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Pastor Jim Raley to Strip Club: Not In Our Midst

| September 22, 2010

cheaters strip club gentlemen's club ormond-beach us route 1

Coming to a marquee near you.

The former Saddle Jack’s Bar and Grill at 1545 N. U.S. 1 is being turned into a Cheaters, the pink-pigmented strip joint (not to be confused with “Cheaters” the television series of a different voyeuristic kind). Cheaters’ Cocoa Beach twin claims “the hottest girls in Florida with over 40 beautiful women ready to cater to your every desire,” though it still goes by the pretense of a “bikini bar.”

Its arrival on the outskirts of Ormond Beach, an easy ride across the Flagler County line, triggered an outcry–and plans by Ormond Beach to annex the property in order to paste more stringent rules on it, such as forcing it to remove its pink outer skin for something more brownish. Some 120 people turned out at an Ormond Beach City Commission meeting last night to press for the annexation. The commission voted unanimously to annex, and is schedule to complete the matter on Oct. 5. The following is an opinion column contributed by an activist against the strip joint.

By Jim Raley

I am privileged to chair the group “Unity in the Community.” We represent thousands of concerned citizens who stand in opposition to the adult entertainment venue “Cheaters” attempting to open on U.S. 1 near the intersection with I-95.

One of the main questions that many critics of our efforts are asking is this: Why are we fighting the expansion of this business in our area? Why on earth are they fighting a harmless “Bikini Bar”? They see “Cheaters” as a win for the community in the sense that it will create much needed jobs and tax revenue. However, we need to look at the entire picture and simply weigh out the facts.

pastor jim raley ormond beach calvary christian church center

Pastor Jim Raley

The track record of these owners in other cities, such as Cocoa Beach, has been to establish “Cheaters” as a beachhead. They then purchase surrounding properties and expand their businesses. Entire areas are converted into places where strip clubs, porn shops and sex stores abound. Already, the owner of Vanacore Construction has said that he has fielded several calls from people interested in leasing space to open businesses for porn shops and sex stores. They desire to move in as close to “Cheaters” as possible.

First and foremost we must not kid ourselves. These guys are in the sex business. Even “Cheaters” owners won’t deny that there will be poles and private rooms available for those who wish for a more “intimate” experience. Bear in mind, this part of U.S.1 is the gateway into Ormond and Daytona to the south, and Palm Coast and Bunnell to the north. Are these clubs and stores what we truly want as the welcome centers for our city?

To address the economic impact, it must be noted that wherever these types of businesses flourish property values plummet. The little tax revenue that would be produced by “Cheaters” and these types of venues would quickly be erased and eclipsed when compared to the loss resulting from the depreciation of home and land values.

There is also a huge development slated to go forward in that area called “Ormond Crossings.” It will eventually produce millions of dollars in tax revenue, and meanwhile employ many people through the construction and completion of this vast project. Do we want to risk frightening away potential investors because we allowed “Cheaters” and their friends to invade our community?

Finally, is this the really the type of business image that we want? Our area is filled with a lot of good, decent, moral folks of every conceivable background. We want to raise our families and live in a place we can feel safe and be proud of. And make no mistake about it, we are united and we will be heard.

So to address our critics who feel like it would be a win if “Cheaters” and their associates come this way, read this carefully. If they come to our area, we will lose and they will win. They will get rich off of our pain, the pain of seeing our property values decrease, the pain of seeing investors walk out on us, and the pain of a moral and ethical blow to our city and county. May we unite and declare, “Cheaters” will never prosper in our community.

Raley is the senior pastor at Calvary Christian Center. Reach him at

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55 Responses for “Pastor Jim Raley to Strip Club: Not In Our Midst”

  1. George says:

    Before reading this article, my wife commented on the very pink color of the building when we passed it on US1 the other day and I jokingly said it’s probably going to be a strip club, LOL!

  2. Kip Durocher says:

    A sad day for A right wing very narrow minded Christian preacher is given a podium to force his beliefs on all. Even those who may not agree with him. He is allowed to paint with his broad brush “we represent thousands of concerned citizens,” and does not need to offer any real proof of his agenda or who these supporters are. The Daytona News-Journal estimated the attendance at around 120 at the council meeting ~ a far cry from thousands.
    ” Entire areas are converted into places where strip clubs, porn shops and sex stores abound.”
    Smacks of fear mongering and rumor peddling.
    So now we just annex people into our religion if they do not wish to join.
    The state, at the behest of the church, attacks the legal use of property by the owner of the property.
    During the past history of man the church just confiscated the property and burned the owner as a witch.
    Seems that is not required now the state will do it for you.

