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Calling It an Unsafe “Albatross,” Sheriff Demands Immediate Relocation Out of Sick Building For Dozens of Employees

| May 29, 2018

The county bought the old Memorial Hospital for $1.23 million in 2013, rebuilt it for more than $5 million, and has been contending with sick-building-syndrome-like issues there since last year. (© FlaglerLive)

The county bought the old Memorial Hospital for $1.23 million in 2013, rebuilt it for more than $5 million, and has been contending with sick-building-syndrome-like issues there since last year. (© FlaglerLive)

Last Updated: 5:41 p.m.

For months, nearly half the 60-some employees who work out of the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office’s Operations Center have been complaining of symptoms typically related to sick building syndrome. Twenty-five of them filed workers’ compensation claims. A 26th did so today. Two have gone on family leave. The doctor for one of them said the employee should not step foot back into the building.

Today, Sheriff Rick Staly, calling the building “an albatross to the efficient and effective operation of the Sheriff’s Office,” demanded in a five-page letter to the county administrator that immediate provisions be made to provide “suitable space to house my affected operations and concerned employees.”

The letter places the responsibility for maintaining a safe environmental setting for employees squarely on the county, and puts the county on notice against using legalist or or other maneuvers to delay addressing employees’ concerns: “In my opinion, this is not about what the law requires to be done, or protection from litigation or who must prove what for a successful claim, but instead it is about doing what is right for my employees,” Staly wrote County Administrator Craig Coffey. 

The letter also points to a decisive turn in the response by the sheriff and his administration. When the problems first emerged last year, the sheriff’s administration gave the county’s findings and approach the benefit of the doubt, which also meant guarded skepticism about believing that there was a widespread rather than a contained problem. With few exceptions, employees were reluctant to press the issue if they developed problems, the message from the administration being less than receptive. That changed in the past several weeks as employees’ medical issues became difficult to ignore and the employees’ union documented a more widespread and persistent problem than initially reported. 

By law, county government is responsible for providing space for all the sheriff’s needs. The county bought the old Memorial Hospital building in Bunnell in 2013, a controversial decision then for several reasons, among them the cost ($1.23 million), the putrefied condition of the building, the secretive way the administration initiated the deal, and then-Commissioner Barbara Revels’s cozy ties with one of the sellers, which led to a huge ethics fine.

After the county spent more than $5 million rebuilding the structure, the Sheriff’s Office moved in by the end of 2015, when all issues seemed to have settled. They hadn’t. Two years later, employees were developing health problems and asking to work elsewhere. Four were initially affected, and were moved to the old jail offices. They were then told to return when the county ostensibly gave the all-clear. (Staly’s letter to employees puts the responsibility for ordering the employees back into the building on Jack Bisland, his undersheriff, although it’s unlikely that such a decision would have been made without approval from Staly.)

The county cleared the way after $65,000 worth of work was done to clean up mold and vents and environmental reports in March and April by two companies concluded that the air was safe. (See the report by H2H Indoor Air here, and by EMSL Analytical here, and the findings of the Flagler Department of Health here.) As soon as two of the employees returned (another was on family leave), the employees developed problems again. Then more did so.

“The subsequent response from the County was slow and not acceptable,” Staly wrote in a letter to his employees, also dated today, explaining what steps he was demanding of the county and steps he would take himself, and to calm any fears among employees–fears that were becoming more evident in recent weeks–that there would be any retaliation if they voiced their concerns. “You will not be punished nor suffer retaliation for bringing forth concerns for your health and safety,” Staly told the employees. “Remember, we are in this together, we all inherited this building together and my office is here too so I have just as much at stake as you do.”

The sheriff’s two letters reflect a sense of patience running out. After initially going along with the county’s conclusion that the problem was settled, Staly over time has become increasingly convinced that at least portions of the building are unsafe because of mold and other issues that still affect the air. He’s given the county seven months to resolve the matter. In a further indication of fraying confidence in the county’s willingness to solve the issue, Staly is hiring an independent physician, Stanley Haimes, an expert in sick-building syndrome, to provide analysis independent of the county’s hired experts.

