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Palm Coast Physician Florence Fruehan Accused Of Groping Female Patient; State Orders Him Restricted

| August 8, 2018

florence fruehan

Florence Fruehan, a physician, at a meeting of the East Flagler Mosquito Control District, on whose board he’s an elected member. (© FlaglerLive)

Note: To file a complaint about a health care practitioner with the Department of Health, go here.

Update: Dr. Florence Fruehan on Aug. 20 signed an agreement to voluntarily surrender his license and stop practicing medicine. See the story here.

The Florida Department of Health has imposed an Emergency Restriction Order on long-time physician Florence R. Fruehan of Palm Coast Urgent Care following an allegation that he groped a woman at his office on Pine Cone Drive in late May.

Fruehan is also an an elected member of the East Flagler Mosquito Control District. He was elected in 2016.

The restriction order, issued June 29, prohibits Fruehan “from treating and interacting with female patients without a healthcare professional holding a clear and active license with the Florida Department of Health physically present at all times when Dr. Fruehan is interacting with female patients.”

Emergency suspension or restriction orders are not considered final agency action.

“If the department, after prosecutors have reviewed a complaint, believes that a practitioner poses an immediate serious danger to the welfare of public health,” Brad Dalton, the deputy press secretary of the state health department, said in an email today, “the Surgeon General has the authority to immediately suspend or restrict the practitioner’s license until the prosecution has been completed, subject to appellate rights of the licensee. “

Restrictions or suspensions are imposed “for serious violations relating to the commission of crimes, standard of care, or drug use, as well as for student loan defaults,” Dalton wrote.

Fruehan’s was one of 28 health care practitioners in the state who received a license suspension or restriction in June. The department has 20 days from the date of the order to initiate disciplinary proceedings “by presenting complaints to the probable cause panel for determination of whether to issue an administrative complaint against the licensee,” Dalton said.

Those subject to suspensions or restrictions are entitled to a hearing before a regulatory board or the health department take final action. That’s pending in Fruehan’s case. Friehan himself is disputing the allegation.

“I have a good business here, I’m an asset to the community, I’ve been taking care of patients for a long time, people have grown up with me,” Fruehan said in a phone interview today, shortly after intimating he would sue if this story were published.  “AlI I can tell you is, she made allegations, and I have an emergency restriction on my license. They have to do that, do you understand that? As soon as someone makes a claim like that they have to do that, the investigation is ongoing.”

Fruehan will have a formal hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge at the Division of Administrative Hearings. The case has not yet been referred for a hearing. “Both sides are preparing their cases and the department will continue to attempt to move toward a settlement agreement during this time,” Dalton said.

The alleged incident took place on May 24. It involves a 54-year-old Palm Coast woman, a patient of Fruehan’s at Palm Coast Urgent Care. That day she’d gotten off work around 2 p.m. and gone to Urgent Care to refill a prescription for a narcotic that controls seizures. A female certified nurse assistant took her through the usual routines of measuring weight, temperature, blood pressure and so on. The patient then waited a short time and was escorted to an exam room, where Fruehan came in. They spoke briefly, according to the alleged victim’s written statement to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office and a phone interview with state health department investigator. Fruehan then wrote her the six-month prescription before both walked back toward the front desk.

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office issued the following release on Aug. 3:

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) is actively investigating several claims against Palm Coast Urgent Care physician Florence R. Fruehan alleging that he was inappropriate with patients. FCSO is partnering with the Florida Department of Health who have, as a result of this investigation, imposed an Emergency Restriction Order against Fruehan effective immediately.

This Restriction Order will prevent Fruehan from treating and/or interacting with female patients without the accompaniment of a healthcare professional who is currently in possession of a clear and active license with the Florida Department of Health.

Fruehan had one prior run in with law enforcement in 2006 for sexual battery when a patient had alleged that he had examined her inappropriately but the charges were ultimately dropped.

“This is a nightmare for any patient and the allegations are very serious,” Sheriff Rick Staly said. “The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating the allegations against Dr. Fruehan.”

FCSO asks that anyone else who was a patient of Dr. Fruehan and feels that they had an inappropriate experience to contact us immediately to file a formal complaint at 386-313-4911.

On the way, he asked her where she worked and how long she’d been married. “I was caught off guard with this question, but answered it,” the woman wrote. She told him she was a widow. He then asked if she’d had a mammogram. She asked him if he could recommend a good OB/GYN. “Then he asked me to follow him into the room that was right next to the front desk,” the woman wrote. “I thought we were entering his office. Instead we were entering into what I saw was an examination room. I didn’t have a chance to leave this room.

“It was in this room that Dr. Fruehan grabbed both of my breasts through my work shirt and bra and kneaded both of my breasts. When he let go of my breasts, he told me, ‘I’m sorry your husband died’ and then he walked out of the room. I was left alone and was in total shock by what had just happened. I NEVER gave Dr. Fruehan any type of ‘permission’ or ‘OK’ to touch my breasts, or any other part of my body. After this occurred, I walked out to my car and broke down into tears.”

The woman reported the incident to the Sheriff’s Office the next day, speaking with Sgt. John Bray. He wrote a brief, eight-line incident report, saying he provided the alleged victim “with a written statement form and asked that she go home to collect her thoughts as she was apparently still very shaken and write or type out what had occurred and she could call to have a deputy come swear her to her statement or bring it back to me on Tuesday May 29th, 2018, to which she did.” The incident report does not reflect that Fruehan was interviewed even though the report was categorized as an “Assault/Battery.”

The alleged victim also lodged a complaint with the Florida Department of Health, whose investigator interviewed her on June 5. That investigative report closely aligns with the woman’s written statement to the Sheriff’s Office, but the woman also noted: “I did not tell anyone in the office what had happened, because I was in total shock.” She had been Fruehan’s patient for two years and had never had an issue. She told the state investigator she’d not heard back from the Sheriff’s Office, but had been told it would be a few weeks before she would.

In fact, the Sheriff’s case report, with a “disposition date” of May 29, stated: “Not enough evidence to pursue,” pointing to a closed case. But the Sheriff’s Chief Mark Strobridge said today that according to the department’;s investigative division, the case was still active.

There was a subsequent interview between the Department of Health investigator and the alleged victim two days later, when the woman revealed that she’d gotten a call from Walgreens, the pharmacy where she had dropped off the prescription signed by Fruehan. “The pharmacy told me that he (Fruehan) had called them and withdrew the six month prescription and replaced it with a one month prescription,” she told the investigator. “This is in retaliation for me filing a complaint against him.” She added: “I am in the process of locating another physician anyway.”

Fruehan claimed the woman “came back to be seen again” in his office after a month. (The alleged victim did not answer her phone when contacted today to verify Freuhan’s claim.) 

“We feel that this is a frivolous case, that it’s unjustified, and that’s what the skinny is right now, it’s being investigated,” Fruehan said, interspersing his comments with more veiled threats to sue and later twice emailing similar threats: “hope your warchest is well funded.”

During the interview, he’d concluded: “There’s a good chance that this is going to go away and there’s circumstances that are involved that is going to exonerate me.”

The state’s order put it differently: “Dr. Fruehan violated the trust that [the patient] placed in him by committing an egregious act of sexual misconduct,” the order states, noting that the alleged victim was seeking a medication refill, a situation “that all of Dr. Fruehan’s female patients will likely encounter during their course of treatment.” The order stated there are “no less restrictive means” than the ordered prohibition on Fruehan seeing female patients alone to “adequately protect the public.”

The order goes on: “Dr. Fruehan’s conduct was so brazen and with such a wanton disregard for the laws and rules regulating the practice of osteopathic medicine, that any female patient that presents to Dr. Fruehan for any purpose is in danger of harm within the confines of the examination room. Dr. Fruehan’s conduct is of a nature that is likely to continue as long as he continues to treat female patients without supervision.”

The Flagler County courthouse records indicate that Fruehan was the subject of two arrests for misdemeanor battery–on June 23, 1995, and  on Jan. 16, 1996. The charges were dropped, and no details on the cases remain other than the records of the arrests and their dispositions. “This is all that remains within the Clerk’s Office due to the case files meeting their retention and being destroyed,” a Deputy Clerk Andrew Moss said.

Fruehan also faced a sexual battery complaint in March 2006, when a patient alleged he had examined her inappropriately–with her husband and a nurse in the room–when she had sought help with a urinary problem. The charge was dropped.

Fruehan has been licensed in Florida since 1987 and has privileges at Florida Hospital Ormond and Florida Hospital Flagler, according to state health department records.

Florida Health Department’s Order of Emergency Restriction on Dr. Florence Fruehan


173 Responses for “Palm Coast Physician Florence Fruehan Accused Of Groping Female Patient; State Orders Him Restricted”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I never did like this doctor and that’s why I stopped seeing him after a few visits. Something about him didn’t seem right & I never felt comfortable when I went to see him

  2. Not Surprised says:

    He has been doing this kind of thing to women for years. He is a rude man who should never be left alone with anyone. He treated my grandmother and spoke to her with no respect then told us that she was old and going to die. What kind of doctor does this? Why more people have not come forward way before this I don’t understand.

  3. Yikes says:

    What can I say other than “Yikes.” Hoping this is all a misunderstanding but I can’t say the quotes sound out of character. As someone who works in a pharmacy here in town and deals with Fruehan frequently, he never fails to be rude and have snide remarks about anyone and everyone; both patients of his, and our staff. I’m glad someone is finally standing up to his crap.

  4. Justice says:

    This is so wrong. The “Me too” movement has gone too far. Hang tough Dr., the truth will come out.

  5. Lockhimupthistime says:

    Oh so now they do something about it?! “Maybe”The only reason charges get dropped is because the victim is scared off. Look at how he is so sure this one will go away too. Is he really Mr man nobody can touch with charges? Will he be let go to do this again laughing all the way back to the office? Would you trust your daughter going to this guy? Read all the reviews on this guy. Also in my opinion it sounds like a pill mill. And button up that orange prison looking shirt before I vomit !!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This guy gives me the creeps. I went to him once. That was enough for me.