  3. FlaglerLive says:

    Kip, how’s Raley “forcing” his views on anyone? This is an open forum to those with something to say about relevant issues, whatever their stripes. There’s nothing duller than dogma, in ideas or editorial policy.

  4. Whatever says:

    Maybe the Volusia County Schools Superintendent can lead a protest much like what was done here.

    If they’re wearing bikinis, you could drive to the beach and see the same thing for free. Maybe they should shut the beaches down because that’s where the sex offenders can go to ogle children.

    What sex shops are there down in Daytona next to the other strip clubs? In fact, the clubs are blocks apart from each other. There is a sex shop across the street from the place that was the Pink Pony. Cafe Erotica in St. Augustine never had sex shops open around it.

  5. beachcomberT says:

    Pastor, no one is dragging you into the club. Let those who enjoy viewing the nearly naked human body have their fun. It’s behind closed doors. If you’re worried about image, aim your sermons at high school cheerleading programs, where girls wear pretty skimpy costumes and dance seductively in front of thousands.

  6. David Dominguez says:

    I would like to send out a personal invitation, to, Kip, Whatever, and Beachcomber, to an amazing Sunday service. We have two to choose from, one at 8:15am or 10:15am, at Calvary Christian Center, 1687 W. Granada Blvd (Corner of I-95 and Granada, across the street from the new RaceTrack). Come visit us, your life will never be the same… = )

    • Mark Scott says:

      I am here on the West Coast and enjoy Jim Raley’s online sermons. The myth of the porn industry is just personal preference and it had no affect on cities is amazingly low brow. Your area should be proud that a good man like Pastor Raley is standing up to challenge the Cheaters club and all the parasite businesses that feed off of it. What Pastor Raley did not tell you is that DUI’s, divorce, adultery, prostitution illicit drugs sells all go up in red light areas. Cheaters = adultery.
      I boldly decree that this establishment shall not succeed in the NAME of JESUS. A line is drawn in the sand. Put the owners on notice that if they continue to push forward with these plans that while GOD is a GOD of love that they are facing the juctice and judgement of GOD. You will not build, you will leave the community. TODAY. NOW. A line has been drawn in the sand.

  7. Rock Hartley says:

    Between Calvary Christian Center, Tomoka Christian and River Bend and Prince of Peace there could easlly be well over 10,000 upset concerned citizens ready to do whatever they have to do to stop the opening of cheaters.
    That does not even count the 120 concerned citizens that were at the city meeting last night.
    “Just The Facts Mam”

  8. elaygee says:

    and you KNOW that the vast majority of the patrons will be ‘god fearing xtians” who talk loudly in public about shutting strip clubs and walk quickly into them in private, that’s if they’re not secretly off to Gay bars after loudly touting an anti-Gay agenda

  9. elaygee says:

    Anything starting with “Concerned Citizens Of” is a mob trying to force its beliefs on everyone else.

  10. John Rogers says:

    elaygee says:
    September 23, 2010 at 4:43 who talk loudly in public about shutting strip clubs and walk quickly into them in private,

    Elaygee, I was told if they do go in there they will get there picture taken lol.

  11. Kevin says:

    I would like to know how many honest people would be happy about an eyesore such as another strip club and the obvious stigma justifiably associated with it, to be part of the aesthetic gateway into their upscale neighborhoods where they have a vested interest in the property values? No one! At least no sane person with firing nuclei. Of course when it comes to another person neighborhood or to renters, its ok based on all the lame, intellectually void reasons made by some here. Do any of you live in the immediate area of this place?

    Kip, there is no podium given for the pastor nor is he forcing his beliefs on the readers. It would be more sad if Flagler Live stiffled ideas and opinions much like you suggest. I’m sure a greater majority of people who are not aware of the project, are pleased now to learn of its existance, grateful to the Pastor for informing them and taking a public stand. It is worse that persons like you who lack open-mindeded and fair treatment of opinion and are Christaphobic, much like Algae (that is how I view him/her) and others, maintain the pastor should be silenced at all costs regardless of the need for him to be heard.