And from the employees’ perspective? “They’re happy to hear that the sheriff is finally–I don’t want to say taking their side, but open to the idea that the building is a problem,” Joe Costello, a detective and a veteran at the agency who’s in his 33 year in policing, said. He’s also among the employees affected: he’s been working out of his car. “It’s not the employees, it’s not in their head, the building is their problem. I don’t know how you remediate it. I don’t know if you can. Who knows what’s in the ground, who knows what’s in the walls?”

If anything, Costello suggested the letter doesn’t go far enough to acknowledge the problem and not only reassure employees, but welcome them back. The sheriff did not address the exterior of the building for example. “The Sheriff talks about the Operations Center, but there’s no mention of the training facility yet and no reports of any asbestos at this point. And according to Chief Strobridge, they were still waiting for a report from the county. I can tell you that arrangements haven’t been made for the employees that I’m aware of and I don’t think that anybody has reached out to Annie Conrad to say, you know what Annie, you were right, apparently there is something going on with the building and you were right all along, and apparently she is going back to patrol if and when she does come back.”

Conrad, who last week was named CrimeStoppers’ Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, is among the more seriously affected employees. She’s one of the employees on family medical leave. She’s been a detective–and officially remains so–but was on notice that upon her return she would be sent back to road patrol. The more embracing response would be more explicitly to “reach out” to such employees and others affected, Costello said.

“Ultimately this is what the employees have been looking for the whole time: Let’s fix the problem,” Costello said. “I think ultimately what’s going to constitute fixing the problem is tearing that building down and fixing the problem.”

Meanwhile, the sheriff and his staff have been conducting their own research, acknowledging that it’s more improvised than expert–but research that yielded concerning results about repurposed hospitals and work that wasn’t done in preparation of the old Memorial Hospital’s refurbishing in 2013. Staly described himself as “shocked” by the research’s findings.

“My concern is that this is a freight train going down the road and everybody is going to jump on the bandwagon, and where do we go?” Staly said in an interview this afternoon. There’s no building that’s 35,000 square feet in Bunnell and that could accommodate a temporary relocation. By law, the sheriff is required to have his base office in the county seat. The sheriff’s immediate request to the county: The county must test the soil on the east side of the building. If that’s clear, it should bring a triple-wide to set up there so employees in fear or concerned about health and safety can be relocated. He stopped short of saying that the entire building should be evacuated: the problems appear concentrated on the east side of the building, with the west side, where the administrative staff works, generating no complaints.

Employees who work in the operations center include investigative services, administration, finance, IT, training, public information, human resources, business services, homeland security, records, evidence and crime scene investigators. Patrol personnel work out of their vehicles, but frequently use the building to turn in evidence, train, meet with supervisors, and have twice-monthly briefings.

All those who filed workers’ compensation claims have seen their claims rejected–not by the sheriff, but by the carrier in accordance with Florida law, which places the burden of proof on employees and their employers to prove that the claim is justified and evidence-based. At this point, and despite a preponderance of apparent evidence, there appears to be enough lack of hard evidence to give the carrier an out. The sheriff, however, is convinced there is a problem, however anecdotal the evidence. “There’s something wrong with this building. I have no clue what it is,” he said. Staly was undersheriff during Jim Manfre’s administration when the county bought the building. He said he’d favored either demolishing the building and building new or building an operations center elsewhere.

“Although we continue to meet regarding the issues surrounding this building and you are moving forward with additional testing, I must demand quick and significant action be taken by the county to immediately ensure the safety of my employees,” Staly’s letter to Coffey reads. “his profession is dangerous enough from criminals. Employees should not have to live in fear of their workplace causing them long-term illnesses.”

Chief Mark Strobridge said a central issue regarding relocation, aside from the obvious lack of space, is cohesion: the sheriff doesn’t want various divisions’ effectiveness hampered by having different employees in different locations. “You have have a unified command structure and people working together or it’s going detrimental to the operation,” Strobridge said. Some of that cohesion broke down when employees were relocated to the old jail. 

