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Jimmie Brazell, 56, Struck and Killed As He Steps Out From Car On I-95 in Palm Coast

| January 21, 2018

jimmie brazell fatal crash palm coast

The crash took place 24 minutes after midnight in the southbound lanes of I-95, about a mile south of the Matanzas Woods Parkway exit in Palm Coast.

It was just two weeks ago, on Jan. 5, that Jimmie and Arlesha Brazell got married. This morning shortly after midnight, Jimmie Brazell, 56, was killed as he walked across I-95 in Palm Coast, about a mile south of the intersection with Matanzas Woods Parkway.

The Brazells had been driving south on I-95. Jimmie was at the wheel. According to information relayed to Flagler County’s 911 dispatch center, he was speeding and had been drinking, so Arlesha had gotten scared and asked him to pull over so she would drive.

They pulled over. As she told it to the 911 center, she got out to change seats, but Jimmie wouldn’t let her drive. So she refused to get back in the car. Somehow at that point, Jimmie himself got out of the car and walked across the highway–and got struck by a GMC Envoy that Jose Gonzalez, 38, of St. Augustine, was driving south.

Jimmie Brazell and his wife Arlesha in an image from his Facebook page.

Jimmie Brazell and his wife Arlesha in an image from his Facebook page.

Gonzalez immediately called 911 and reported that he’d struck somebody and that there was blood all over his car. As responders would discover, Brazell was dragged and his legs were torn. At 29 minutes after midnight, paramedics pronounced Jimmie Brazell dead.

The Florida Highway Patrol sent a traffic homicide investigator and two of the three southbound lanes of I-95 were closed as the Palm Coast Fire Police regulated traffic for the duration of the investigation. Around 12:45, Arlesha had to be taken to Florida Hospital Flagler with a panic attack where, about 45 minutes later, Jimmie’s family members arrived at the hospital. A commotion ensued so that additional sheriff’s deputies were required there to keep the peace.

Matters quieted down for a while but by 4 a.m. some 20 family members had gathered at the hospital and, according to the 911 center, were “giving staff a hard time.”

By 4:30 a.m., both Jimmie’s and Arlesha’s family members had left the hospital.

FHP’s trooper Chris Conrad is the crash investigator, and Cpl. Daniel Mueller Is the traffic homicide investigator on the case. Flagler County Fire Rescue and the Palm Coast Fire Department also responded to the scene. According to FHP, Brazell lived in Daytona Beach.

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28 Responses for “Jimmie Brazell, 56, Struck and Killed As He Steps Out From Car On I-95 in Palm Coast”

  1. Richard says:

    What is it that people don’t understand about the fact that alcohol and driving don’t mix well? Luckily this mans selfish behavior only took his own life and not that of the driver that hit him which it could of very easily if he swerved extremely trying to avoid hitting the man. Unfortunately, the young driver who did kill him will live with that image and memory for the rest of his life. SAD

  2. FlaglerBear says:

    ….A perfect example of how stupid decisions can affect so many lives. Today. Tomorrow. And for years to come….

  3. woody says:

    Horrible,horrible,lets hear about a traffic signal installed there.Like I always say bad decisions are bad decisions.

  4. Nancy N. says:

    Woody, a traffic signal installed where? This guy crossed an interstate freeway on foot in the middle of nowhere?

  5. tim thoms says:


  6. Pat Patterson says:

    Woody, how would a traffic signal be installed on an Interstate? Seriously?

  7. FlaFrank says:

    God’s blessing and strength to all the families involved. Do not drink and drive !! Woody… how many traffic signals have you seen on I-95?

  8. Daphne says:

    Why’d she get in the car with him if she knew he was impaired? Something doesn’t quite add up. Hope the investigators look for proof he was the one actually driving. It’s sad that he died, no matter what the circumstances.

  9. Donnie says:

    Where are they going to put a traffic signal, in the middle of the interstate?

  10. Jenn says:

    Seriously drinking and driving you should know better at your age. The poor guy that got him is going to be haunted work that image forever. The wife should have never let him drive to begin with.So sad.

  11. Susan says:

    So tragic..I went to SAHS with Jimmie and a few months ago found ourselves in the same physical therapy sessions–he was a sweet person and my condolences to his family.

  12. C'mon man says:

    I can only imagine the heartache this family must feel. Still, going to a hospital where there are other patients are in need of care and causing a commotion is not the way to handle anything.

  13. omg says:

    Woody, did you read the article? He was on I-95 not at the poorly designed intersection without the light

  14. Anonymous says:

    A traffic signal on I-95? Really???

  15. Ariana386 says:

    Really, Woody? A TRAFFIC SIGNAL? In the middle of the HIGHWAY? Yes, because a traffic signal causing vehicles that are traveling speeds in excess of 64mph to suddenly STOP might save the lives of intoxicated people who attempt to walk across the highway in the dark? Wow…..😒

  16. just saying says:


  17. Shark says:

    A traffic light on an interstate highway – what planet are you from ?????

  18. C'mon man says:

    It’s obvious he was being sarcastic about the light on the interstate. Besides, wouldn’t a roundabout be a better solution?

  19. Teresa lofton says:

    No matter what happened a life is gone R.I.P Jimmy k.a cornbread condolences to the family and wow congrats on your marriage

  20. India says:

    I think Woody is being sarcastic.
    Calm down guys.

  21. woody says:

    That’s seems to be the answer for every car and pedestrain accident.

  22. Lilly says:

    so sad for everyone involved, his wife, family & the person who was driving the car, ..can you imagine his horror. I wish them all strength & peace. Something they won’t ever forget. Please don’t drink or do drugs & get behind the wheel, the after shocks of peoples poor decisions are huge!

  23. gmath55 says:

    Dear Woody it looks like people can’t take sarcasm. It was a joke folks! OMG! We got winners here. LOL

  24. Creulla De Vil says:

    I think Woody was being sarcastic…Putting up a traffic light seems to be the goto answer whenever there is an incident involving a vehicle.

    Prayers for Jose and for Jimmie’s family and friends.

  25. DRedder says:

    He chose to play in traffic then listen to his wife.
    As another already posted no matter what type of traffic control devise you waste money on you can never fix stupid.

  26. grayfox24 says:

    Woody is either stupid or very sarcastic. With a death situation there is no place for being sarcastic..gmath55 seems to think it is ok because it was a joke folks. So a death is just another place to joke about. Boy sick people out there.

  27. MAusborn says:

    Life and death matters, yes. And the question of how to behave in this world, how to go in the face of everything. Time is short and the water is rising.

    Believe in the freedom of choice in both life and death.

  28. Santa says:

    Rest In Peace! Class of 1979

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