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Flagler 911: The Live Crime Blotter, Dec. 10-14, 2010

| December 17, 2010

The following incident and arrest information was compiled using official documents, reports and affidavits obtained from government and law enforcement agencies. This feature is not inclusive. It is a sampling of reported incidents in the Flagler County area. Note: The U.S. legal system provides the presumption of innocence to those charged with a crime until guilt is proven in a court of law.

Gary Haney Accused of Stealing Beer Again

Back in May, Gary Haney, 50, was arrested at his home in Flagler Beach in connection with a burglary and an attempted burglary of convenience stores. In an April 18 incident, video showed a man fitting Haney’s description prying off the back door of a convenience store and stealing a four-pack of beer and about 50 cartons of cigarettes. (See the story.)

Gary Haney of Flagler Beach

Gary Haney

At 3:20 p.m. on Dec. 12, a Flagler County Sheriff’s deputy responded to the Target Supercenter in Palm Coast in reference to a shoplifter in custody. Justin Dopp, the store’s loss prevention officer, told the deputy–according to the deputy’s report–“that he was made aware that a known shoplifter, Gary Haney, had entered the store. Justin then located Gary in the store and watched his activities from a distance. Justin watched as Gary went into the beer isle and picked up a case of Budweiser beer. Gary then wandered around the store for several minutes before finally heading toward the store exit. Gary passed all checkout points and started to exit the store when he was apprehended by the loss prevention officers. When he was taken into custody, he also had a box of Splenda sweetener in his possession.” When the deputy confronted Haney, Haney said he hadn’t meant to steal the stuff. He’d just forgotten to pay for them. The deputy’s report continues: “Justin showed me surveillance video of past instances where Gary had entered the store and left without paying for items, usually beer. Justin stated that, in these past cases, loss prevention had been unable to apprehend Gary before he got into the parking lot.” Haney was served with a trespass notice. The items he’d taken were returned to the store. Haney was taken to jail.

Stephen Grocki’s Bad Luck

Stephen Grocki (FCSO)

From Dec. 8 to Dec. 12, Stephen Grocki, 61, of 45 Farraday Lane in Palm Coast, was jailed on three charges: stalking, trespassing and resisting arrest without violence. He was released on $3,500 bail. The day he was released, he called the cops to his home to report that his house had been broken into and items stolen. He said he’d bonded out at 1:30 that afternoon. The last person he knew had been to the house was his brother, Lennie Grocki, on Dec. 11, who’d gone there to feed Stephen’s miniature white dog. The sheriff’s deputy reports: “I observed the window in the master bathroom (East side of residence) that was broken by an unknown tool. The window was also pulled up, which possibly is where the suspects gained entry. A slider glass door was also open in the main living area (Northeast corner) and could have been a possible exit method. In the main living room (Northeast corner), there is a wooden business desk. All drawers to the desk were open, but all paperwork remained. There was a Macintosh 13” white laptop missing (serial 4H63541XU9C). The laptop originally was lying on the black chair next to the desk. On a table located in the same room, there were several documents for his business (Ace Hardware in North Carolina) including a book of checks that were untouched. In the kitchen and secondary living area (Northwest corner), the doors to the TV stand and cabinet were open. A trash can was lying on its side and a bread box was open on the kitchen counter. More documents for his business on the kitchen counter were untouched. In the master bedroom, all the drawers to the clothing dresser were open. The storage chest against the bed was open and its contents were on the floor. The closet (West wall) was open and several items were scattered on the floor.

“A charter arms firearm box was lying open in the floor. A Charter Arms, model 1382, .38 caliber, blue steel, five shot revolver was missing (serial # 555543). There were also two boxes of Winchester .38 caliber ammunition that were missing. Both boxes were originally on the top shelf in the closet, against the wall, hidden by clothing. S. Grocki stated there was a Ace briefcase in the closet which had a duplicate driver’s license inside, along with business paperwork. The briefcase was black leather […] In the secondary bedroom, only one drawer to the nightstand was open. Nothing appeared taken.” No latent prints could be found, and Grocki could not provide any suspect information and did not know anyone who could have burglarized his residence.