  7. Hmm says:

    I was thinking the exact same thing…

  8. Really says:

    This is a joke… this man has more compassion for his patients than any other doctor around. Read the article, the woman was there for narcartics!! Meaning she’s another drugy palm coast is filled with, who left upset because her prescription wasn’t filled. Of course she’ll say otherwise, and continue her sob story. Is he abrasive? Sure! But he’s honest and truthful, which is something no one can handle anymore, so he’s automatically a creep. Really? Sorry… just not buying it!

  9. Bonnie higgins says:

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many more cases that are not exposed. This person is a sad excuse for a medical professional. Not only is he beyond inappropriate with his patients and staff, he has half of Palm Coast hooked on pain pills because of his love of money, heroin is a known epidemic in our community and this scum bag was prescribing out opioids to patients in large doses for years. When push came to shove with the new current regulations, Fruehan pushed out all of his patients he has been prescribing opioids to for years to fend for themselves.

  10. Bonnie higgins says:

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many more cases that are not exposed. This person is a sad excuse for a medical professional. Not only is he beyond inappropriate with his patients and staff, he has half of Palm Coast hooked on pain pills because of his love of money, heroin is a known epidemic in our community and this scum bag was prescribing out opioids to patients in large doses for years. When push came to shove with the new current regulations, Fruehan pushed out all of his patients he has been prescribing opioids to for years to fend for themselves. He should read this and go cliff diving without a parachute.

  11. Donna Heiss says:

    Dr. Fruehan saved my life. Best diagnostition in the county. Yes he tells you the truth and in a candid way. People don’t like it. I appreciate it.

    The “me too” movement is out of control.

  12. Steve says:

    I dont believe it, Truth will come out

  13. Kristal says:

    I absolutely loved this Doctor. I had pneumonia and couldn’t afford to be admitted. He let me borrowed the breathing treatment machine and gave me free samples of medicines so I can get over it without having to go to the hospital. He followed up with me the next 3 days with a phone call. No doctor has ever personally done that before. This day in age a dr. Cant even and do his job without being accused of something …

  14. MRc says:

    I had a very similar experience with a gastroenterologist. I was young and so traumatized that I was unable to even talk about it for years. I just told everyone that I was seeking “another opinion” as the excuse for never going back to him. He eventually ended up cooking his own goose. I always regretted not reporting it. I would have spared other women from the pain and degradation I faced. If it happened now, he would have experienced all the pain he caused to women who trusted him. My advice…never be alone in the exam room. Insist on a nurse or family member to be present.

  15. Cap’n Obvious says:

    He has always made me nervous. I’ve seen him scream at an elderly lady in front of the entire waiting room about forgetting to bring her medicine until she was in tears. He’s made several comments to me while bringing my kids in for the occasional urgent care visit. He usually makes these remarks but will say “BUT I CANT SAY STUFF LIKE THAT ANYMORE BC THAT WOULD BE SEXUAL HARASSMENT!” the apologetic and stressed out poor nurse assigned to watch him for that day just conveys her exasperation with a Quick eye roll. Once when making small talk he asked about a friend of mine (who was a former patient ) I told him that he had brain cancer. He laughed, and said “oh he’s DONE.” The other Doctor and the PA’s there are all great. He’s a problem.

  16. Anonymous says:

    He is a POS and it’s about time someone did something. He has made Rude and sexual remarks about my sister in my presence she no longer went to him. He is a POS and it’s about time he got what was coming his way. I’m so happy I am clapping away

  17. Anonymous victim says:

    He is a disgrace to the medical profession, he is a rude, character less, pig that does not deserve to be a doctor. He has done this to many women and no one has come forward until now, hope he gets the punishment that is over due. He runs a pill mill and takes advantage of the women that are dependent on these pain medications.

  18. Kayleigh McClain says:

    Great doctor! I would like to see what happens after the investigation. Allegations are allegations. I have been around this man since I was 20 years old and now 30 and have never been made to feel uncomfortable. All this crap will get dismissed. #TeamFruehan

  19. Anonymous says:

    I went with my mom to an appointment she had with him a few years back & he was such an asshole.
    Completely rude & no bedside manner at all!!
    I even told one of the nurses what i thought & she said they all think that too.
    He’s completely unprofessional & disgusting.

  20. cynthia chambers says:

    He’s been doing this for 20 years. I have heard alot of stories about off color rude remarks.with sexual overtones. There was an article many years ago that he was doing the same thing as now. I believe he is a bully and at one point the only doctor in the county that took medicaid. He picked the wrong woman.Good for you Miss.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I only saw him once and he gave me an uneasy feeling…loved Dr. Patel who did walk ins…

  22. Percy's mother says:

    What a bunch of extremely nasty comments . . . comments which remind me of working in an office with a bunch of catty women.

    Where’s due process?

  23. Finally says:

    Finally someone spoke out about this doctor. I have dealt with him numerous times as a medical professional and he is the rudest most condescending person I have after encountered in 30 years of working in the medical field. He treats his staff and everyone he deals with like dirt calling and screaming demands into the phone calling everyone incompetent. He used to walk into the hospital unit when he first started practicing and would start barking orders and telling the nurses they were stupid. It’s about time. He thinks he is above everyone else. Google him and see the other complaints against him. Complete loser.

  24. Troubled says:

    He needs to have his medical license taken away ! This so called Dr. Has been doing all kinds of things since I moved here in 1990. i went to his office saw him one time that was enough for me. If i or my children needed to see a Dr. i insisted we see the other Dr. At that office. He also has a foul mouth to his patients ,if not to thier face its behind thier back within the hearing of other patients in the waiting room. He is just so nasty and discusting, dont know how no one has said anything befoe this. Even though he is very threatening and discusting for a Dr.

  25. Amazed by some people!! says:

    This is ridiculous, he has been my Dr. for the last 18 years and has taken care of all family members living in Palm Coast. He is the best diagnostician We’ve ever had! This could be that he told someone something they did not like and now they are trying to ruin his practice. If all the comments were true, why is his office always packed with patients! does not make sense as the doctor–patient relationship has been and remains a keystone of care. Karma will get back to the person making these false, frivolous and vexatious accusations. We are praying for you Doc. hang tight, their may be another Doctor in town that wants your patients! now a days you never know what people will do.

  26. tulip says:

    I wonder if any other women will come forward with an accusation of inappropriate behavior towards them, or will all of this be settled with cash pay outs from Fruehan and life goes on.

  27. I knew he was a disturbed individual says:

    Super creepy guy I used to see as a child. I remember him always playing like a game and spanking me on my butt. Super weird to think about as an adult. I always had a feeling he was a pervert. I bet there are plenty of other people out there who agree.

  28. Patient whom when through the same says:

    I went through very similar with Dr. Fruhen in 2015, I went to the walk in clinic for mental health at the time , he brought me into the examination room with a nurse named Meghan and she gave me strange looks before the procedure he said he needed to check for lumps on my body for some reason I was only 20 years old at the time. He felt me up and groped me all over I remember thinking what the hell is going on when he was done I noticed the nurse had turned her face to the wall like she knew what was happening. I never went to see him again the only doctor at this establishment that has any sanity is Dr. Matthew Dorman. He takes what you have to say seriously and has complete respect for all of his patients. I recently went about 6 weeks ago to see Dorman and even the staff has only negivtve things to say about Fruhen.

  29. kathy roberts says:

    I had a horrible experience with him getting right in my face as I tried to leave room; he blocked my way. He was horribly rude saying, “Do you know who I am and what I own?” I replied I understood why they called him Dr. Fruitcake and yes, he has been passing out pain pills for years like candy. I’m sure he’s gotten away with way to much for way to long, especially as he considers himself invincible, Mr. Big in town. I wanted to report him for his conduct too; I was very upset. Dr. Johnson for 10 years there was wonderful….coming from Orlando to work over here three days a week. I really think Dr. Fruehan has an ego problem and other problems…

  30. Snavetrap says:

    Multiple times have I been groped by fruhen. The only good doctor in the facility is dr Dorman. I hope they catch fruhen in his sick acts I will never been seen by him again and I hope he rots in hell

  31. Bill Serrano says:

    There is no way that this doctor has done what he’s being accused of. My female neighbor of 20 years and me have been seeing this doctor for 15 years. Is he rude? Yes. Is he impatient? Yes. And he’s also the best local doctor at diagnosing medical conditions. He also was my elderly Mother’s doctor and he was always kind to her. This is and can not be true. If the only thing these people can talk about is his rudeness and have nothing else to add… don’t bother making comments about unproven and false accusations that you don’t know about. Quit your rumors! Your not helpful and and creating more harm than good.

  32. Vinny says:

    Well, well, well……..they finally nailed that SOB . This creep has been a pill pusher for 25 years. And a rude idiot to everyone caught in his medical web of horrors.

  33. Concerned says:

    This guy has been known to many around town as Dr Froot Loop for years. He is creepy and rude. I can just see him doing what was reported. I went to him not long after he came to town and he was just as creepy . Would never recommend him and he use to love to prescribe the pills. I hope this is the accusation that takes him out of circulation.

  34. Anonymous Says: says:

    I knew this would eventually come out. Just remember, Carma will always bite you in the A##!!

  35. Jolene Dehart says:

    Better do some research “Justice” another pull doctor operating here all these years and getting away with it.

  36. Jolene Dehart says:

    Another “pull doctor” that has been operating here for years. Giving pills Rd out like candy. Probably groping women before he gives them their Rx, and withhwithholding necessary RX from others when he so chooses. Call people junkies and other names. A scum bag.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Thank god he is a creep!!!

  38. Max says:

    Let’s see how many woman come forward now that this is out, my guess would be many

  39. Lillian Bellitto says:

    I don’t know what happened in that room, BUT what I do know is that he is a Wonderful Doctor. Even those who don’t care for him will tell you he’s a wonderful at diagnosis. Spot on. True he is a little rough around the edges, but to truly no him is to love him. Will come out in the middle of the night & meet you at the hospital, Come & visit you if you are in the hospital, (in his street clothes, on his own time.) I’m in Palm Coast for thirty two years, and my whole family will tell you what a great guy he is.

