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Flagler Commission in 3-2 Vote Accepts Craig Coffey’s Resignation, Effective Friday

| January 9, 2019

Administrator Craig Coffey addressing the county commission this evening as he presented his resignation plan. (c FlaglerLive)

Administrator Craig Coffey addressing the county commission this evening as he presented his resignation plan. (c FlaglerLive)

Last Updated: Thursday, 11:39 a.m.

The Flagler County Commission this evening accepted County Administrator Craig Coffey’s resignation, who said Friday will be his last day.

The commission accepted the resignation plan in a 3-2 vote at a special meeting, and agreed to meet Monday to decide on an interim succession.  There is no interim manager picked at the moment. The meeting achieved what Coffey and commissioners hoped it would, ahead of a planned meeting next Monday when Coffey’s fate was to be decided: by pre-empting that meeting with his own resignation proposal, Coffey muted the potential for a public flogging and gave him the opportunity to better control the manner of his departure.

The resignation ends an 11-year tenure that started in late 2007 and that saw Coffey survive a previous attempts to fire him, but that soured precipitously in the past year, largely because of his handling of the Sheriff’s Operations Center: the evacuated and apparently sick building, which sickened more than two dozen employees who worked there, turned into an uncelebrated mausoleum for Coffey’s tenure as he downplayed and at times ridiculed employees’ claims.

Commission Chairman Don O’Brien, Commissioners Joe Mullins and Dave Sullivan were for an immediate separation, sealing Coffey’s fate. Commissioners Greg Hansen and Charlie Ericksen favored keeping Coffey for six months, but start a search for his replacement immediately.

Sullivan, for the third time in three weeks, provided the key third vote on a major issue: although he had previously favored keeping Coffey for a few months longer, tonight he cast his decision as going along with that of Coffey, who began this evening’s meeting by making his resignation offer: an immediate resignation, effective Friday, with severance and health benefits for 20 weeks, and agreement on all sides not to disparage the other.  The agreement was worded as an amendment to Coffey’s contract.

“I’m basically in agreement with that amendment as written,” Sullivan said. “This is Mr. Coffey’s decision to come forward with this amendment and therefore I will support that amendment as drafted.”

Hansen said that since the county is facing more than two dozen projects, it would be wiser to keep Coffey for a few months more. Ericksen said likewise, though he reserved most of his initial comments–some of them grossly inaccurate–to defend Sally Sherman, the deputy administrator who tendered her resignation late Tuesday evening.

O’Brien and Mullins said it was better to make a decision now rather than stretch it out.  “Once a decision is made, we need to move on and we need to get started as soon as possible with a new vision and a new direction for this county,” O’Brien said.

It was a near-full house at the commission meeting room, with numerous people wearing black t-shirts emblazoned with social-media-era emojis that spell out Fire Coffey, echoing the Facebook page of the same name created by Flagler County Sheriff’s employees a few weeks ago. Many in the audience were ready to speak, especially if it appeared as if the commission would not have the three votes necessary to end Coffey’s tenure immediately. But it was obvious minutes into the meeting, when Mullins made the motion to accept the resignation and Sullivan seconded, that the deal was done.

Commissioners followed their rules and opened the floor to public comment. But the vote was clear: Coffey would be gone by Friday. That left speakers to either to address Coffey’s legacy in the form of appreciative elegies, as former County Commissioner George Hanns did, or in the form of verbal blades triumphantly twisted in Coffey’s wounds, as was the case with former County Commission candidate Jane Gentile-Youd, who ended her three minutes with “good riddance.” One sheriff’s employee said Coffey owes sheriff’s employees an apology.

Others, like Sheriff Rick Staly, whose opposition to Coffey provided one of the deepest nails in his tenure’s coffin, addressed the commission with an eye to the future for the Sheriff;s Operations Center and his employees. Former County Commissioner Alan Peterson, who also served as a Palm Coast City Council member (and was among those who hired ex-Manager Jim Landon) advised the commission to take more time to hire replacement for Coffey and top staffers.