Costello, however, said moving employees to a triple-wide within sight of the Operations Center may not be enough: “I don’t think any employees that have these serious physical effects from the building even want to see the building in a psychological way because it’s just part of the tearing down of the employees, not only physically but mentally,” he said. “There’s no better opp for cohesion than when employees are dealing with something like this and they come together as a family and act as a family.”

Staly’s letter continued: “Employees should not have to live in fear of their workplace causing them long-term illnesses. Based on the fact that it has taken so long (seven months) just to get to this point I anticipate these additional studies, analysis and testing will take a significant amount of time. Then, if additional remediation is needed, or building replacement is recommended, we are months if not years away from a permanent solution. The last time we reassigned employees to other buildings resulted in significant disruptions to Sheriff’s Office operations.”

The letter, which appears in full below, suggests many discussions had been taking place between the sheriff’s administration and the county administration, but that results were not forthcoming on the county’s side.

Coffey in a text in early evening said he would be reading the sheriff’s letter this evening and discussing it with county staff in the morning.

Costello said people’s lives are at stake. “That’s the bottom line. You can’t put money before people’s lives. People matter.” Acknowledging the sheriff’s approach in today’s letters, he added: “We’re all hopeful that the county will recognize the same thing and do something about it.”

Sheriff Staly’s Letter to County Administrator Craig Coffey


42 Responses for “Calling It an Unsafe “Albatross,” Sheriff Demands Immediate Relocation Out of Sick Building For Dozens of Employees”

  1. palmcoaster says:

    5 million refurbishing that putrid building…? Who got the graft? Our hard earned taxes wasted in every turn by county and city as well. This building fraudulent approval to be purchased and restored with 5 million is the proof that Coffey is got to go.
    But nope instead he waste more money suing an honest constitutional official that try to uncover fraud intent in our elections process.

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    This is gross negligence on the Sheriff’s part. He is responsible for providing a safe work place for his employees.

    A complete assessment should have been made of the building BEFORE renovating and moving in. Then they wait this long to fix it?

    I bet law suits are forthcoming on this one.

  3. Richard says:

    I would bet my house deed that if the people affected with health problems were to file a class action suit against the county that would get a QUICK response and perhaps a timely resolution to the problems.

  4. Figures says:

    And here we go: saw this coming 3 years ago.. they should have just built a new building from the ground elsewhere and they should have built it for the future as in more than one floor . They already are out of space for people to work and there is no parking within the enclosed area this was the biggest waste of tax payers money we have seen recently… they need to modify the law that requires the seat of the sheriff be in Bunnell city limits because there is nothing available . They should have built a brand new operations and training complex either at the old jail or along us 1 …now people are sick and probably passing that mess on to their spouses and children … don’t matter if you only attend training there thatvsruff whatever it is can also be in your clothing … smh what a sh*t Show !!!

  5. concerned parent says:

    Now about that school that inherited the other sick building for a cheap rate…

  6. David S. says:

    Town Of Mayberry with Sheriff Taylor And Deputy Fife….

  7. David S. says:

    Town Of Mayberry with Sheriff Taylor & Deputy Fife…

  8. 107 says:

    And explain why we were not informed about this months ago, and why Barbara Revels was not charged with using her political position for personal gain of her business associate. The State Attorney office needs to wake up and start doing their job. Revels and Coffey both should be prosecuted and locked up. Coffey has lied for years telling the media mouth pieces (Carl Laundrie and now Julie Murphy) that all is OK and well in all matters, and the media has spewed news to make up believe the BS. Why does Coffey have mouth pieces as Laundrie and Murphy, and why does he not return phone calls or text messages—so he can lie to us or avoid answering the tough questions.