  40. BAC says:

    Less pills on the streets!!!

  41. The Truth says:

    Everyone on here who is defending how nice of a guy he is are probably stressing over if Fruehan leaves, how will they be able to get their pills.

  42. anonymous says:

    Took my daughter to him when she was 9. he stated rubbing her cheeks and told her ” Your very Beautiful”
    My daughter told him your very creepy!
    Never went back again

  43. Yikes pt 2 says:

    I like the comments about “she was there for narcotics”

    Narcotics that HE prescribed. Every other script Fruehan writes is Narcotic pain meds. He refuses to do paperwork for insurance for normal medications for blood pressure or cholesterol but will write a narcotic like it’s secondhand. “Compassionate” is a fucking joke. If any of you think Fruehan is a compassionate man, you should hear the voicemails he leaves calling patients “useless” or “can’t do anything for themselves”.

    Just because someone hasn’t sexually assaulted you, you can’t say “no way they could’ve done that! They were nice to me!” Maybe you’re not their type?

  44. Debra says:

    I would not take a stray dog to this doctor. He is disgusting.

  45. Agkistrodon says:

    Seen him one time, never again. Something just was not right for me to trust him as my doctor. I often get that feeling about people, and I avoid them. I have very rarely been wrong in hindsight, I ALWAYS trust my impressions and it has served myself and my family well. If the allegations prove to be true, it seems he has had access to A LOT of women, and young females, and that is disturbing, regardless of who he is.

  46. JustMe says:

    Sounds like he needs to have his license taken away. Disgusting Dr.

  47. Laurie says:

    I am an RN. I know this physician. Yes, he is rude, unkind, and thinks he is a God. There is no law against being rude or unkind. BUT, it is NOT OK to touch anyone inappropriately!!!!! He will have to answer for this.

  48. RITCHIE says:

    I dealt with Fruehan for years and disliked him. He stroked me as abrasive and erratic. But only recently I started to like him and see kindness in him. He never tried to prescribe narcotic pain pills even though I do need them. Then I wonder how a doctor can treat people without touching them.

  49. Been There says:

    He asked me to strip to my bra and panties when I was 15 or 16 when I went to him for what turned out to be tonsillitis, then remarked something like oh my god your wearing a black bra and panties, I better get a nurse in here. I never went back – he’s a pervert and everyone who grew up in this town knows it. All you guys that are mad about the me too movement are just nervous you might be called out on your perverted behavior. Women aren’t taking it anymore. #MeToo

  50. David S. says:

    I am not surprised at some of the responses . My only question is WHY has no one reported this MD to the medical board or the sheriffs office when these events occurred was it out of fear or was it some other reason. I do agree that if the allegations are true he should lose his medical licence and possible jail time.

  51. Ben Dover says:

    i was going to him for a few years , he is mouthy , he one time he asked me how old I was , I said 40 , he comes back with…. I can kick your ass…I told him you better pack a lunch, cold day in hell I let a Florence kick my ass, Another time I was there and some guy named Todd was in next room , Fruitloop gets on the phone with pharmacy , says I`m calling in a script for Todd ……..He says Todd is addicted to Loratab`s so we`ll give him 120 of those ,,,then he yells back to Todd`s room , hey what else you want??? My mother in law said he groped her too, his wife is a menace with billing , I paid my 20 dollar co pay every time I went, went in one day she`s insisting I owe $320.00, I said impossible, I
    pay my co pay every time I come , she entered wrong billing code , I had a PPO she put me in as HMO ….and she refused to admit her mistake….wouldn`t let me see any of the Dr`s there and put me into collections…SMH

  52. pinelakes79 says:

    I met Fruehan at 3 a.m. in the ER with my dad. The nurse told me that he was a little hard to be around, but that he was a great diagnostician. In the years that followed, he was always good with my dad and kept my mother informed of all of his medical needs. The last week of his life (in a nursing home), he saw Dad every day and called my mom each night to report. Whacky…yes, but he can be a good doctor.

  53. Anonymous says:

    It’s all true he grabbed my wife’s ass rite in front of me back in the mid 90ties. He gave a family member thousands of pain pills till he was addicted to them when he knew he did not need them. he would go and tell Dr. fruitloops his back hurt and he would walk out with a Rx. For 120 pain pills For years He got so addicted he shot himself. Then a good friend of mine who he new was 10 years sober he gave him pills because he liked him well he was not sober any longer and he is dead not sure if was sucide or a accident over dose the family keept it quiet. It’s well known who this POS really is.

  54. Marjorie Cohen says:

    Personally I find it sad that in all cases that when a sensational story comes up that you feel compelled to publish it but I wonder how the person writing the story actually feels about seriously damaging or destroying the life or business of the individual involved when nothing has been proven to be fact. The “me to” movement has compelled law enforcement and other agencies to take all allegations seriously as they should but it doesn’t mean that all allegations are true. An allegation could be made against the writer of this story at any time and law enforcement would be duty bound to investigate. I wonder if it would make your headlines. Personally I find Doc Fruehan to be an amazingly compassionate, wonderful Doctor and person. I also credit him with saving my life and more important to me my mother was one of his first patients and he has taken amazing care of her for more than 25 years. I have waited up to four hours to see him so I am assured I am not alone in my good opinions of him. I have personally seen him dismiss drug seekers so sorry that holds no weight with me either. There is a big sign in his office when you walk in that he will not take patients seeking narcotics. I have read a lot of opinions and I understand that some people don’t like him. Well isn’t America a great place- choose a different doctor. It bothers me that so many people write nasty comments anonymously. I am proud to put my name here. It is Marjorie “BEBE” Phippins Cohen and I believe in Doctor Fruehan.

    • FlaglerLive says:

      This is not a mere allegation: The Department of Health has conducted an investigation and judged the situation grave enough to impose an emergency restriction order, an extraordinary step and one it does not make on a mere allegation. We are reporting on that order. We think that not reporting it would be irresponsible, and would jutifiably lead to readers charging us with covering up the fact. “The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating the allegations against Dr. Fruehan,” the sheriff himself said today, and is asking “that anyone else who was a patient of Dr. Fruehan and feels that they had an inappropriate experience to contact us immediately to file a formal complaint at 386-313-4911.” Is the Sheriff being sensational too? We think not.

  55. Lockhimupthistime says:

    No women get any money out of coming forward. They usually get scared away by being told he has ties to the Russian Mafia so you better be really scared and drop the charges. Please don’t be afraid and stand your ground if he has done any sexual harm to you. Please don’t be afraid to tell the truth to stop wrong doing.

  56. Anon says:

    My father used to work with this guy and had to leave his practice because of the liability. It’s crazy that this guy still has a medical license. Not only because of the way he treats his patients (elderly and woman specifically), but because of his history with opiates. The guy is already infamous in PC, it just goes to show that if you’re rich you can get away with anything in this country.

  57. Mia Uassahole says:

    Fruehan is an arrogant ass and has gotten away with this type of behavior for so long that he “Thinks” he can get away with anything. For those that have had good experience’s with him consider yourself fortunate. You cant say that all these people are wrong for posting there experience they had with him. Its far more than just he said something someone didn’t want to hear. Look at these post people!!!! Just because you may not have had a run in with him doesn’t mean that these other people are lying or making up negative comments. I know he is a piece of crap doctor and douche bag of a person because not long ago my wife came home sobbing and crying because of some comments he made to her.” Florence” you will have you’re day in court and I can only hope that every person posting here and on all of the other outlets that this story is being posted with this picture of you in that unbuttoned orange shirt with that “Damn did I just get 20 years in prison” look will show up and testify. Also is it true you tell these women that you know “bad people” to intimidate them in to dropping charges against you?


  58. Anonymous says:

    Dr Fruehan has been nothing but professional with treating me and my father. I’ve been seeing him for two years and have not felt uncomfortable at any time. Truly this is someone once again trying to cash in on someone’s reputation and well being. Why did she wait until the next day? I would have called the Police before I left his office. Clearly she wanted her drugs first. So sorry they’re putting you through this Dr.

  59. Anne u says:

    Went to him yrs ago for chip fracture of the neck and immediately wanted to give me a Pap smear never went back. Also told him I was a widow and he then asked who I was with now. I believe everything in report. He needs to be gone

  60. Anonymous says:

    For those at the of you that are sticking up for this scumbag need to open your eyes and see his true colors do you think people are just making this crap up know he is a perverted nasty rude arrogant person not only is he an embarrassment to himself but also to dr. Dorman who is an outstanding Dr. Not to mention that he told one of my family members to stop and accept their illness that loved one is no longer here thanks to that piece of s***so open your eyes people he is not who you think he is I’ve seen him at functions where he had to be carried out because he was drunk as a skunk and his wife just sat there

  61. Outsider says:

    The same thing happened to my wife decades ago. Had a stomach problem and he wanted to give her a “pelvic exam.” She said no dice, so he had to settle for going under her shirt with a stethoscope supposedly to listen to her lungs. That was the last time she went to him. I have no problem believing any of these allegations.

  62. Anon says:

    There was only one incident that I went in to see him. I had horrible bronchitis and needed to see a doctor immediately before it turned into pneumonia. Thankfully my father was in the exam room with me but even then he was asking me weird questions that had nothing to do with my visit. Especially asking if I was SEXUALLY ACTIVE. In front of my father no less. It was such a forward and random question but I answered truthfully anyway and told him that I was. He then got serious and told me he would be happy to prescribe me birth control without having to see an OB/GYN. Just only having to see him. Once again that having nothing to do with my visit I was a little confused but just nodded quietly and didn’t say much. Not to mention the entire visit he was being absolutely rude to my father. Asking me questions like “How does your father treat you at home?” Which my home life is none of his business. After that visit I knew I would never go back to that doctor. Got a creepy vibe off of him.