Coffey’s resignation means that those of his deputy, Sally Sherman, and his human resources director, Joe Mayer, will become effective Jan. 30. Others may yet follow, as Coffey’s tenure built the sort of loyalty that reflects itself in just that sort of resignation: when directors lose their manager, they also lose their job security’s only shield.

Sherman had been at the center of a controversy when Coffey re-hired her the day after she “retired” last February, putting in effect a double-dipping ploy while evading state law’s requirement that an employee so retiring in Florida’s retirement system remains off the job for at least six months. Her re-hire as a consultant cost the county more money than it had when she was employed. The details of the plan were kept from commissioners until they were revealed in press reports.

“I have a bad taste in my mouth with the remarks that was made about this talented women,” Ericksen said. “She was accused of double-dipping, she went by the FRS program, that’s the way it is, you call it what you want, it’s not what it is,” he said, inaccurately: the law was written specifically to prevent such ploys. Ericksen then made unsubstantiated charges–that the revelations were motivated by sexism and racism: “The comments came from men who don’t like women in the position, and then express it, and there are some people who don’t like it because they think of the way of the 1960s, if you know what I mean.”

Mullins, moments before the 6:21 p.m. vote, ended the meeting with a plea for “healing.” (“How does it feel to topple an entire county structure without any plan in place?” Linda Hansen, Greg Hansen’s wife and the sharper operative of the pair, wrote FlaglerLive’s editor Thursday morning. “You must feel very good this morning! You and John Walsh.” Walsh is the Palm Coast Observer’s publisher. “King makers, I believe you call yourselves. Congratulations, you have destroyed a government which you have hated so badly. Now what? Welcome to complete chaos, which you helped to create. And the responsibility which you will bear. I’ll be watching.”)

When the Palm Coast City Council fired Jim Landon a few months ago, Landon immediately slipped out a side door. After the commission’s vote tonight, Coffey remained in his seat, and afterward stayed around to chat with colleagues, shake hands with many people, reminisce about not-so old times about his tenure, all the while smiling broadly and reminding some of his staffers he’d be at work at 6 a.m. Thursday. His last conversation in the room was with Staly, who had been among his harshest critics over the last few months. Staly extended his hand and said, “I wish you the best.” The two shook hands, and Coffey walked out.

36 Responses for “Flagler Commission in 3-2 Vote Accepts Craig Coffey’s Resignation, Effective Friday”

  1. Ben Hogarth says:

    I’m glad to see that Mr. Coffey finally did the right thing by making it easier on everyone and resigning professionally and amicably.

    My only recommendation for Monday would be to select an interim manager who was not part of the current administration.

    From my own professional experience, bringing back Kevin Guthrie would be a great choice, as I have stated in previous articles. I’m hesitant to rely on FCCMA as their organization tends to be a bit “cliquey” and I know that current administration had some close relationships there. There are highly reputable managers within the organization, but I would be concerned about being misled on specific choices.

    But look at the good news – it’s only up from here.

  2. Kane says:

    For those of that have seen the movie We Are Marshall you will understand. In the movie the twin lost their entire football team in a tragic airplane crash. With only a few members left and a ton of heart they continued the football program with a new coach. The county has very talented people in position to keep the County projects moving forward and on time. The TEAM will continue to bring quality work and commitment. Thank you commissioners O’Brian , Mullen’s & Sullivan for supporting the men and woman of Law Enforcment .

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    Well the BOCC showed it’s true colors with the handling of Coffey Gate. You let this man resign with 20 weeks of severance and health benefits. All after a documented record of performance issues and misconduct. Way to go !!

    When Coffey terminated county employees and pushed others out was he so generous? I don’t think so. Yet he has the BOCC so cowed they were afraid to terminate him with cause. What kind of information did Coffey collect to achieve this?

    Our esteemed BOCC has failed this county. They have let one man build an empire and jeopardize the financial well being of this county by ram rodding major contracts with little over sight. A job that our Council men had but failed to do.

