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US Unemployment Rises to 9.8% as Job Creation Again Declines to Just 39,000

| December 3, 2010

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The national unemployment rate went up to 9.8 percent in November (from 9.6 percent the previous three months), its highest level since December 2009, as the economy added just 39,000 jobs and the number of unemployed Americans rose to 15.1 million, a surge of 285,000 in a single month. That surge was driven largely by people losing temporary jobs, an indication that businesses that experimented with re-hiring are again pulling back and waiting.

Meanwhile, a minority of Congressional Republicans continued to successfully block an extension of unemployment insurance for the long-term unemployed, who account for 6.3 million (or 41.9 percent) of the unemployed population.

In Flagler County in October, the unemployment rate fell to 15.5 percent, though the decline was led largely by a shrinking labor pool, not an increase in jobs. Actual jobs are still being lost in the county. Florida’s unemployment rate in October was 11.9 percent, with 1.1 million Floridians out of work. That figure represents 7 percent of the nation’s total unemployed population.

The figures don’t reflect the 9 million Americans who are employed part-time–not because they want to be employed part-time, but because their hours have been cut back or because full-time work is not available. The unemployment figures also don’t reflect the 2.5 million Americans who are able-bodied and of working age, but have given up looking for work. If those figures are included, the unemployment rate would be well into double-digits.

The unemployment rates for adult men (10.0 percent), adult women (8.4 percent), whites (8.9 percent), and Hispanics (13.2 percent) all edged up in November. The jobless rate for blacks (16.0 percent) showed little change over the month, while the rate for teenagers declined to 24.6 percent. The jobless rate for Asians was 7.6 percent.

In November, average hourly earnings of all employees on private payrolls increased by 1 cent to $22.75. Over the past 12 months, average hourly earnings
have increased by 1.6 percent, or barely at inflation’s pace. Wage-earners, in other words, are not making gains. In November, average hourly earnings of private-sector production and nonsupervisory employees were unchanged at $19.19.

Some data on job sectors: Health care added 19,000 jobs. Mining added 6,000 jobs. Retail trades fell by 28,000 jobs. Manufacturing fell by 13,000.

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16 Responses for “US Unemployment Rises to 9.8% as Job Creation Again Declines to Just 39,000”

  1. lawabidingcitizen says:

    Only the private sector can create jobs and the private sector isn’t about to invest their hard earned funds and banks aren’t about to give loans to businesses until these socialists are out of office and government control is out of our lives. Here’s a hint: the lowest taxes and the fewest onerous regulations equal the highest revenue.

    It’s called free enterprise and it works the first time and every time.

    You lefties voted for change, i.e., from prosperity to poverty — is everbody happy now?

  2. Nick says:

    … I am sorry but I have to ask… whatever happened to all that stimulus money the President said would keep this from happening?

  3. Bill says:

    its not that the Rs blocked unemployment pay outs but that the Ds did not want to PAY for it with other cuts in spending and not just adding it to the national debt.

  4. Dorothea says:

    Are you all kidding? The Rs in the Senate are fighting and threatening to filibuster a bill if the Ds try to raise taxes 3% on those individuals who have net incomes over $250,000. The bill also includes breaks for small business owners. The Rs all (with 2 exceptions) voted against maintaining taxes at the present level for those netting under $250,000. The Rs want to raise their taxes. The Rs are also against continuing Unemployment Benefits for 2 million Americans. For every unemployment dollar spent, 2 dollars goes into the economy.

    Private sector jobs rose 39,000. What did you expect after eight years of a shrinking job market and a recession from the Rs idiotic trickle down philosophy? Cops and teachers kept their jobs thanks to the stimulus money. The infrastructure is getting a badly needed update and more jobs are being created.

    I suggest that you critics switch the TV channel away from FOX news. They lie.

  5. Nick says:

    For every unemployment dollar spent, 2 dollars goes into the economy… now that is some socialist math right there. How do you get 2 dollars out of 1? I have been unemployed for a year and half and my unemployment has just ended… so any advice you can give me on how I can get 2 dollars out of every 1 would be greatly appreciated…

  6. Nick says:

    Under this train of thought we should be able to keep extending unemployment and pay down the national deficit… and in that case, hell… I am all for it… pass the unemployment extensions.

  7. Dorothea says:

    Nick, think about it. If you get $1 dollar from unemployment you don’t put it inl tlhe bank, you spend it on essentials. You personally don’t put $2 it in your pocket. However, the money grows the economy by spending it in stores, who buy from farmers and manufacturers, who in turn are able to hire more people. If you increase the amount of money that the rich have by lowering their taxes, they don’t spend it. Ten years of failed trickle down philosophy in this country prove my point. Gviing the rich more money doesn’t do a thing for the economy except drain the national budget, make the rich richer, and put the middle class into unemployment and poverty.