  63. Concerned Citizen says:

    My mom went to him once and never went back. If she even hears his name it freaks her out. She was suffering at the time from undiagnosed stage 4 colon cancer. Her own doc was out of town so she went to him. She said he was rude and insulting and told her there was no indication of anything wrong with her – without even ordering any tests! (She was vomiting violently and had severe abdominal pain and diarrhea.) Just a couple of weeks later she was tested, diagnosed, and in the operating room. She could have died had she not gone to a different doctor. Obviously there are some patients who have had a satisfactory experience with his care, but based on the comments here, it certainly seems like there is a problem worth looking into. As for those people who made snide comments about the patient using narcotics (that he prescribed) pay attention to the reason. The patient suffers from seizures and he prescribed the medication to control those seizures! What horrible assumptions some of you are making about this woman. Yes, he deserves his day in court, but based on the multiple experiences shared above about alleged inappropriate behavior, I think the state made the right decision to restrict his license until all the evidence is heard. You don’t offer to do a PAP smear and exam on a woman who goes to you for a neck problem, for God’s sake!

  64. Del says:

    I agree with Really and Lillian! He is a great compassionate doctor who tells it like it is … if you want sugar coated BS then go elsewhere! LOL … with all the patients that he sees do you really think he is desperate
    to grope some 54 yr old HAS BEEN who
    has seizures! Hahaha … I really doubt that he is that hard up! This is really pathetic to put him in this position to be skirmish tomact himself because of some delusional woman! I am a woman and I love having him as my doctor!

  65. anon says:

    he’s disgusting. he was giving me a “physical exam” when I was 10 or so and he made a very inappropriate comment about my breasts. never went back again. he always gave me the creeps!!!!!

  66. Percy's mother says:


    Healthcare providers are REQUIRED by the federal government to ask a patient regarding whether he/she is sexually active. REQUIRED BY LAW. It is also required to ask about guns and the number of guns in the house.

    Most lay people (those not in healthcare) don’t have a clue as to how much healthcare is regulated by the federal government regarding what questions to ask a patient. AND most of that started with OBAMACARE. That being said, a male doctor asking a female patient about being sexually active might be misconstrued as inappropriate; however, these things are required under FEDERAL LAW. There is no choice in the matter.

    Ditto for asking a patient (male or female) about marriage, divorce, being widowed and how long, sexual activity, sexual preference and other social issues including the above paragraph. It is called gathering a SOCIAL HISTORY and is part of the medical record called a HISTORY and PHYSICAL. It becomes part of the diagnostic process.

    Get a grip people. Almost everything a healthcare provider does whether misconstrued or not is governed by the GOVERNMENT.

    Federal rules and regulations are a pain to healthcare providers but nevertheless these questions are a requirement.

    Get a grip people. Otherwise there’ll come a time when no healthcare provider will be willing to put their licenses on the line.

    Another witch hunt in the making caused by hysteria and lack of knowledge.

  67. anonymous says:

    This man gave my brother narcotics got him addicted and now he is dead. He deserves everything that he gets. He is pure evil.

  68. Sammy says:

    Former law enforcement officer, I took my 80 year old Aunt to see him for a routine visit.
    Besides a 2 hour wait, during the exam, THIS POS verbally abused and degraded and humiliated my Aunt DIRECTLY right in front of me. He is the most arrogant SOB I have ever come across in the medical field.
    I told her that was the absolute last time she would come to office.
    Their should be a special Prosecutor looking into ALL OF THESE ALLIGATIONS of this SEXUAL PREDATOR NUTJOB.

  69. vl says:

    BS — He was my Doc till I moved out from PC. He is an excellent Doctor, always saying like it is in his own way and I loved it. Where is a proof of him groping her? She said-He said. All these “Me2” drama woman provoking man and then seeking attention and having fun ruined mans life
    ——> Me2Woman = WMD (Weapon of Mans Distraction). Karma will get you one day, always remember this !!!

  70. Makeitso1701 says:

    This Dr probably thought “ Hey, if the president can get away with it, why can’t I”

  71. Facts says:

    That is an interesting fact … however, not once have I ever been asked if I am sexually active by Dr. Fruehan… Then again, I am not a thin, pretty young woman either so it doesn’t appear that he is asking out of “requirement”.

  72. Corruption says:

    Teaching moment.Why has he not been arrested any other citizen would be in jail
    And have to fight this at trial

  73. RS says:

    This is terrible !! Dr. Fruehan is one of the best doctors in Flagler County. Dr. Fruehan does not prescribe any more than the other doctors in Palm Coast. He is honest and shoots from the hip. I don’t know all the facts, but the doctor has money and can be seen as an easy target. It is very sad, because he is a family man, attends church regularly, and has helped Flagler County for years.
    His office has 20-30 people in it at any given time. Anyone who really knows Dr. Fruehan would say the same as me, I believe Dr. Fruehan would never do what this woman is claiming.
    Hang in there Dr. Fruehan I am sure you will be fine in the end. God Bless You.

  74. Ray S. says:

    Come on for real. This is one of Flagler’s best physicians. I have known Dr. Fruehan for years. Many of his patients have been seeing him for quite a long time. Last time I was in his office, an elderly couple told me they are over 93 years of age, and have been seeing him for close to two decades.I myself have been his patient for over 5 years, and my mother who seen him close to 10 years told me,” He was best in area.”
    Dr. Fruehan does not write out prescriptions so easily. Maybe that is what this woman was looking for. With Florida’s new prescription rules many people are not taking the word “no” too well.
    Dr. Fruehan has money and I imagine this woman knew it. Hang in there Dr. Fruehan.

  75. KathieLee4 says:

    He is a pig and has been that way for as long as I’ve been here and that’s 23 years.. He always wanted to know about your sex life and personal information .. He didn’t care if you were 18 or 80.. He’s a pill dispensary.. I can’t believe there isn’t more women . Maybe now people will step forward and stop this monster .

  76. Knew better says:

    When I first moved here. I had to take my daughter to him. The way he conducted himself was very unprofessional. He gave me the creeps by the things he did and said. I never went back for years. I had to go with my daughter because of insurance reasons and she is now 30 I found him still to be a pervert and his consult was creepy

  77. Anonymous says:

    When I first moved here. I had to take my daughter to him. The way he conducted himself was very unprofessional. He gave me the creeps by the things he did and said. I never went back for years. I had to go with my daughter because of insurance reasons and she is now 30 I found him still to be a pervert and his consult was creepy

  78. Marjorie Cohen says:

    Did you read your article? And I quote
    “The Florida Department of Health has imposed an Emergency Restriction Order on long-time physician Florence R. Fruehan of Palm Coast Urgent Care following an allegation that he groped a woman at his office on Pine Cone Drive in late May.”
    “Emergency suspension or restriction orders are not considered final agency action.”
    Sorry but according to you the Department of Health has not made any judgement and an emergency restriction order is the first step taken as part of an investigation a normal step in an investigation and not an extraordinary step at all, 28 health care practitioners in the state who received a license suspension or restriction in June.
    Sorry again but your article does not concentrate on the order at all but the alleged incident and the alleged victim. Again your words not mine.
    The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating the allegations against Dr. Fruehan,” the sheriff himself said today, and is asking “that anyone else who was a patient of Dr. Fruehan and feels that they had an inappropriate experience to contact us immediately to file a formal complaint at 386-313-4911.” Oh look the sheriff calls it an allegation as well. The sheriff is operating under the laws of this country that say innocent until proven guilty; your position appears to be guilty until proven innocent.

  79. Flagler Local says:

    This has been going on for a long time. I had some female issues back in 1998, went into see Dr. Fruehan who did a pelvic exam. My husband at the time was in the room with me. While he is doing the exam he says to my husband “want to come down here so I can show you your way around” . It made me very uncomfortable and was completely inappropriate. I never went back to him again and have heard very similar stories since then. The allegation made against him doesn’t shock me a bit and I commend the victim for coming forward.

  80. ANON says:

    I’m not surprised. I’m a 26-year-old female and this doctor has put his hand on my thigh before… no he didn’t grope me but that made me feel uncomfortable and I will never see him. For those of you sticking up for him… you don’t know this man just because he is your doctor of several years.

  81. GINA HILL says:

    Anybody that has had a similar incident needs to call the number and make a statement no matter how long ago it was.. And for you that are defending him? Shame on you.. I was one of his victims and know many others with the same story. I have never taken a narcotic in my life, so don’t use that she just wanted drugs.. I don’t know how he chooses his people, but trust me, he is doing what she said he done.. Same MO on most..

  82. Kevin Tyler says:
    My Family has been seeing Dr.Fruehan since we moved here in 2001.He saved both my son and my wife’s life during that time.I have seen him be a bit loud and tough on patients,but I always felt it was just theatrics.
    I am pretty much over the court of public opinion.This man has helped many people along the way and deserves the benefit of the doubt.People are so quick to rush to judgement on subjects they know nothing about.
    Whatever happened to the adage if you don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything at all?If the shoes were on your feet I’m sure you wouldn’t want people coming down on you without knowing what truly happened!

  83. Concerned Citizen says:

    Wow I’ve been hearing pretty horrible things about this doctor for years. Some of it came from very reliable friends. Now this…and yes, the sheriff dept is finally giving this the investigation it that it should have gotten from the beginning. Creepy in that he is in an elected position in this county as well…but very little is being said about THAT. He is very disturbing all the way around.

  84. It’s about time says:

    It’s about time someone did something about this guy! I went to him a few times and he was nothing but Rund to me. I even went so far as to bring my son with me once. When Fruhan got rude with me my son put him in his place. I hope he gets what coming to him!! Karmas a BITCH!!!

  85. VJS says:

    I’ve. Known this DO since I moved to fl in 99 as he was a. Family member DO. I always said he had no manners at all it’s about time that he hopefully gets what he deserves

  86. Anoynymous says:

    Kudos to Flagler live to report this, you set up an example to other news channels which have not reported yet. Everyone in Flagler county should know about this dangerous man who is misbehaving with many of his patients and mentally + physically abusing female patients for many many years.

  87. dogman says:

    I call BULLSHIT !!!! I’ve none this Dr. for years one of the best Doctors in this city hands down .1 far from pill pusher 2. yes loud and no filter get over it 3 . most of you throwing stones take a good look in the mirror be careful what you say because KARMA IS A BITCH !!!!!!!!