    I am imploring our unions to do what they did to try and push Coffey out. I think a vote of NO CONFIDENCE is needed for our current Commissioners. They obviously had role reversal issues and worked for Coffey instead of the other way around.

    Hopefully Coffey’s next employer’s do a more thorough reference check.

    Shame on you Flagler County Board Of County Commissioners.

  4. DoubleGator says:

    Easy to destroy and hard to build. Petty politics at work. Staley needs to step up with thoughts on building repair or support for county taxes for a new grand building. Mullins needs to lead the charge for new taxes for new sheriff campus. Someone will get a sweetheart deal to buy the repairable building unless someone finishes the job to determine the actual condition of existing building. Will be interesting to see outcome of workers comp claims. Flagler Live scoop awaiting?

  5. Flabbergasted says:

    One needs to simply look and fault the current and former Commissioners that blindly supported Coffey and Sherman and for enabling the Coffee regime to go unchecked.

    The Coffey legacy will be one of mistrust and political maneuvering for his personal benefit and not the well being of County constituents.

    Erickson and Hansen still are unable to except the reality that the unmanaged Coffey Administration will have long lasting detrimental impacts on Flagler County.

    Perhaps Sherman can find Coffey a new residence in her county……………..

  6. John Boy says:

    Anyone who has been around for year’s could see Bobby Ginn wearing a Joe Mullins mask!

  7. Flagler County Citizen says:

    I wonder what this might mean for county employees. There’s not going to be a county administrator or a deputy administrator, nor will there be a Human Resource Director or a Community Services Director. I wonder if the county employees have been given any information about this and how to move forward. How with HR complaints be handled? What happens if there are gaps in employment? Who is taking over the projects spearheaded by these individuals in the interim?

  8. Insider says:

    Ben – aren’t you a past employee who failed your probationary period? Do you have faith in Guthrie because your mother, the County’s Library manager, (Holly Albanese) believes she has a shot at being part of what will be the new administration if Guthrie returns? Cold day in hell before either of them have any reigns in this County. New blood is needed not tainted blood.

  9. County employee says:

    I couldn’t stand listening to Mullins talk about Flagler County. He swooped in and spent stupid money to win an election in county he knows nothing about. Now he wreaks havoc without knowledge of the history of what he voted on. He disgusts me.

  10. Did you use vasoline says:

    Concerned Citizen—I couldn’t agree with you more. Our commissioners, including you Mullins have given away thousands of dollars to Coffey when there was no reason to do so. The man should have and probably would have left whether he got what he wanted or not to prevent from being fired. Where was there ever any discussion and attempt made to protect our tax dollars? You Commissioners are all failures and have just let Coffey out maneuver every one of you again! Do you really think any work will get done in the next 2 days???? Come on, wake up. You never let a terminated if employee who resigned because they had to keep their security badge and keys for a few more days. Especially one who has access to what you Commissioners don’t! Mullins, you probably won’t have anything to toot about on social media now, but I hope you recognize that Hadeed needs to be next. How about amending contracts in advance to remove bonus’! Coffey got a bonus for putting the screws to the BOCC and tax payers, all because this BOCC have no male hormones.

  11. Glad They Are Gone! says:

    @Flagler County Citizen
    First off, thank you for considering the employees! However, your concern is misplaced. It should not be about the ramifications of the ABSENCE of these three tyrants, but rather, about how much we endured in their presence.

    Joe Meyer did not handle HR complaints. He ignored them, or better yet, allowed for and covered up blatantly obvious retaliatory actions to occur when HR complaints were filed. Did Sally Sherman know? Unequivocally yes, and she not only did nothing when presented evidence of this, but not to be outdone, made sure she got in on further retaliation! Craig knew about all of this, but as his other unscrupulous actions and motives that have been brought to light recently demonstrate, it wasn’t something he would bat an eyelash at. I’ll give him credit though, he isn’t an idiot. He knew to get rid of several very good people before they could have exposed his wrongdoings

    I say good riddance!