Mean Dog Report

On Dec. 13 at 6:24 p.m., a deputy responded to 52 Bay Spring Place in Palm Coast regarding an animal bite reported by Kathy DeMarco, the victim. DeMarco said that around 5 p.m., Scooter, her neighbor’s dog from 53 Bay Spring Place ran out of the house and bit her on the left knuckle, and that that the dog came at her a second time and bit her left upper thigh, causing a small laceration and bruise. She did not seek medical attention and just wanted the incident on file. The deputy later made contact with Daniel Just, owner of Scooter, an Australian Cattle Dog. Just said his dog accidentally ran outside of the house while helping his wife, and that he was vaccinated for rabies in February 2010 from the Shelton Animal Hospital. Just was told that animal control would be contacting him to quarantine his dog.

Shoplifting at Walmart

jason cauley

Jason Cauley

At 3:45 p.m. on Dec. 12, a deputy responded to a shoplifting call at Walmart in Palm Coast. Walmart loss prevention officer James Cooke said he saw a white male (later identified as Jason Cauley) in the sporting goods section of the store. He selected a laser sight off the self. Cauley then opened the package with a knife, which he retrieved from his jacket pocket, removed the item from the package and concealed the sight in his jacket pocket. Cauley then met up with two other men, later identified as Adam Migryt and Johnnie Nelson, at the end of the aisle. All three men began to walk out of the store through the garden exit. Cauley walked past all points of sale and exited the store without making an attempted to pay for the merchandise. Once Cauley was on the sidewalk, outside of the store he was approached by Cooke and his assistant. Cauley was taken back to the store office. The laser sight and small plastic bag that contained two batteries were located in his jacket pocket. A small pocket knife was also found in his jacket pocket. Cauley told the deputy, after being read his Miranda rights, that he’d bought the items between a month to two weeks prior, and that the items had been in his jacket pocket since his purchase. There was a 1 to 2-inch scratch mark along the side of the laser sight. Cauley was arrested and charged with retail theft. The two other men were released.

Wine, Cheese and Shoplifting at Publix

At 1:30 p.m. on Dec. 11, a deputy responded to a shoplifting call at Publix at 4950 Belle Terre Pkwy. Paul Wright, the loss prevention officer for the store, said he had apprehended Jennifer Potts, 30, after watching her attempt to leave the store without paying for several items: she reportedly placed a bottle of wine, some cheese, a blender, and some hair clips in her purse to conceal them. She then went through a checkout line and paid for the other items that she had in her cart. After checking out, Jennifer attempted to leave the store with several items still in her purse. The total value of the stolen items was $30.97, according to the sheriff’s report. She was confronted by Wright as she exited the store and was compliant as she was led back into the store. Jennifer does not live in Florida, and is here visiting from Georgia. She had her 2-year-old daughter with her and no one traveling with her who could come pick up her daughter. For these reasons, the report states, Jennifer was given a notice to appear in court on January 4th, 2011. She stated that she would try to make the court date or would contact the State Attorney’s Office to make arrangements to have the case settled out of court. Jennifer was then released on scene with a copy of the notice to appear.

And At Bealls, It’s For Shoes

On Dec. 10 at 12:30 p.m. a deputy responded to Beall’s Department Store in reference to a female shoplifter. The deputy made contact with Mitch Barnes, the loss prevention officer, who informed him that he observed a black female identified as Jennifer Swanson select a pair of Juniors shoes from the shoe department shelf and place them on her feet. She then placed the sandals she wore into the original shoe box and placed it back on the shelf. Barnes observed Swanson pass all points of sale and exit the store without purchasing the shoes. He confronted Swanson outside the store and recovered the shoes. The total retail value of the shoes is $45.00. Swanson was issued a criminal court date of January 4th, 2011 at 9 a.m. along with a written trespass warning and was subsequently released from Beall’s.