    And for those hung up on the semantics used for the numbers of interested people in the community…what does it matter so long as there is a majority of people concerned and against such an establishment? Using your logic mayber we can open a nice tatoo parlor and a nice respectable head shop for pot and crack needs of the area citizens, opened in one of your neighborhoods. We all know how glamorous these business tend to be. They go out of their way, as most every stripper joint does, to build architecturally aesthetic , quiet businesses because their clientele considers that before they go in to tongue-wag and hiccup at girls they lack in their normal (cough) life (for obvious reasons).

  12. David Dominguez says:

    Good afternoon,

    I just had strong conviction to come back, and bring clarification on a few issues that need to be addressed. First off I want to convey that I’m writing out of love.
    When people rant and rave about Christians, trying to push their beliefs or views on others, is somewhat, hypocritical, in the scene that, if they were so convicted of the fact that others shouldn’t try to “force views on other people”, Isn’t that a view in its self, and isn’t that forcing your own views on the once standing for morality. Therefore if they really had conviction for this, they would just keep silent, because they wouldn’t want to “Force their views on others.”

    Secondly, when we speak on holiness, righteousness, and morality, this is not by our own opinion or views. The truth is that we have the same tendencies to be in those type of clubs, giving our money to these poor victims that have been deceived by the enemy, that the only source of provision is to dance in these degrading clubs.

    The convictions that we have, comes by the changing power of Jesus Christ. It comes through Him changing our heart to the limit that our hearts and desires become that of Christ. We are not speaking by our own opinions or views, but that of our creator, that created us, and also renewed our relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.

    In addition, the truth is that we all have broken the law of God, and we are all guilty for that. We are all born into sin and have the tendency to lean to unrighteousness, and wickedness. There will be one day that, all that we believe, or don’t believe in, everything that identifies us here on earth, will be stripped away, and we will be judged for all we’ve done. We will not be judged by our standards, but by His.

    The sentence of breaking His law will be hell. Whether you believe it or not, it will happen. However He loved us so much that He send His Son to take the punishment for us. He payed the fine, He paid the sentence that we should of paid. But without accepting Jesus Christ, we are rejecting the payment, and have to face the consequence for our sin.
    I will not water it down! If we don’t accept Christ, we are going to hell, because by rejecting Him we are rejecting the only redemption offered for our sin….

    I write this not to “Push my views on others” but to spread the love and truth about Christ. Also, this is not my views but the way and truth of our creator…

    Finally, I pray that all will come to repentance (change of mind, in Christ), because I know and you know our time is limited. Please get right before its too late…

    In His service,

  13. starfyre says:

    strippers are people too

    the women work hard for that money…leave em be

  14. Barbara G. says:

    A commentor said: “A right wing very narrow minded Christian preacher is given a podium to force his beliefs on all. Even those who may not agree with him. He is allowed to paint with his broad brush “we represent thousands of concerned citizens,” and does not need to offer any real proof of his agenda or who these supporters are. The Daytona News-Journal estimated the attendance at around 120 at the council meeting ~ a far cry from thousands.”

    I think labeling Pastor Raley as a right-wing, very narrow minded Christian preacher without any information but this article is pretty narrow-minded. As far as his contention that the group represents thousands of supporters, you should probably understand that Calvary Christian Center alone has appx. 4000 members. As the pastor, he does represent all of those people.

    If this community group were represented by someone who wasn’t a minster (or even a Christian), but who had the same concerns about the property values and the image of the area that this establishment will convey, would people be so quick to dismiss that person’s opinion?

  15. lightsout T says:

    When u think of nudity go down south, when u think of entertainment go to Cheaters Of Ormand Beach. You’ll see more nudity on the bikes on us1 then in the so called Club Cheaters. I will never take advise from a Pastor in which there profession relies on faith, but everytime we watch the news related stories all fall back on them. Cheaters will and is going to open all the doors to opportunity for the town of Ormand.

  16. erb says:

    I have been in the adult entertainment business for over ten years,i have been in the middle of fights like this before. It reminds me of how many different types of people their are in the world. I really don’t understand what the big deal is. Sexual entertainment is exciting and fun and when done correctly it can be a good outlet for surpressed feelings or frustrations.This business has ups and downs like any other, I have seen it ruin relationships and have seen it save relationships. I have seen it bring single mothers out of poverty. I have seen it make a good living for single moms while they go to school. I think if you weigh good to bad sides its about even. One thing i know for sure, entertainment like this is important to offer to society,because sexuality is the roots of human nature. If you really look at your life you will realize that everything you do is based on sexuality. The way you dress, your hair, your social status,the choosing of a partner. All of these things are greatly influenced by sexuality. I am a christian, but i am also a realist. I respect the pastors views but i disagree with them. I am not saying that i want a strip club on every corner however, having one on the outskirts of town is just fine with me.

