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High-Speed Chase Ends in Serial Wreckage Near Town Center Publix (Updated)

| March 4, 2011

The crash scene on Belle Terre Blvd. near the Town Center Publix shopping center. Click on the image for larger view. (Debbie Johnson, FCSO)

An alleged pharmacy robber led police on a high-speed chase across State Road 100 and the southern portion of Belle Terre Boulevard at mid-day today until the man’s car went out of control at near the Publix shopping center in Town Center, where it struck three police cruisers. Police detained the man, though he was sent to Florida Hospital Flagler with minor injuries.

Travis Wayne Adkins, 31, of 11 Ziegler Place in Palm Coast, faces numerous charges, including attempted armed robbery, aggravated battery with a motor vehicle on a law enforcement officer, and fleeing and eluding–all felonies. The Bunnell Police Department is filing separate felony charges of felony fleeing and eluding and aggravated battery on a police officer.

Tracy Adkins (FCSO)

Until about 2 p.m., drivers were asked to avoid Belle Terre Blvd. around State Road 100. Belle Terre southbound around 100 was closed in early afternoon, with only one northbound lane open, as the suspect’s car sat in the median near the Town Center shopping center. The roadway reopened by 2:30 p.m.

Adkins is believed to have robbed a pharmacy in DeLand and another in Holly Hill this morning after an attempted robbery in Flagler. “He apparently attempted to rob a pharmacy at the Flagler Plaza there on 100, next to Burger King,” Johnson said. He walked in there at 10:46 a.m., displayed a gun, and demanded oxycodone, the pain reliever that’s become a drug of choice in drug trafficking and abuse. Oxycodone is among the leading causes of death by prescription drug overdose in Florida.

Adkins was unable to get any drugs at that pharmacy: the pharmacist told him he had no oxycodone. Adkins fled, driving down to Volusia County, where he allegedly attempted to rob the CVS on Orange Camp Road in Deland at 11:33 a.m. Again, a pharmacist there told him there was no oxycodone. Adkins then robbed a Walgreens on Nova Road in Holly Hill, and drove north on I-95, back to Flagler County.

Police there set chase. They laid down stop sticks on S.R. 100. He ran over them, flattened his tires, and kept driving north on Belle Terre. When he reached Central Avenue, the road paralleling the shopping center, “He lost control of his car, his car,” Johnson said, “his car spun, causing him to strike two sheriff’s deputies’ vehicles,” including that of a K-9 unit with a K-9 inside. No deputies or K-9s were injured. The suspect’s car also struck a Bunnell Police Department cruiser.

Bunnell Police Department Lt. Randy Burke said the damage was minor–a bent push bar on the front of the cruiser. The suspect never made it into Bunnell, though stop sticks were laid down on 100, west of Belle Terre, at the entrance of the town.

Flagler Palm Coast High School was briefly locked down just after the chase.

As of 3:45 p.m., Adkins, by then released from the hospital, was still being processed at the Flagler County Jail.

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26 Responses for “High-Speed Chase Ends in Serial Wreckage Near Town Center Publix (Updated)”

  1. Melanie says:

    Thank goodness the dog is ok! ;)

  2. Anonymous says:

    HA HA good post Melanie

  3. Ralph Belcher says:

    Headed for his G/F’s house on Ryan Drive in her husband’s car… tsk tsk…

  4. Proud to be a Bullpup says:

    Bunnell Elementary was on lock-down for a bit as well.

  5. PCadiron says:

    I was at Publix (came up Belle Terre from 100 )around 2pm, but didn’t notice anything going on. We must have just missed it!

  6. just a citizen says:

    thank goodness the officer’s are Ok… these guys put there lives on the line every day so scumbags , like the one driving that car don’t put a gun in your face………………I’m glad that the fist two posts think this kind of thing is a joke….maybe it wouldn’t be so funny if it was their family member that had been robbed at gunpoint.

  7. why says:

    The real question is why did he decide to wake up this morning and go rob some pharmacies? There is a sickness out there that is ruining lives and endangering everyone.

    • Ravyn Adkins says:

      This man is my uncle Travis.I don’t understand why he did this,but all I know is that it was terrifying to see his face on the news one day.I cried a ton!Im 12 years old and was 8when it happened!

