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Man at Wheel of Truck in Crash That Killed 10-Year-Old Arrested on Drug Charges; Cited 3 Times in Last 6 Months For No License

| November 20, 2017

Thomas Rando in his Sunday booking photo at the county jail, left, and in a previous booking. He's had several arrests, on drug and driving charges.

Thomas Rando in his Sunday booking photo at the county jail, left, and in a previous booking. He’s had several arrests, on drug and driving charges.

Thomas Francis Rando, the 31-year-old Palm Coast man who was at the wheel of a pick-up that rolled over on I-95 Friday evening, killing 10-year-old Hannah Beard, was arrested Sunday on several drug charges, including possession of meth and narcotic pills.

He has a history of recent arrests on drug and traffic charges, including a long history of repeatedly driving on a suspended license, with three citations or arrests for lack of a license in just the last six months, the last one just nine days before the fatal crash. He was driving on a suspended license Friday.

Rando, last of 68 Zaun Trail, was at the wheel of a Ford F-150 Friday evening when he was merging onto I-95 from the Palm Coast Parkway on-ramp and, according to what he told a Florida Highway Patrol investigator, he may have struck an object. The Ford veered all the way to the center guard rail, struck it and overturned.

Hannah Beard, a student at Bunnell Elementary, was found dead within moments of the 6:27 p.m. crash. Her 11-year-old brother Masen was seriously injured, and her mother Nichole Michelle Beard was critically injured. They were transported to Halifax hospital in Daytona Beach, as was Rando, who was initially listed as also having been seriously injured.

But he was out of the hospital by Sunday and allegedly rushing to get drug syringes, drugs and other related paraphernalia out of the Zaun Trail house, stashing the lot in three backpacks and leaving the scene on a BMX-style bicycle while himself high on drugs, according to his arrest report.

Nichole Beard and Rando had previously dated. According to the arrest report, Nichole Beard and her father on Sunday asked a friend, Michelle Visciglia, a 38-year-old resident of Bunnell, to ask Rando to leave the Zaun Trail house. Visciglia had arrived at the house at 4:30 p.m. and told him that he’d been asked to leave, adding—in what she described as a “scare tactic”—that police would be visiting him within the hour, even though at that moment she had not planned to call law enforcement. But Rando then quickly “cleaned drawers and bins, which contained needles, spoons and baggies into a green in color garbage can” according to his arrest report, “which he then placed into a backpack.”

After he left, Visciglia called police and reported that he’d left the house with three backpacks and was very “high.”

A Flagler County Sheriff’s sergeant initiated a stop on Rando just after 5 p.m. as he rode his bicycle in the middle of Zaun Trail, telling him that there’d been an allegation he was carrying drug paraphernalia. Rando allegedly conceded that he was carrying “rigs,” a slang term for syringes.

The crash scene this evening at I-95 just south of Palm Coast Parkway. (© FlaglerLive)

The crash scene Friday at I-95 just south of Palm Coast Parkway. (© FlaglerLive)

The search revealed four used syringes, four spoons with residue and burnt bottoms, several empty bags containing unknown residue, crystalline substances later determined to be crystal meth, pot, two glass pipes, a bag containing prescription drugs marked Teva, a manufacturer of generic narcotic drugs. The Sheriff’s Office identified the tablets as diazepam, a narcotic antianxiety medication commonly known as valium. (The drug is blamed for at least 183 deaths from misuse last year in Florida, according to the latest medical examiner report on drug-related deaths).

Rando was booked at the Flagler County jail on charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of methamphetamines, each a felony, and on misdemeanor charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and pot. Charges are pending in the traffic crash case. If Rando’s drug use is tied to the crash, he may face a DUI manslaughter charge. (His blood would presumably have been drawn and sent for testing after the crash,)

Rando is no stranger to local law enforcement or traffic court.

Hannah Beard, from her Facebook page.

Hannah Beard, from her Facebook page.

He was cited just last month while driving the same Ford F-150 that he crashed Friday, for lack of taillights (an infraction that, if it had not been addressed by the time of the crash, could come in play in the traffic-homicide investigation since Rando was merging onto interstate traffic at night: lack of taillights may have been a contributing factor if, for example, the dark Ford had been lightly struck from behind, causing it to lose control).

Worse, he was driving on a suspended license, and was cited for that as well. He claimed he was not aware that the license had been suspended, which strains credibility: on June 6, he’d been found guilty of driving on a driver’s license that had been expired longer than six months.  He was booked at the county jail, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to pay a $500 fine. It’s not clear why he was not charged with the more serious charge of driving on a suspended license with knowledge.