    These people have been dealing with medical issues for months and may have long time or permanent implications–all because of Craig Coffey. The Board of County Commission allows Coffey do what he wants, and they allow Coffey to lead each and everyone of them around by the nose. Because they have done so, they and Coffey all need to be held personally responsible. They knew of these issues and apparently have lied to us the people. The Reports that exist are telling. This issues was brought to the attention of Flaglerlive months ago and too it wasn’t reported to now because the Sheriff has written a letter. Did he write this letter because the Union Attorney is now involved, lawyers have been retained, and because John Ruffalo and Dennis McDonald have been pounding the pavement gathering statements, and records and reporting to the FBi and EPA and others and he got scared and decided to stop the hand holding with Coffey? Staly, has let each and everyone of these employees down for allowing this to go on as long as it has, and because he knew the wings of the contaminated buildings were demolished WITHOUT a permit, and disposed of in a way that may put even more of us at risk right here locally. The FBI needs to get in here and help these people and make sure what needs to be done is done. We don’t want to accept what Craig Coffey things or spews through others.

    This article reference the fact that there is asbestos and other contaminants—what the hell are the other contaminants????

    Why didn’t the Florida Ethics Commission properly handle the complaints that were filed, the complaints that the county and the media have repeatedly reported were “frivolous”, and request that the Governor remove Revels from office years before her term ran out and the voters removed her?

    Because heads have been turned, millions of our tax dollars have been spent on a sick building. A building that may have tanks buried under ground. Anyone who voted for this purchase knowing the building was at its life’s end, knowing the building not only had asbestos but mold, bats, human feces, rotten wood (that was covered up-which is able to be confirmed by pictures) should be removed from office, and held personally responsible. This is not the representation we voters deserve and expect. These county commissioner and their employees have broken the public’s trust. The people that have become sick have faced out of pocket expenses and though the Sheriff states they should not fear repercussions, there is always that risk that they will and when they do, that will be denied as well.

    I guarantee you if this is fully investigated there will be lots of rats jump ship and we will learn a whole lot more. Sheriff Manfre didn’t want the old hospital as the Operation’s Center, and I would sure like to hear what he has to say now as well. This is just the beginning of this iceberg. How about interviewing each county commissioner and getting their side too. It is going to be interested to see who is going to throw who under the bus.

  9. 107 says:

    What about non county employees who have been exposed to the sick building that are sick or showing signs of illness? They can’t file Worker’s Comp or Family Medical Leave. Who is paying their medical expenses? This could be any of us who have entered these premises, not just those who report there for work on a daily, or bi-weekly basis.

    We would like to see the links Flaglerlive provided on the purchase of the old hospital within this article because if my memory serves me Craig Coffey was misleading the county commissioners back then and now it is reported that he isn’t answering questions, returning phone calls or responding to text messages. We should not settle for him using county staff for mouth pieces—we want to hear the words from his mouth, and we want him held personally responsible. It time for the shit to hit the fan–this guy has gotten away with far too much for far too long!

  10. Nancy N. says:

    How many of us were in the comments here screaming bloody murder about the purchase of this building from the start? It was a TERRIBLE idea, reeked of cronyism, to buy a building that had been sitting vacant and deteriorating for a very long time. There was no version of reality in which it was a good idea. There was no way this deal was going to end well for anyone but the sellers of the building and the construction companies making all the profits from a renovation that will eventually have to be bulldozed.

    I’d really like to see a serious investigation done of this deal.

  11. 107 says:

    Well, now that this has finally broken into news, what about the old courthouse that too is filled with mold and our children are going to school there? It was so bad the city of Bunnell paid for a study and then refused the building that was going to be given to them. When investigators are called in for the old hospital send them to the old courthouse and let them do the same for that sick building. The employees that worked there long before the building was vacated were often sick, many had cancers (some dying) so you will never convince me the building is safe for the children to be educated there. Craig Coffey knew all this too and still, didn’t care!

  12. James Manfre says:

    I believe it is necessary to clarify some of the issues presented in this article.

    After the County decided not to locate the Sheriff’s Office to the old Courthouse Annex in 2013, I was presented by the County with property across from the Government Services Building, previously the City of Bunnell Police Department Offices, which was owned by the County. I agreed that this was a good location and was assured a new building could be built on that site. It should be noted that Constitutional Officers are “tenants” and all of their offices are owned by the County. The County Commission turned down that location by a 3-2 margin.

