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Dog Attacks 76-Year-Old Woman on Palm Coast’s Regent Lane, 3rd Pit Bull Incident in 2 Weeks

| November 7, 2018

In the third Palm Coast biting incident involving a pit bull or a pit bull mix in two weeks, Gunner, above, got loose from his house on Regent Lane and went a few doors down, where he attacked an elderly woman. (Palm Coast Animal Control)

In the third Palm Coast biting incident involving a pit bull or a pit bull mix in two weeks, Gunner, above, got loose from his house on Regent Lane and went a few doors down, where he attacked an elderly woman. (Palm Coast Animal Control)

A pit bull mix that ran loose attacked a 76-year-old woman in her back yard on Palm Coast’s Regent Lane Monday (Nov. 5), a day after a pit bull mauled a 9-year=-old girl in the P Section. It was the third biting incident in two weeks involving a pit bull.

Monday’s incident took place in mid-afternoon. The pit bull mix, called gunner, belongs to Lilly M. King of 8 Regent Lane. Gunner had managed to get out of the house and run loose, as he had on previous occasions, the victim told Flagler County sheriff’s deputies, without being aggressive.

This time, the dog bounded onto her yard. She approached Gunner “and attempted to kiss him on the head,” according to a sheriff’s incident report. “Gunner bit [the woman] on the face causing minor lacerations to the outside and inside of her nose.” The woman, who is 5’3”, fell backward, and Gunner bit her again, this time on the back of her upper-right arm. “The second bite also cause puncture marks, but had stopped bleeding” prior to a deputy’s arrival. When the deputy arrived the woman was holding a towel to a bleeding wound on her nose.

King told deputies the dog had been secured back at the house. The victim was complaining of knee pain from the fall and apparent swelling around her knee. Flagler County Fire Rescue 62 responded and assisted the woman with first aid. She declined transport to the hospital, but was advised to contact her primary care physician as soon as possible. Flagler’s 911 dispatch center contacted Palm Coast Animal Control for an immediate response.

The dog’s owner provided documentation showing he was currently vaccinated through the Flagler Humane Society, with the current rabies vaccination dated Oct. 22: the dog had just been acquired as a rescue. King “was advised that Gunner should be placed on quarantine within her home, and that Palm Coast Animal Control would be conducting a separate investigation,” the report states. But the victim said her son had taken pictures of her injuries “and she did not want any included with the investigation.”

A day earlier, a 9-year-old girl who was knocking on her neighbor friend’s door at a house on Powder Horn Drive was mauled by a pit bull that slipped through the door. She was hospitalized and was bitten in so many places that she had to be sedated to receive stitches. Two weeks ago a pizza delivery man of the same age as the victim on Regent Lane was attacked in the same manner as the 9-year-old girl, when he knocked on a door for a delivery and a pit bull mix slipped out.

34 Responses for “Dog Attacks 76-Year-Old Woman on Palm Coast’s Regent Lane, 3rd Pit Bull Incident in 2 Weeks”

  1. Veteran says:

    When are people going to learn never put your face anywhere near a strange dogs face/head. SMH

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    Pitbulls are known to be an aggressive breed and require care and handling. You own the dog not the other way around. Dogs don’t “manage to get out” of a house without carelessness on the owners part.


    I have said it before and will say it again. Regardless of the breed of animal YOU as the owner are responsible for your dog 24/7. That responsibility includes care and behavior management. YOU are the one who controls it’s access to other human beings and animals. YOU control how it behaves. If YOU can’t then you have no business owning a pet.

    This is the third bite in as many weeks that COULD have been prevented. However carelessness on the owners part allowed the animal to run loose. And this sounds like repetitive behavior. Please make sure you know what your pets are doing at all times. Regardless of the breed.

    Every morning I see pet owners walking large dogs on 10 foot long leashes. This morning I watched a Nurse who could not have been more than 125 lbs walking 2 large dogs that were pulling her up the side walk. She was visibly struggling to maintain control. And this is not the first time I have seen her doing this. Think she can keep those animals from hurting someone?