On Sept. 11, in the middle of the county’s emergency during Hurricane Irma, he was again stopped and charged with driving without a valid driver’s license in what was part of a more serious arrest on criminal charges: his Ford was found to have syringes, a concealed knife, and meth belonging to one of his passengers, Adrian Gillihand, who was found in violation of his probation. (Michelle Beard was also in the vehicle, the only person in the vehicle to have a valid driver’s license or no active warrants.) Rando was booked at the jail.

Nine days before the crash that killed Hannah, Rando was cited again for driving on a suspended license. That time he could not claimed ignorance, though he was not jailed. He was scheduled for a pre-trial in the case after Thanksgiving, on Nov. 30. The pre-trial is to cover his charges from the September arrest as well.

In 2015, same story: he was twice cited for driving on a license expired longer than six months, in May and September, eventually booked at the county jail, pleaded guilty (no contest), but adjudication was withheld. When he failed to pay a $331 fine, his license was again suspended.

He also has another criminal case open relating to a charge in August this year of tattooing a 15-year-old boy without parental permission, a second-degree misdemeanor. In May, he was arrested on a petit theft charge and found guilty and sentenced to a brief stay in jail (which he’d served by the time of the sentence) and a fine. In 2008 he was arrested on minor drug and disorderly intoxication charges—and having more than one valid driver’s license, a second degree misdemeanor. That charge was dropped. Adjudication was withheld on the other charges.


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43 Responses for “Man at Wheel of Truck in Crash That Killed 10-Year-Old Arrested on Drug Charges; Cited 3 Times in Last 6 Months For No License”

  1. Jenn says:

    Why was he driving a vehicle Under the Influence if the mother knew about it? This is a horrible horrible horrible tragedy an innocent child lost her life. It makes me sick to my stomach.

  2. Just the truth says:

    This idiot will never learn and now a poor child died because of him. Jail time for good, and for once and for all.

  3. Mm patient says:

    Maybe hopefully flagler county will start sending these ppl to prison and stop acting like they actually have a illness. Ppl with cancer are sick.these ppl choose this pethitic junkie life style in need to be in prison. During the crack epidemic they sent both dealers in user’s to prison.these ppl get disability and a prescription. Hopefully one day are county gets it right

  4. knightwatch says:

    Excellent! This guy needs to be put away for a long time.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Now, everyone that is in favor of legalizing pot pat yourselves on the back. Your liberal ways will be your destiny. No drug is a good drug. A lot of times the addiction starts with pot. Why was the mans driver’s license suspended? Many times the courts force people to do things they would rather not do when they suspend driver’s licenses for reasons out of their control, like for monies due, when jobs are hard to find, or someone has limited abilities in finding a job for them. What a sad situation for all involved.

  6. Bc. says:

    Well chalk another one up to the judges who let them off all the time this poor beautiful girl would still be alive if the judge did his job and would lock these criminals up when they keep breaking the law over and over again. Also the mother is at fault for letting her kids in the car with this looser. RIP LITTLE ONE🙏

  7. Layla says:

    There are no words…

  8. Buck Troesch says:

    At a minimum the little girls mother shares part of the blame. She is either dating or co-habiting with a known felon, drug user, and perhaps a dealer. Why would any reasonably intelligent mother let her children in a vehicle with a person driving, who shouldn’t be and probably high on some illegal substance.

    For him he should be charged with vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment of a child under 12 years old and all the drug charges the Sheriff’s investigators can legally file.

  9. sick of druggies says:

    IS Trooper Pete Young investigating this? If so that addict is in a heap of trouble. Pete is a thorough investigater

  10. palmcoaster says:

    My heart goes to out to innocent 11 years old Masen that will miss his little sister for the rest of his life.
    He should be put in the custody of his father or grandparents for his own safety. His little sister is now an angel in heaven that will impact this little boy’s life forever.
    Is despicable that some young mothers as we read often, put their love affairs with dangerous men above the safeguard and happiness of their children. Just by looking at this drug addicted criminal and the mother of these innocent children on their FB page tell us how irresponsible they were.
    Our DA and judges need to stop letting these addicted hopeless out on bail on their court hearings based on “Announcement of no Information” as I witness myself present on some of those court hearings. Look at the wrap sheet on Rando, let go on bail over and over until he kills an innocent child probably DUI, no license and no tailgate lights! Like him hundreds more are let loose among us day in and day out! I am really upset about this little angels life cut short…

  11. BAW says:

    This whole story disgusts me No DL,meth head,and no seatbelts all of this tragedy could have been prevented.may that little angel rest in peace😓🙏😓🙏

  12. woody says:

    Why is Nicole {mom} hanging out with this dirt bag and exposing her kids to him?