    I was presented with another alternative which was the old Flagler Hospital. I lobbied the commissioners against this purchase as the County had previously turned down obtaining this building in 2004 due to its poor condition. The County agreed to purchase the building in a 4-1 vote. I specifically requested that all the buildings on the site be torn down and a new building erected. The county refused. I demanded that they demolish the old patient wings before occupation of the new building as my inspection of the wings indicated they were full of mold and other rotting material. The county refused. After occupying the building for the first six months, a rotten smell could be detected in the new building coming from the patient wings. I renewed my demand that the patient wings be demolished. This demand was met with silence.

    My heart goes out to those employees who are dealing with health issues because of these decisions made by the County.

  13. Anonymous says:

    EVERYBODY knew this was coming. The people responsible for this disgrace should be investigated and, if the evidence warrants, they should be prosecuted. Failing that, anyone who becomes more permanently disabled by this situation ought to sue the parties most responsible in civil court, even if that means suing the city council members themselves, individually or as a group. THAT might make politicians think twice about serving special interests. Enough is enough!

  14. Need New Leadership says:

    I’m a little confused here… The Law Enforcement Officer of the Year is so sick that she is on FMLA (and is scheduled to go back to the road after over a decade in investigations – regardless of what Strobridge may have said in a previous article); Worker’s Comp paperwork has been filed since November on several employees, yet the Sheriff did nothing to investigate the reported problems – “I recently asked my staff to research” and a “simple Google search”, Sheriff – That should have been done MONTHS AGO when 4 employees filed worker’s comp paperwork – not after 26 of them filed; employees were moved “off site” for a short time and then ordered back due to “significant disruptions”; all the while the Sheriff was too busy outfitting a police / taxi and having his picture taken with a green neon sign welcoming “visitors to the Green Roof Inn” instead of picking up the phone and checking on the same employees that he now portrays to be so concerned about.

    To Detective Costello – I applaud you for speaking up. I only hope that it encourages others to do the same.

    To Sheriff Staly – I sincerely hope that there are no repercussions against Detective Costello (or others that may come forward), that Detective Conrad REMAINS in the position that she is currently assigned and her talents are not wasted in a marked unit. Additionally, I hope that you actually do the right thing for the right reasons and not the political gain you are seeking by writing that letter FINALLY – The voters will be watching.

    To the voting public – Please do not forget about this and continue to watch / follow this story. Every vote counts, and it is time to get new leadership, not only in the Sheriff’s Office, but throughout the county.

    To the County Commissioners and Administrator – FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY, not in a week or a month IMMEDIATELY!

    To all Sheriff’s Office Employees – Sworn or not. Hold your leadership’s feet to the fire. If there is wrongdoing going on – report it to the voters. The way I read the letter that your Sheriff wrote today speaks volumes. Cover-up what is happening until you can no longer cover it up, then make the public think you care about your employees. In my opinion, he is only concerned about his public perception.

  15. Can't Say says:

    We thought the same thing when the last Sheriff pushed this project though. At the time, we only wondered who’s pockets might be getting padded. How many of the old FHF hospital staff working in this building came down with cancer or other terminal deceases? I personally know of a few, and wouldn’t be surprised if an in depth investigation showed a definite link. Good job Jim! I guess this is your legacy that you can be proud of. But I guess you can just write another book about a corrupt Florida Sheriff to take your mind off it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    We can spend a ton of money on a city hall metropolis for a bunch of do nothings but the county had to buy an over priced dump, sink a butt load of money on it and end up with a shit hole.

  17. Vincent Reeves says:

    Sick building syndrome is a very real problem and can be deadly if the cause is not identified and corrected, if that is possible. Medical (epidemiologists) and scientific (industrial hygienists) experts are needed to study the medical diseases being diagnosed and each substance actually used during construction of the facility needs to be studied for potential release of harmful toxins into the ambient air under current weather conditions.

    Many times chemical adhesives and sealants release VOCS (volatile organic compounds) at toxic levels which can cause mold and/or allergic reactions among employees being exposed to the toxins on a regular and frequent basis.

