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Two Teens, 14 and 15, Face Charges After Setting Off Fireworks Inside Palm Coast Target

| January 3, 2019

The wrong place to set off fireworks. (Sean Davis)

The wrong place to set off fireworks. (Sean Davis)

Two teens, ages 14 and 15, face criminal mischief charges after they set off fireworks inside the Target store in Palm Coast two days after Christmas, damaging some property and requiring paramedics’ intervention for a woman who had recently had a heart attack: she suffered chest pains after the incident.

The incident continues a string of cases pre-dating the Christmas holiday and involving teens who, through supposed jokes or ill-thought pranks, have faced charges or arrest for making threats at various schools. The series of incidents led Superintendent Jim Tager to issue a message to parents this week reminding them to caution their children about inappropriate behavior that now often results in felony charges and other consequences. Misdemeanor charges were forwarded to the State Attorney’s Office in the case of the teens at Target. It’ll be up to the State Attorney to decide whether to file or dismiss the charges.

The fireworks incident took place in mid-afternoon on Dec. 27 at Target’s store on State Road 100. It involved five boys and girls (between the ages of 14 and 16), only two of whom the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office filed charges against, based on evidence from video surveillance.

Evidence pointed to two of the teens as being responsible for bringing the fireworks into the store in what was described in the sheriff’s incident report as an apple pie McDonad’s box. Surveillance footage showed them walking into the grocery portion of the store where the other juveniles were sitting. All five told deputies that they were aware of the plan. They pointed the finger at one of them for lighting the fireworks, prompting the rest of them to run out of the store. When deputies spoke with that boy, he denied having had a part in actually setting them off, though he admitted to having them in his possession. He, too, would not say to whom he gave the fireworks.

Video surveillance appeared to tell a different story, as that boy was seen conversing with another and apparently placing the fireworks on a chair before running out. Soon, that area of the store filled with smoke and explosions followed, likely triggering anxiety or worse in other parts of the store from patrons on edge over shootings in public areas.

“There was an elderly female close by where the firework was set off. Med units responded to assess the female due to her claiming chest pains due to a recent heart attack,” the incident report states. “There was damage to the plastic food court chair with burn marks, and also to the floor below. Target wished to pursue charges of criminal mischief for damage to the chair and floor area.”

All five juveniles were trespassed from Target.

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21 Responses for “Two Teens, 14 and 15, Face Charges After Setting Off Fireworks Inside Palm Coast Target”

  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Kudos to Target for pressing charges.

    Listen up teenagers. At a certain age you know right from wrong. You also know that wrong choices bring consequences.

    What you did was stupid and not funny at all. You could have hurt yourselves or other customers. You could have set a fire that would have jeopardized lives and caused significant damage.

    I hope this slows you down some and makes you think before you decide to make another poor choice. Notice I use poor choice. This was not a mistake or an accident. You knowingly went into the store to cause problems and possibly destroy someone else’s property.

    I’m hoping your parents step in and assert some serious disciplinary actions as well. Sounds like you need it.

  2. Agkistrodon says:

    Jeeze, What in Gods name are some of you people feeding your children. It is either something YOU feed them or more likely, YOU have simply failed as a parent. I have two grown children and 2 between 13 and 18, and they would NEVER think of doing the things these kids are doing. And if they did, dios mio….it would NOT bode well for them. Then again, I know I have taught them BETTER.

  3. ASF says:

    If the same kids seem to be implicated in such events repeatedly, further legal action should be taken and the parents investigated for the fitness of said children’s homes.

  4. The original woody says:

    This is what you get when punks are raised without parental supervision.

  5. Born and Raised Here says:

    This will continue until you start holding the Parent or Guardians responsible for the action and behavior of there children. I always felt that if you had them, then your responsible for them.

  6. Target Shopper says:

    I was there shortly after the incident took place and the parents were actually laughing and joking about what happened! Crazy!

  7. palmcoaster says:

    Are these the same teens or related to the ones that broke in to 40 cars in Cooper Lane, Club House Drive and the Palm Point Apartments few nights ago? They were caught on camera by a resident…so is law enforcement proceeding with an investigation to find the vandals and have their parents or the kids do community work to pay restitution for those poor peoples cars windows busted?

  8. The Geode says:

    Glad to know that some of us are capable of raising perfect “robot children” who listen to their parents, ignore peer pressure, and walk the straight and narrow because of a mere “threat” made by the parent.
    The REST of us “mere mortal parents” have to deal with a bunch of teens and young people who are influenced by their friends and social media, incapable of retaining anything other what truly interests them, and insist upon learning everything “the hard way”.
    Maybe this “Agkistrodon” person can write a book because I talked, threatened, bribed, and implored my kids to do and be better and those two idiots STILL make me wonder “what the hell was I thinking” the days they were conceived…

  9. Steve says:

    Press charges, prosecute, stiff penalties, next

  10. Willy Boy says:

    Can’t believe they didn’t immediately post their prank on YouTube.

  11. Agnese Spicer says:

    Just another day in Pal Coast

  12. Richard says:

    No severe consequences for either the parents or the teenagers means that nothing will change and it will only get worse.

  13. who'd a thought says:

    Target has a food court?

  14. yellows says:

    This stunt is not worth submitting to The Darwin Awards: 10 Of The Worst Stupid of 2018 – but it is an example of how young adults can get away with ‘almost’ murder.

    Here I am at 75 years old and I still cringe at some of the crazy stuff we did as teenagers; jacking the rear wheels off my girlfriend’s car, pool hopping from neighbor to neighbor in the wee hours of the morning, wiring up our Chemistry teacher’s classroom experiment so that it would explode – and boy did it!

    Hey, you are only young once! And at the same time innocent until proven guilty – but then simply being young and stupid was a ‘good enough’ excuse.

    And now I am an Attorney defending adults of similar or worse crimes – I guess some of us never grow up.

  15. Pow says:

    @Agkistrodon : Never say never ;)

  16. Agkistrodon says:

    NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER. @Geode, your problem is YOU think it is a negotiation, it is NOT.

  17. ASF says:

    “yellow says”–Maybe you should drop your card the next time these kids-will-be-kids pull a stunt like this that actually causes bodily harm to somebody. You might get a Personal Injury case out of it.

  18. Steve says:

    IMO the parents are more ignorant

  19. Gio says:

    Their mistake was doing this at Target instead of Walmart.

  20. Alphonse Abonte says:

    All about social media, watch for it !

  21. Bailey's Mom says:

    In response to Gio…I have to agree with you. And the other Geode posting as well.

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