  8. D says:

    Wow…I was there! He was headed towards me and some other cars. I was in the NB Lane he was headed S. A citizen or undercover car jumped out of his car and ran over to help take him down. It was a surreal experience …I felt like I was weatching cops Wide Screen 50 inch… LOL but I am proud of the Bunnell Police Dept and felt safe. Great Job Guys


  9. J says:

    I want to know what gives the cops the right to have 30 + cops chase this one guy down the streets we live on??? I am sorry, but I think it was way over kill!!! Why not have a Helicopter follow him, safer for everyone! It wouldn’t have taken much for an innocent resident to get killed and or hurt from this nonsense. I am sorry, I think we have too many bored police in this place!

  10. just a citizen says:

    maybe they should have let him go…maybetheyshould just let him rob people at gunpoint…or better yet shoot people…or maybe yesterday they should have tracked him by helicopter to a residential neighbor hood where you live and maybe the helicopter could have tracked him as he busted in your front door…then maybe a hostage negotiater would talk to him…and maybe in his drug crazed condition he shoots your whole family……. cops have to act……. it’s easy to Monday night quarterback.

  11. ticked at J says:

    I completely agree with you ‘just a citizen’…hey J how many cops do you think should be patrolling this county? 2?? this isnt mayberry…get a grip!!!

  12. j says:

    Seriously??? How many police cars were needed to take this one guy down??? 5 or 6 cars maybe… but 26+ police cars, and 6 motorcycle police was a little too extreme. We aren’t in Mayberry, you are right… but we aren’t in Compton ether! Complete waste of tax dollars!!!!

  13. just a citizen says:

    You know J you’re right about Compton…. they thought 5 or 6 was enough…then they found out the scumbags were wearing body armor had had automatic weapons…all of a sudden 5 0r 6 wasn’t enough……as like pavlov’s mouse….we learn from our mistakes…I for one don’t want another Compton here…so the police in this situation made the right call…no one got hurt and the badguy is in jail….do you think that happend by accident J….these guys train every day for situations like that….. enough said…. I know I can’t change your position …just want to make sure people reading this realize you have no idea what you are talking about.

  14. J says:

    This type of thought process is why America is in the hole that it is in… throwing away money at crap like this, and actually believing it made a difference. But hey what do I know, I’m a product of the Flagler Co School system that has been short changed to pay for all the fat lazy cops here!!!

  15. J's a idiot says:


    whats sad is that they would still risk their life to help idiots like you. Maybe when someone robs you or your family at gunpoint, they will take your advise and do nothing about it.

  16. just a citizen says:

    ahhh now i get it…your blaming the school system for being inadequate, becaue emergency services got the money that would have helped you become less ignorant….now it makes perfect sense……..

  17. J says:

    There is only two reasons someone becomes a cop:

    1. Because they really care, want to serve and protect, and believe they can make a difference (few police officers fall into this category)

    2. Because they have an authority complex, and don’t care about what’s right or wrong (the majority fall into this category)

    All these stupid pigs cared about was getting into the action. A bunch of over paid, fat head bums!

  18. compcat says:

    i pray he rids himself of those demons

  19. Big D says:

    No Jobs = Dorks Like This…..kudos to the police!

  20. Kat says:

    all of you are right. good job police for catching the bad guy and there is nothing wrong with constructive criticism. prolly could be nicer about it :)

  21. neighbor says:

    Props to the cops for arresting this criminal and preventing him from possibly killing someone. Glad it was quickly brought to an end. I say a job well done.

  22. Outsider says:

    I agree with J; why waste all the gas on this guy who could easily kill someone. One properly placed sniper could put an end to all this mayhem for about 45 cents.

  23. 10 to 20 says:

    chase em down and put them in jail!!!!! or you all mad you did not get your fix!!!!

  24. Glen Cohen says:

    Do your homework, folks…This piece of human garbage that would endanger so many lives without a second thought has a brother named “Josh”, who is very familiar with the law enforcement community in Flagler…Now, anyone want to take a guess who is posting under the name “J” ?

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