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Donald Flynt, Son of Bunnell Commissioner, Jailed on Fraud Charge

| February 14, 2011

Donald Flynt (FCSO)

Donald Flynt, the 25-year-old son of Bunnell City Commissioner Jimmy Flynt, was jailed on Friday (Feb. 11) on a charge of obtaining property by fraud, according to a Flagler County Sheriff’s Office report.

On June 11, 2009, Flynt, of 600 East Holden Ave. in Bunnell, drew up a lease agreement with Z-Best for a 50-inch Sanyo plasma television valued at $719. Flynt never paid for or returned the television, according to a charging affidavit filed in October. The store attempted to contact Flynt by phone and certified mail without success, then opted to file charges.

Flynt posted $2,500 bond.

Jimmy Flynt, 51, owner of Saxon’s Wrecker service in Bunnell, has been a city commissioner since March 2003. He is running for reelection in next month’s city commission race, along with Commissioner Jenny Crain-Brady. Three challengers have filed, in addition to the two incumbents, for the two seats.

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23 Responses for “Donald Flynt, Son of Bunnell Commissioner, Jailed on Fraud Charge”

  1. 91LX says:

    I’m shocked!!! Guess its true…….The apple dose not fall far the tree

  2. shanna says:

    You people are soooo ignorant! FYI zbest didn’t want that tv because it was broken otherwise they would have picked it up when they picked everything else up …you just want to harrass someone because he is the commissioners son….I didn’t know how many ignorant people there was is this town how can anyone do good around here when people just don’t want to see you do the right thing and if you are doing the right ! Its ok because what comes around goes around and you will get what you deserve.

  3. shanna says:

    If you are doing the right thing people want to start rumors that you not and run with it….that’s what people with no lives do….the apple doent fall far from the tree ha I hope you choke on you apple!

  4. Kurt says:

    i dont see any rumors here. the website just sayys that the guy was arrested and that hes the son of a flagler commsioner. where is the rumor?

  5. bunnell resident says:

    i dont see any rumors either,like that tv show dragnet when joe friday says just the facts.As far a lot of ignorant people in this town goes, maybe she should explore some of the roads out of this town.

  6. shanna says:

    There’s so many ignorant people here and there are some decent people too but in the 25 years that I have lived here bunnell will never change people always have to be talking about someone else…as far as the rumors go I’m talking about everything that has been said about mr jimmy flynt and now just because of people running there mouths his son has to suffer its not fair….talk about fraud!!! Are you kidding me all because the people at z best didn’t do there job right..point being that the only reason his picture is on here is because he is the commissioners son if I would have went to jail and said I think there is a warrant for my arrest like he did I would have been no big deal….

  7. QueenBee says:

    Sounds like someone’s trying to muddy the water for Jimmy Flynt. What in the world does this circumstance have to do with Jimmy Flynt’s commission seat? Donald is grown and responsible for himself! This incident has absolutely NOTHING to do with Jimmy Flynt whatsoever. That whole paragraph at the bottom is used for political gain by his competition. Talk about dirty politics! Bunch of rednecks. LOL.

  8. Jennifer Gordon says:

    The Flynt’s are good people, people that always say hi, always reach out to shake your hand and ask you about your day, people that always remember your children’s names, people that see you walking around the neighborhood with your kids on a daily bike ride and ask you would like some water because it is hot out, people that are more about friends, family, and community than you could ever be taught. Always will be and always have been! We all have things that have happened to us or around us that others don’t agree with and people pass judgment on, it is not fair, and it definitely doesn’t feel good when the finger is pointed at you. I think people need to stop worrying about what the Flynt’s are doing and worry about them selves.

  9. Just the Facts says:

    Jimmy Flynt committed knowingly committed illegal acts as a public official. Read the State Attorney’s report which is posted in whole on this website. Whether or not you think he is a nice guy is irrelevant when you talk about his duty as a servant of the public. That’s just the facts.

  10. Don Flynt says:

    its funny u say the facts say if any of that was true some sort of legal action woulda takin place. Nothing was done at all.

  11. bunnell resident says:

    thanks so much jennifer for your moving testimony of the flynt family.We will see if the voters in bunnell share your same feelings. I am sure you will get your vehicle repaired free of charge at the “i run this town garage.

  12. Just the Facts says:

    Legal action did take place. Two officers were arrested, with the help of some testimony from Flynt. Not the first time testimony was given by the Commish to save his bacon…(no pun intended)

  13. shanna says:

    I would rather take my truck to the I run this town garage then to take it to john rogers any day maybe that guy will be commissioner now maybe the 3rd time will be a charm ?? If Jimmy did something wrong then why is he back on rotation , why is he still commissioner , why didn’t he go to jail hmmmm maybe we should ask “just the facts” maybe since he/she knows everything we will get an answer?? Or maybe there was no wrong doing so you should just drop this conversation!!

  14. bunnell resident says:

    if my memory serves me correct it took mr. flynt two tries to get on the board hisself.

  15. Fh says:

    All of the ignorance displayed on this page makes me sad to say I’m from bunnell!!!!!

  16. Kurt says:

    it takes about 99 percent proof to get a conviction. there are many who have never been convicted or even arrested that comitted a crime. this is why many criminals r walking the street. this flint guy maybe wasnt arrested but the murphy couple were arrested for helpin him so he may not be all innocennt. who knows?

  17. Just the Facts says:

    Hey Shanna, all the answers needed can be found in the State Attorneys report. You could find it on this website. Don’t let your friendship blind you from the truth. Once you read the report, then you can answer your own question. Third times a charm? Are you serious??? No wonder our country is in the shape it’s in. The founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves if they were aware of what was going on in local, state and Federal governments. Mr. Flynt, and just about anyone else on the City Commission has no place in government. Unless of course Ms. Shanna would like our country to be run as a dictatorship.