  88. Yep says:

    I really hope that this case goes somewhere. I was a patient of his years ago. He prescribed me pain medication for back pain and continually used my dependence on him providing my medication to insult me, degrade me, and make inappropriate comments. He would threaten to withhold my medication or put in my records that I was a pill seeker. I ended up going to another doctor and eventually having surgery and a spinal fusion to fix the problem and stop taking medication. He takes women who are in desperate pain situations and makes them dependent on him for medication so he can do whatever he wants. His staff is terrified of him and will not back up the patients when he abuses them. They are all aware of how he treats people. The day I finally had enough and told him I wouldn’t be coming back he followed me out into the waiting room and screamed to everyone that I was an addict and HE was dropping ME as a patient. I was embarrassed and mortified. I was 26 years old at the time. He would make comments about how big my breasts were, talk about his wife and the sex they have, he would get unnecessary close during examinations and threaten to withhold my prescriptions. At the time I felt there was nothing I could do about it.

  89. Peaches McGee says:

    Please read the Order for Emergency Restriction. The medication in question is phenobarbital, used for seizures. It is not a narcotic.

  90. MannyHM says:

    To physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. Have a chaperone when you examine a patient in the breast and private areas. You wouldn’t be sorry ! A mere allegation would make you to be presumed guilty even without evidence. The chaperone is there to protect your license and your reputation and livelihood. That should part of hospital policy and contract. A chaperone here would have prevented this allegation/accusation to start with.

  91. Disgusted says:

    He called the police on me when I asked for an examination after being kidnapped and raped. He talked to me like I was a piece of meat. I was too emotional I guess,but the sheriffs were so kind to me in my moment of need. I’ve almost forgotten about this,but seeing his face brought it all back.

  92. MannyHM says:

    What’s wrong here is the absence of a chaperone during exam of an intimate nature.

  93. Really Really says:

    I am shocked that so many people would call him passionate or professional.You are the ones that are able to go in WITHOUT an appointment and skip right over other people. For whatever reason I don’t understand.But if you really really are a patient you should be honest and tell the truth about how he or only treat SOME of his patients but even his staff like they are not people with emotions or people who DESERVE respect just like he DEMANDS IT!!!.This Doctor made me forget what a Doctor Patient relationship was. I was never able to say what issues I may have had when I was at my apt. I was afraid honestly to speak for fear of getting spoken to like a drug addict when he was the one who prescribed me the medication from the start.This is LONG OVERDUE. I was a patient 3 years dredging every appointment I will stand by my statement as I am forwarding one now.

  94. Read the article says:

    For those who apparently didn’t read the article and assume the lady was in it for pills…she got the prescription she went for, so she didn’t report him to get pills, if she was a junkie she would keep going to him for more pills….
    Also there’s no mention of her suing him so she’s not in it for the money just his license…

    This doesn’t mean he did or didn’t do it but money/pills are not the reason

  95. Angela R Curbow says:

    I have known Dr Freuhan since my 20s. I have known him to be the best doctor that I ever met. He has taken very good care of my family from my grandmother to my nephew. He can diagnose what most physicians send to specialize in. I know that he is sometimes abrasive however it’s when it’s needed. Hands down best doctor in florida.

  96. I am alive says:

    He away is caring and professional.

  97. Janice Curbow says:

    Dr. Freuhan is a very compassionate doctor. He cares about his patients. My whole family have gone to him for 24 Year and have always been treated with respect. He saved my mother’s life. He has made house calls to see her. Who does that in this day and age. He is without a doubt the best diagnostic physician I have ever had. He has also seen my son without charging him. He is always there for you when you need him. You can actually call and he answers the phone. What doctor does that? He is straight forward which is a respectable trait. I love Dr. Freuhan and he doesn’t deserve all the ridicule. If all you have to do is make rude comments maybe you should take the time to get to know the person you are critizing. I respect him for putting up with all he has to. He is a very unique person. Remember if you are ever truly sick and don’t know what is wrong you might need him. Then you might thank God for this Doctor.

  98. Bill Serrano says:

    I am not a spokes person for Dr. Fruehan but I have been going to his clinic since 2004. I have learned that if you want to know the truth about your medical condition, he’s the best man to hear from. Yes he’s rude. So what. You may not like him so don’t see him. It’s that simple.

    Being rude and having a lousy bedside manner does not make one a sexual violator. I can understand if you don’t like Dr. Fruehan but he is one of the few accomplished diagnosticians that we have in Palm Coast. If you’re not one of his patients, you don’t have any business making accusations. You don’t make things better, you only make thing worst with no evidence and no first-hand knowledge.

    Let’s keep our opinions honest and remarks accurate. There is no need to make up things just because you don’t like the doctor. Someone remarked that “he’s got ties to the Russian Mafia?” Let’s be serious people!

  99. A.PARKER says:

    Seems like because he has helped so many he is privileged. Therefore he gets away with things like this. Reading and talking to others he had done this many times. He is a pervert and shouldn’t have a license, or should be restricted.

  100. Realtime says:

    It’s wrong he’s a good doctor but a horrible person he could save a life and then ruin your day he’s rude he’s mean he treats his staff like crap. But I’m worried about the workers they where so nice and careing what happens if he goes out of business atleast let him go and get a new doctor! Nice works (sandy Dana I can’t remember anymore) :/

  101. Ariel says:

    I have heard bad things about this doctor as far back as 18 years ago when I first moved here and before I was ever a patient of his. Well one day I became a patient of his and was definitely on my guard when I went to see him. I saw him multiple times for an issue I was having and yes he is a little eccentric and very straight forward and some people don’t like that but as far as treatment by a doctor goes, well he was the most thorough experienced doctor I personally have ever been to. He took every step possible to find out what was causing my issues and was always professional with me. A little bold at times but I took it as not beating around the bush and getting the job done. Some people might not like his personality and that’s fine but as a doctor I feel he does a great job. He knows his stuff and is very thorough. I hope it all works out for him because he has been an asset to this community for many years.

  102. Concerned citizen says:

    This dr needs his license taken away. He sexually harasses patients, verbally abuses staff, has an arrest record. Is this really what the medical profession needs? I’m glad this woman came forward. Others will feel empowered to do the same. You’re not alone. Times up Fruehan.

  103. Cynthia White says:

    I have been a patient for 3 years and the ones on here saying he is a good Dr are the ones he has done special things for like not charge them. As he has done for me also and other things we will never know.But honestly I saw him every 3 months and I dredged seeing this man. First off He gives the appointments to me and when I get there I never know who is going to just walk in and skip right over me with or without an appointment.But what can you do. He let me know that he runs this.when I went to urgent care I was seeing a different Dr I will not name and he walked right in and basically told him he didn’t know what he was doing.He took over. I feel that was so embarrassing to that Dr. But he was used to it I could tell from other apts the things I heard.AND EVERYONE KNOWS they hear what’s going on in the next room heck the people in the lobby can almost hear when he at the front desk.He knows medicine I grant him that.But NOBODY taught him how to treat PEOPLE.He made me hang up the phone in my daughter face.Took a paper right out my hand that he wrote for me that was very important and then Discharged me.Not to mention he answered a phone call while he was talking and discharging me. I sit in the back and watch him see 2 and 3 patients in the rooms right next to me and still skip over me. I am so glad that someone spoke up. Because I know I wasn’t the only one discharged that same day for no reason.I wanted to tell him he had already discharged me that prior Saturday but he was so busy trying to embarrass me I just let him flow because he always has to have the spotlight.Well here you go Dr. I will be filing a complaint.So don’t worry he will still be getting his attention that he so much requires.So you ALL can continue doing the most making up these compassionate Dr lies.

  104. Deeply Troubled says:

    I went back to re read what this dr. said in one of the earlier posts. It was threatening not only to FlaglerLive but to every single poster here on this board that was posting against him. Probably a lot of people here read it. I had planned to copy it, knowing that it would become evidence against him. What he had to say, typed from of his own fingers, was far worse than anything anyone could say here. He put his venom out there clearly for all to see. Today I see that the comment has been deleted by him..most likely on advice of his lawyer. I do hope someone had the presence of mind to copy this comment because it was extremely revealing and no amount of patients singing his praises on here could drown out the venom that was in it. Word to the wise Dr F…..I wouldn’t be surprised at all that someone else DID copy that scathing post and has it saved for future use.

  105. Mia says:

    Yep… We have the screenshot for sure!

  106. Fruity finally got busted!!! says:

    Well it’s about time, this man has been saying and doing things to women for years!!! I can’t believe he has gotten away with it for this long! He made a remarkable about my wife’s breasts right in front of me, put him in his place, walked out and never went back! Karma finally has come around, he should not be allowed to practice EVER again!!!

  107. Savannah says:

    Hes always been profesional to me. I believe there’s more to this story…

  108. Beth says:

    I have never had A problem with Doc Fruehan, I have seen this man go out of his way to help his desk assistants, when a patient came in. He is a great Doc with such a a caring attitude. I think if you want to trash him you don’t know what great care he gives tohis patients

  109. Bout time says:

    This guy I saw his other Dr. And called for flonase and the Dr. Was on vacation this freak called me back telling me I need blood work I said no not for flonase he kept on so I hung the phone up he then called me back 2 times at work and kept on the last call he said God bless you then my sis went there and he followed her to her car saying do you know who I am like he bit s@#$% before this my sis took my niece there for stomach ache and he real quick in snapped her bra for what he needs his license taken away n not be able to practice again

  110. tulip says:

    Too bad Flagler live couldn’t put a screenshot on this topic site of the dr’s deleted post, so that everyone could see it. Just in case

  111. Please post says:

    Can someone please his comment for all to see? Do it in quotations. Thanks in advance! This guy has something seriously wrong with him.

  112. Please post says:

    Can someone please write his comment out for all to see? Be sure to use quotations. Thanks in advance! This guy has something seriously wrong with him.

  113. Finally!! says:

    To Beth says. I’m sorry Beth maybe you heard wrong because I promise you he does not want ANYONE to question his front desk clerks because they get treated the worse.If they came together they could DEFINITELY GET HIM THROWN OUT!!!

