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Trump Said He Would Protect Families, Then Deported My Husband

| February 12, 2019

Deportation strikes. (Shutterstock)

Deportation strikes. (Shutterstock)

By Cindy Garcia

A year ago, my husband Jorge was torn from our family and deported to Mexico after living peacefully in the United States for nearly 30 years, working and raising a family with me in suburban Detroit. Just a few weeks later, I was invited by my congresswoman to attend President Trump’s State of the Union address and listened carefully to his words as he promised to “protect” Americans from immigrants like my husband.

In his State of the Union speech this year,  Trump again ratcheted up his divisive message and fear-mongering. But his attacks on immigrants don’t make us safer, and they do nothing to help the millions of American citizens who are struggling financially.

Let me tell you from firsthand experience here in Michigan: Immigrants don’t steal jobs. Jobs are lost when corporate executives decide to close factories and cash in while workers are laid off.

My husband never posed a threat to anyone in his entire life. He had no criminal record, not even a parking ticket. We spent a lot of time and money on lawyers for years trying to find a way for Jorge to become a citizen. He was a good provider and good neighbor. Both America and my family were diminished the day he was taken from us.

Since the beginning of his campaign, Donald Trump has stoked fear to move people to support him, and will say anything to keep fanning the flames.

Trump could have offered real solutions that would help struggling families get health care, safe homes, fair wages, and good jobs. Instead, he uses racism and fear to keep people divided and distracted while his billionaire buddies get tax cuts and make bigger profits.

other-wordsHe said nothing about the millions of Americans who suffered through the government shutdown when he couldn’t get his way on a wall most Americans don’t want. We’re supposed to be a democracy, but now he’s desperately grabbing power and threatening to declare an illegal and unconstitutional national emergency to force his wall through.

Not only does this anti-immigrant hysteria do nothing for security  it also undermines the economy. When immigrants have permission to work legally, their incomes rise, our towns thrive, and our whole economy grows for everyone. But by removing the paths to citizenship, he creates a permanent underclass who risk being fired without notice, like the employees at his country clubs.

A wall won’t protect us from the demons in Donald Trump’s head. So how do we protect our families from Donald Trump?

To start with, we should help the Dreamers like Trump said he would. Jorge, my husband, was just a year too old to qualify for it, but the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program has helped hundreds of thousands of young people who, like Jorge, have called America home most of their lives.

We also pinned our hopes on DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans) which would have allowed people like my husband to stay after they’d been here so long they’d put down roots and started a family. Instead, in Trump’s America, my husband was ripped from us and sent to a country he has never known.

Trump’s actions are perfectly clear: He’s not interested in keeping us safe, making families strong, or keeping his promises to Dreamers. He’s only interested in staying in power and lining his friends’ pockets.

Well, I’ve got news for him: People aren’t buying these divisive and and hate-filled lies. We know better. We’re demanding solutions that keep families, like mine, together.

Cindy Garcia was born in Michigan and is raising her three children in suburban Detroit. She’s a member of Michigan United, part of the People’s Action network.

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30 Responses for “Trump Said He Would Protect Families, Then Deported My Husband”

  1. Percy's mother says:


    Most Americans DO WANT the wall. Not sure where you’re getting your information.

    If he (the husband) was illegal, he could be deported, any time, any way.

    When I was a legal resident (Green card), I could have been deported at any time . . . it goes with the territory.

    I’m tired of people playing the “victim” card. He was illegal, so deportation was always in the cards. Disobey immigration laws and life situation is not on your side.

    Be legal in all respects and there isn’t usually a problem.

    No sympathy here.

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    Thank you Cindy for bringing these things to our attention. I would hope that if more people were paying attention to what is being said by the actual immigrants and their families they would realize what is being told to them by trump and fox news, et al, is completely and utterly phony. There is indeed fake news…BUT it is coming out of Limbaugh, Fox, etc. These right wing media work hard to keep the 30% base (and dropping) all worked up and fearful. A fearful person is much easier to control and manipulate.

  3. Derrick Redder says:

    To bad, they should have taken you to for harboring a fugitive and foreign invader. If you’re so distraught and in love move to Mexico.

  4. Joe says:

    Why didn’t he apply to become a citizen? How do you know most Americans don’t want the wall? Why do you blame everyone else for Jorge’s breaking of our laws?

  5. Dora says:

    Wow…30 yrs here and didnt have time to legalize .what other country would allow that? Legal or Illegal? Choice was yours for 30 yrs

  6. Brian says:

    ” We’re demanding solutions that keep families, like mine, together.” Yeah, well Cindy – Trump is demanding solutions that keep families like those of Ronil Singh, Mollie Tibbetts, and Kate Steinle together.

  7. Hmm says:

    “Not only does this anti-immigrant hysteria do nothing for security”

    Your anti-Trump hysteria does nothing to forward the debate. Touche.

    FlaglerLive – I look forward to columns supporting the other side of the immigration debate so we can get a balanced view of the issue in the local paper, especially since Cindy Garcia appears to be highly partisan based on her credentials.

