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In the Hammock, Boyfriend Shoots Girlfriend In the Ear During Argument Over Chinese Food

| June 26, 2018

george virgin

George Virgin.

George Virgin, a 65-year-old resident of 11 North Shady Lane in the Hammock, is back in jail on a felony charge after an accusation that he shot his girlfriend in the ear on Saturday night (June 23).

Virgin served two years’ probation on an identical charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon in 1999, and had a domestic battery charge against him dismissed two years ago.

The alleged victim is a 46-year-old woman. She told Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies that she was sitting in a recliner in the living room while she and Virgin were arguing about Virgin’s son. The victim at some point ordered Chinese food from the Great Wall restaurant. Virgin got upset at the price, which he found too high, so he allegedly walked up to her and struck her twice in the face. “She stated that this was a normal thing [Virgin] would do when they argued,” according to Virgin’s arrest report.

The victim then called the Chinese restaurant to sort out the cost. As she was on the phone, she noticed Virgin standing directly in front of her, with a gun pointed at her face. He called her a vile name. She attempted to “smack the gun away from her face,” the report states, “and while doing so, she was shot in the ear” by Virgin. Initially she did not realize what had happened, but then noticed the bleeding. She had to ask Virgin to call 911 several times before he finally did so. She was treated at Florida Hospital Flagler and released the next morning.

Virgin gave a different story. He said he was sleeping when the victim woke him up by moving in the bed and leaving the room. He said she began speaking loudly about Virgin’s son, who was not in the house.

When Virgin went to the living room, he claims she was in a recliner, waving his Smith and Wesson .357 revolver and making statements about shooting his son should he come home that evening. (There’s been issues between the victim and Virgin’s 22-year-old son, Fox: last December Fox Virgin was charged with domestic violence after an altercation with his father turned violent. The altercation was caused by Fox arguing with Virgin’s girlfriend, and Virgin attempting to separate them, according to Fox’s arrest report. The charge was dropped.)

When Virgin confronted the victim Saturday evening, he says she pointed the gun at him, so he went to grab the firearm and in doing so “the firearm accidentally discharged and resulted” in the victim’s injury, according to the report. Virgin told deputies that the gun was always kept under his pillow, while the victim could not move around except on crutches, making her retrieval of the gun from under the pillow difficult.

A physician at Florida Hospital Flagler discredited the account Virgin gave. “When considering the totality of the circumstances,” the arrest report states, “it would appear to be physically impossible for the bullet to travel on the discerned bullet trajectory based upon any of the statements provided by [Virgin].”

Aggravated battery with a deadly weapon is a second-degree felony. Virgin remains at the Flagler County jail on $42,500 bond.

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13 Responses for “In the Hammock, Boyfriend Shoots Girlfriend In the Ear During Argument Over Chinese Food”

  1. Shadylaneresident says:

    I live near this maniac. I hope something finally happens but after two “slaps on the wrist” who knows.

  2. Fiscal says:

    This dude has an arrest history

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    Once again a product of light sentencing.

    Number 1 the State shouldn’t allow charges to be dropped on DV. Especially if there is a pattern. Number 2 The SA and Judge should sentence accordingly. Regardless of how crowded or busy the jails and docket are.

    Also was his prior charge a felony? If so Law Enforcement needs to pick up on that and tack on a felon in possession of a fire arm charge. Just to make sure he stays a while longer.

    Finally I call BS on his method of discharging his weapon. I carried a .357 S&W as a duty weapon for years. They have a heavy trigger pull.

    Unless he slept with it under his pillow with the hammer cocked then you intentionally pull the trigger to discharge it. And that violates the cardinal rule of owning a weapon. You never ever point it at someone unless you intend to use it.

    Oh and if she had the weapon pointed at him how did she get shot in the ear? Must be magic rounds in that S&W.

  4. Outside looking Out says:

    I also live near the scene and I have to wonder what “really” went on. There were deputies (two cars) there at 5:15 AM when I went to work. From neighbors I learned that there were at least two cars there throughout the day and as many as five at some times. At 11:00 PM there were five cars at the scene.
    Is this the best your guys can do, Staley? Sixteen hours of law enforcement officers in one location? A situation that resulted, eventually, with a shooting? I’m fairly certain there’s no Chinese delivery at 5:00 in the morning. Another hush hush event in the Hammocks? I call BULLSHIT!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Department of Social Services should remove any minor children who might be caught in the literal crossfire of this couple.

  6. Richard says:

    I guess we all have to wait until someone dies from this idiot’s actions before something more permanent is done to get this vile habitual criminal off the streets.

  7. Charlie says:

    The intra-coastal side of the Hammack is as bad as the Mondex. Maybe a little worse if that’s possible.

  8. Dr kavorkian says:

    There was a marijuana arrest where the victim was being held on 30,000 bond and now this idiot is being held on a 42500 bond after a gun was involved Flagler county you need to get your shot straight I don’t know how males these bonds up but whoever does is a complete moron

  9. Grateful dad says:

    never knew shady lane had a north side, I only thought it had a sunny side and a shady side!

  10. concerned88 says:

    I blame this on code enforcement(lack of) clean up the trashy area
    period all the others go away

  11. Truthful says:

    A walking time bomb, if he is let out again I am sure he will repeat is violent personality again, Don’t let him out send him away for good.

  12. Jolene R Dehart says:

    Sounds like a real buttwipe

  13. wcm says:

    all of the drugs and criminal activity come from 4 property owners on n & s shady ln. code enforcement is a joke, flagler county sheriff is a joke along with county commissioners. all have been notified in writing and in meetings by law abiding property owners living on shady land north and south. been going on since at least 1996. shows a little bit of character of the authorities in flagler county.

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