  114. KathieLee4 says:

    Accept it or not he’s been doing this for over 20 years but nobody did anything about it . If you were a women he always have you your drugs . If you questioned him he would send you a letter stating he was no longer your doctor .. Why are some people blind to the fact that he’s no good . I heard he’s retiring soon , maybe it will be a lot sooner ????

  115. Trista says:

    If the numerous allegations here in the comment section are true, isn’t anyone concerned that the other Doctor at this practice and the nurses never reported all this abuse?

    I’m not calling anyone here a liar. If this doctor really did these things, I’m trying to wrap my brain around how his own staff never reported it. I hope the state licensing board asks these questions too. Dr.F’s very own staff might need their licenses revoked too.

    IMO, Watching abuses happen and doing nothing is just as bad as participating.

  116. Brent Cole says:

    I have been a patient of Dr. Fruehan for over 15 years and have seen nothing but a truthful doctor and a professional medical person with a true passion for taking care of his patients. He is there from early morning to late at night. Always follows up on appointments and tests and shows concern for your wellbeing. I stand with the doctor.

  117. Anne says:

    I am a patient of Dr. Fruehan and have been for a few years. My question is if you have such a problem with the way this doctor treats you, why go to him? Personally, I think he is a great doc, does not sugarcoat anything. If you don’t want the blantant truth, find another doctor, but please dont throw him under the bus!!! Remember God does not like ugly.

  118. Jessica C says:

    Dr. Fruehan has been my families primary physician for 12 years! He has been very accommodating and has diagnosed different illnesses and sent us to the necessary specialists on numerous occasions! Me cancer, my husband needed a stent, my daughter was having seizures and sent her to Children’s Hospital. When my mother was in the hospital and in rehab Dr. Fruehan checked in on her even though she wasn’t his patient. He has always returned my phone messages and managed to squeeze me in when I’ve needed. He may be loud at times but it is because he is passionate about his profession. I like his directness you know where you stand and what you need to do to get better. I have never seen nor heard of any inappropriate behavior on Dr. Fruehan’s part and I am sure that they will find this patient has a personal grudge against Dr. Fruehan and should be ashamed of such allegations. My family stands behind Dr. Fruehan 100% and I am NOT looking for a new physician!

  119. Anne says:

    I feel bad that this wonderful doctor is going through such bullshit. He has never overstepped doctor patient boundaries with me and I’ve been seeing him a few years. . Hopefully the media will be quick to respond when he is found innocent!!!

  120. Beth in palm coast says:

    Similar experience with this creep called doctor fruehan, told me he had to check moles on my upper chest for skin cancer. He just stared at my breasts. Thankfully, I had my bra still on.

  121. Robocop says:

    This guy is unprofessional, rude, dirty mouth, and now I guess a real creep. I have heard him talk to people on the phone like they are a piece of crap. It’s about time somebody spoke out about this a-hole. I understand that he was going to retire in a couple years, hopefully this will push him out sooner. On the other hand Dr, Dorman is one of the best if not the best Doctor in Palm Coast. I would trust him with my life. Wouldn’t trust creepo if I was on my death bed.

  122. Eva says:

    Well there is more to this story, for sure. This doctor has treated my family, grandfather, father, mother, and still my mother, since the 80’s. It was ony Dr Fruehan who came right to my grandfather’s bedside at his last moments. He is definitely plain-spoken and no BS about him which a lot of people don’t take to, but he is a brilliant diagnostician and found so many things over these decades that others missed. Yes he is different, but I don’t believe any of this. We love him.

  123. Anonymous says:

    He did diagnose me correctly when no one else could figure it out. I’ll give him that. I walked out of his because his staff forgot about me. Sat in the room for over a hour. I had him how up at my work and plead for me to see him or another doctor, as it was serious. Still, my intuition told me to go elsewhere. Boy, am I glad I did.

  124. Anita Jennings says:

    I agree with Marjorie. It’s amazing how nasty “anonymous” can be. I have been going to Dr. Druehan for years, as do both of my parents. We LOVE him. And FYI, I do not take narcotics. Does he say some colorful things, yes. Is he brutally honest, yes. If you need a safe place to contemplate your feelings, then he’s not the doctor for you. The best way I can describe him is he’s “Dr. House”. If you would rather have a so-so doctor who sugar coats everything, then go somewhere else. For me, I’ll stick with the best diagnostician around. Dr. Fruehan.

  125. Not a Spokesperson 4 Fruehan says:

    Dear “The Truth,” You’re right we are defending this doctor who is a nice guy that often doesn’t sugar-coat his medical opinions. Yes, we can be stressed about losing Fruehan and his clinic because it’s opened 7 days a week and any walk-in patient can come in to see a physician without an appointment.

    No other clinic practices this business model. You need to get pass your petty biases. Stick and stones will break your bones but word will never hurt you unless you let them. Act like a child, you get treated like a child.

  126. Mary Fusco says:

    I have no horse in this race as Dr. Fruehan is not my doctor. However, he has been my husband’s doctor for over 18 years. Is he always politically correct? NO. Is he responsive? YES. To me this is the most important. If I email him about a prescription, he responds within 15 minutes. If we call, he either answers the phone or calls back within a very short time. If you can’t get in touch with your doctor, even those with the best table manners, what good are they? As for those who are claiming that Dr. Fruehan abuses women patients because they are dependent on him for meds, why are they dependent on him? Any patient with a verifiable illness can see any doctor and receive the meds they need. Why do people who feel they are abused keep going back year after year? I don’t know if he did what this woman claims because I was not there. What I do know is that he is a doctor who will go above and beyond to help.

  127. Deeply Troubled says:

    What amazes me are the people here that haven’t had any issues with this slime bag practically calling all the MANY people here that HAVE had issues with him, a liar. Really? Just because he hasn’t acted out of line with you doesn’t mean he hasn’t with others. MANY others. And this is just the tip of the iceberg I think…this is just the select few that happened to have read this article and felt brave enough to post their experiences. Look over these posts! The ones that have had nasty issues with this dr far out number the ones that haven’t. If there is that much smoke you can bet your a$$ there is fire. And baby, this seems to be a three alarm fire!

  128. Nancy N. says:

    Holy conspiracy theory, Percy’s Mother. No, it is absolutely NOT “required by federal law” that a doctor ask you about guns, your sexual history, or any of the other personal items you mentioned. An ethical doctor will only ask you about those items if they are relevant to your medical care. (For instance, asking a suicidal person if they have guns in the house.)

    In thirty years of seeing doctors for a serious medical issue (hundreds of appointments), I’ve never been asked about guns and only ever been asked about anything remotely related to my sex life by my gynecologist.

    But I know that doesn’t fit in with your anti-Obamacare fearmongering. Sorry about that.

  129. Jeff Sica says:

    I don’t usually waste my time commenting on things I read online, but feel a need to weigh in here, and yes, on Dr.Fruehan’s behalf. I’ve lived in Palm Coast for over 27 years now and he was my primary physician for the better part of the first 20yrs here. (Being uninsured for the better part of the past 10+ yrs, I have had no primary physician, but in times of need, he did what he could to accommodate my financial circumstances.) Personally, I have nothing but praise for the man, as the concern, attention and aptitude as a diagnostician he showed me is unsurpassed even by any physician I had “up north”. I’ve recommended him countless times over the years to other new arrivals to Palm Coast without hesitation (and, I must add, without negative feedback) but with a caveat…don’t expect Marcus Welby. The man is direct, blunt and possibly guilty of misplaced humor, but his sincerity and concern was unquestioned. Not everyone in any field has flawless “people skills”, and I can see where he may rub some people the wrong way…pun not intended. Many of the comments here are 2nd or 3rd hand accounts, slanderous innuendo and possibly baseless attempts at retribution for past (sometimes long past) perceived personal offenses. Only he and this accuser know what truly happened, so the rest of us should just chill and keep our 2 cents to ourselves. As a 57yo father to a wonderful 22yo daughter (who Fruehan treated on occasion when her pediatrician was unavailable), I am a supporter of the current MeToo movement, but even it’s most ardent, rational supporters agree there’s a percentage of accusations made that are baseless and for no other reason but retaliation for other, generally unrelated issues. I can only hope that is the case here. If just a tenth of the allegations made on this message board alone were true, the man would have been gone a long time ago. Innocent until proven guilty, folks, even if you, or your daughter, wife or mother had issues with him. He’s faced public scrutiny before, which I believe was found to be “sour grapes”. I’m not saying he is, but being an ass is not a crime…and someone with the truly good, baseline intentions that I believe he has, should not be crucified and convicted in the press or on a message board. I truly hope that this woman’s allegations are not true and the proper investigations will bear that out. As far as overprescribing narcotics? Cut me a break, for the past 30yrs, that’s been the M.O. of countless physicians across the country. The only time I asked him for something like that, he talked me out of it, and it proved out I didn’t really need it. I’ve had several friends over the years who danced with that devil and were not patients of Dr Fruehan. Overall, this recent allegation notwithstanding, his positives far outweigh his negatives. Once again, I can only hope this is another case of “sour grapes”.

  130. Mary Fusco says:

    I am certainly not calling anyone a liar. His personality is a little loud. That is not a crime. If it made me uncomfortable I would go elsewhere. I’ve seen him rather cranky. Did you ever think that patients drive doctors to the edge because they are noncompliant in treatment plans and they want a miracle cure? My daughter has been a nurse for almost 25 years and for 25 years she has dealt with rude doctors. Right now she is doing Home Health Care. She has had to send patients to the ER because she could not get their doctor to call her back and she is a health professional. When she does get them to call back, they make it obvious that they are annoyed because she bothered them about THEIR patient who they discharged to home health care. Yes, I have heard Dr. Fruehan yell at people. He has yelled at my husband and he deserved it. We didn’t go cry in a corner or post it, we fixed what he was doing wrong. This man cares about his patients. Alot of doctors don’t. As far as the sexual inuendos, I haven’t heard them so I can’t comment on them. I only comment on what I have seen and heard personally.