  12. Ben Hogarth says:

    Insider, I would check your facts before making outrageous claims considering the only truth in what you stated was that I have a family member who works in the county. Ironically, county administration didn’t even get the paperwork correct in my probation 3 years ago so when I resigned from the county and took a much better position elsewhere, I was long past any such probationary period. I’m sure administration spun my departure from the county to whatever narrative befitted their motivations at the time. This was not an uncommon tactic by either administrator. The fact you believe I was fired or let go is proof of just how isolated from truth you were by CC and SS. I suppose a sycophant would have no need to question such things.

    You can check my personnel file – it’s public record… especially for an “insider.” And especially for any insider who frequents the emails of colleagues unbeknownst to them. I hear that’s a new fad for County IT – I’ve also heard numerous concerns from other insiders. Imagine how certain Commissioners would feel and other Constitutionals if they knew that IT personnel had an unethical spying operation being conducted. I wonder what the fallout from that would look like?

    But the next time you want to attack my character, why don’t you try so without the cloak of anonymity and come armed with facts. I’m sorry you don’t agree with the way things turned out – but I’m sure there are dozens of employees both with the county and under the sheriff who found today’s events to be justified and long overdue.

    My opinions and actions have always been my own – no friend or family member speak for me… and I have various other past and present county employees who I consider to be friends – when I speak, I do so with their best interests at heart as well.

    As for my intentions recommending Kevin Guthrie – I’ve worked with Kevin both during and after my tenure at Flagler County and believe his qualities speak for themselves. This isn’t to say there aren’t other professionals out there who could do the job or have more experience – but for me it’s a matter of who I trust most from an ethical perspective. I learned a lot about ethics while working for Flagler County – particularly who does and doesn’t value them.

    So I would tread lightly “Insider” with who you slander and how you slander for – “He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.” -Nietzsche

  13. Happy You're Gone says:

    I say good riddance to all three of them! Time for new blood. Don’t be stupid and hire someone who previously worked here. We need to do a complete clean-up and they just gave us the chance. Bulldoze that building down! It’s useless. How about a new building in Town Center? So we can be closer to Palm Coast. Be cost effective

  14. John Coffey says:

    Looks like Washington under Trump, we will probably end up with a lot of “acting heads”, burn it to the ground rather than drawing the swamp. Mulling won’t be here long, Trump will want him to fill a Cabinet position, so called rich and smart, but a real carpet bagging piece of shit !

  15. next election says:

    I can’t wait until the next election to extend my hand to staly and say “I wish you the best ” as he’s on his way out.

  16. Jan says:

    I appreciate Craig Coffey’s efforts on behalf of Flagler residents. He frequently traveled to Tallahassee on our behalf to control unfettered short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods, and was integral in the ordinance that was passed by the county. I wish him well.

  17. Dianne harper says:

    I am so impressed by how much Commissioner Mullins has accomplished in such a short time. It shows we need a younger group of leaders. I love how he keeps us up to date. It’s been to dark in the past. Excited to see what’s next.

  18. Nothing Newz says:

    Flagler County employees are professionals. It’s not the first time bosses have left! Coffee and the Sherman have always micro managed to stay ahead of their dirty deeds.

  19. Anonymous says:

    What about Coffey’s benefit package he wanted? Did that get approved? I agree, with County Employee statement Mullin thinks he know it all, and he knows nothing about Flagler County.

  20. Ds says:

    Speak for yourself. He has walked his talk.

  21. Concerned Palm Coaster says:

    County Employee
    You are so correct about Mullins. Anyone do a background on him? Financial and business?
    No history here…

    I predict some interesting things that will change Flagler….and not for the good

  22. Deb says:

    Commissioner Mullins, we will be watching you.

  23. John dolan esq. says:

    I was laid off by msrs. Coffey and Meyer at 60. Lost my future pension and health care. They threw out the seniority clause at a bocc meeting and unjustly I was sent packing. The chickens have come home to roost. Karma baby!

  24. pinelakes79 says:

    Joe Mullins….the Bobby Ginn of Savannah….and we know how that turned out!!