  17. Friends the sexuality of just plane Nasty and Disease that it breeds is unclean for our City. We are to smart of a Civilization to allow our children, grandchildren to be bogged down in the Slime of Man’s Greed..Cheaters a stip joint for our Women that Know can prosper in a cleaner enviorment and not as dangerous to bring him sexaul perverts and preditors. It also harbours the illgotton way bring Drugs and prostotuition to our pour ignorant woman..We are too smart of a Civilization to want to squander are time trying t study. The indecensie of strip joints…Doctors and Nurse can look at enough sick nakded women,
    biting off poverty..WE want to be a happier civilization and we want to live in clean enviroments..This is just Nasty low level civiliaztion raking the sack to make money off of our poor children and ruining there reputations as Whores and Sluts…Dameons and Perverts…I Bind up all the Evil and Beg Mercy from the Lord. I Bind up all the Evil and I BEg Mercy from the Lord..Money crates the Lust of the Sin of man to wallow in Pain and Agoney…Repent let it go it is in there way to be castrated as what this land will bring…
    Just another reson to leave the State of Florida it is full of thieves and pervertes that wreack all over our land..Not to mention the Fools and Idiots that know Love for Mankind is a grander scale..Is to Love one another and love each other and Love..Love…Love….Jesus rose the whore up out of the Depths of Hell to calibratea nad magistrate Eternal life and not be stuck in the Bondage and Slvery of Man and his greed…

    Miracles abound us Miracles abound us …Miraculous..Miraculous..Miraculous…..
    Stacy Gage is Dead becauseof the preditor of a Sexual stimulated Serial Killer, killing the illerate prostutdes in Daytona with several other dead Prostutudes….
    God have Mercy on the Soul….God have Mercy on the Souls…
    Hell Fire and brimestone is what this will brin gfor the slime of the Satanic Ritualistic Manner to Breed Diseas and Crime in Daytona Beach….I pray they shut them down….

  18. Rock Hartley says:

    Yesterday cheaters strip club filed a law suit in federal court against the City of Ormond Beach and at that point the City of Ormond Beach shut off the water at cheaters for rejecting annexation.

  19. PC MAN says:

    I’m glad Pastor Jim Raley was able to speak on FlaglerLive. It gives everyone a chance to hear the zombies idea of what’s wrong with the world. With all the pain and suffering out there, they can’t stop thinking about sex and how to stop it. Yes who wants a strip club next to biker bars and truck stops.

  20. lightsout T says:

    Its a bikini club not a “strip club” 1st of all. People need to stop with the controversy. This business is more about the entertainment than seeing women take their clothes off. Where are peoples head at? I have been to cheaters in cocoa beach, and it is very professional. The atmosphere is more of a club type industry than anything else. People who have not been to cheaters before don’t CRITICIZE IT. The area that the pink building is @ is in a ghost town. It now looks a lot better then just a building boarded up like the half dozen ones around it. Shutting the water off was dumbest thing the city could of done, but you can learn a lot from a dummy.

  21. Eyes Wide Open! says:

    Discrimination anyone? Where are the Chippendales – us females like eye candy too! Besides if my husband has any objections – so do I! Let’s level the playing field here!!!!!

    Oftentimes in denying yourself pleasure you do but store the desire in the recesses of your being.
    Who knows but that which seems omitted today, waits for tomorrow?
    Even your body knows its heritage and its rightful need and will not be deceived – Kahlil Gibran

  22. to eyes wide open says:

    I work at the club in cocoa. I also own another business that i do full time. We have a good bunch of employees working there.Most of them have families that are just trying to get by like everybody else.Oh and by the way we have had chip and dales at our bar on several occasions. Gotta be fair to the ladies also!

  23. Jessie Christ says:

    I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, just because you claim that your opinion is backed by the word of God, does not mean that it merits a higher value in our government. There is, after all, a seperation of church and state as provided in our constitution.

