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Jesse Fisher, 19, Adds to Long Criminal Record With Arrest Over Threats to Kill

| August 22, 2018

jesse fisher

Jesse Fisher.

Troubled in his youth, troubled in his young adulthood–he has been on probation since pleading guilty to three counts of aggravated assault last year–19-year-old Jesse Fisher was again arrested Tuesday (Aug. 21) and booked without bond at the Flagler County jail after making racially-tinged death threats in an incident on Palm Coast’s Burroughs Drive.

Fisher faces a second-degree felony for the alleged threat, a misdemeanor assault count, and two additional felony counts–one for violating his probation, one for violating his community control, or house arrest: he was not supposed to have been cruising around in a car if he were to comply with his control order.

Fisher was a passenger in a car driven by Erik Beck, 40, of Port St. Lucie, and himself on probation. One of the alleged victims, a 22-year-old man, was standing in front of his house on Burroughs Drive when he saw Beck and Fisher in a vehicle drive his way, slide off the road and crash into two vehicles parked in the 22-year-old’s driveway. Fisher and Beck then got out of the vehicle and allegedly started chasing the 22-year-old, his 18-year-old brother and a minor girl, yelling racial slurs at them. (Two of the alleged victims are black.)

The minor girl corroborated the 22-year-old’s statement to police and showed sheriff’s deputies a text Fisher had allegedly sent about half an hour before the incident: “no cops u call cops I shot ur house up in coming.” She said during the incident Fisher assaulted her with threats and racial slurs.

When deputies got there Fisher and Beck had left, but Beck returned, without Fisher, and spoke with deputies. Beck told deputies he’;d brought Fisher to the Burroughs Drive house to make contact with the mother of his child, according to Fisher’s arrest report, and that when he was approaching the house, his truck just slid off unintentionally and struck the vehicles in the driveway. At that point Fisher jumped out, and Beck said he did so as well only to restrain Fisher “to prevent him from doing anything that would get him into trouble.” The pair then returned to the truck and left the scene, only for Fisher to jump out possibly in the area of Burnell Drive.

Deputies concluded the crash was not intentional, nor was reason for a hit-and-run charge, since they concluded that Beck had left the scene temporarily because of the volatility there, then appropriately returned. But they cited him for reckless driving. Beck’s probation officer was contacted, and authorities concluded he would not be charged with a probation violation. Charges were written up regarding Fisher, who was later arrested and booked at the jail just before 9 p.m. Tuesday. He remains at the jail.

Adjudication had been withheld on Fisher’s previous case, but that case has been reopened now that he’s violated the conditions of his plea agreement, and he may face stricter penalties.

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23 Responses for “Jesse Fisher, 19, Adds to Long Criminal Record With Arrest Over Threats to Kill”

  1. Richard says:

    Another one of Palm Coast’s upstanding citizens. SMH……What is about Palm Coast that attracts people of such high standards?

  2. Really says:

    “He may face stricter penalties” yeah like the cell time he shoulda recieved in the first place smh

  3. Lou says:

    Howabout starting a movement to “Make Palm Coast Great Agan” (MPCGA) and return it to a ITT retirement community again. Hell with uncontrolled growth.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This perp is no longer a “misguided youth.” He is an adult and should be judged as one. He should not be released into the community as he obviously has no regard for his or other’s safety–nor does he have anyone in his life who can or will provide adequate supervision over him.

  5. Neighbor says:

    Nobody’s fault but his own. Ruined his life. It’s a shame.

  6. Palmetto bug says:

    “no cops u call cops I shot ur house up in coming.” What in the heck is that supposed to mean? Can’t even speak English. Maybe we should start deporting Americans!

  7. woodchuck says:

    Lou,you said it all.

  8. GT says:

    This guy in broken put him away before he kills someone

  9. Concerned Citizen says:

    Another product of light sentencing.

