk to us about it. People should start being taught about safer sex because a lot of kids to it to look cool. I think kids should start when they are done with college. I think that high schools shouldn't be giving condoms in the safe sex class, that's how lots of high school girls get pregnant or boys lose virginity. Kids my age should not think about sex because your parents can take you to the clinic to see if you had sex. I don't think people our age should be having sexual intercourse with anyone, we're way too young. I think that the school should teach us what is right and now important it is not too and the healthy way to go. I think we should be taught about this so we can make wiser choices. There should be a legal age for sex. How is having sex at a young age affecting you? I think schools should teach more about having safe sex and to stay healthy! Have meetings about it. We should help students who have had sex. I think they should teach it so kids don't have sex. We should watch a video. I just had sex and it felt so good. Show a video about different kids in real life who have had sex at a young age and got diseases. Have a sex ed class I think we should do this. I have no idea what sex is. Teaching more about this is a good way to help kids. I think it is important for 8th graders to be informed on sex. Sex is amazing. We should know not to before high school. We should learn before we get to high school. Sex is awesome. I think we should have sex education classes. Schools should give out condoms and have a class with how to use them. I think the schools should hold back on revealing clothes to discourage sex. Parents need to inform children about sex before middle school. They should teach about sex in 7th grade because kids are already doing it. This quiz was helpful If kids are aware of danger, they won't do it or will use a condom. I think you should teach at grade 5 because by grade 6 you will have a lot of peer pressure. Why do you talk about it if you don't want us to do it? I think that kids should wait until the right moment to have sex. I think the right thing to do is learn about this beforehand. Children are immature and will think it's some sort of competition. I used a condom but something went wrong. I think they should teach it young because boys and girls don't know what they're getting themselves into. There's so many diseases and viruses out there that you can't get rid of. There's emotional pain in it if you think you love someone and it turns out bad at the end. Condoms and birth control can't stop young teens from getting pregnant. I think we should be taught the severity of diseases and what can happen if you don't use a condom. Students need to be more aware of STD's. Education should be provided so students know what they're doing and what could happen. I think we should be taught. I think we should learn more and know what to do. I think we should be taught about STD's and acceptance of homosexuality. I don't think we should have classes about sex. I think it is sad when people have sex at a young age just to say they did it. You shouldn't trust a boy if you or they talk about having sex. I think by the time a kid is in 6th grade they should have had "the talk" at least two times. People should know about sex to be healthy. Well I already took the purity oath and it made me feel good, and there should be an event for rings. I have had condoms since 6th grade from my dad teaching me, never thought it would happen in 8th grade but it did. I think we should be taught as much as possible about the dangers of sex so we can be safe. Give condoms at middle schools. Students should be taught about sex in grades 9-12. I think it should be taught in detail! I think our schools should offer more education on sex and protection 24/7. Kids shouldn't be pressured into having sex, so schools should teach them about it. The schools should have health classes. I think it's good to talk about it. No one would really take advice if they went to a class because most likely their parents made them and they will do it anyways. I never had it and I never will have it in my life just to be safer than anyone else that I hang with or don't hang with. I don't think we should have a class about this. Tell parents abortions are counted as murder, and as long as you're having protected sex it's okay. Why are we doing this and why do you have to use a condom when you have sex? I think it would be a good idea for teachers to talk about this from 6th-12th grade so that way less sex diseases are passed. It is not cool to have sex until you find your love or you are ready. Give out condoms. Many people are sexually active in my school, mostly oral sex. Give us lessons about sex and what kind of positions you can do. Always practice safe sex. Paper is not going to stop STD's and babies. They should have a separate assembly for boys and girls that has a permission slip. I don't think 7th graders need it. I think they should have a sex ed class at BTMS for all grades. This was fun, more condoms. They shouldn't even have any condoms at a school clinic. I think people in 6th grade should be careful. i love sex! Schools should supply condoms. What do I do if I have STD's? I think we should have a class about it. We should have a class about