    The real issue here is that Ormond Beach Mayor Fred Costello has crossed the line and has now put our city in a legal battle that it cannot win. Fred seems like a good man, he’s done a good job as our mayor, but now he’s let his religious beliefs negatively impact personal freedoms. Furthermore, he’s done so by targeting a business that had broken no law and done nothing wrong, to date. The key word here is TARGETED.

    My parents attended the same church as the Costello’s (it’s the Reorganized Latter Day Saints by the way, who also believe in the Book of Mormon). I used to enjoy hearing the stories about Linda Costello speaking in tongues and rolling on the floor in the church’s Contempory Christian Meetings. Eventually, they had to ask her not to comeback as she was disrupting others rights to worship. Just thought you may like to know who you have aligned yourself with in this battle.

    Ultimately my point is this, I don’t care if you are religious. I don’t care what religion you follow. I care about the community I live in and I believe in a seperation of Church and State. Fred Costello has forced our local government to tie up it’s already overburdened resources for his personal vedetta against this strip club. In the end, the strip club will win, the city will pay out the rear, and Fred will walk away no wiser, and no poorer for his ridiculous actions. The city, on the other hand, will be much poorer and look ridiculous in the eyes of others (is Isaac Turner involved in this???). The only victory for Fred, Jim Raley and his flock will be the unnoticed wiping off of the egg on your faces.

  24. Allyson Greear says:

    Re: erb’s comment ” I have seen it bring single mothers out of poverty. I have seen it make a good living for single moms while they go to school.” REEEEEEEEEEALLY??? Are you serious??? You canNOT be serious! ANY job helps single mothers. All these creepy businesses do for any woman is prey on their weaknesses and entice them into bondage! No woman wakes up and suddenly has an inate desire to dispose her dignity right down the tubes! The devil IS a liar!!! And NO woman was EVER created to be displayed like a cheap disposable trophy on a platform or to be paraded around like a piece of meat for salivating dogs!!!! I have spoken with and interviewed many women who have thankfully escaped these hellish lifestyles. Abuse, drug addictions, sexual diseases and even death are only naming a few experiences for these women! Please wake up to reality buddy, praying you do. You have absolutely NO clue of what you’re talking about! P.S. You are more than welcome to come to our next Single Mothers meeting to get FIRST HAND personal insight and views of single mothers, poverty, etc… in case you don’t want to take my word on it or you’re still left pondering and wondering. SAD!

  25. Allyson Greear says:

    Jessie Christ-please research the facts before you run with something. “Seperation of Church and State” or better yet “Wall of Seperation” was designed to keep government from regulating church and it had NOTHING to do with preventing the church being involved in government.

  26. Jessie Christ says:

    Allyson, YOU GOT ME!!!! Our country has been run wrong since our founding fathers! We are supposed to have prayer in school and it should be illegal for anyone in the USA to not be a Christian. Yet apparently, there’s enough intent in our constitution and the foundations of our government to influence the Supreme Court to rebuke a unified church and state. Even more so, common sense would dictate that our country could not be tied to a generic religious faction, like Christianity, without accepting certain subfactions as superior in thought to others. In other words, would we govern as Baptists, Catholics, Mormons or one of the hundreds of other christian flavors? You see, christians can’t get along and play well enough with each other to seperate their differences and take pride in the basis of their religion to let it become a standard. Therefore, Church and State cannot co-exist as a single entity.

    Isn’t it odd that the only thing you got out of my comment was an uproar over the obvious seperation of church and state? You can sit at home and thump your bible all day while you ignore the fact that Fred Costello is wasting the city of Ormond Beachs money on his religious vendetta.

  27. Liana G says:

    Allyson Greear – This is a touchy subject and the world is not perfect, this profession is as old as time and will never go away . Lack of a quality education and promoting a prolife agenda will continue to create more victims. Where would Bristol Palin be if it wasn’t for mommy. – But to say that – “No woman wakes up and suddenly has an inate desire to dispose her dignity right down the tubes! The devil IS a liar!!! And NO woman was EVER created to be displayed like a cheap disposable trophy on a platform or to be paraded around like a piece of meat for salivating dogs!!!!” Is not true. – Does our school not promote this behavior by offering cheerleading as part of the curriculum. And what about the PARENTS (BOTH MOM AND DAD) who sign their daughters up for this activity. So to blame men entrely for this is wrong! If it means hands of the innocent children – I am okay with it, if it means food on the table and hopefully a better way of life for the children of the mothers – I am okay with it. Yes it is terrible, but where did these ‘salivating dogs’ come from? One has to wonder about their feelings toward their mothers to ill treat women the way they do. But one should also ask why? What did their mothers do?