Drug Arrest on Pebble Beach Drive

Steven Mastriacovo

Steven Mastriacovo

On Dec. 11 just after 6 p.m., a deputy was on patrol in the area of Parkview Drive and Pebble Beach Drive. He saw a blue Ford parked on Pebble Beach Drive at an angle, with all four tires in the street with the running lights of the vehicle on. The deputy reports: “I pulled in behind the vehicle and activated my emergency lights on my marked patrol vehicle and the vehicle began driving down Pebble Beach Drive. I observed the driver of the vehicle, now known to me as Steven Mastriacovo, reaching towards the center console area between the driver and passenger seat. Steven stopped the vehicle in the middle of Pebble Beach Drive (the middle of both travel lanes) before pulling off the side of the roadway. I made contact with Steven and asked him for his driver’s license and vehicle information. Steven appeared to be extremely nervous and his hands were shaking uncontrollably. I asked Steven where he was heading to and Steven advised that he was going to Patric Drive. It should be noted that Steven was across Parkview Drive from Patric Drive and was driving away from Patric Drive. I began to run Steven’s information through FCIC/NCIC as Deputy Welker and his K-9 partner arrived on scene. […] During a search of the vehicle the console directly under the radio (where I had observed Steven reaching) was pulled off and an uncapped needle was located sticking into the rug carpet. Directly next to the needle was a silver spoon containing a blue and white powder consistent with that of a Roxycodone pill. The needle cap was located in the center console. Steven was taken into custody.”

Bent Out of Shape at Carver Gym

Deputy Anthony Marino reports on Dec. 11: “At approximately 2:30 p.m., I was at 203 Drain St. (Carver Gym) with Sergeant Ditolla at a special event. Upon myself and Sergeant Ditolla exiting the Carver Gym, Sergeant Ditolla noticed that the passenger side front bumper to my patrol vehicle was bent up underneath. I advised Sergeant Ditolla that I was unaware of how or when that occurred. This report completed in case any repairs need to be made, however the bend is minor, and the vehicle is still in good operating condition.”

A Suspicious Bullet Casing

On Dec. 11 at 11:26 a.m., a deputy responded to 42 Forest Grove Dr. in Palm Coast and spoke to a local resident who said he’d just observed a Luger FC 9mm empty bullet casing in the driveway at this location. the resident said he was last in his driveway on Dec. 10 at 10:30 p.m., and had not observed the bullet casing at the time. He said he doesn’t own any firearms and does not know where the bullet casing came from. The bullet casing looked clean and was not corroded.

Other Burglaries and Larcenies And Losses

  • Door frame broken around the locks reported at 147 Frankford Lane in Palm Coast on Dec. 13.
  • Vehicle larceny reported at 6 Woodford Lane in Palm Coast on Dec. 13. Among the items stolen: Credit and debit cards, a GPS unit, a radar detector, a cell phone, and a wallet containing $160.
  • Stolen car tag reported on Dec. 13 at 5522 Walnut Avenue in Bunnell. Tag: Florida #037TzS.
  • On Dec. 13, at the intersections of Post View Dr. and Point Pleasant Dr., in the woodline, a deputy located two BMX bikes that had been heavily repainted. One of the bike’s serial numbers was unreadable. The other one had not been reported stolen. Both were taken to the sheriff’s office for safekeeping.
  • Larceny reported on Dec. 11 at 1223 Elder Street in Bunnell, where several clothing items, about $240 worth, were stolen from a vehicle.
  • Larceny reported at 5 Ryecorn Place in Palm Coast on Dec. 11, where a cell phone was reported stolen, though it belonged to a student who wasn’t sure if he’d lost it on a school bus or at Flagler Palm Coast High School.

DUI Arrests

  • Anthony Lafreniera, 44, of Unlawood Place, Palm Coast, on Dec. 12.
  • Erik Seijo, 37, pf Shady Oaks Drive in Palm Coast, on Dec. 12.

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40 Responses for “Flagler 911: The Live Crime Blotter, Dec. 10-14, 2010”

  1. Flaglers Finest says:

    It’s always nice to see those you’ve graduated with doing so much with their lives. Way to go Steve!