sex to teach us what's wrong and right. Sex is great. Give out free condoms Have a sex ed class about sex and other things. I think it is serious Why do you need to know our business? Also why do you want to start teaching this now? Are the schools giving condoms now? What's going on? I would buy a condom rather than take one from someone. We should have a class about this topic. If there is a sexual education class they should teach girls to have more self respect for their bodies. Some girls in this school throw themselves at guys. I could never do that I have too much respect for my body. I think this is pretty stupid, I think it's the parents problem not the school's. I think STD's should be taught earlier. Teach them sex is bad before age 16. I think we should have been talked to about this at the beginning of the school year because students today either aren't safe or do it because they think they're cool when it's not. No sex before marriage! Give condoms to all kids in BTMS in case they have sex in the future. Condoms should be free, WE shouldn't be sexually active so soon. Elementary school children talk about sex. Sex rocks! Literally. Abstinence only is dumb! I love sex. I think this is a good subject to teach because children now a days are being sexually active in middle school. So if you start teaching this younger, they'll know more and be aware of more solutions besides abstinence. Homosexuality isn't an issue it's a way of life. P.S. I'm straight. There are so many students with STD's because we are an "abstinence only" county! Stop being ridiculous! Sex happens! Educate the kids! Sincerely a concerned teen, no I don't have an STD. They should give pregnancy tests as well. I didn't use condoms because I don't like them. Clinic should offer quality condoms at school. I believe that teaching abstinence only is important to preserving the morality and integrity of Flagler County Schools. Some people do not use condoms because they do other sexual activities and not sex. Kids are still going to have sex no matter what, so it's better to have them at least be safer. Teach as much as you can. I was so confused in middle school. Don't shy away from homosexuality or condoms. They should start teaching it earlier. I think children should learn about sex at a young age say grade 6, because they're curious about what it is and then in high school we should readdress these issues in more detail because at this age students are thinking of or having sex. Many of these are not educated on all the information they should be educated on. I really think people shouldn't have sex in general. Kids are going to have sex whether or not we continue to push the subject under the rug or talk about it openly. Kids need to be informed on the consequences of sex and how to keep yourself healthy sexually. No one ever talked to me and so I made some very stupid choices. WE can still teach abstinence while informing of the risks of unsafe sex etc. Parents aren't teaching us what we need to know. Step up! I think that we should have a sex ed class. There are too many girls getting pregnant and what not. It is clear that an abstinence only policy has been ineffective, look where it's gotten us! School Board members like Colleen Conklin and Jeff Fischer need to remember that church and state are separated for a reason. This is a new age, and kids are having sex whether you like it or not. Shouldn't our first priorities be to keep kids safe? Parents should talk to their children. Sex ed in school. Cover your dingus you doofus. Give this town something new. If there were more attractions or things to do in this town we wouldn't have a town full of diseased, sex crazed, hormone filled teenagers. Although it may seem awfully awkward, people today don't know what they're getting themselves into. Sex is good. More information about sex and diseases in high school may help reduce pregnancies and STDs. I didn't have sex, it was oral with my boyfriend of 8 months. Babies are having babies these days, it's sick! Girls need to keep their legs closed and guys need to keep it in their pants, period! Teaching students about sex will only influence it further. I don't have to worry about it, at least not yet. I've only had one partner and I'm still with her. Schools should be more open about sex and protection. I think sex should be taught more often in schools. Most kids I know are sexually active and it makes me sick to my stomach. I think teaching kids about safe sex is extremely important. If you are a virgin stay that way. Most of the time it would be regretful. Teach more about safe sex. You guys should hand out condoms. Tell kids to be safe with their choices, no matter what they choose. Sex is awesome, be safe though. The nurse should have condoms and they should teach about LGBT sex. They should teach about how the life they make will be affected. Abstinence is wrong. Kids shouldn't have sex unless they are mentally and physically prepared. The town I live in has many pregnancy rates and STDs for teenagers under the age of 18. I personally think that you shouldn't have sex until you can take care of your consequences for your actions. We have the highest STD rate! So sad! Sex feels better without condoms.

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