    And death is inevitible!

  28. erb to allyson greear says:

    Spoken like someone who truly knows nothing about this business. How much do you think it takes to support a family if you are a single mom these days? Especially if you don’t have college or a trade skill.Don’t tell me that i don’t know what i am talking about because I work with hundreds of these girls on a weekly basis. I help them with their problems, i do their taxes, i protect them from their looser boyfriends. Most of these girls are uneducated and come from broken homes they don’t have the opportunities that most of us have had in our lives. I know there are down sides to the business but a lot of that comes from bad management or owners. We try to provide a safe and secure way for the girls to make a living. If you would like to discuss this with me further come to ormond beach cheaters and ask for eddy because unlike you, i know this business because, i work in it every day.

  29. PC MAN says:

    I guess Allyson Greear is another zombie. Her seperation of church and state website comes from the parent site “all about god” a pro christian kool aid factory. Can you idiots read anything not tainted by fairy tales.

  30. Jessie Christ says:

    PC Man, I don’t think it was necessary to call Allyson an idiot. She’s just blind to reality, which is the basis for religion.

  31. Barney Smythe says:

    If you drive West on 103rd Street in Jax, Adam & Eve are right next to DCF in a strip mall! The ‘gentlemens club’ is 10 miles down the road!

  32. Emily says:

    You all need to focus on the part about “Ormond Crossings”! It is a huge development that will bring people, business, and MONEY to our area. I know, firsthand, that having strip clubs, and all the other things it will lead to, will discourage some great developers from coming into our area and building the future of “Ormond Crossings”. So stop calling eachother idiots, pointing fingers, and critizing religion. Think about how you would like your town to be, what type of people and businesses you want representing your city…. Strip Clubs and Porn Stores or “Ormond Crossings” (houses, shopping, etc.)

  33. Jessie Christ says:

    Emily, you’re saying that all businesses and residential developments stay away from areas that have bikini bars? I’d like to see the statistical data that backs this up please. Furthermore, do you really believe that any developer is going to open any large development based on retail or residential with what happend with similar developments in Venetian Bay (no bikini bar within 25 miles) and Town Center (no bikini bar within 30 miles). They both are starving to keep or attract businesses and home owners and it has nothing to do with PORNOGRAPHY or LUST or SIN. It’s called a recession and it’s here for at least another few years, which will be long enough to shut down Cheaters business if they do anything illegal. And by the way, they have done NOTHING illegal to date.

    Also, do you have any idea what goes on at the Harley/Bar Pavillion on the other side of 95 during most weekends and all bike weeks? It’s alot worse then what will go inside Cheaters!! Most residents praise all the great things that Destination Daytona does for our community but the truth is that they promote getting drunk, hollering at skimpy bikini/thong dressed women, and getting on their bikes or in their cars drunk to go to the next stop and repeat the process. But hey, let’s applaud them because they don’t have a pink building and they don’t have VIP rooms. What a load of crud. If you really cared about this community you’d be fighting to have the City shut of their water and push Bike Week and Biketoberfest back to the bowels of Daytona and Holly Hill.

    But, lets get back to the real issue here. You have to be blind not to see that this is about a personal vendetta from a right wing “conservative’ Mayor who has managed to rally up “God’s” alleged troops (lead by a man who makes TONS of money off of preaching false hopes of salvation) and waste a bunch of the City’s money and manpower. The only negative impact from this place will be the waste of our taxpayer money fighting this b.s. crusade against pornography. Wake up Emily.

  34. erb says:

    I was going to say something else but JESSEE CHRIST, you said it all, thank you!

  35. Kevin Allen says:

    The building is trashy looking, there are plenty of other business opportunities that could have gone there. Nothing good will come from this new business, it is down grading to women and to men, how low can you go, its a family town not a trashy town. God is in control and it wont last thats a fact.

  36. john says:

    I went in there on Friday for the grand reopening. I gotta say it looks awesome inside. I thought it was going to be a crap hole bar like the rest of them around here but,it was really nice inside.The bar tenders were very pretty and nice and the dancers were pretty too. This will be my new spot to hang out, also they are 21 and up so you don’t have to deal with the young idiots.