    Sorry to hear that you are unemployed and hope that you have an alternte source of income. I also hope that the rest of the unemployed Americans are able to shrug off an unemployment extension as easily.

  8. Nick says:

    I could not agree more… and I will be the first so called “conservative” that will put 85% of the blame at President Bush’s feet. You will never hear me say otherwise. But I just do not see what President Obama is doing is working… actually seeing these new numbers shows me that it is not working.

    I get the concept of what you’re talking about with keeping the economy moving and growing. But just like all great drug addicts… they will always keep needing that fix until they hit rock bottom. And the only way they will hit that bottom is if they are allowed to by not continually providing the ‘stimulant’ they crave.

    Stimulant – “Temporarily” quickening some vital process or functional activity.

    Government Stimulus Example – You live at 101 Smith Street and your neighbor at 102 Smith Street needs to make their house payment and does not have the money to pay. So… your lovely neighbor finds your checkbook and without you giving the “OK” writes a check to his mortgage company for $1000. The problem… you only have $150 if your bank account because you paid your mortgage and you have yet to put gas in your car or put food on your families table. What once was just enough for me is now not enough for anyone.

    The difference between the Government and your Neighbor… the people running the government are still running the government… your neighbor would be arrested and tossed into jail.

  9. Dorothea says:

    Nick, it isn’t called Unemployment Insurance for nothing. It’s insurance paid on your behalf every time you get a paycheck when you are working, not money stolen from your neighbor. I don’t see that the need to feed, house, and cloth yourself and your family is even remotely comparable to the need for drugs. It doesn’t equate. As for the effectiveness of stimulus money, it will take a long time before we come out of this, so be patient. You can’t undo a financial disaster in two years, that took eight years to do.

  10. Nick says:

    Yes, I understand that it’s insurance. And you should be paid what “you put into it” not extend it and make others pay for it.

    And you are right that we can not expect one President to fix the collective Republican and Democratic Presidential mistakes that came before him. The problems that we are facing today did not just come out of the last 8 years; they started before that with both Dem and Rep Presidents. But when does it start to become the current Presidents problem. I blame Bush for not fixing the issues that came before him… so when can I start blaming Obama for the ones his policies are not fixing? Is there a magical time table I should be looking for when we can say… Ok Mr. President; your not fixing it either… try something new…

  11. dlf says:

    I like how the Flagler Left,oh, I mean Live headlines this bit of news ” declines just 39,000 job” If Bush was in office the headline would have been different, but with the current crew of crooks in Wasnington is was just 39,000. Of course they were not in the just 39,000 come to think of it neither was the Flagler Left, I mean Live.

  12. dlf says:

    Dorothea: Most of us are sick and tired of hearing that obama has only been in office for two years and it was all the other parties problems. When are you and the crew of crooks in the White House going to live up to correcting the problem. Based on Obama’s past performance maybe we should be thank full it has only been two years, where would be if it had been four? Did Obama think this was a cake walk? where are all the things he was going to do besides spend money we do not have. How is hope and change working out for the common person, the 39,000 who just lost their job? That did not happen eight years ago but this week and who is in charge this week?

  13. dlf says:

    Nick: great way to explain it so the left may understand…may be, just may be.

  14. Orion says:

    I wonder why, the government instead of paying all the stimulus $$ out, and funding unemployment benefits, It didn’t just cover the payrolls of all the companies laying off people? Keep the people on the payrolls, and keep producing whatever the product was, and then allowing employees to keep buying..Certainly, the amount of unemployment benefits doesn’t buy anything, more than the basics. Probably too simple a solution , Huh??

  15. Dorothea says:

    dlf—Did you even read the article? Employment rose by 39,000.

    Nick–If your house burns to the ground or your car is totaled, should the insurance company only pay out what you invested in the insurance? I think not. You don’t seem to understand the meaning of insurance.

    dlf–interesting thought, giving money to companies that are laying off peoople. As I recall, the government lent money (in a stimulus package) to the auto industry and many of you were screaming about that. The stimulus money was also given to police departments and public schools to pay teachers and cops, keeping them on the payroll. The stimulus money also went to companies to fix and improve the infrastructure so that people could be hired by the private sector to perform the labor.

    To all of you who have your brains located in your rear pocket, if you still believe that giving tax breaks to the rich will somehow repair the economy, while denying jobless people a couple or three hundred dollars a week to stay alive is a priority, you’ve been sipping the Kool-Aid. It didn’t work for Ronald Reagan or W, so what makes you think it will work now?

  16. Dorothea says:

    Sorry dlf, I meant to answer Orion in my third paragraph.

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