  131. tulip says:

    There was a short story of Fruehan on channel 9 Saturday and I think another channel, but not sure.

    This situation has to be wreaking havoc on the clinic, patient appointments, office morale, the CPA’s, if they are still there, and Dr. Dorman.
    I would think even more patients would be switching over to him for appointments and he is already right out straight busy. In fact, sometimes too busy. He now does more appointments than walk-ins and which are only on Thursday til 2:00. Any other time, a patient gets whoever is there to do the walk-ins, which is hard for people who are Dorman”s private patients and have ongoing serious issues to deal with, or just don’t like Fruehan for whatever reason.

    I hope they can find someone to help out with walk-in patients because one person cannot do it all.
    I would think that some people would feel awkward going there to see Dr Dorman because they might be afraid that if Dr Fruehan is in the building who knows what will happen or be said. I;ve been there several times in the waiting room when he’s gone off on embarrassing rants. I can only imagine what it would be like now.

    We do have two other walk in clinics within mile of each other, so there’s a possibility, although a hassle..

    What a sad thing this is to all the patients and there are some people I know, including, myself, that what if this mess causes Dr Dorman to leave and go elsewhere. That is a worry to me. If he did that and joined up with one of the other 2 local clinics, that would be okay because he is still convenient to get to. Otherwise a whole bunch of us will be left without our good doctor nearby and we all need to think about that.

  132. Sherry says:

    Just to inject some FACTS into claims that the federal government or ACA “requires” certain question be asked by your doctor.

    NO- Your doctor is NOT required to ask if you are sexually active: This is a conspiracy theory, rated “Pants on Fire” by Politifacts:!

    NO- Your doctor is NOT required to ask about guns in your home. In FACT Rick Scott’s law “prohibiting” doctors from asking about guns was struck down by the Supreme Court:

  133. Lazaruis says:

    With so many comments about this dr there is definitely something going on .
    I hope that he will be dealt with by the facts and not the opinions stated in these many conflicting opinions .

  134. Palm Coast Resident says:

    Too many allegations for there to be nothing there. For the people that weren’t assaulted by the dr,don’t you realize that not even a rapists rapes every person they see. When watching the news and some say a suspect was nice, not everyone gets to see the ugly side.

  135. John kent says:


  136. tina says:

    This is exactly why most females don’t come forward when something like this happens, because as i’m reading some of these comments alot of people are like “oh i dont believe it. me too movement gone too far” “hes a good doctor, best one in palm coast”. OK SURE. Even so, let’s say hes a good doctor, that doesn’t mean he is incapable of touching this woman inappropriately. I dont care how SUCCESSFUL or talented you are, you can very well still be a monster. And besides that, this man is the reason my grandparents died and i’m not the only person who has said he has been the reason their family members have passed.

  137. John Corbin says:

    The biggest damm problem is that this guy is so close to the judges in this town. That’s right. Look at Craig and Perkins. Yes this man has connections even with the state attorneys office. Even if these allegations are true so you honestly think that they will ever move forward or file an information on him. Hell no the courts have sent countless patients to him! I should know because I work for the courts and this is my second amendment right to speak out as well. I have heard that in past days that judges would go to him personally and get their meds for free because of the business they send him. Grow up Flagler County and take care of business! The good ole boy days are over! Like it or not they are!!

  138. Lillian Bellitto says:

    Give it up already, enough! If you don’t like him for whatever reason Don’t GO!! there are plenty of Doctors in Palm Coast. I agree with Jeff. Dr. Fruehan is a hard working Doctor. If you can’t pay him, he will make allowances. Never takes lunch/dinner time. Do all you wonderful people see him at church each Sunday morning? well he is there, just before office hours. He has been our family Doctor for as long as he has been in Palm Coast. All this trash is he said she said, When you go ask for a nurse to be in the room with you. There is NO proof he did anything wrong. Don’t like pain pills, Don’t take them. If he thinks you need them he will give you one. If not he has already told me after an operation, you don’t need pain pill just take two Advil’s Does everyone know there is another walk in clinic on P.C. Pkwy & Clubhouse Drive. Go there, Go to the ER. Just Please give him & his family some peace.

  139. Anonymous says:

    # me too & # my 13yo daughter too # me too …this County has known this behavior for years & looked the other way .

  140. Leslie Veiga says:

    I had to stop reading these comments that don’t reflect the heart or character of “my family” physician of 14 years. He is among the most capable doctor and diagnostician I’ve known. He has treated me, my husband, our 5 children and my elderly aunt. He has made phone calls, house calls taken late calls and has never ceased to amaze me with is compassion and understanding of the human condition. He gives it to you straight but that’s what I want. I need someone who is willing to tell me how to “fix” what’s broken before it is unable to be fixed. We have laughed together and cried together. I stand with him and am not willing to let false accusations be made against a wonderful spirit and a capable hand. Stand Tall Doc, we are here for you.

  141. Peg says:

    As I posted before, Mark my words he will walk just as he has done before.

  142. Nancy N. says:

    To “Not a Spokesman” who is claiming that there isn’t another urgent care clinic in Palm Coast open 7 days a week in Palm Coast that take walk in patients….there are TWO, including one almost directly across Palm Coast Parkway from Dr Fruehan’s that is run by Florida Hospital.

    At least one, MedQuick, is even open on holidays. We learned that the hard way in our family when we had to visit for my husband to get stitches on Thanksgiving a few years ago after a kitchen accident (potato peelers are more dangerous than they look….)

  143. Diane Matta says:

    A allegation is a allegation is a allegation does not mean it’s the truth. But all the haters all jump on the bandwagon. Do they know this is still an extremely busy practice!! I’ve waited as long as 3 hours to be seen a few weeks ago every seat in waiting room was filled and all rooms full!! Myself and my girls have been going here the last five years. We have never been treated disrespectful, yes my girls call him Dr. crazy pants but like seeing Dr. Fruehan. He has warned me about taking a certain Rx that I’ve taken many years but has also encouraged me to take another for bone health that I do not want to take. As for the nurses they are all very nice and some have been there as long as we have been coming. I don’t believe any of this it’s so busy all the time and most of the time doors are open. Especially that room it’s right across from nursing station. I think this mud slinging is horrible your not happy going here find somewhere else.

  144. tulip says:

    The reason the place is packed most of the time is because most of the are there to see Dr Dorman . If you go on a Thursday, it’s even worse because that’s Dorman’s walk in day and he is only there until around 2pm. They did have 2 PA’s there also, but don’t know if they are still there or not, So basically there are only 2 doctors to handle many patients and sometimes only one dr. They really need more help to be able to correctly take care of the growing population of PC.

    I hear that Centra Care next to Intracoastal bank on PC Pkwy is pretty good and I googled some patient reviews on them which were good. The other one by Carrabas, is mostly by appointment now, or so I’ve read.

  145. Mark Mongon says:

    Dr. Fruehan has always been a professional. He is always on call for his clients especially in their time of need. I have witnessed this firsthand watching Him tend to a friends elderly father who was dying of cancer.
    Let’s not rush to judgment on these accusations. Dr. Fruehan has been a respected physician in the community for many years. Let’s not jump the gun on these allegations. Let the sheriffs office and state agencies perform their due diligence in determining previous events. The truth always comes out in the end. Dr. Fruehan may not have the best bedside manner, and that may rankle some of his patients, But he is a straight shooter, a good diagnostic physician and will always tell his patients like it is in their best interest.

  146. B. says:

    Poll the nurses at the hospital see what they have to say about him I no a few of them and you would not believe all the negative things they have to say about him.

  147. Dave says:

    If my daughters nicknamed him doctor crazy pants I would be very suspicious, also referring to the guns and sex asked by physician, absolutely this is the norm, I was asked about my sex life if I had guns in my home, very innaproppriate

  148. Randy Pagan says:

    Dr. Fruehan saved my life. I had Bronchitis which turned to Pneumonia and got Medication for the same. Suddenly I was having a problem breathing and on my way home from work after 5pm I pulled into his office to see if the meds given me were strong enough?

    He listened to my breathing then asked if I wanted an X ray, I said no, as I have no medical Insurance. The next thing I know I’m getting an X ray. Then I hear the nurse who Looked at the X Rays say “you better look at this right away” I knew there was a Problem. He mentioned “If you had went to sleep tonight you may have not woken Up”.

    He then showed me the X rays and said you have a “Collapsed Right Lung” He then told me I have two choices go by Ambulance or he would pay for Car Service and I was to leave now and my Van there, He Then Called the Emergency Room Ahead expecting me to be admitted ASAP. Seven days later I left Florida Hospital. They watched over my Van so as to not tow. He paid cash for Car Service.
    I have been there many times over my 15 Years in Palm Coast. It is amazing how he shouts out orders to all to keep the place running, In an Efficient Organized Manner.I don’t know about the Charges but HE IS A GREAT DR!

  149. Just my two cents says:

    This has been an issue involving Dr. Fruehan before. I can remember being on Flagler Chat, and the amount of comments here are half of what happened on there. My take- where there is smoke, there is fire.

    The man has crappy bedside manner. He is rude, blunt and arrogant. Being a fantastic diagnostician doesn’t mean he is a saint. Just means he has a brain! And hate to disappoint, but men with brains can be pervs. Yes, he is PRESUMED innocent until proven guilty! However, when you have this many responses and MORE TGEN HALF have had an issue or uncomfortable encounter , then COMMON SENSE SHOULD PREVAIL!

    I hope the allegations are not true. I fear, however , that they are! My heart goes to anyone who has suffered a negative encounter with any doctor! And we need to stop victim blaming!!!

  150. Anonymous says:

    How come women never are outed for groping men? It takes two!