    The recent weather patterns may also be a contributing factor given that the ambient air within the facility would be extremely humid enabling mold to form and grow exponentially. Toxic mold requires a temperature above 70 degrees F and humidity levels above 70% to form and grow. Our recent weather patterns have been rather cool but generally over 70 F and extremely humid. Normally the HVAC would kick on to recycle the air in the facility and condense the humidity into waste water. But the thermastat may have been set above 70 degrees F but below the ambient air temperature thereby preventing the HVAC system from kicking on and recycling the toxic air out of the facility. This is just speculation though. Professionals are needed now to do a thorough inspection and report its findings so that appropriate remediation measures can be introduced to the facility and hopefully provide a permanent solution of whatever is causing the Sick Building Syndrome.

  18. Ben Hogarth says:

    Saw this one coming a mile away…. three years ago.

    I’m just going to continue shaking my head. But I’m so glad the county continues to prioritize parks and recreation because well, you know, that’s what tourists don’t get enough of back home.

    I also can’t wait to see what comes of the new tourism website in bringing people to all of the county money pits…I mean, “parks.” Please excuse the eye rolls…

    More than 10 years of prioritizing parks and here Flagler stands, with an “albatross.” But the curse ladies and gentleman, is not metaphysical. I assure you, it is very cureable.

    It starts with another word beginning with “c” – CHANGE.

    Make one, or let the rest of yours go to wasteful and fruitless endeavors. Another decade lost for the citizens of Flagler? The Magic 8 Ball says outcome likely.

    Prove it wrong.

    (Also please excuse the metaphors and riddles).

  19. I Know says:

    ….and Dr. John is rolling in his grave.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I like how the Sheriff is back tracking, even throwing his second in command to the wolves. Sick employees for over a year, showing serious symptoms, and now you want to make it seem like you were doing the right thing? Please. The truth is that in the name of political posturing, the Sheriff let employees get sick to the point of serious illness. If that wasn’t bad enough, he targeted one of the longest tenured detectives because she was vocal about the effects of the building and her ailments, and forced her to go back to the building that was making her sick. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid people, Sheriff would sell out anyone for an extra vote, and you can take that to the bank.

  21. Why says:

    We can talk about this building all we want. I want to know why Detective Conrad is being sent back to Road Patrol once she comes back from FMLA. Detective Lovelady (as some know her) and Detective Costello are two of the best detectives in that office.

  22. EO says:

    When this bldg.was a hospital we knew as employees it was a sick bldg. So many of the people that worked in this facility have now taken ill. Doctors, nurses and other staff workers have developed sicknesses that have caused nothing but heartache and grief in their lives. Many of the hospital employees are currently undergoing cancer treatments along with other conditions that have destroyed them and some have already passed on ! It was a bldg. that should have been torn down after the hospital moved out…..So sad for these new employees who currently occupy it, they definitely should be compensated for the misfortune they will come to endure. I wonder every day ….will I too become a statistic of this “sick building” ?

  23. Trailer Bob says:

    There is 3.2 acres of commercial land for sale on 100 near the bimini bar. Central to bunnell. Just saying…And we need a building with two or three floors for future uses also.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Seems the CURRENT Sheriff has acted, one must remember the current Sheriff was not in office when this deal was done.

  25. Anonymous says:

    There is only one County Commissioners currently servings who voted yes to purchase the old hospital. Nate.

  26. Anonymous says:

    manfre is to blame here…

  27. Shark says:

    Use the new multi-million dollar community center that no one wanted !!!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    We must remember the current sheriff only acted after employees were seriously ill and noticeably ill to others. No excuses for that. He shares Equal blame.

  29. Lou says:

    Will anybody held accountable for this fiasco or keep going as business as usual?

  30. john dolan esq says:

    What about it Senior Coffey?

  31. Anonymous says:

    For that kind of money, why wasn’t a brand new building, built? After all Netts got his new city hall building.

  32. Edith Campins says:

    Many of us saw this coming there years ago. The politicians went ahead and did the deal anyway. Overpaid for a wreck of a building. It was a dirty deal then and now it will end costing the taxpayers millions to fix the problem. Coffey has to go.

