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Palm Coast Man Accused of Attacking Mom, Fiancée and Cop Before He Is Tased

| December 10, 2018

gregory thilesen

Gregory S. Thilesen.

Last Thursday, Gregory Thilesen posted a meme on his Facebook page that read, “Do you ever feel like your body’s ‘check engine’ light has been on and you’re still driving it like ‘nah, it’ll be fine’?” By Saturday night, it wasn’t. According to his arrest report, Thilesen, a 28-year-old resident of Florida Park Drive in Palm Coast and the father of a 3-year-old child, attacked his fiancée, his mother and a sheriff’s deputy before he was brought to ground with a Taser jolt to the back. 

Thilesen faces a felony charge of assaulting a law enforcement officer and two misdemeanor charges of domestic battery. He’s been held at the Flagler County jail  since early Sunday morning.

Thilesen, according to witnesses and alleged victims at the house, had returned home drunk from a work Christmas party. His 28-year-old fiancée  took him to his room so he could go to sleep but he started vomiting, so she tried to get him to the bathroom. She told deputies that at that point he pushed her into a closet and assaulted her, prompting her to scream for Thilesen’s 55-year-old mom and his 25-year-old sister. They walked in and pulled him off her after one of them–according to what she told deputies–saw him strike his fiancée on the face. It took one of the women holding Thilesen down so she could get out of the room. The alleged assailant’s mother then called 911. 

Deputy Adam Gossett arrived and saw Thilesen “lying in a bed covered in vomit.” Gossett ordered Thilesen out of the bed. Thilesen “quickly sat up in the bed with both fist[s] clenched” and yelled expletives at the deputy. When Gossett tried to detain him, grabbing his foot to take him off the bed, “he stood up and charged toward me,” the deputy reported, “striking my right ear and face with his fist.” (The report notes body camera documenting the incident.) 

Gossett then took out his Taser and fired the probes at Thilesen’s back, causing him to fall to the floor. Beyond that, Thilesen complied, turned onto his stomach and was secured. A paramedic unit arrived on scene to remove the Taser probes, and because of his level of intoxication, he was first taken to Florida Hospital Flagler by ambulance–with a deputy riding in the ambulance, to ensure paramedics’ safety–before he was booked at the jail at 4 a.m. Sunday. 

Thilesen had had words with a deputy before–Dennis Lashbrook, in 2013–when the deputy was investigating an allegation that Thilesen had improperly displayed a gun in an altercation with another man, and was charged with aggravated assault. The charges were dropped in that case. 


11 Responses for “Palm Coast Man Accused of Attacking Mom, Fiancée and Cop Before He Is Tased”

  1. Laurie says:

    If you can’t hold your liquor, don’t drink. You only make yourself look like an ass, and cause trouble. GROW UP!! Thankfully the ladies are ok, and great job by law enforcement!

  2. The Truth says:

    Rest well everyone, this man not only has anger and drinking issues but he also owns a gun. He was arrested in 2013 for pulling a gun on someone in Island Estates because they asked him to leave.

  3. KathieLee4 says:

    It’s no surprise that he did this .. He’s not a nice person , very arrogant and thinks he’s always right .. The gun charge should of never been dropped , it’s not the first time he pulled a weapon on someone … Maybe this time he’ll see what it’s like to be a fool and puts his hands on his fiancee, mother and LEO ..

  4. palmcoaster says:

    I can only be very sorry for Deputy Adam Gossett and have to applaud his compassion not to use but the taser against this drunk citizen that is very lucky to live in Palm Coast were our law enforcement use tasers other than shooting in self defense. My second thought is “yuck!” what law enforcement, paramedics and his family had to put up with! This guy needs AA and ASAP besides anger management.

  5. Claire says:

    Drinking and in an emotional crisis as he posted on-line just days before … may his life not be over because of this potentially serious event. :Individuals in need” need a safe place to go for help. Christmas drinking parties lead to a lot of tragedies every year. Some drunks are ‘happy’ while others are ‘mean and dangerous.’ He needs a thorough examination to see if there’s hope for this young man. Of course, he has to accept the consequences of this event? Did deputy respond to this 911 call alone? I know rescue came eventually. His life was a risk … can’t talk a drunk down especially if he’s so ineberated that he’s vomiting. They’re out of their minds … my ex left me with emotional & physical scars. Glad deputy used a taser, not a gun. He can be proud.

  6. Steve says:

    Just might have an anger issue

  7. ASF says:

    I hope the charges are not dropped this time.

  8. Richard says:

    Someone will lose their life eventually at the hands of this maniac. He is a time bomb waiting to explode!

  9. Anonymous says:

    This guy needs court-ordered REHAB. AA doesn’t cut it once you’ve gotten violent.

  10. Finnegan222 says:

    I’ve worked with him before and he’s a ticking time bomb .. He’s always been this way … His guns need to be taken away from him . This time he used his hands what will be use next ? I only hope they don’t drop the charges this time …

  11. ASF says:

    My guess is, he needs Dual Diagnosis treatment for both addiction AND mental health issues. All the alcohol does is disinhibit serious problems that are already lurking inside him.

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