  18. Just the Facts says:

    Hey Shanna here you go:

    “Flynt has been on the commission since 2003, but his last year has been difficult as he was singled out by State Attorney investigation of the Bunnell Police Department as a beneficiary of police and city administration favoritism that earned Flynt’s wrecker service extra business, and allowed Flynt to use the city dump to get rid of tires without paying state fees. Flynt denied that he benefited from any favors. ”

    That is a quote from the new article. Flagler Live can’t just print that without it being true. That would leave them vulnerable (open) to a lawsuit. Fact 1: Flynt towed vehicles when he knew he was not on rotation via a cell phone call from John Murray. Not only is this unethical from a business owners perspective, but much more as a city official. Fact 2: Flynt said he took tires and dumped them at the city yard with Armando Martinez permission. Martinez denies it of course. So the fact remains, as a garage owner and city commissioner he knows, regardless of whether he had permission or not, that this is wrong.

    I have never said that Mr. Flynt is a bad person, nor have I been disrespectful in my comments. I have simply said that he is not fit to be a public official. The above is more than enough to prove my claim even if only based on the information provided by the State Agency (SAO). Anyone who thinks otherwise based on the facts of the case is certainly entitled to their opinion, no matter how blind those opinions are. For your information, their are plenty of people walking the streets of Bunnell who have committed crimes but were not arrested or charged due to the lack of money and or space in the jails, not to mention people who COOPERATE with the SAO usually don’t get charged.

  19. shanna says:

    My point was that this had NOTHING to do with Jimmy being commissioner and thats what it got turned into…the point i was trying to make was that Dons picture wouldnt have been on here if he wasnt the commissioners son and im thinking my point is made because read these commments from start to finish and now its all about the commissioner not about Don. I dont think he should have to deal with this is what i was getting at and your right everyone has a right to there own opinion but the only one that matters to me is mine im not trying to be nasty to anyone I just didnt think it was fair to put Dons picture on here.

  20. Haw Creek Girl says:

    I am pretty sure that Candidate Rogers wouldn’t want the Flynt family car/truck repair business so rest easy there. It gets very costly to collect on bad checks and apparently in this member of your Flynt family it became a little too expensive to collect on the rental property as well. You know, I suppose I would defend my relative as well to some extent but if it the lack of integrity was this blatant I’m afraid I would have to fall back on to what I was taught as a girl raised in the South. We were taught if you have nothing nice to say, keep your mouth shut so even though it’s honorable your trying to take up for your family members this is just apparently over your head and you lack the inability to see the big picture. There are many, many voters here in the City of Bunnell that realize if the right two candidates are elected then it’s the end of the reign of terror of Martinez and Jones. If that reign ends then more of Flynt’s actions will come to light as well as Jenny Crain Brady’s absolute asanine inability to follow rules (well, probably real truth be known, even understand them). I say that if your child is in trouble and he is an adult child then that is that but combined with all of the rest of the factors in this soiree….it becomes a part of the issue. Think voters, think.

  21. Godsgirl says:

    All I will say is….sometimes these kind of things happen like this article, it’s not bashing Commissioner Jimmy Flynt, it’s just merely stating that this is his son, part of life. If you are a person of Integrity you won’t have to feel the need to defend yourself to anyone, your character will speak for itself! It’s known facts of some things that Mr Jimmy Flynt has done that warrant people to question his Integrity, that he has gotten away with, therefore this may be his “What goes around comes around”!
    The people that feel the need to bring other peoples names into the situation or bash someone else just shows all the more why one would question the Integrity of a person.
    People need to look at the men and women running for City Commission and truly look at their Integrity, how they live, etc. These are the men and women who make decisions and speak on our behalfs.

  22. hilarious!! says:

    Shanna…I think it is absolutely hilarious that you say everyone from this town is ignorant yet you grew up here and you won’t even leave to go on a freaking vacation because of your “anxiety”. It is also greatly amusing that you are so quick to defend the Flynt family because you are sexual involved with the one that got arrested. You don’t even have enough intellegence to take a step back and analyze the situation from both sides and think maybe if I wasn’t screwing him would the situation still look the same. He did wrong obviously because he got arrested. And as far as Jimmy Flynt goes…no he shouldn’t have been brought into this but its politics…thats what happens…everyone in politics knows that and has to deal with it. He has done plenty of wrongs during his time as commissioner…he knows it just as well as you and his family knows it and the rest of the citizens of Bunnell. Point being…stop calling other people ignorant when you are the most ignorant of all. All you are doing is standing up for your boyfriend. Which I can completely understand but when someone is wrong you should just step back and be able to admit they are wrong so you don’t make yourself look stupid. Have a nice life together by the way. I’m sure you guys will be very successful together in all that you do since neither one of you ever wants to leave this crap hole of a town.

  23. shanna says:

    You know…..your right! I love with him and I have for along time!! You got me there but as far for thinking that you know me your wrong your doing what ignorant people do they think they know something about someone and start running there mouths…..I would sit back and let him be punished for this but I was there I know the situation and it was wrong…it is ignorant that you wanna get on here just to bash someone I was standing up for him in a situation where he was right and I knew he was right if he really tried to steal a tv then he should be punished…..and thanks for the hoping we have a nice life its always good to hear that I’m sure we will! This will be the last time getting on this website so don’t bother trying to comeback with anything you want me to see unless you just want to write something to make you feel better about yourself…jimmy is no longer commissioner so go try and wreck a different family….

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