  2. rukiddingme says:

    ah..poor Steve Grocki, now he’s a victim. has he checked into alcohol rehab yet? what a miserable excuse for a human.

  3. Hero's mom says:

    Grocki is NO victim. He is a victimizer.

  4. LOL says:

    Steve Grocki, the lowlife, woman abusing, gutless, drunk? Oh wow, big surprise he’d be listed here. Hey STEVE GROCKI (DEISEL-FITTER) did you wear your pink socks for your cell mate?

  5. Barney Smythe says:

    From the 8th to the 12th he sat in jail?? With a bond of $3500?? Were are all his best buddies Jason and Frank?? No one, no even his brother or fiancee, could come up with $350 to get him out??

  6. K says:

    Funny that Grocki wasn’t all that traumatized by his home being burglarized. Sunday night he was out boozing and harassing people at his bowling banquet. Someone had to yell at him for following her around when she was trying to get away from him.

    I don’t believe his home was broken into. I think for some sick reason he is trying to gain sympathy. Looks like the FCSO feels the same way since there were no fingerprints pointing to a perp. Grocki needs help desperately.

  7. Who cares? says:

    I agree with K. Although not much sympathy will be gained by it. Material things mean very little compared to his victim who was robbed of her sense of safety and security in her own home.
    Not to mention that he has attacked a friend of mine for over two years now with vile comments about her son who died.
    It’s either karma or self created, but who really cares?

  8. K says:

    Grocki has harassed a woman who’s son died? How is he doing that and why would any human being harass such a person.

  9. Me says:

    K…because he is gutless and hides behind a computer screen. Lowest of the lowest! I hope you rot in h%ll.

  10. Who cares? says:

    K…….Her son died in an accident about two years ago. He was a war veteran. Grocki used to post on several local message boards. He was constantly telling her that her son was no hero and shouldn’t have had a military funeral because he didn’t die a hero. He has been banned from all the local message boards because he has continued to attack my friend and her deceased son as often as he can.

  11. K says:

    That is horrible! Steve Grocki should be ashamed of himself and should thank God every day that he has never lost a child like that. What kind of person torments a grieving mother like that? He is repulsive.

  12. Chillychick says:

    Grocki is a worm, for sure. But, I see ONE of the ladies he harassed is highlighted in a news story today…

    Great job, Brian’s Mom!!

  13. Contrast says:

    It is only fitting that the DBNJ contains a front page story today, Sunday, about the wonderful thing that the mother that Steve G. has continually attacked has done in her son’s memory.

  14. Contrast says:

    Is there a court date yet, I don’t want to miss this. I would like to attend.

  15. BlueJeanBaby says:

    According to the county website, the court date for Grocki is 1/4/11

  16. Barney Smythe says:

    Yep He’s a real winner!! Arrested again!!


    * BookingID : -10745
    * Booking Number : 2011-00000003
    * Released : No
    * Release Reason :
    * Inmate Number : 1801031863
    * Booking Date : 01/01/2011
    * Photo Number : 11S0CQMM
    * Arresting Agency : Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

  17. Contrast says:

    The stupid jerk got himself arrested and thrown back in jail again this weekend.

  18. Barney Smythe says:

    All his bestest buddies are now back peddling (they do it real good) on how they tried to help him. They really need to go back and read some of their own words, how D just made a mistake, he didn’t mean it, he was just kidding around.
    So now hopefully the drunk with a gun and no self control will be off the streets.

    Oh wait, is Hammond still on the bench?? Nothing but a slap on wrist, if so!

  19. Who cares? says:

    Yes, all the enablers from Flagler Chat are now stating that they tried to help him. That is why they permitted him to remain on that site even after he attacked my friends deceased son and her family. He wasn’t removed until he repeatedly attacked her.
    It’s interesting how his friends tried to help him while they were all out drinking at McCharacters with him. And at Finn’s. And the bowling alley….
    They should all be ashamed of themselves.

  20. rukiddingme says:

    the webmaster at FC must be out of town to allow this post. after all he is drinking partners with him all over town.
    back pedaling? wow they could get a gold medal in that sport. what a bunch of hypocrites.