  151. Anonymous says:

    Moved to Palm Coast 15 years ago the whole family uses Dr. Fruehan as our primary care physician and my husband who worked a 911 also used him and so did my son who is then six months old I have to say he was extremely good doctor and he was very good with the whole family and a great help to our son He had examined me on a number of occasions for different medical issues and never at any time did he do anything that was inappropriate I hate to go for mammograms due to my signs been 40 DD he even made recommendations for me to go to Jacksonville for digital or it would be less pressure on the breast during mammograms And at one time when we lost our health insurance he seen my son for free until I was able to purchase my own insurance anytime we had a medical emergency no matter how busy he was he always took the time to see us good doctors are very hard to find and I have to see he is a very good doctor …

  152. Lyne Tyler says:

    Today I called outline that / Flagler Live want you to report Dr Fruefan . I was so disappointed to see that they would not take any positive report on him ,I really feel they are not representing the True about DR Fruehan in 2008 My Son got really heal ,we brought him to the ER in FH and the doctor on staff told us that a high fever is good for kill bacteria and my son was send back home .Has a mother I could not agree with the hospital so I decide to go to Palm Coast emergency care ,The moment that Dr Fruhen saw our little man so weak, Dr Fruehan personally call Halifax Hospital pediatric and told me and my husband that our son Needed emergency treatment,My Son was in the Pediatric hospital for four days due to a bacteria infection . Today our son is a member of National Society a member of Chamber of Commerce ,and I B student at FPC there is No word to explains our gratitude to Dr Fruehan to “safe our son life” through the year our son developed good relationship with his family doctor, Dr Fruehan always encouraged our kids to keep up dreaming and Focusing on education, last year our son was a coach for the special Olympic we are so proud of son and we were blessed to have Dr Fruehan in are community 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    This year in January 29 I went to the ER I was complaining of very bad pain in my abdomen ,I got sent home ,the pain was so intense all I wanted to do was sleep my husband was away for work that week I was too weak to answer the phone, my husband call our family doctor Dr Fruhen to get the results of my visit to the ER . Dr Fruehan told my husband “that I needed to go back to the ER Right now !” I have an emergency surgery at 2 am diverticulitis and appendix raptured I was in the hospital over 3 weeks dr Frehan took the time to call the
    hospital during my stay and speak to my husband about my condition

    Sincerely if Dr Fruehan did not spoke to my husband to let him know for someone to take me back to the ER I would add “die in my bed “
    Thank You again this time Doctor Fruehan for saving MY Life L.T

    Respectfully The Tyler family

  153. county worker says:

    Let’s see now, 151+ comments on this topic and only 10 on Flagler being the Suicide capital of Florida. Sucks to see where peoples priorities are.

    As for the doc who tells it like it is, no complaints from me. Some think he’s crass or rude, but he is a great doctor who doesn’t sugarcoat things. I prefer being told the truth when I see a doctor. The new PC age weak folks cant take it. So, go to another doctor. These patients who go to someone they don’t like more than once have nothing to bitch about. He isn’t the only one in town, though I believe he is one of the best.

  154. democrat says:

    is this the same guy?

  155. Anonymous says:


    I believe in innocent until proven guilty but once again we have a person not even being charged because of who they are. If it were a regular joe, he would have been arrested because these are serious allegations. At least the Department of Health is doing its job. As we have recently seen in the case of Dr. Nassar and the gymnasts, doctors who molest can have many victims before they are caught, because of the privilege of their social status.

  156. EmCee says:

    One of the most caring doctors there is. Either you like him or you don’t, but he knows what he’s doing
    He may be loud and tell you what you don’t want to hear about your health. He’s an old fashioned doctor that knows his patients. This is the kind of things that drive good doctors away from their practices. He is a huge asset to this community. So why did she return a month later? 🤔

  157. Peggy Mrus says:

    Dr Fruehan is brash but he is real and direct. I realize that some people don’t care for that type of personality and it is their right. But I for one will always be glad that he was so brash and got my attention. He told me that if I did not change my habits, I would not live to see my daughter graduate from high school much less my condition would have caused my death in 5 years and that was 1998. I took drastic changes in my health care and I am healthier for his brash but harsh treatment and without him I would have never made the drastic changes that I did. So with that being said I owe gratitude to this great guy to be real and get my attention.
    i wish him nothing but positive success as the media plays this out. His direct real attitude saved my life and I am forever blessed.

  158. Jason B says:

    I first met Dr Fruehan many years ago, when his office was over on Office Park Dr, he was a bad Dr then, and he’s a bad Dr now, he had me and my girlfriend so over-medicated that it’s a wonder either of us are still alive. I remember they used to say he had the fastest script-pad in Palm Coast, and I know it to be true.

  159. Mary Fusco says:

    Only one question for you Jason. Why did you take the medications? I have been prescribed heavy duty pain medications for dental problems (percoset, darvocet) that I threw away and used Advil instead. He is not a bad Doctor. Unfortunately, he has to deal with bad people.

  160. Jason B says:

    Mary, the answer to your question is that he prescribed them to me and I got addicted to them.. and no, I had never abused pills before I started seeing him .. NEVER.

  161. Mary Fusco says:

    Jason, please explain further how it is HIS fault that you got addicted. You went to him with a health issue, he prescribed, you took. If you had gone to Dr. Brown across the street and were prescribed the same medication you would have also become addicted, I would imagine. The best scenario when one feels they are being “over medicated” is to seek a second opinion.

  162. B. Smith says:

    Dr Fruehan has been my primary care doctor for 25 years and has saved my life 3 times. He also referred me to a trial program that treated and cured me from a deadly disease. He has always been honest and very straight forward with me concerning my serious health conditions. Not easy to hear the truth but necessary to be able to treat the disease. Sometimes he comes off harshly but I know he is telling me the truth and I needed to act to adjust my treatment plan. He is a serious doctor who helped me when no one would! My wife is also his patient for the same 25 years and she is thankful for his honesty about health issues. We understand his manner may not be for everyone, but we appreciate no sugar coating! I would not be here today without Dr. Fruehan.

  163. Marjorie Cohen says:

    I am writing today on behalf of my mother. Her name is Louise Phippins and she has lived in Flagler County for the last 60 or so years. Doc Fruehan has been her family Doctor for 27 years and today she cried because she was so upset about the idea of losing him. He has always been amazing to her. He has taken amazing care of her over the years. He is an excellent person and a great doctor. We have included him in our lives because he has been so much like part of the family. He attended my wedding and family barbeques. Doctor Fruehan is a good person and he has done alot of for this county. His was the first clinic that was open such long hours and he saw patients long hours and did rounds at the hospital. One time i was in the hospital for 9 days and he came every day. I am so angry that he has been crucified in the press over and over again. Doctor Fruehan is a person. He has a beautiful amazing wife who works hard, he has two lovely daugters. He has a family and he is hurt by all of this. He is kind hearted intelligent person who has been embaressed and devastated by all of this garbage. I do not beleve any of this mess and I wish the absolute best for him and his family. I would also like to see if the apologies he is due are published on the front page or page six when the truth does finally come out

  164. Lydia Haveman says:

    Lydia Haveman
    Dr. Fruehan has been my PCP for over 10 years. Previous to that I met him while taking care of an elderly family member, who had Dr Fruehan as their doctor. The lady had dementia and late onset Alzheimer’s, and I never once saw him be rude to her , insulting to her nor inappropriate. During the time that he has been my primary care physician, he has been the same towards me ,he has always taken care of my gynecological needs by asking me if I wanted him to do it or to refer me to someone in that field. He is one of the best doctors that I have ever met or known, and I have worked with quite a few doctors in my lifetime. His bedside manner is very direct into the point. He doesn’t “ pretty up” the topic in question. Every Dr. I have ever seen has asked me about my mammogram, Pap smears and colonoscopies , because ITS HIS JOB!!! Grow up people, and if you can’t handle the truth/information about your self, go find a Dr who wraps everything in a pretty bow. SMH!!!

  165. Anonymous says:

    Fruehan asked me if I needed a Pap smear after visiting a friend at the office, wasent even there for an office visit! Mans a pervert!

  166. Patricia says:

    When I was 9 or 10, he was doing a routine check up and rested my hand on his penis two times. My mom was mortified and dragged me out if the office, cursing at the nurses as we left. They responded with, we know. We’re sorry. They later called and asked her to file a complaint. She didn’t- because what would she say? You need more proof. Disgusting pervert. I’m 28 now so this was close to 20 years ago.

  167. MrandMrs says:

    To those who are victims–please report. To those who witnessed–please report. As noted by others, a person who is gifted in their profession can still do things that are inappropriate or unethical. If the case is closed again, and if he is guilty, it could happen again to someone else.

    He is a talented doctor and deserves his day in court.

    For those who report, they also deserve their day in court. It’s not about money, or drugs, or slandering a talented person. It’s about stopping abusive behavior by a person in a position of power. And, perhaps it’s about atoning for not reporting earlier if a victim or witness feels badly for that.

  168. Jen says:

    May I ask why the victims are NOT taken seriously in situations like this? Just because you didn’t have a negative experience with this person, doesn’t mean that the women who are speaking up against this person are lying.
    Remember, you were lucky.
    Remember how Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy were? Oh yes. We don’t want to compare those animals with someone who has treated us nicely, correct?
    Please be aware of the people who wear their masks of niceness while they do harm to others. It’s called the wolf wearing sheep’s clothing. We are the sheep…

  169. Evelyn Duffy says:

    I have been a patient of Dr Fruehan fo a while know. Yes he has a hard exterior, but he is a wonderful Doctor. Had it not been his treatment for me I must likely wood not be here today. By him having a tough skin he makes you realize how serious your health is. I hope all you band wagon jumpers are happy with yourselves. Not one of you had the balls to tell him to his face what you said here. I will miss you as my Doctor more then you will know. You have brought me health wise futher then any other Doctor. Have a wonderful retirement and don’t think about all these assholes. Love and miss you Dr. Fruehan.

  170. Robocop says:

    He retired, the women of Palm Coast are safe. Don’t let the door hit you where the sun don’t shine.

  171. Rebecca says:

    If she needs a corroborating witness lmk. I knew he was a pervert and refused to go see my doctor because he was my doctor. She’s not lying.

  172. Anne Romano says:

    I know him to be a very professional physician. He is hard on you when needed and if you need to be cuddled, do not go to him. I think it’s an outrage that people have forced him out! Love this doctor!!!

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