  8. Richard says:

    Wow, are you one messed up hateful individual! Trump has NEVER promoted deporting law abiding non-US residents. However he DOES want to rid this country of the criminal illegal immigrants if caught and incarcerated. SO which is it, was your husband a law abiding resident or not? You never stated WHY he was deported only that he was after living in this country “peacefully for nearly 30 years”.

    I specifically know of one friend from Thailand who has lived in Los Angeles for over 20 years as an illegal immigrant who just recently received her 10 year “green” permanent resident card. Her son who once became of age acquired an immigration lawyer, submitted the forms and fees to apply for her green card residency. Once she did her biometrics and went through her interview, she received her permanent residence card less than one week after the interview.

    So maybe you should have spent your hard earned money on better immigration lawyers as the process is not that difficult unless of course the individual has some “shady” background. SO which is it?

  9. palmcoaster says:

    Where have gone the Human Rights in our Democratic Republic under this lying POTUS. He promised to only deport criminals and delinquents and LIED why he exempts his wife and her parents from all our immigration laws. While abusing his power against Latinos violating as well the image also of our Lady in the NY Bay!!
    Where our compassion has gone?

  10. marty b. says:

    How come in 30 years he didn’t apply for citizenship?

  11. Rojer Perkins says:

    I’m a 1st generation immigrant, so are most of my relatives; some that we not, spent some years in refugee locations before coming back legally. The situation you’re in took place a long time ago, before Trump became president. Why is it all his fault?
    I learned English within 6 months (13 YO ) and my parents spent years trying to do so. Like your family we were never on government assistance or welfare. For this country to succeed we all have to become part of it, not carve out reasons not to; speak only Spanish, not becoming a citizen, flying old country flag, etc.
    Your comments are simply belligerent, and they have no merit; did you have the same views about Obama when he was president?
    Lastly, I also own property in Mexico. Mexico does not allow foreigners to own property outright.
    I can only enter the country with a valid passport and a Mexican visa. To get a permanent visa I have to have proven funds in my bank account so I’m not a drain on the Mexican social system. When I have to go to the hospital, I have to pay cash for all services or I don’t get to leave it.
    How do you think Mexico would treat me if my visa expired?
    All we are asking is that you follow the rules and laws as they exist in your own country; NOTHING MORE!
    Yes, the harshest critics of your situation are other legal immigrants; because we have been there and struggled to become part of this country. We did not want special rights, we did not want pity, all we wanted was a fair chance to succeed.

  12. Bill says:

    First sorry for your personal pain BUT he was NOT an immigrant he was a ILLEGAL alien. I think there is more to this then is being said. ILLEGAL aliens for the most part are NOT being rounded up and deported back home. MOST Americans do want some sort of boarder wall to keep ILLEGALS from crossing ILLEGALLY. The mention of this Nation being a “democracy” is WRONG it is a Republic a Nation built on Laws that are meant to apply to all Americans equally. He knowingly broke the Law in coming here ILLEGALLY and all the other laws that where broken on his staying working and so on here ILLEGALLY.

  13. Proud American says:

    While I emphasize with this family and their suffering, blaming Trump for this is wrong. The father cane here ILLEGALLY! His first act to gain entry here was to BREAK THE LAWS of this country. Just because he lived here without breaking ANOTHER law does not change the FACT that he broke the law to gain access to the benefits of this country. That is like saying “Well he only murdered someone once- he hasn’t killed anyone since then!” While I believe we need to amend the laws and make a way for someone who has led a good, productive life to be able to apply and gain citizenship, we also need to stop the emotionalism and feeding the flames of hate towards our current President. Many of the Presidents BEFORE Trump took similar actions regarding the immigration- he is the first to ENFORCE those laws. We need the wall, control the influx, then address reform of existing laws.

  14. FlaglerLady84 says:

    Mrs. Garcia, and I mean this with all due respect, your husband was not an “immigrant”. He was an illegal alien who over the course of 30 years chose to never make strides toward becoming a legal citizen of this country or have legal status. I can understand and feel for the pain that you are going through but that was a risk that he decided to take. One of my closest friends is a legal immigrant from the Philippines. He and his family had to jump through rings of fire to become legal, but they are some of the proudest citizens you’ll come across and the first to denounce people that jump the line and be forgiven for it.

    To be honest, the way our country is going, I would love to move to Australia or even Britain… should I show up on their door step and tell them to just deal with me whether I’m a contributing person or not? Of course not and these other countries don’t allow that anyway.

    I am very sorry for what you are going through and I hope there is some sort of agreement that can be made to bring your husband back to the US. However, it’s not fair that others who spent thousands upon thousands of dollars and did things the right, legal way should be given the same rights as people who didn’t sacrifice the same.