  21. Barney Smythe says:

    Some of them are better at it like Donna H! She, Jason, Frank D, Mary S, Pam D, Jacqui C, Chrystal R are some of his biggest fans and have support his past actions.

  22. Donna Heiss says:

    Barney, I have wondered why you haven’t mentioned me in the past 2 weeks. Thanks I was getting worried .

    I speak only for myself:

    On the record, I have never supported Mr. Grocki’s actions. I do not know him well, in fact, if you know me at all, you would know I do not socialize on a regular basis. There is no time. I have seen his downward spiral and anyone who has, became quite concerned. People tried to help him in the past get through bad times. That shows me concern for their fellow man. Mr. Grocki is beyond laymen help and needs a professional to sort out the demons he carries and I do hope in time, he becomes well.

    I am not a fan of anyone who is a danger to themself or others. I am however a caring individual with drive and determination to help all who ask and refer them to the proper agency’s if the one I volunteer for dosen’t have the proper resources.

    Let me ask you Barney, why such hatred toward me and my family. I and/or my family have been brought up in several different topics by you, when none of them concerned us. It’s ok. I/we live in a glass house and understand. I guess we are just lucky you have chosen us, at least it spares someone else. If you have the desire to truely find out who me or my family are, we would be more then happy to sit with you over coffee. I suspect I already know who you are. anyway. Our desire is and always will be to help the community.

    I have posted this number for you in the past Barney. Please feel free to use it. 386-586-3149


    Donna Heiss

  23. Barney Smythe says:

    “I do not know him well, There is no time”

    Well I believe I can refresh your memory. It was at the “knighting of the Royal DragonSlayer” (what a joke!!) and the “Queen of Queens” (another joke) was the one doing the ‘knighting’.
    He also has claimed helping with Champs a few times.

    Also the ‘gang’ were spotted drinking with him after his first arrest. Yep that shows a lot of support and concern. Maybe the conversation went like this: Hey buddy, we’re concerned for you. Why don’t you meet us at the bar and we’ll talk about it. Then we can all karaoke!

  24. Donna Heiss says:

    Thanks for the refresher Barney. The knighting of the Royal Dragon Slayer was 3 years ago and it was not Mr. Grocki. Yes, the Queen of Queens did the knighting. It was all in good fun. Her and I stayed about an hour. I remember the evening well, it was cold and rainy.

    Here is the scoop on the Queen of Queens (who you call a joke). She is the president and founder of Champs Help Association Inc. She gave the organization a voice through the titles she held. Miss Florida AQ 2007, Miss Queen of Queens 2008 (a national title) and Miss American Renaissance 2009, also a national title. She performs over 250 hours of community service a year. She is in her junior year at Stetson University on scholorships working on a master’s degree in accounting and minoring in law. She works at a country club and supports herself. She has been honored by the City for Champs. If you would like to call her a joke, then so be it.

    Mr. Grocki gave a monetary donation to Champs for the 50 cents a house program. The donation was $1.00 We thank all who donated to this program.

    I do not know anything about the “gang” drinking with him after his first arrest. I have been battleing a medical condition since Sept 8th.

    I hope I was able to answer those questions for you.

  25. Barney Smythe says:

    Titles she no longer holds. History.
    A city that her daddy works for.
    Going to school, on her own, just like thousands of other kids in this country including my own. Whoo.

    But this isn’t about Amanda. It’s about a POS that you and many others supported for many years on a local forum. And now you all claim you tried to help him. How did you all help him??

  26. Jacqui C (Starfyre @ FC) says:

    Barney, I appreciate you putting my name out there, it was very big of you, as you remain safely anonymous. As to my support of Steve, I did not support him but gave him the benefit of the doubt that he could change if encouraged.