    Yesterday I went to Walmart and came out to go to the car. An RVer was letting their dog run loose and he was running up to us and jumping. I pushed him down with my hand and blocked a second try with my knee. The guy was ready to fight!! How is this OK? I don’t know you your dog or it’s intentions. Please control your animals and respect boundaries and personal space.

    It’s time pet owners started controlling their pets and not the other way around. They aren’t fur babies or humans with 4 legs. They are animals and have animal intentions. They will do what they want when not properly controlled and you are responsible for it. Why should someone innocent suffer from your neglect?

  3. ASF says:

    It sounds like the owner of this animal has been careless about securing it before. The dog should be removed from his/her care and supervision.

  4. Jersey Girl says:

    It’s a shame that the irresponsibility of some people ruins it for other responsible dog owners. I’ve owned a pitbull all my life and have never had an incident. EVER.

  5. woodchuck says:

    $5000 bond on pit bull owners,they bite you pay.Oh boy here comes the letters.

  6. Fran says:

    Why did she try to kiss a random dog that walked into her yard????

  7. Mary Fusco says:

    Concerned citizen, you are absolutely right. If you have a pet, you and you alone are 100% responsible for it. However, I don’t know anyone in their right mind who would attempt to kiss a strange dog running through their yard. You are right, they are animals and their only defense if they suspect danger is to bite. All dogs will bite. Anyone who says different is a fool. I love dogs and have had them my whole life. The sad thing with large dogs like pitbulls is that they are cute little puppies. When the irresponsible owners get tired of them when they are around 75 pounds, they dump them at the nearest shelter. These dogs are traumatized and are usually adopted and brought back many times. I believe that Gunner has been at the FHS for a while. What would be great is that people would stop adopting or purchasing on a whim because they have nothing better to do that day. When you acquire an animal, it is for the life of the animal not until you are tired of it. I have had dogs that lived to 17. They were old, mostly blind and sick but I would never dump them at a shelter. Animals are defenseless. People are sickening.

  8. Vinny says:

    Its like nobody can comprehend how dangerous a Pit Bull canine can be. That’s why when I walk , I carry 10rds of 9mm hollow points.

  9. Blade says:

    This is why I carry…..

  10. R section citizen says:

    This dog was out on Halloween. I picked up on the dogs temperament right away as being nervous and in protective mode. We were at the haunted house on Reidsville Dr so it was dark, crowded and many children around. I asked the boy holding him what the dogs name was and if he was friendly. The dog began barking and acting in an aggressive manner. When I asked how long he had the dog and where were his parents, the boy said a few days but I could not find any adult with him. I suggested he bring the dog home because he shouldn’t be taking a “new” dog out on a day that’s so hectic. He may be scared and nervous and could possibly hurt someone. He ignored me and the owner of the house asked him to move off the property. People really need to be educated about the breed. I blame the owners. No one in their right mind should let a child handle a dog like that without supervision and proper training.

  11. Really says:

    Never liked the breed. People dont train/control their dogs. Most dont discipline their kids either so go figure.

  12. Confused says:

    Where does it say the dog was a stranger to her?

  13. David.S says:

    I feel both parties are at fault here…..

  14. Unknown says:

    I am sorry for those that were bitten, truly I wish that on no one, and I understand. At age 3, my son was bit by a pincher whom we had played with many times in our yard and the owner’s. He moved suddenly and for unknown reasons spooked the dog. Play with dogs, any dog, you chose take a risk. I know the family in the P section, the neighbor girl opened the storm door before she was invited in and before the owners could put their dog up, as they usually do when people come to their home. For this purpose. Any dog can bite and pitties get a bad wrap; I am sure there are other dogs that have bitten that do not make the news. Don’t be so quick to judge and condemn. No one is better than anyone else, and to place judgments without knowing the dog or their owner is unwarranted. Everyone has an opinion. Shepards, pinchers, boxers, akitas, chows, Rottweilers, chihuahua, amongst others, have had their time of being on the no good list.
    I love our pity; my grand babies love our pity, he is afraid of our cat and thinks his a lap dog. We have a mutt who figured out how to get the gate open; we remedied that issue; she digs out; we remedied that as well. Dogs are sneaky; no matter how well behaved.
    Does your dog bite? Nope has not; is it friendly; yes; Does it have teeth? yes; so be aware