  33. Rob says:

    Chiumento and partner smiled all the way to the bank. And Coffey pushed this from the start.

    Here is my post from July 1, 2014. Sounds prophetic.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Employees have had breathing problems, hives, welts, itching uncontrollably, persistent cough and malaise, just to name a few. Does somebody need to die from this sick building to get someones attention (and believe me it is going to happen, its just a matter of time.) This is a very serious situation here people………

    How come nobody is talking about the side effects that these poor employees have to endure while working in this sick building.

    Can you say “class action lawsuit”.

  35. Jane Gentile-Youd says:

    All any of us has to do is listen to the 2 audios of the May 6, 2013 ‘workshop/vote old hospital vote ( on and/or read the minutes and Agenda from the Clerk of Court’s website: Charlie Eriksen should be proud of himself – he is the only still seated commissioner who voted NO ( together with the late Frank Meeker).

    LISTEN with your very own ears how the one commissioner still seated – Nate McLaughlin – facing a republican primary race in August, brags that he is an EXPERT on asbestos and promised a long time Flagler resident Jack Carroll, that ‘NO ASBESTOS WILL EXIST IF THE COUNTY BUYS THE BUILDING.. WOW! In addition to being the only remaining county commissioner who voted YES to buy the dump.!!

    Former County Commissioners Hutch King and Alan Peterson both urged the commission to vote against this scam as did civic activist Joan Affatato and as did I, ( now current candidate hoping to replace Nate McLaughlin).

    I am so proud to have protested , in person (at both the workshop and subsequent Special Meeting) the purchase of this dump, together with former County Commissioners Hutch King and Alan Peterson, as did civic activist and long time Flagler County resident and realtor Joan Affatato.

    Although invited to tip toe through the dark unlit dump -(only 2 flashlights) before the final vote, I (wisely) refrained. As a realtor I never nor would ever advise a buyer conduct any inspection without full power and running water in working order – at least ‘turned on’ for the inspection!

    Whaddaya say now Nate? What sayeth your CoffeyMate?

    In addition to voting every single year you have been in office to up our tax rate can we send you the doctor , hospital, and medicine bills the unfortunate Sheriff ‘s staff are

  36. 107 says:

    Where do we who are not county employees that have been exposed to the hazards of this sick building send our medical billings? No one in the county bothered to provide us any warning that we were entering a hazardous building that may cause damage to our health and well being.

  37. knightwatch says:

    There is a budding scandal brewing here. There are a lot of questions that need answers and a lot of decisions that need questions. Who will lead the cry for both??

  38. C'mon man says:


  39. Anonymous says:

    McLaughlin doesn’t pay taxes because he isn’t a land owner in Flagler so he doesnt care if his and Coffey’s schemes make our taxes go up or not. Coffey needs to be fired and heads need to roll. These people are suffering and all because the BOCC and Coffey knew this was a poison building that would be a danger to us. The class action lawsuit will be huge and those responsible should be held accountable.

  40. David S. says:

    What an embarrassment to Flagler County and Central Fl this was all over the news yesterday. The county commission and Coffey need to be investigated by the state. Get these assholes out of office. As someone stated start with a class action lawsuit that will get heads start to roll.

  41. 107 says:

    If Craig Coffey was truly concerned and did everything he could to remedy the situation why did he NOT removed all employees from the building why it was being inspected and tests were being done, and why didn’t Staly demand such action from the start? None of this makes sense. The county has been negligent in this and our law enforcement protections have been jeopardized as a result! BLUE LIVES MATTER!!! There is obviously more to this story that is leaking out in the press at this time. Our county commissioners aren’t saying a word and yes, they are the ones who are accountable.They knew this was going on and can’t deny that fact…..they too did NOTHING!

  42. Anonymous says:

    The BOCC better light a fire under Craig Coffey to do something and do it yesterday…..more than enough time has passed that all the testing possible should have already been done. I see a county administrator and BOCC members being negligent and guilty of not doing the right thing. They were warned to not buy the building and did it anyway. They knew, they didn’t care!

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