    I have not communicated with him in over a year, have removed him from my friends list, and sent him a message telling him he is in my prayers but I could no longer be friends with someone who was on a destructive path. And the “support” I gave him, I would give any other human being, as I live a life of forgiveness. We ALL fall short of being perfect and some of us have bigger demons then others. Steve is a man that needs help, but only when he is ready to admit he has a problem. Until then, he will continue to be arrested and lose all that he values. Just because we cared about him, and did not want to see him head down the path he is on, does not make us bad people- it makes us people with hearts that care.

    As to the “gang” I know nothing of this, as I do not drink, I do not go out, and have been going to school this past year. I have never gone drinking with any of those you mentioned, and have never gone drinking with Steve or anyone on the list you spouted off. I have not condoned Steves behavior, and have said so many times. I simply was hopeful that with loving support, and encouragement, he would see what he was doing was harmful and stop. I was wrong, as so were many others. Being wrong makes us human, not monsters or enablers. IT is unfortunate we were wrong, it is sad he is wasting his life and I will continue to pray for him, always.

  27. Chrystal R says:

    You got my name wrong Barney Smyth. 2nd, BIG WORDS from someone using a FAKE name.

    I actually voted for him to be banned TWICE. I also voted NOT to EVER reinstate his account. I got really ticked off when other members wanted him back too. Before you make FALSE claims about my actions, learn WHO I am and what I DID. You post LIES here.

  28. Contrast says:

    Is it necessary to attack a young lady who hasn’t posted here and isn’t involved with the jerk who this is about?

  29. Chrystal R says:

    What I find troubling and childish is this Barney person bringing in other people’s REAL names to smear them. Did they support Steve at one time or another, YES. But obviously he didn’t keep up. Many have dropped their support of him a long time ago. And the last stragglers stopped their communication with him on the first arrest. To now make a smear campaign of FC and members there is childish and a bit….obsessive. Last I saw, this was about a man’s arrest for DUI, stalking, and trespass. To drag years old stories into it and people who have had nothing to do with the man for some time, or even ever, is ridiculous…I sense someone needs a new hobby

  30. Donna Heiss says:

    Geez, get your facts straight. She will always hold those titles.

    Her daddy does not work for the City, never has.

    I’m glad your children are also going to school on their own. It shows responsibility. I commend you.

    I do not know how others tried to help him. I was not involved in that. What I do know is only a professional can help at this point.

    You are the one that made it about Amanda, not me. Offer stands for coffee. My number is in a post above.

  31. Chrystal R says:

    On this smear campaign of Amanda….as Donna said…get your FACTS STRAIGHT!!! You don’t even know WHO you are talking about!!! The man who was “knighted”, was Frank. I was not there that night, but I lended some things to Donna and Amanda for it. The nicknames given to Amanda and Frank are in GOOD FUN. Nothing more.

    Though Amanda, for ALL her HARD work with HER CHARITY, she IS a Queen of Queens. Since you seem so bored, getting all your “facts” mixed up, Barney, why not do something better with your time, and volunteer with a local charity?

  32. Chrystal R says:

    Last thing…to Barney. Let me put this into prospective for ya.

    Steve Grocki harassed a local mother who’s military son died on the job here in Florida after he served over seas. Steve has made it his mission to attack a mother and her son.

    You are attacking a mother and her daughter….That makes you in the SAME league as Steve Grocki as far as I am concerned. I implore you to stop. Otherwise, I won’t be surprised if its YOUR picture and REAL NAME we see on this blotter for HARASSMENT AND DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER if you continue a smear campaign against this charitable family.

  33. Barb Witt says:

    I forgot to mention that Steve Grocki’s comment about my son not being a hero was when he questioned why his service was to be held in the National Cemetery in Bushnell.

    My son was a war vet, and therefore entitled.

    And to Steve’s recent comment asking how much insurance money I got when my son died?


  34. Barb Witt says:

    I was going to try and remain silent on this, but since I seem to be a topic of conversation on FC and I can’t post there, I am ready to weigh in here.

    But first, I want to thank those here (and on FC) who offered kind words about my son, and the Christmas project under his name and for support here.

    And now a few words about Flagler Chat:

    First to PCTim…I am not “Older Member”. Nor am I any of the other many people I have been accused of being over the last two years. It’s flattering to be a legend over there, but I don’t post on that site, except professionally. And I’m questioning whether that is wise or not given the behavior over there.