    If the State Attorney DA and judges would do their jobs and stop pleaing crap down. Pleas are for first time offenders who show they can turn things around. Not someone with a “long criminal record” who obviously shows no concern over his or others wellfare.

    Stricter sentencing guidelines and prison time are what’s needed.

  10. Jolene Dehart says:

    There is a real breakdown in the legal system in this county. I know of numerous individuals who get arrested, bond out, get arrested, bond out, arrested again, another bond, 3 arrests and 3 bonds and 8 months later still haven’t finished court for the 1st arrest. Or get probation, violate, probation again, violate again, repeat, repeat for the same arrest. Or get bond, fail to appear, arrested, bond again, fail to appear again. Repeat, and repeat. Absolutely ridiculous, I repeat, absolutely ridiculous.

  11. Trailer Bob says:

    Being from up north originally, it was always assumed that the south had stricter laws and handed out longer sentences and jail time. Apparently this is no longer true. Palm Coast is a revolving door of scumbags that are released back into the community as if the city was trying to save money from housing scumbags in prison for sufficient periods to account for the crime(s) committed. Will someone either wake up, or will someone run for office that will work on sentencing with common sense to fit the crime and protect the public? Scumbags like this fool are dangerous and repeat offenders, not just someone who made a mistake. Wake up judges and remember who you are working for.

  12. Blackpower says:

    Its ok i have a song coming out next week about thezewhite ppl who think they can harras black people becuse trump is in office.

  13. Hugh Jass says:

    I think everyone is overlooking the big picture here. This county’s system operates on money from repeat offenders. A few hundred here and a couple hundred dollars there are what keeps the system running with shiny new stuff. New cop cars, new building perhaps? What I’m trying to say is if the judges put these problematic individuals away for a long time then they don’t make any money, they lose money by Incarcerating them. The revolving door you speak of is nothing more than a cash cow for the local government. Clever when you think about it.

  14. Coyote says:


    “How about starting a movement to “Make Palm Coast Great Again” (MPCGA) and return it to a ITT retirement community again. Hell with uncontrolled growth.”

    I could get behind this idea 100%.

  15. RayD says:

    This kid terrorized Leidel Drive as a minor. He was well known to the sheriff. He lacked guidance, he just did whatever and laughed at authority. Lock him up. Maybe he’ll finally figure it out.

  16. carol says:

    Where are the parents??? Or is he an orphan or foster child??
    Those are the consequences of not having planned parenthood.
    Women must have a choice.

  17. Donna says:

    He is where he should be. Finally some peace for his victims

  18. Concerned person says:

    @carol please stop this kid has parents an has had them his whole life stop sitting here trying to make fun of someone that obviously has something going on for him to do something like that. EVERYONE SITS HERE OVER THEIR PHONE OR COMPUTER SCREEN AN TALKS ABOUT ABOUT ALL THESE PEOPLE BUT DEEP DOWN YOU GUYS ALL HAVE YOUR PROBLEMS. So why not come together an help instead on judging contantly about someone you have no idea about just what you read. He may have problems but that doesn’t mean he should be locked away he obviously needs something other than jail.

  19. Born and Raised Here says:

    @ RayD Sometimes a laugh is a cry for help.

  20. RayD says:

    Born, you don’t know the trouble this kid caused and the threats he made. He has a single parent who just could not control the kids behavior. Where he know is, is probably the best place for him. The system has him now. Hopefully, the system can finally straighten Jesse out before its too late for him or some victim.

  21. Jussayin says:

    RayD he has both parents.

  22. Daphne says:

    How about reopening a vacant military base (or bases) and sentencing these 17-24yr old punks to 2-6 years of mandatory military service. First boot camp (and repeated boot camp as needed), then some skills or trades training…bet some of these punks would straighten out, maybe lead productive lives. Current system and punishment (or lack thereof) is not working.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t our our country have enough problems and face enough challenges without our military being turned into a dumping ground for failed juvenile delinquents?

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