  15. They should not have a dog says:

    This is sicking the old lady is innocent victim the owners of the dog know full well that dog was runing out before and they let it happen again. I hope they are going to pay for her injuries and pain and suffering

  16. suzanne taylor says:

    See a pitbull,go the other way.See a LOOSE pitbull,go the other way quietly. This lady is very lucky she only has a wound to her face.It could have been much much worse.

  17. sicking says says:

    this attack should never have happened the owners of the dog know full well that the dog was running lose and it got out on more then a few times before this attack.. and this should never have happend there are many kids that live on this block for them the owners of the dog which they had for 2 weeks to let run lose

    is out right foolish of them *and person said he saw this dog out tirck a treating are you kidding me? i hope they never get a dog again . and pay for all the pain and suffering of this sweet old lady

  18. Bob says:

    So sorry for the lady in this story. People who have these dogs need to be more responsible and aware of how their neighbors feel about such an aggressive pet. Please pray that the lady in this story is able to recover.

  19. south florida says:

    My friend has a 7 month pit bull which was bted by a guy illegally breeding and the father is aggredsive.
    This dog nearly broke her yorkies neck. We rushed it to vet costing nearly $1000 and the vet said he had approximately 50 puncture wounds and displavced disc in his neck. We brought him to my home.
    I woke up in the morning with a deceased dog in a pile odf blood.
    We went to humae society to have it euthanized and they wanted 100 that neither one of us had. We had pawned our jewlery to save yorkie and he passed.
    So she has an aggressive pit bull and the flagler humane wont helo us because we had no money.
    Does anyone have suggestions?

  20. palmcoaster says:

    Soo many tragedies of people and pets hurt or killed by dogs under control of totally irresponsible owners.

  21. Concerned Citizen says:

    I don’t quite understand why we are blaming the elderly lady. Was it a smart thing that she did? Probably not. But she was in her own yard minding her own business and the dog intruded on her space.

    I have noticed we live in a society now that likes to victim blame. Again the only fault here lies with the owner who should have controlled his animal. That’s how this could have all been prevented.

  22. pc says:

    Maybe the type of person who would choose a pit bull over any of a number of other wonderful breeds is by definition, not that bright.

  23. Geezer says:

    When I lived in Palm Coast some years back, I had to keep my dogs under supervision
    in my fenced-in back yard. Walking the dogs (which they needed) was an exercise in frustration.
    Many people walking their dogs didn’t feel the need to leash their dog. One guy in particular,
    a fellow of eastern Europe extraction liked to walk his large Doberman off his leash.

    The Doberman would jump on neighbors, and surprise walkers and joggers.
    The FCSO was called numerous times to no avail. Then there was another dummy from
    Tennessee whose mutt constantly would get free and wander the neighborhood, crossing
    Belle Terre, dodging cars. I kept bringing the dog back to the owner with nary a “thank you”
    for my efforts.

    The last thing I wanted to do is hurt someone’s dog when it’s the owner’s fault.
    I only carried a gun for 2-legged predators, wild hogs, or other aggressive wildlife.

    Where I live now it’s rare to encounter off-leash dogs—I can walk my dogs again.

    My mother-in-law who lives in the Boulder Rock Drive vicinity opened her garage just the
    other day. In walks a pit bull with cropped ears and docked tail who proceeded to growl
    at her. She called animal control and they called an hour later asking if the dog was
    still there. The animal didn’t sit there and wait to be collected—it wandered off.