    It was kindly mentioned by Tim that I was booted off the site BEFORE Diesel condemned my deceased son. That is correct. I was booted off FC after I exposed a hidden part of the site that I was given access to accidentally. A hidden part of the site where I found severely offensive comments posted about me and another member. Please remember that when you remind people I am a banned member.

    Yes, I was the unpopular member who made people a little ashamed of themselves. One who had not only offended me in their secret spot on the forum, but had also been allowed to lie for days with false accusations about me. I exposed her lies, one by one, by unraveling everything she said with assistance from the FCSO and then was not allowed to post the information to clear my name. Just another reminder. I feel it’s necessary so I can outline here what happen with Steven Grocki,

    My son’s funeral arrangements were posted. I used my sisters account to thank people for their condolences. They kept coming and it felt wrong to me not to respond. When I did, Steve replied that Brian died in an industrial accident, not at war and therefore was no hero. He questioned why his service was being held in a National Cemetery. My son spent 15 months in Iraq and yes, died at home after his service to this country. He was entitled to a military service with honors. He was electrocuted trimming trees in St. Augustine. Working hard and honestly and did not deserve an attack by Grocki on Flagler Chat. Neither did I deserve it, nor my family. People can google “Brian Witt, St Augustine” for details of his accident and the worst day of my life.

    As I was reminded so many times (especially when Leslie was trashing my reputation on there)…FC is a private forum and the webmaster’s “living room.” So things like freedom of speech, and ethics don’t apply…it’s all up to the forum and the few ass kissers who rule the roost.

    You would think this “private forum” would be ashamed that another member was allowed to attack a dead 26 year old and his family. You would think that they booted him out of that living room. But…no…..they were told to take a “vote” to see if he can remain.

    And this is important: There were several good people who detested what he did and wanted him out of there.

    But not enough. The majority voted him to remain and slapped his wrist.

    He did it again. Same attack.

    This time they suspended him for a couple weeks.

    Only after he attacked my son for a third time, did they finally write him out of there.

    I don’t know how Chrystal voted. I will take her word she wanted him banned. However, I was also told by her and others that the vote speaks.

    And yes Jaqui…you defended him MANY times. I don’t care if it was because of God or whoever, you defended him over and over. It’s called “enabling” and that word was directed at you many times, but you refused to listen. Only now, when you would be the lone defender, do you retract.

    But you weren’t alone. Coco, Biker and many others…while issuing little “lectures” on the forum would be out drinking with him at various bars throughout Palm Coast.

    I have remained outside of that forum. But I am absolutely not going accept the ridiculous comments coming from that Forum. You were trying to help a drunk by going out drinking with him? Do you people forget that you post your drinking escapades, many times with pics, and Steve is most often amongst you? I would respect all of you more if you’d just say that you were wrong.

    I was accused today of being “Older Member.” That also compelled me to comment here before you accuse me of being “Barney Smythe” too. I admire what Donna and Amanda do, and I know the effort it takes to work on charity, and I think the comments posted by Smythe are pretty despicable. I will direct Donna to ignore it and hope it goes away.

    Much like all of you used to say about Steve. But he never stopped, did he? Every opportunity he could find to attack my son, he seized. And yet…so many of you who are now speaking out against him….still continued to drink with him and to have a friendship with him.

    Maybe you guilty ones should just consider not saying anything at all – you would look much less foolish.

    P.S. I am reposting this. My first post contained a link to my email and the real (first) names of Coco and Biker and was sent to be moderated. I am moderating the names. The only other real names used are in response to names used here for comments

  35. Jacqui C (Starfyre @ FC) says:

    And I agree with Donna… the place and time Barney, and let us talk over coffee. Cause maybe if you got to know me, you would know I have nothing to do with Steve, or his drinking. I don’t go out, and have not been to any of the local spots in over three years. I do not condone his behavior, I am concerned about the safety of us all because he seems to be getting MUCH worse, and if I had the authority, would see him Baker Acted before he does some real harm to someone.

