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Chris Lawhon, 30, Is Found Dead Along Biking Trail in the Hammock

| August 10, 2018

chris lawhon

Chris Lawhon in a Facebook selfie.

A 41-year-old woman was biking on a trail in the Hammock, not far from Flagler Counmty Fire Rescue’s Station 41 off State Road A1A, when she came across the sight of a man lying on the ground face down and immobile the evening of Aug. 6. He was on the side of the walking trail.

The woman had passed him, then got concerned and doubled back to check on him and call authorities.

Paramedics from Station 41 were soon at the scene, as were Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies. The man was Christopher Lee Lawhon, 30, last of 48 North Coral Reef Court in Palm Coast. He was identified through his Florida ID card in his wallet. A paramedic pronounced Lawhon dead.

“After observing the male, his position, and condition of the body I was not able to identify any immediate trauma to the body causing further suspicious circumstances,” the sheriff’s deputy reported. Investigative services were called to the scene. The medical examiner took possession of the body and transported it to St. Augustine. Lawhon’s belongings were collected for evidence, as were a few alcoholic beverages found near him.

The investigation found little else about the circumstances of Lawhon’s death other than that he had been at the convenience store at 5484 North Ocean Shore Boulevard before he was found along the trail. He’d had minor run-ins with deputies before, mainly due to drinking issues.

He appears to have been the father of a young child: several years ago he was battling an eviction in court at a time when his live-in girlfriend was pregnant and near term. Lawhon was representing himself in the eviction case and drafting lengthy legal responses to the action against him, describing himself as “self-employed but more or less unemployed due to very little work.” He listed his occupation as “subcontractor” on his Facebook page. “Sometimes an older subcontracting friend lets me help him if I have nothing.”

He’d written his legal reply to the eviction complaint by hand, printing his pleadings on three pages and ending with this note to Judge Melissa Moore-Stens: Sorry your honor I was going to type all of this but at the obgyn appointment he decided to induce her for labor tonight.” The date was January 16, 2013: his child would be five and a half years old. The mother of his child was arrested on drug charges last year and again earlier this year, pleading to a pre-trial diversion program four weeks ago. The fate of the child was unknown at the time of this initial report. A family member has since emailed FlaglerLive that the child had been given up for adoption.

If you have information about Chris Lawhon, please email it to

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15 Responses for “Chris Lawhon, 30, Is Found Dead Along Biking Trail in the Hammock”

  1. woody says:

    The child needs to be adopted if he has any chance.

  2. Born and Raised Here says:

    What ever happened to responsible Parent with both a Mother and Father contibuting to soiciety and the wll being of themselves and their child Don’t tell me it’s the economy, jobs, or lack there of. If people want to work hard to better themselves they will find a way through learning a trade or going to college, I did.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Another life wasted due to drugs and alcohol. So tragic. I hope the young child is OK and that her mother is getting the help she needs.

  4. An old friend says:

    As a friend of Chris for many years he was troubled with issues but even tho he had financial troubles and hardships he was always a positive outgoing person . Not once did I see this man disrespect a women or child , not once did I see him out himself above others . Chris would take any bad time an try to find a bit of light in dark times . He wasn’t perfect nor is any of us , we are all beings on this earth no better than the next . We have all made mistakes and have regrets . His kid is being taken care of by family and Chris was working to better himself . It’s sad to see anyone go before there time especially someone who for years has been fighting to get somewhere and when they finally get a few steps in the right direction they are gone , but never forgotten !!! I hope no one is quick to judge and point blame or accuse him of wrong doing, let him ready in peace and may his family find closure!! Love ya big man hold ya head high in heaven brother

  5. Lou says:

    Dear “Born and Raised .here” tell me, how can a “a hard working responsible” American live with a minimum wage job live in Flagler County or in Florida? Not everybody, such as you able to get educated.
    Do you have an answer or you are just commenting?

  6. Nancy N. says:

    Born and Raised here – Ah yes, it’s easy to absolve yourself of responsibility of the obligation to help anyone less fortunate than you if you just convince yourself that they are to blame for their plight and thus “deserve” it. No need for compassion then.

    You are not everyone. It proves nothing that you were able to make something of your life except that you personally were able to do it. It’s not proof that everyone can or should be able to. Everyone’s situation is different.

  7. Ridiculous says:

    Way to assume the worse. Idiots.

  8. palmcoaster says:

    Such a sad an tragic end of a young life…I am very concerned for his child.

  9. Sherry says:

    Nancy N. . . my thoughts also. How sad that there are those in our community who are so very quick to “judge” others and who have very little compassion for those less fortunate.

    Our community “should and could” be pulling together to promote such things as “equal opportunities” for higher education/job training, employment and justice. We should be working together to end the cycle of being divisive and of “blaming” those who are struggling and maybe need the right guidance from a caring society. This underlying current of “us versus them” needs to change, and quickly.

    Russia is clapping with glee over their success in helping to turn us against one another. “United We Stand. . . Divided We Fall”!!!

  10. Trailer Bob says:

    Sad to read this article. Also sad that so many are stuck in a state of depression or feelings of no way up. Rest in Peace.

  11. mark101 says:

    Russia did not turn us against one another. We can thank the poor choice of Presidents we have had in the last 29 years and a Congress unwilling to do anything. or even get along. Not to mention crime, the mass shootings, the blind NRA , drugs, immigration that is out of control, healthcare, economy , the treatment of VETS the treatment of the homeless home grown terrorist and the negative media. Russia , China and the rest of the world watch as the great USA fails a little more each day driven by ur government of incompetence and old thinkers. And the media, never is there any good news anymore, just horrid murders, drugs and crap about a worthless rude president.

  12. Duncan says:

    I agree with Bob, the overall culture today is scary. People in masses feel helpless, desperate and unfulfilled. You have some folks that are dead set on individual blame but this is a country wide epidemic. Another young soul bits the dust, These young people are the future.

    I certainly don’t have the answers but I hope someone figures this out and quick, Seems like we are all on a downward spiral that is gaining power!

  13. Pinkyorkie says:

    There needs to be more social services and help for people such as this young man. Flagler County is seriously lacking in social services. I once wrote the governor trying to get help for a friend and his response was that Flagler County was just a potato field not to long ago and the services needed have not caught up to the needs of the county yet. Once Flagler started growing services should have been put in place. He had DCF phone me and they told me that if you have a child you can get help. So if my friend went out and got a girl pregnant he could have gotten some help. Does it make sense to bring another life into poverty just so you can get some help? Now you would have three on the system instead of just one. What a broken system we have in Florida. Time for a new governor.

  14. Just me says:

    It is very sad to read this. My heart goes out to his family during this tragic time. Stop making assumptions and taking crap let him RIP.

  15. Nicole Whittaker says:

    I am the mother of his son no one knows as much as I did and do and no one knows nothing so don’t be so quick to judge

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