  25. New leadership welcome says:

    Worth re-posting on this thread….

    Ben Hogarth says:
    January 9, 2019 at 12:25 pm
    Craig – While I am always thankful for the “opportunity” I was given to serve Flagler County 4 years ago, I have to call “foul” on the entirety of this discussion and your comments to the media and public at large.

    As a public administrator, you have a dual obligation to the County Commission and to the people of Flagler County – yet time after time, you refused to listen to reason and served political interests of specific commissioners during specific moments in order to prolong your tenure. The best interests of the people have NOT been served by your priorities and policy decisions. This is not to say that you have only done wrong by the public, but serving yourself always first is neither the mark of leadership, nor of an ethical manager. I was personally relieved to leave the County because of my hostile work environment experiences with your Deputy Administrator and even at times, with you. We could agree to disagree, but when it is a question of ethics and law – that is not something that can be reconciled.

    It was extremely disappointing to see other senior staff to either be forced out of their positions, or reserve themselves to complicity because they did not want to experience retaliation for disagreement with your decisions. Kevin Guthrie, I believe, was one of the best examples of this. Kevin is among one of the most ethical, competent, and honest professionals I have ever worked with and simply because he challenged your questionable decisions – you pushed him out. I suppose there can only ever be one “Commander,” but I’ve never known a leader who feared another’s qualities. It is no coincidence that Kevin and I left Flagler County the exact same time – our departure was but a momentary symptom of a destructive and toxic culture that your administration created over many years.

    On a professional level Craig, I will always be appreciative of the (albeit, short-lived) opportunity you gave me to work in administration and work on a few special projects including legislation. However, when the greater discussion of leadership is brought up – there is nothing I can say to qualify you (or your deputy) as such. Leaders do NOT throw their team members under the proverbial “bus” in order to make themselves look better. Leaders do NOT surround themselves with sycophants. Leaders do NOT blame shift when the onus of blame clearly rests on their shoulders. You may be a public administrator, but you have never emulated the qualities that I believe most leaders would qualify as “leadership material.”

    With all this said, I have to focus my comments to the concept of “personal (character) attacks” against you – stop playing victim. All too often in our society, we have suspects playing the role of victim, and then suspecting the actual victim(s). Comparing yourself and your situation to Tom Brady was more than laughable – it was actually sad. Tom doesn’t place blame on his teammates when he loses – he owns every defeat as a team. The public isn’t attacking you simply because of your length of tenure – it’s your own comments and actions that have sparked this recourse.

    You have failed the public and now cost the County millions of dollars with your poor decisions with the Sheriff’s Operation Center. This is but one of many “great blunders.” You still refuse to admit wrong-doing and completely disregard the health and welfare of those employees directly impacted. This is NOT a personal attack – the public is simply finally holding you accountable for your decisions and poor decisions. How you “take” those comments is entirely on you.

    And separating ourselves from all these issues, you spend the majority of the time focusing on your future and where you will “land.” No offense Craig – but nobody is trying to destroy your life or hurt your family or future job prospects. Flagler County should have moved on long ago and changed its course. You should be thankful that you have had as much time as you have been granted, sitting in your comfortable chair. While I personally don’t believe you have earned your severance, the best thing the Commission could do is immediately separate itself with you in the most amicable way. If that means paying you for 20 weeks as a consolidation, so be it. Keeping you on staff any longer, however, is NOT amicable for the people of Flagler County.

    Your decision to allow Sally Sherman to disregard State law and violate professional ethics by holding her position for 6 months was indicative of a long series of transgressions throughout both of your tenures. And those of us who moved on to “greener pastures” have long awaited the public and elected officials actually hold you to account. I don’t like to think of myself as a “casualty” along the way – but there is something to be said about all of the ethical professionals who either resigned or reserved themselves to remaining silent for years and years.

