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Kay Jewelers in Palm Coast’s Target Shopping Center Is Robbed, Search Ongoing

| August 11, 2018

A still from a surveillance camera at Kay Jewelers just before Saturday's 7:30 p.m. robbery at the Town Center store.

A still from a surveillance camera at Kay Jewelers just before Saturday’s 7:30 p.m. robbery at the Town Center store.

Kay Jewelers in Palm Coast’s Town Center was the target of a robbery this evening. The assailants are at large. No injuries were reported.

The robbery was reported at around 7:45 p.m. According to Anna Hackett, a Flagler County Sheriff’s spokesperson, two black males who appeared to be in their early 20s entered the store and looked around like shoppers, then smashed one of the inside glass cases, grabbed some gold jewelry, and fled.

It is not yet clear if they were on foot or aided by a waiting vehicle, or what direction they went. Flagler County Fire Flight, the emergency helicopter, launched soon after the report, and at least one K-9 unit was brought in for the search.

A large sheriff’s presence, some of them armed with rifles, was also reported in Palm Coast’s Z-Section soon after the robbery, suggesting that the search may have led deputies to converge on the neighborhoods south of State Road 100. Residents there were reporting that police were looking for two black men, possibly in a red hatchback vehicle. The men being sought were reported by neighborhood residents to be wearing Khaki shorts, though that has not been confirmed officially.

Hackett said the assailants were not immediately reported to have been armed. The search is ongoing.

As of 10 p.m., the Sheriff’s Office was reporting no one was in custody, and the investigation was continuing. The office had issued a request for public assistance to help identify the two suspects, along with a few still images from surveillance video. 

If you have any information contact the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office at (386) 313-4911. Reference case number 2018-75043. Or call CrimeStoppers at 888-277-TIPS and you could be eligible for a reward up to $5,000.00 or email us at See more stills below.

Kay Jewelers robbery
Kay Jewelers robbery

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26 Responses for “Kay Jewelers in Palm Coast’s Target Shopping Center Is Robbed, Search Ongoing”

  1. Tina says:

    My sister nicole is one of the managers there and was the one that confronted one of the men and didn’t give him the keys, he then smashed the counter and grabbed whatever it was he took. She said she only sustained minor cuts..

  2. Optimist Prime says:

    Worlds dumbest criminals, of course, Locally. What would possess anyone to think that this will work? I mean, who robs a jewelry store in 2018? Either way, must’ve gotten in his time machine and gone back to 1960.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I walked past them as they walked into the store smh

  4. Bunnell Baby says:

    So I’m not the smartest person in the world but looks like fingerprints all over the store with these photos

  5. Laura says:

    Did they get them yet?

  6. atilla says:

    Another couple more home schooled criminals . You can’t fix STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Duncan says:

    Jobs are plentiful and still would rather steal than work, sad values! They will have lots of time to think about and hopefully get smarted once in the “clink”; crime does not pay.

    I though high res. cameras were standard these days. Stills from video look they were take with a 1970’s Polaroid.

  8. Jeffrey says:

    How did an employee get cut? I was hoping that the scumbags got cut and left evidence behind! The door should have ‘Auto Locks’ on them and jewelry stores need to be treated like gun stores for security nowadays. I’m going hunting for gold! They musta dropped something along the way. Finders Keepers!

  9. Lisa Cancel says:

    I’m sure that there are some fingerprints on the door etc and if they are bold enough or stupid enough to do this locally, they probably done it before. Mug shots…. I’m sure they checked that already too. They will get caught, let’s share this. Green room waiting for them…go get them Staly

  10. Pinkyorkie says:

    Two hots and a cot are to good for these guys. That’s the problem. Criminals have more rights than deputies these days.

  11. trailer bob says:

    They do this because they now that down here in Flagler they will not the much time if caught. Seems like the courts are actually helping crime increase with the light (in jail today, out by tomorrow) sentences.

  12. Anonymous says:

    THEY just needed some new jewelry

  13. Realist says:

    No sympathy for Kaye jewelers. They have a sign in the window or at least had that says no firearms allowed in the store which is absurd but also the whole parking lot. I was flabbergasted when I saw it.

  14. art bowles says:

    KAY Jewelry….. Did you remove your “no weapons “ sign?
    Or will you wait for the next robbery?! Until an employee gets hurt again? Those signs and decisions only help criminals!!!!!! YOU are making yourself the target!

  15. Born and Raised Here says:

    It’s not there fault. It’s the circumstances they grew up in. Probably had no Fatherly figure. Doesn’t today stats prove that. Be easy on them, they are a victim of todays society

  16. Russell says:

    Seriously, stop being cheap and update your cameras.

  17. Anonymous says:

    That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. Yes it is their fault. Whether or not they grew up with a father has nothing to do with it. Thinking like that is the problem…everyone has an excuse for why they act the way they do. Take responsibility for your actions. Lots of children grow up without fathers and become productive, law abiding, members of society.

  18. can'tfoolme says:

    @ Born and Raised Here….Surely, you jest! Those chaps are in no way victims of anything. There are plenty of decent men who had no father figure and turned out to be decent human beings. You are what you choose to be.

  19. Born and Raised Here says:

    72 % of Black Children are born out of wedlock, with no Father present, according to the U.S. Census.

  20. mark101 says:

    One guy looks like one of the recent R-Section robbers

  21. Dave says:

    Thank goodness they have a non gun policy! Couldn’t imagine if someone had lost their life over something silly like jewlerery? Just another example of why no guns were needed.

  22. Feddy says:

    So where does it say in the article that any of these individuals were born out of wedlock or has no father figure in their life? It might be true but let’s not start making excuses already.

  23. FYI says:

    My 3 sons were born out of wedlock with no father and none of them have ever committed a crime or been to jail. Although the US Census can report the nmbrs, its all about home training. I didn’t play that crap with my sons, I worked 2 jobs to take care of them and their needs, with very little gov assistance. No welfare momma over here!!!

  24. Concerned Citizen says:

    Tired of the race card being dropped during a commission of a crime.

    Your age,race,gender lifestyle does not give you the right to steal from people. I don’t care what kind of background you had you aren’t entitled to rob.

    If you want something go to work to earn it. Plenty of jobs out there whether it’s fast food or day labor. Even the landscape companies are hiring. You won’t get rich but personally I’d rather earn an honest day’s wage and spend a year saving rather than steal.

  25. Anonymous says:

    What business these days especially a jewelry store does not have a better camera system …….

  26. Jeffrey says:

    Maybe it was an inside job. These thugs hired by the owner/manager to end up collecting insurance money instead! Insurance checks are as good as a sale. WE are paying for this. BTW, The next night at least one of them was arrested in the ‘R’ section for stealing wallets from elderly folk. I wonder if video and photos were compared or even checked..

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