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’m a friend of the family. Hannah was a very sweet girl. She will be deeply missed.

  14. Born and Raised Here says:

    I hope Cpl. Pete Young is investgating this. This man and mother are fully responsible for the death of this child, and both should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  15. Concerned Citizen says:

    I hope that the mother and this man are held responsible. A young life has been taken for no reason. I also hope that this man receives the full sentencing available for this type of offense.

    This guy is a dope head and will not change his ways. He was given chances and now this is what he does with them?

    Again stop with the light sentencing and letting offenders plea down. Stick with the original charge and max it out.

    I’m not concerned whether this man get’s rehabilitated or gets help. He chose to take the stuff and drive. Let him do the time for it.

  16. ASF says:

    This guy has forfeited his right to live freely, He deserves to be in jail and he can receive whatever treatment he needs there, if he finally consents to use it.

  17. Shelby says:

    I am so sad they go to my son’s bus stop and I can still see Hannah standing with her brother. I hope her mom and brother will be ok especially being notified that she has passed away I feel awful

  18. Yourstruly says:

    This is disturbing, yet a reality CK for Flagler County and its dirty politics! The County nor the Courts are equipped to deal with the scum, thus it takes the death of an innocent child for the sh$t to change???!!!!

  19. Sad Family Member says:

    please make these 2 junkies pay for killing our dear sweet Hannah….nothing will bring her back, or take away the images and pain that Masen will never forget….but justice should be served for the sake of those babies

  20. Vicki and Brian Nixon says:

    AGREE 100% The mother sadly is just as quilty as the driver.

  21. Jolene dehart says:

    It’s sad that some young women, mothers, become involved with men like this and then allow them to drive a vehicle knowing they are most likely high, and also about his driver’s license situation. The poor young girl has paid the price for ignorance and neglect.

  22. Komodo Dragon says:

    Driving without or a suspended license is not the problem here. Had this drug addict been put through the best drug rehabilitation center, which is jail, the girl would be alive today. Why he’s out uncured is something the releasing judges must live with and haunt them in their sleep. The momma should have been arrested and charged as well. She knowingly put the children’s lives in certain danger as she too is probably an addict. For the love of drugs and a temporary high, they traded the life of an angel. The group gets packed into the truck to make themselves appear like a family on a stroll. Too bad he wasn’t recognized by law enforcement initiating a stop that would have resulted in that baby still living. My heart hurts thinking about that child

  23. Anonymous says:

    Flagler is experiencing an epidemic with this ridiculous drug, ‘flakka’…
    It’s a shame that a little girl died, and will never have a chance to be a mother, to have a life of her own now, simply because her mother let someone she knew was high drive her truck!! She may be a victim of the crash, but let’s not forget her accountability in all this as well.
    I feel deeply sorry for her loss, and wouldn’t wish this tragedy on anyone, but she needs to accept her part in this also.
    It is just sad and pathetic that this death had to be the factor that makes them both decide to stop living the lifestyle of abuse!
    Seems as though he had many chances to sober up and change his ways, yet it took the death of an innocent baby girl to make it happen.
    And it took a mother losing one of her children and also having severe injuries of her own to stop abusing an already dangerous street drug!

  24. dma says:

    Thoughts and prayers to her schoolmates who will be forced to try to understand this tragedy at such a young age, suffered by a friend so young. It will also be hard to understand the living conditions this child had to deal with, referring to drugs and paraphernalia in the home. Also prayers for the teachers. There will be an empty seat in the classroom when they return from Thanksgiving break. I’m glad the school will have counselors there to help.

  25. Yourstruly says:

    @palmcoaster, I subscribe underneath your comment! You are so right!

  26. Show No Mercy says:

    Is it just me or do others not see that there is something seriously wrong with the totality of our justice system that allows a scumbag like this to repeatedly be given a pass by the judges who allow charges to be dropped and withhold adjudication. And the judges who fall for it when he—with or without assistance from shyster attorneys—claims he had no idea that his license was suspended. Further, the State’s procedures for suspension and notification are weak and provide opportunity for these lowlifes to ignore the law and orders from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and do whatever they want. When one drills down into it, there are no teeth to enforce what is supposed to happen when a license is suspended, in case you are not aware of it. So how do we protect the public and innocent from such scum? I realize the costs to taxpayers when people are incarcerated and that there aren’t enough jails to house all the scum that is running loose. But the costs to taxpayers and society seem to be justified if that’s what it takes to keep murderers like this off the street and keep them from devastating the lives of innocent people. He is the worthless scum that he is because he has no doubt been enabled all of his life by family members, the legal system and even his critically injured girlfriend. The best thing that could happen to society is for him to be locked up for as long as possible. Lock him up and throw away the key. Which brings me to another point: Nicole Beard violated the most sacred duty and responsibility she has, which is to care for and protect her children. She has clearly demonstrated that she is not fit to be a mother and not fit to have custody of her injured son, should he and she recover. For whatever bizarre and unjustified reason, she demonstrated this by getting involved with this scumbag to begin with; staying with him and exposing her innocent children to the drug environment he created. If there is no potential for charges to be brought against her, at the very least, the Department of Children and Families has a legal and moral responsibility to take her son away lest he suffer more abuse or even death at the hands of this completely irresponsible woman who gave birth to him, for a mother she is not.