  37. thank you imaginary being says:

    Christians are so funny. First off, you have “faith” in make-believe crap. And then you allow that “faith” to manipulate your mind to invent evil doers, so you can then fight said evil doers. Are you that freaking bored with your life? You are either so bored or feel so useless that you have to create stuff to “fight against”, You seem to have this void in your life that can only be filled by inventing things to “protect” the rest of us from? Yes, without you, the evil pink building will ruin my life!!! Thank you christians!!! Where would we be without you?!?!?!? Oh yeah, i forgot, the other imaginary place you invented……………HELL!!!! hahahahaha.

  38. starfyre says:

    im christian and dont think porn is that big of a deal

    i watch porn alot online-just something i do

  39. over it says:

    A christian who watches porn………. niiiiiiiiice. An honest christian? A non-hypocrite? WTF?? I’m speechless. It’s like i just saw Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness monster…………. I’m so NOT offended I don’t know what to say. Um good for you Starfyre. But aren’t the other christians going to shun you? oh wait, I believe they may see this as an opportunity to SAVE you from evil. Good luck with dealing with that. But if you refuse they will “pray for you” from afar. “dear heavenly father, please help Starfyre to see the error of her ways, to stop watching porn, to stop giving in to the temptation of the flesh. To refrain from the pleasure of the sins of fornication. ” That should do it. They will feel so much better about themselves. Cuz they really dont give a rats azz about you. It’s how it makes THEM feel about themselves after all is said and done.

  40. ExoticDiva77 says:

    WOW. First of all, I think most of all the christians should please stand up, exit to the left, and get a DICTIONARY. Does god forbid spell check? Jesse Christ – Well spoken. Starfyre, excellent job getting the rest of the pack to pray for you and temporarily take their mind off the pretty pink building surrounded by boarded up ones. erb – See you tomorrow. :)

    I just wanted to set the record straight. I have seen many bikini bars and other types of gentlemen’s clubs. Some CAN be low-grade… but just because the Pink Pony was a whore house doesn’t mean that all the others are the same. This is NOT – I REPEAT – THIS IS NOT THE PINK PONY!! IT IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ESTABLISHMENT CALLED CHEATERS AND OWNED AND OPERATED BY DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

    Cheaters is a very UPSCALE bikini /sports bar type establishment. The staff is very friendly and the club is very clean. The girls that dance/perform on stage are amazing and nobody criticizes their skills or looks…. well aside from the protesters ranting their oh holy godly powers. Stop in and see for yourself. You can’t make an educated judgment on something you haven’t personally seen.
    I remember hearing “Only God Can Judge” so all these good Judging christians are probably going to be going to hell. lmao. Which reminds me of Two things. 1: The REAL Americans have RED Skin, and they are not christians. 2: Funny how much money is being spent to protest a pink building but yet where were these people when they took God OUT of the pledge of allegiance? I’m not christian and even I protest that. Lets add a bonus 3: All you protesters better get your act in gear before English OFFICIALLY becomes the second language, because if they can’t speak English how are they going to understand you??? :)

    Blessed Be. Everyone have a good holiday season, and with the fact in mind that some of those girls might be single moms… do you really want to Ruin their children’s Christmas?

  41. Yall says:

    Y’all are all crazy. Change the name from cheater to something more positive, make the building a non-glaring color, free scholarships to the single moms, and legalize drugs and lets all be happy.

  42. Elizabeth says:

    I WAS BEATEN IN THE HALLWAY OF THIS CLUB. The hostess working would not give me my ID back. I tried to take it from her hand and she punched me in the face. Then grabbed my hair and started beating me, dragging me outside, while the beating continued. 3 bouncers came out and then called me things like “whore, little cunt, stupid bitch.” MIND YOU I AM 4″11 AND 100 POUNDS. and these men let a girl 3x the size of me beat me. THIS CLUB NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN, THERES DRUG TRAFFICKING AND PROSTITUTION. I will not stand to live within any distance of this club. IT NEEDS TO GO.

  43. Sure... says:


    It needs to be shut down because you were beaten and there’s drug trafficking and prostitution and you won’t stand to live within any distance of the club?
    Somehow I don’t think they came to your home and dragged you to this club. And somehow i’m thinking that if you have knowledge of the goings on there that you,ve been there more than once. I do not care for these types of clubs and would never myself inside one but I do wonder what their side of the story is..