  15. john says:

    I say it’s wrong to tear the family apart deport them all

  16. Outside Looking Out says:

    Sorry Cindy but your husband was here ILLEGALLY. He is and has been a criminal for 30 years. If you had gone to his country illegally, you would be in prison. Don’t blame the president for your husbands discretions. No, America was not diminished when your criminal husband was deported. One less illegal alien out of our country. If you want to be with your criminal husband, MOVE. One less liberal idiot out of our country. If you want to live in our country, do it legally.

  17. Michael Bolchunas says:

    I am sorry but your husband failed your family for 30 years… No way in hell he paid money to lawyers and didn’t legalize himself for 30 years… Don’t feel sorry for your family for a second…

  18. Nancy Allen says:

    Way to stoke your biased liberal views on all of Flagler County. What’s your agenda here other than to stoke fear and hate. Trump is still your President as well as my President and many Americans agree that a wall is needed. Save your hate and negative comments as our President is working hard to protect American citizens. Build the damned wall now!

    • Pierre Tristam says:

      Nancy, the guy stoking fear and hate is your president, not the author of this column, who’s merely contrasting your president’s claims with an unfortunate reality that unfortunately leaves you unmoved.

  19. john says:

    deported the whole family to Mexico

  20. Richard says:

    This article appears to have “moved” a vast number of individuals maybe not in the way you would have anticipated but I guess that’s life versus snowflakes.

  21. TT says:

    Adios Jorge! This article is diarrhea. The man was here illegally. In 30 years it never occurred to him to apply for citizenship?? Go play the sympathy card elsewhere Cindy!

  22. Pogo says:

    @The putrid soul of flagler county on display

    Too bad Jorge is gone and the spray tanned liar is still here. Gotta admit it – rump’s followers are as good as it itself is

    But hey, donald j rump is maga:

    A Record 7 Million Americans Are 90 Days Behind on Their Auto Loan Payments

    By Natasha Bach February 12, 2019

    Unemployment is low and the economy is booming, but many Americans are struggling to pay their bills.

    The price of prescription medications is rising exponentially, tax refunds are shrinking – but rump has time to blow 50 large on a golf toy for his executive playpen at 1600.

    doG bless ‘murica!!!

  23. Bill says:

    palmcoaster says:
    February 13, 2019 at 7:36 am
    Where have gone the Human Rights in our Democratic Republic under this lying POTUS. He promised to only deport criminals and delinquents and LIED why he exempts his wife and her parents from all our immigration laws.

    President Trump has NOT “exempts” his wife and her parents from our immigration laws THEY FOLLOWED THEM IN COMING HERE.

  24. Agkistrodon says:

    He is also YOUR President Pierre. I served this country for nearly 30 years under 5 Presidents starting with Reagan. They were NOT all of my political persuasion, but they were in fact ALL my Presidents. Maybe YOU are NOT as American as you think, Maybe YOU are prejudiced against an entire Political party.

  25. deb says:

    An illegal is an illegal. The man had plenty of time to apply for US citizenship or even a work visa.

    “Immigrants don’t steal jobs. Jobs are lost when corporate executives decide to close factories and cash in while workers are laid off.”, well they actually do. illegals work for less and US Farmers take advantage of that. It saves their bottom line.

  26. Sherry says:

    Surprise! Hate filled racism alive and well in Flagler County!

  27. Edith Campins says:

    I know it is useless to argue facts to trump supporters but i keep hoping they still have some intelligence, some humanity left.
    Illegal immigration is at a decades low number per the Border Patrol official statistics.
    Out national debt is at an unprecedented number and no trump isn’t paying it down like he said he would.
    China and Japan hold approximately 30% of our debt. The point is that we can’t afford a wall.
    Mexico is not paying for the wall as trump promised.
    Walls are old technology that won’t stop tunnels, boats or the majority of drugs that come in through legal points of entry, according to Us Customs, Border Patrol and other government agencies.
    If greedy American businesses used E-verify they wouldn’t employ illegals. They do so because they can pay them less, provide them no healthcare and let them work in unsafe conditions, no Americans will do that.
    If you build a 30 foot wall, someone will build a 31 foot ladders.
    trump has no actual plan for building the wall, no location,cost or materials figures at all. What will a wall actually cost? No one knows.
    I know someone, a trump supporter, who once claimed there were more illegals living in California than the entire, official population of the state. No facts to base the assertion on but simply the kind of rhetoric that creates fear.
    There is no border emergency, as demonstrated by trump playing golf in Florida after declaring the emergency.
    A wall will not address the problem of illegals who simply overstay their visas.
    Why can’t we work together to devise some actual, workable solutions, a wall is not a solution.

  28. Agkistrodon says:

    Edith You now as well as I do That Politicians, BOTH r’s and d’s, do NOT want to solve the immigration issue. The proof is how they have PROMISED to for as LONG as I can remember, But they NEVER do. They simply use it as a tool to get votes.

  29. Jake says:

    Had 30 years to do the right thing. Should have came here legally. Just curious how an illegal pays taxes, carries car insurance, obtains health care etc

    But you are right, all criminals no matter the crime should be left alone so long as they are peaceful.

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