  27. George Orphan says:

    Charge this asshat with murder! He clearly has no regard for the law or others peoples live.

  28. Fedup says:

    Tired of all this wrist slap crap!! Get these druggies and repeat offenders and lock them up… sorry for the family of this young girl RIP SWEET ANGEL

  29. Local 1953 says:

    Very Sad. The mother should be arrested for child endangerment.
    “Dating” a POS like this says a lot about her

  30. Ceirra says:

    Hannah was my sister, she will always be the beautiful vibrant little sister I always dreamed of. I love you angel. Rest In Peace❤️

  31. GT says:

    The mother needs to go to jail with him, why would she put your kids in a car with this guy at the wheel

  32. joe schmo says:

    i don’t know the family, but i have a daughter around the same age, my heart is breaking right now. i agree with Buck, and whoever else said that the mother needs to have charges filed against her. i’m so sorry for the family.

  33. Just the truth says:

    Mother needs to be charged also. She is as guilty as the idiot driver.. And DCF needs to check on her other child.

  34. Daphne says:

    Terrible that this innocent child died at the hands on a druggie and a negligent mother. The brother should be removed from her “care” and kept safe elsewhere. His life is ruined.

  35. Pat Patterson says:

    Wonder if Judge Craig is the Judge that keeps letting Rando off.

  36. Kodie says:

    We would like to inform everyone of the service date time and location.We will be holding a service at noon on December 2nd at Living Witness church in San Marco, Jacksonville Florida. Flowers can be sent to the church in Hannah’s name.1536 Flagler Ave. Jacksonville, FL.32207 For further information or questions please feel free to contact me via email

  37. PC Newbie says:

    lock him up for good …the world does not need animals like this

  38. Anonymous says:

    The legal system is not working as it should. If this druggie was given serious jail time for habitually driving without a license, etc., and was actually rehabilitated, the little girl would be alive, and her brother would not have been traumatized. But I suppose, catch and release of dirtbags generates more revenue for the courts, the lawyers, the bondsmen, the probation company than keeping them incarcertated until they are properly rehabilitated.

    This is one of the main reasons we need to get tough on drugs again, for dealers AND users, to keep druggies off the roads. Because when you set them free, they do whatever they want when nobody is looking.

  39. Anonymous says:

    There isn’t enough room to incarcerate everyone who is a law violator. Look around and see how many people are arrested on a yearly basis in this county and in this state. At some point they get out because not all get life. What do you call those, captured and released? Maybe the jails should be preserved for those who do more serious stuff. As it is, they are being filled up with anyone they want to give a year and a day or more to, and for some pretty petty stuff. Bottom line is something has to be done about the alcohol and drug problem. Legalizing POT is not the answer. Medical POT is not the answer. We need treatment facilities and places for people to go and get help. They are not given help in prison or jail. Stewart Marchman is a joke. Labeling so many as felons for crimes that are not serious only complicates and makes matters worse. Then we have people out there who can’t gain employment or rent homes and are forced to do what they have to do to survive….prey off of people. When more and more laws are maid to prevent parents from disciplining their children and letting law enforcement do it the worse it is going to get. It is not the system, it is what is available for the problems that are out there. Seems like every youthful child is labeled with ADD or ADHD and put on medication. What the heck is that, there was no such thing 40-60 years ago? It is time to get GOD back into the schools and in the home. When the family unit became just people living together and marrying and divorcing and remarrying …the moral fabric of the country began to frey. Everyone today wants something for nothing, no one wants to work, but everyone wants a pay check. So, until our leaders start making some logical and educated decisions it is going to be what it is.

  40. AR says:

    Justice system does not work. All we can do is try to protect ourselves and our families. First off, I would not be dating some asshole who had syringes and a drug addict, nevermind have them drive me and my kids around or have them living in my house. Innocent girl is now dead because of a mother’s decision….

  41. Nichole beard says:

    I am the mother of Hannah Beard and I did not put my daughter in danger and I am not a druggie you people only know what media tells u me and my children know the truth and unless you lived with me don’t tell me that I did not love my kids

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