    To the Commissioners – who are now hanging on to every word the public says – I highly recommend immediately moving forward with establishing an interim manager and either accepting the Administrators resignation or terminating with cause. And the interim simply cannot be someone who is “on the inside.” Sycophants do not make good leaders – regardless of best transitional management practices. You may hear spin from Mr. Coffey that giving him more time to find another job and create a transition plan is the best available outcome – but it is not. Flagler County is experiencing an acute trauma with his tenure and the most productive and constructive approach would be to immediately terminate that relationship – one way or another.

    Commissioners, if you need consultants or advisers for a transitional period – I much like Kevin Guthrie and I am sure several other former employees, would absolutely volunteer our time to see the best possible outcome for the County. We may no longer be personally invested in County administration, we still have the best interests of the public in our professional hearts. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to know more. FlaglerLive has my contact information.

    But once again Craig, stop playing victim. No one is trying to destroy your life. This is the form that accountability manifest itself when a tyrant refuses to concede. It’s unfortunately highly toxic and every day you remain in power, is another day the public and Flagler County Commission is put through turmoil.

    The best thing you could do is resign effective immediately, and allow the Commission to work with their constituents in identifying a way forward. The one humbling aspect of our profession is knowing that when we leave any position, the world carries on without us. I believe that is one truth you simply refuse to accept.

    It’s time to move on.

  26. Insider says:

    Ben – You aren’t a resident or taxpayer here but express just like a disgruntled ex-employee. You rant your opinions of disgust with Flagler County because your employment was severed and not on your own accord. Having your probation extended after an initial six months period and then being allotted time to find other employment sounds more like it. As an insider, I can say we on the inside are privy to more information than those who you are trying to fool here with your foolish long winded stories.

    Go volunteer for mommy at the library. She’d love to have a chip off her own block!

  27. Sean peckard says:

    Take the top three in all departments in Flagler county and let them Resign this is the only way the corruption will end . This is just a start but a very good one thank you new county commissioners for putting on the pressure let’s make this county great again !!!!

  28. Mrs.Jackson says:

    Livid Library Supporter:

    Insider – Mr. Ben Hogarth is merely stating his opinion of this whole debacle. He has made many replies on Flagler Live in the past and has never made mention of his mother or her position with the County. I really feel that your initial response and continued ones are in very poor taste. It only is showing the lack of professionalism on your part. This County could only be so lucky to have somebody with the leadership skills, work ethic, integrity and high moral standards that Holly Albanese possesses. As far as Mr. Guthrie’s qualifications, I cannot speak on. I have never had the opportunity to meet him at great length. As for perspective candidates possibly having tainted blood, I feel that the ones that are leaving are the ones with the tainted blood!

  29. Ben Hogarth says:

    Again Insider – if you are going to make personal attacks, it’s best to do so when you know what you are talking about and while not under a cloak of anonymity. Let’s use your words for a moment and say that I was “forced” out – would that say something bad about my quality if the persons asking me to leave were so corrupt themselves? It’s an ironic position you are taking and a terrible argument you’ve made under cloak and dagger.

    And If my opinions didn’t carry merit, I’m pretty sure the public could easily ignore. But it sounds as if my opinions echo the sentiments of so many others – including various current and former county employees who are unable to express their frustrations publicly for fear of retribution. I believe like myself, all they ever wanted was the best for Flagler.

    And I still don’t know what my family tie to the county has anything to do with my own experience and opinions about failed county leadership – but I guess when you have a lack of content, all you can do is resort to school-yard pettiness. When has that ever worked for anyone?

    You did get one thing right though – I’m not a resident or taxpayer anymore. I’ve found better opportunity and growth in another municipality. I was an employee of the month within my first year. I’ve been promoted and had a job reclassification to take on more responsibilities since then.. I work with many wonderful people.. And I have had the distinction to serve on various legislative boards and develop a great network of colleagues across the state on environmental issues. I’m happy where I am and the work I am doing. Why on God’s earth do you think I would be so upset about leaving Flagler County? It was the best thing that ever happened to me.

    And similar good things can be said about others who have left.