  44. Sure... says:


    I think the color choice of the exterior of the building and the name of the establishment screams low class strip club. Looks like every other strip joint you drive past. Doesn’t matter what’s inside when the outside is the first impression of the place a person gets. A sports bar? Come on…

  45. Rock Hartley says:

    Thirty Three Year Study Of Secondary Effects Of Adult Entertainment Businesses In Your Neighborhood.

  46. Rock Hartley says:

    More From Unity In The Community

  47. Dan says:

    There is nothing wrong with it, its kept neat outside and shouldnt bother anyone. Besides any of that they are creating jobs for these poor economic times, not to mention has anyone seen how busy they always are??? Their parking lot is packed! I wanna open one in palm coast!

  48. john says:

    The post by the girl who says she was beaten by the door girl is a perfect example of why you should not believe opinions without seeing for yourself. I was the manager at the club that night. The thing that Elizabeth forgot to mention about her ordeal is that she was trying to get in the club with a fake ID that is why the door girl would not give it back. She also forgot to mention that she attacked the door girl first, and also that the entire thing was on video and that when the cops saw the video they went and arrested the girl for attacking our employee. She also forgot to mention that since she was seventeen and her father was with her that he was also arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The girl did get beat up, but that was because the door girl was a lot tougher than she was. LOL

  49. matthew fowler says:

    the paster is so wrong i think the clubs a good ideal women are gonna be sexually active whether their paid too or not i don’t like the preachers line of work he gets paid too read the bible and tell ppl his interpretation of it whose too say what hes saying is or isn’t wrong at least with the women they don’t try too run a persons life by trying too spiritually convince them they are doing something wrong and besides i here during biker week they bring in tons of tourist if u know what i mean so when they do that they are helping all around them i mean there are restaurants in that area too i work at one of them and the tourist who go into cheaters are often know too walk across the street and get some food so again the preachers wrong cheaters is bringing in revenues in more way than one daily

  50. palmcoaster says:

    I believe that porno media, movies, adult stores and strip clubs only increase the chances of sex crimes committed against children and adults being more numerous and often, as the uncontrollable addicted want to relieve their sick fantasies on anyone they can lay their hands on, as can’t afford the cost of materializing their deviations. Just my personal opinion.

  51. NortonSmitty says:

    Just how did this old chestnut get resurrected?

    PalmBrother, for a man who seems to have a rather well thought outlook on most of your posts regarding the ability of our fellow man to take care of himself and his neighbors without Big Brother bracketing our options in life, I’m kinda’ surprised to see you go all Church Lady Pilgrim on us at the subject of sex. And I think you are 180 degrees off of what is causing our problems today. And in spite of what the Glass Teat bombards us with every day, we have much less of these sexual attacks today than we ever had in the entire history of mankind. But the ones that do happen get better exposure.

    In my personal opinion, since the dawn of time every little town or city from Timbuktu to Tibet, from Rome to Russia, from Peru to Pittsburgh, every few blocks in every community in every economic strata, there was a small locally owned business that provided a unheralded but necessary basic service to stabilize the populace. A place where the men could go to unwind, blow off steam, congregate and be men. Even if they were poor, ugly, insecure and lacking in every basic social skill. Before they got to the point of being “uncontrollably addicted”.

    In case you haven’t figured it out by now, a cathouse.

    And as far as affording the cost of materializing deviations, I could afford it in high school with an after school job bagging buns at a bakery. Of course in high school, my deviations were pretty basic, $20 for all I could think of.

    My point is that today the normal desires we like to inflate to the level of sick deviations, you know, the ones we all think we should be ashamed of, get bottled up until they explode in the small percentage of our fellow citizens that make the headlines. The rest of us, we just know we’re missing something.

    I know there were problems with the old system, but by eliminating it is our society better or just more pious?

  52. Bobby says:

    We’re is the Pastor now as of May 2014

  53. EB says:

    I am a former adult entertainment industry worker and Survivor, of 30 years, and I am so glad to see this article, because the fact is this is on of the most Anti spiritual careers on Earth and until we are going to progress spiritually this adult industry is a funny turnstile. I love watching Calvary Church and I thank the pastor for his article. The adult industry is disgusting and truly ugly. It’s based on money and greed and enslaves not only women but men.

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