  36. Chrystal R says:

    Barb, I posted publicly on at least one of his banned threads as well as the reinstatement idea thread, my vote to ban him (keep him banned). Those threads are long buried and you may not be able to read them, but they are there. I didn’t just want him banned, I asked for him to be. I also sent him a message telling him why. That I felt he needs to take a look at himself and I didn’t want him to use the forum as his personal blog to attack you and others.

    Being this Barney fellow has posted in 3-4 articles smearing them, it won’t stop. He is another Steve in the making if you ask me. I think, like Steve, a visit in front of the judge may be the closest thing for a cure of his lying lips.

  37. Jacqui C (Starfyre @ FC) says:

    Well Barb seeing how you see fit to give your side, let me add to this. Yes, I “defended” Steve, only because I had not know him as long as you all said you did, and I felt to give him the benefit of the doubt. Yes, EVERYONE deserves a second chance, just as I extended to you even though we had our differences.

    You seem to leave out the part where you were a member of another site, one in which you would go and bash all those who even whiffed at supporting Steve, and you were quite vulgar about it at times. I gave you the benefit of the doubt because you were grieving for your son. Then, I joined that site, to offer an olive branch, and to post my condolences to you personally. Lets just say, what happened there next, was nothing short of a lynch mob, and the language would make a sailor blush. You also called me a few choice names. I left that site, and never tried to speak to you again.

    As to me being an “enabler” I do not, nor have I ever spent any time with Steve, I simply spoke MY OPINION that he deserved to be given a chance, to be encouraged to be a better person. I will stand by that still today. He is a human being, a child of God, and it is NOT for me to judge him. I can only offer him help if and when he seeks it. Did I make a mistake in thinking he could be saved? Maybe. I hope not. I want to believe everyone can be saved from their demons.

    As to anyone that hung out with Steve, that was not me. I do not, and have not, gone drinking with anyone from Flagler Chat or anywhere else. The FEW times I would go out, it would be to a restaurant bar, and would be to meet people, get something to eat, and put a face to the name. I have never been out drinking with Steve, and I would certainly never encourage him to do so.

    So before you slander people on a public site, give some thought to it and make sure you are prepared for the “facts” on both sides to be posted. You were no better at times, and it takes two to make a fight. Steve has his demons, as do all of us. May God help us all.

  38. Barb Witt says:

    It’s good that you voted to ban him Chrystal, but I still remember posts where you (and others) said that I used to instigate Steve. And I challenged all of you, over and over, to show me where. I didn’t talk to him. Where others found him amusing, I found him to be obnoxious. I ignored him with the exception of defending friends he attacked. No one ever produced a post where I instigated him. I suspect his encouragement came from those people in the circle he drank with.
    I’m curious why Donna isn’t getting the same advice everyone gave me? Just ignore him. He’s instigating and getting the attention he wants.
    Everyone is all of a sudden very understanding because Donna’s child is getting attacked.
    Well, so was mine. And he isn’t here to fight for himself.
    Donna probably SHOULD ignore him. However, I know how it feels and how terribly hard it is to do that. And I’m sorry that this jerk is attacking two good people and I hope someone figures out who it is.
    He is a coward. Hides under a screen name. I have no respect for that.

  39. Biker says:

    Barney is this person for real? Just for the record I do not support Diesel as a matter of fact I detest him. I hope they keep him locked up for a long time.

  40. Barney Smythe says:

    THIS IS NOT ABOUT AMANDA. She has done nothing wrong. She played their little game knighting Frank while POS played the court jester.
    Donna said “there is no time” and I just refreshed her memory.

    As for Barb’s son, YES he is a hero. He deserved every honor one who serves their country should have. It is very admirable that Barb has keep his name alive through Brian’s Kids. Brava. I hope to see that get larger every year.

    As for POS, his abuse of others started before the death of Barb’s son with the fat girls and coven comments. The hero remark just happened to be the straw that broke the camels back.

    I agree with Biker. He should be locked up long time.

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