    Police need to start issuing citations for off-leash dogs, and for dogs that escape their confines.
    No excuses accepted, just a fine that escalates with each subsequent offense.

    It’s time to enact laws with teeth. For now call FCSO every time you see a dog being walked off-leash.
    If you have a dash cam on your car, try to capture the wayward dog walkers and share your
    camera footage with police. Call your officials until they can’t stand it anymore.

    Advice: don’t kiss strange dogs (d’uh), when you smile at a dog you’re showing teeth, and that’s a
    sign of aggression to animals. Never pet a dog without the owner’s permission.
    Carry Halt! pepper spray for animals that violate your space. It doesn’t do permanent damage.
    Postal workers employ it.

    Common sense in uncommon, it appears.

  24. Concerned resident says:

    Another misunderstood pitbull. For the people that always defend them, why is it always a pitbull committing this carnage??

  25. Richard says:

    Shoot to kill and ask questions later! SMH

  26. i agree says:

    I;agree with Concerned resident has to says its always the poor pit bull baloney i am also with the guy who says arrest the dog owner and 5000 bond then we see how fast the dog bites stop when you know if your dog bits someone your going to jail .that should be on the ballot …and this bull crap will stop.and please pray for all who have been attacked by dogs

  27. Dave says:

    It takes a special kind of person to kiss a dog that doesnt belong to you on the head. I mean seriously some common sense must be used. That being said it is 100% the dog owners fault this happen as they are completely responsible for having the dog locked up. Also it’s obvious they have not raised or trained this dog properly at all which is also 100% their responsibility. Pit bulls are not the only breed that will bite when a person puts their face in a dogs face. Most breeds will when not raised properly by thier owners.

  28. Hmmm says:

    Ive owned pitbulls for most of my life. Never were they violent, overly aggressive, or attacked anyone. One the other hand, i have been viciously attacked by dogs twice and so has my sister. Not one of those situations involved a pitbull or a mixed breed pitbull. And isnt that Cooper dog that keeps attacking people around here a hound dog!!! Yeah.

  29. Born and Raised Here says:

    You should always approach a dog from the front, escepically a sporting or working dog ,and slowly bring your hand to the dog’s nose so the dog can smell you. Then the dog will probably allow you to pet her or him. Never put your face to a dogs face. This woman was in her wrong.,

  30. Debbie Bell says:

    I agree
    Never kiss a strange dog.
    Never kiss any dog, even if it’s your neighbor’s.

    The bully people would help all dogs if they would stop with their insane “kissing booths”.

  31. Debbie Bell says:

    Call your state representative and see what they suggest.

    “Good” pits attack unprovoked and prolonged. Once they receive the adrenalin rush of biting and shredding, they need more.

    Since good pits will kill their own kind FOR NO REASON, no other species is safe when the man-made mutant instinct to maul and dismember meets opportunity to reach a victim.

    This pit bull has “started”, “lit up”, and will want more maulings to feel the pleasure.

    Get rid of him asap.

  32. FRED says:

    That is why I carry my Num-chucks, throwing stars and firecrackers with me when I walk around my neighborhood.

  33. kathy roberts says:

    The woman was in the wrong? Please she should never have been in a position to deal with this dog. Some people are not dog people and don’t know all the rules of how you should deal with dogs…..BUT, us humans should be free to move about and enjoy life without having to worry about dogs that turn & attack. Most of the people with aggressive dogs may not be able to control them, have proper insurance, etc. You have to carry your weapon to go walking or bike riding…..or you may just be charged by one of these beasts. They should be illegal, particularly because people are not responsible, esp. children have no say in the matter. They can be lovie lap dogs, until the day they may instinctlvely act like a fighting dog & attack. I know someone that was attacked and killed by her own dog of 7 years. He was lovie dovie, great around kids, spoiled, etc. and then what? Is it really worth the RISK of life or being disfigured for life?

  34. hawkeye says:

    just for the hell of it…I would like to know how many people were bitten by other breeds of dogs in this same 2 week time span?

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