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Palm Coast Man Arrested For Confronting Teacher (and Ex) in Belle Terre Elementary Parking Lot

| August 17, 2017

Joshua Laks, 34, of Palm Coast.

Joshua Laks, 34, of Palm Coast.

Joshua Laks, a 34-year-old resident of Karlstad Place in Palm Coast, was arrested Tuesday morning after confronting his child’s mother, a 25-year-old third-grade teacher at Belle Terre Elementary, in the school’s parking lot shortly before the first bell.

The teacher’s 7-year-old nephew was with her and witnessed at least a part of the confrontation. It was the latest in a series of clashes between the Laks and the woman, one of which led the teacher to file for an injunction for protection against domestic violence two years ago. Tuesday, she was granted a temporary injunction pending a final judgment next week.

Based on court records, it is Laks’s first arrest in Flagler County, but he has a long history of arrests in Volusia County–for domestic violence (several times), aggravated battery, cocaine possession, trafficking meth, burglary, disorderly conduct, and other charges.

Laks and the teacher had lived together previously and have a 4-year-old son in common. They have not been together in three years, according to Laks’s arrest report. An injunction document indicates she moved out of the Karlstad Place house in June 2015. In her petition for an injunction that month, the teacher documented, in a five-page chronology, a series of incidents in which Laks allegedly made threats, cursed, drank heavily and degraded the teacher often with no heed to whether their child or other family members were present, including in one case on the day of his son’s birthday.

In one documented instance, Laks allegedly screamed at his 2-year-old son for spilling water out of the tub while the child was taking a bath and told the child, according to the teacher’s account, “you fucking piss me off–do it again and I’ll beat your ass.” The child cried for his mother, and as she was consoling the boy, Laks allegedly groped her and demanded sex “since I am paying the bills,” he told her. The teacher reported being “terrified he was going to hit me” when she told him off. She moved out five days later. The teacher subsequently tried to maintain contact so her son would have a relationship with his father, but in one instance when she took the child to his father’s house another confrontation ensued and required the intervention of law enforcement. There were no arrests.

Two years ago Laks filed a court petition to determine the child’s paternity in an apparent attempt to deviate from child support responsibilities. The court judged him the father, according to court records.

Tuesday morning, video surveillance showed that Laks had arrived at Belle Terre Elementary at 8:17 a.m. and waited there until the teacher arrived in the parking lot. The teacher had just dropped off her son at a VPK, where, as she told deputies, she had noticed a gray Nissan she had lent Laks leaving the VPK’s grounds, suggesting that Laks been following her earlier that morning. She parked her car at Belle Terre at around 8:30, when she noticed Laks in the Nissan.

She first tried to get her nephew to safety in the school but just then Laks started throwing eggs at her car, then “proceeded to yell at her and threw a Lego souvenir cup, striking her in the leg,” according to his arrest report. He picked up the cup and allegedly threw it at the teacher a second time.

Laks, according to his arrest report, admitted to throwing the cup at the teacher but said he never struck her, and that he was “just trying to show that their relationship was over due to the cup symbolizing a family vacation between the two.” As to the second time he threw the object, he said he was merely trying to get it into the vehicle.

Laks was trespassed from Belle Terre Elementary, and the Department of Children and Families was informed of the altercation. He is a part-time facilities clerk in Parks & Recreation Department in Palm Coast, a city spokesperson said. “It’s our policy to review such a case to determine if an employee should be retained, reassigned or terminated. We’re in that process now,” the spokesperson said.

11 Responses for “Palm Coast Man Arrested For Confronting Teacher (and Ex) in Belle Terre Elementary Parking Lot”

  1. woody says:

    Maybe if he had a job he would be to tired or busy to lurk around.

  2. John says:

    He worked for the city of Palm coast last time I checked. Recreation department.

  3. Ken Dodge says:

    ‘P.D. Live’ comes to Palm Coast.

  4. ASF says:

    He works for the recreation department???? THAT should be looked into, immediately! Isn’t there a finger-print law in place for Recreation Department employees? And Protective Services should be investigating the home this child lives in, as Mom’s judgement regarding bringing her son to the sperm donors house after violent confrontations had already taken place makes her judgement appear to be extremely questionable. Given this guy’s rage problem and his seeming determination to target this woman, the school she works for should be on the look-out for him lurking anywhere near the premises. Can the school take out an injunction against his being able to access the premises of the school?

  5. Sw says:

    So lets slap him on wrist again your Honor so next time he can really do some damage. Chip n big rocks into lil ones for awhile might make him come around or not , just sayin SMH

  6. says:

    Based upon the fact that there are not enough jail cells to hold repeat offenders he will get a repeat slap on the wrist. Only when he kills he and/or the child(ren) will he get three hots and a cot.

  7. Jenn says:

    What makes you think if he had a job he wouldn’t follow her or show up at her job? It’s apparent that this guy has a problem and belongs Behind Bars and once again our system files. Nobody should be surprised by that………

  8. Rick Kang says:

    Time for him to move on because you can never relive your past!

  9. anonymous says:

    The biggest concern here should be for the children at Belle Terre!! How exactly does the Sheriff’s Office and The school administrators plan on keeping them safe at school?? Obviously if the ex-wife already has an injunction on him and he still follows her and attacks her, he could care less!! So if the school could take one out on his also, it won’t keep him away either. Unfortunately, she shouldn’t be working at a school with children and putting them in harms way, or he stays in jail where he belongs! Which I highly doubt will happen. The judicial system sucks!!

  10. Amanda says:

    My child attends this school and now I am worried for the safety of my child. People like him go on shooting sprees and wind up hurting more than the intended person he wants to hurt. Security needs to be amped up. I think more than a slap on the wrist needs to happen. Look at his criminal background. Enough is Enough!

  11. anonymous says:


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