    I’m sorry that your situation has changed Insider. But Flagler County deserves better and it always did. I’ve done my small part to see it have the opportunity to grow past these hard lessons. What’s really tragic is how long it took and how much damage has been done. All I can hope is that the community can finally heal – and without your negativity and corruption.

  30. Ben Hogarth says:

    I’m reposting this as some may have missed it in prior article as it was posted a little late:

    Gary Hiatt says:
    January 9, 2019 at 5:54 pm

    “Mr. Hogarth
    Thank you for your comments. I too was an employee of Flagler County for about 10 years. I was the previous Building Official and warned Mr. Coffey of concerns that I had during the purchase of the old hospital. I was told “you are just covering your ass” by Mr. Coffey. Some of the concerns expressed were mold, potential radiation, asbestos and lead. During my tenure, Ms. Sherman was constantly interfering with and questioning code interpretations for various projects. One of which was the airport hanger project. I also was subjected to hostile work environment issues from Ms. Sherman, allowed by Mr. Coffey. At the time of my departure, I informed Joe Mayer that the final reason I was leaving was Ms. Sherman and her actions. Soon after I left, 6 other employees from the Growth Management Department also left due to the same work environment issues. Some of which were long term employees.
    Other employees received raises periodically outside of the normal raises because Mr. Coffey and Ms. Sherman deemed them essential. The rest of us were not essential or at least not liked and did not receive the same considerations. You can check with the Clerk of the Court (payroll) for the personal action forms. These raises have a long term affect due to the additional retirement and insurance costs. Talk about tax payer abuses.
    Ms. Sherman also stopped code enforcement actions at Holiday Travel park, aiding and abetting unlicensed contractor activity and furthering the unpermitted work that was ongoing. There was months of research, meetings and activity wasted due to her interference with resolving the issues. This interference did not take into consideration the health, safety and welfare of not only the occupants to the structures within Holiday Travel Park but any surrounding properties that may be harmed by issues from this site such as wind borne debris and fire.
    I could go on, however I think my point has been made.
    Thank you”

    I just wanted to leave this here as further evidence that “Insider” and others are simply covering their tracks. Tick Tock Ms. Sherman

  31. Jane Gentile-Youd says:

    Normally I would have been personally against any ‘ exempt disparaging remarks, etc’ but all anyone has to do is read Flagler Live – more details than ‘public record’….. what a fool to think that we are fools. Next needed to go – his enabler- overpaid underinformed Al Hadeed – he signs everything “ as to form”.. we don’t pay him to approve ‘templates’……
    Thanks FlaglerLive –
    How stupid for a 52 year old to blow a fantastic job by being a greedy jackass so self centered that it was inconceivable to him to realize that he can be outbrained by ‘the average Joe’.
    We could never have had such an outcome without Flagler Live. Your publication has taken us out of the closet; I am grateful as a taxpayer.

  32. Ron Pokigo says:

    Dear Insider;

    The comments of Ben Hogarth are a fine example of expository writing indicating a keen intellect. They are in no way catty, slyly, malicious or spiteful.

    A Library Volunteer

  33. Charlie says:

    My GOD, the monies WASTED by these moron’s. Unbelivable ! Should bring in an investigation committee from Tallahassee . They should be in JAIL, not walking free with severance pay.

  34. Concerned Palm Coaster says:

    Here is a suggestion. Before hiring any personnel that has any oversight for budget or expenses that a full disclosure be necessary regarding any financial matters, ie liens, bankruptcies.

    How can we trust someone to manage OUR taxes when they cannot manage their own?

  35. Surprised says:

    Was Linda Hansen on the ballot? I don’t recall voting for her. Her time may be better employed watching who her husband takes money from.

  36. Citizen says:

    So Mrs. Hansen blames Flaglerlive and the Observer for Coffey’s actions? She has taken a page from Trump’s book, never accept responsibility, blame everyone else. Coffey brought about his own downfall.
    And there is no chaos. The county has plenty of good employees that will continue doing their jobs. Maybe the Commission members will wake up and start asking questions.

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