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William Gamble, 66, Dies Three Days After Dog Attack in Palm Coast’s C Section

| August 4, 2017

William Gamble was walking his dog when a neighbor's dog attacked his. Gamble fell and later suffered a series of heart attacks. He died on Aug. 2. (Facebook)

William Gamble was walking his dog when a neighbor’s dog attacked his. Gamble fell and later suffered a series of heart attacks. He died on Aug. 2. (Facebook)

Last Sunday (July 30) William Gamble, a 66-year-old resident of Crossgate Court in Palm Coast, was walking his dog, Dahlyla, not far from his home, which he bought with his wife Carolyn last September.

It was early evening. At the corner of Crossview Lane and Crossgate Court, another dog, called Maya, bounded out from 10 Crossview Lane and attacked Gamble’s dog Dahlyla, “knocking Mr. Gamble down to the ground,” according to an affidavit filed in the case.

Maya bit Gamble’s dog in the face, head and chin, according to a victim’s report filed with Palm Coast Animal Control, and was eventually taken to Flagler Animal Hospital for treatment.

Dahlyla is a blue-white Staffordshire bull terrier, close to four years old and about 53 pounds. Maya is a 9 years old plott hound and weighs about 62 pounds, according to the dogs’ latest vaccination certificates.

After the attack Gamble got up and went back to his house, making it only as far as the garage, where he collapsed. He had just enough time to tell his wife that he’d been “attacked by the neighbor’s dog,” according to a Flagler County Sheriff’s report, though there is no indication either in the sheriff’s report or the animal control report that he’d been directly injured by the dog. A knee injury, his wife said, was from him falling. He was having chest pains. By the time a sheriff’s deputy arrived at the house, Gamble was on the garage floor, unresponsive. There was a faint pulse. There was no sign of breathing. CPR was immediately initiated, and Gamble was taken to Florida Hospital Flagler.

He was not to regain consciousness. On Wednesday, after suffering what his son described as five heart attacks and fighting for his life through life support, he was taken off life support and died.  

william gamble

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“I immediately began my drive here from South Carolina to see my dad and comfort my mom, a drive I had just become familiar with the previous week on our first visit here,” his son, Tim-Tracy Gamble, wrote on Facebook’s C Section Neighborhood Group, in what turned into a plea for an apology from the owners of the other dog. “I never got to speak to my father because he was sedated. You have no idea how hard that is for me. We understand that this was an accident and that no ill will was intended, but you are responsible for your pets actions. You were there along with someone else. You are fully aware of what happened. I ask that you please make an effort to apologize to my mother for this. Some form of apology is needed.”

Maya is owned by Russell and Cindy Bryant, who have owned the property at 10 Crossview Lane for 30 years. When a Palm Coast animal control official met with Russell Bryant on Aug. 1, he said he would comply with the quarantine but would not fill out an affidavit for the official, on advice of Bryant’s attorney, according to the inspection report. “I was told by Mr. Bryant that his wife was walking their dog ‘Maya’ when the dog slipped out of her collar by backing out of it,” the inspector’s report states.

The dog was placed on a 10-day quarantine, meaning that it had to be confined to the Bryants’ house except for brief moments outside on the property for exercise or natural needs, or in case the dog had to be taken to a veterinarian in an emergency.

The Bryants were cited for letting their dog run at large and not obeying the city’s leash law, and for causing a “nuisance,” according to the inspection report. They were fined $150 ($75 for each offense). The dog was to be quarantined for 10 days.

On Aug. 2, the city inspector spoke with the Bryants’ next-door neighbor who had called in to the city about Maya. The resident said “she was afraid to walk by this house with her small dog,” according to the report’s account of the woman’s statement, “the owners have no control and the dog will try to attack her dog when they go by. She is concerned that most of the residents are elderly and asked that we remove the dog from this residence.”

The next item on the inspector’s report is a stark single line: “8/2/17 Mr Gamble taken off life support.”

Reached by phone Friday afternoon, Cindy Bryant said she had no comment.

Meanwhile, Tim Tracy-Gamble’s post was continuing to generate a conversation between him and others. In a brief interview this afternoon, he said there had been no apology forthcoming as yet.

“We have no control over what the law enforcement does with this case, but we do control our actions from this point on. We need closure for this,” he wrote. “I am asking that you show some level of remorse. I pray that you will make some effort to make this right. My mother will not hold her husband ever again. I will never fish with my dad ever again. My children will never hug their grandfather ever again. My granddaughter will never play with her big granddaddy ever again. Please make this right!!!”

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53 Responses for “William Gamble, 66, Dies Three Days After Dog Attack in Palm Coast’s C Section”

  1. gmath55 says:

    Going to Florida Hospital Flagler was a mistake. Years ago I took my girl friend there because she was having a hard time breathing and waited an hour and still nobody saw her. We left went to Ormond Hospital and she was seen right away.

  2. Bc. says:

    So sorry for your Loss may he Rest In Peace. Morgan and Morgan for the people.

  3. John dolan says:

    The Bryants are irresponsible pet owners.A red zone dog like this is like a loaded gun and should be banned from the county. What a tragedy.

  4. Smarterthanmost says:

    This dog needs to be destroyed, now.

  5. Percy's mother says:

    My dog was attacked by the neighbor’s 2 dogs. The dogs were/are allowed to run loose. As my dog and I walked past “their” driveway, both dogs ran out from behind “their” house and both jumped my dog at the same time. My dog’s hind leg was ripped open. The neighbor’s 2 dogs were in a frenzy. All we did was walk past the house on a public street. I was worried about my own legs but luckily was able to drag my dog away (he was on a harness). I had to load my dog into the car and transport him to Flagler Animal Hospital (it was 8:00 in the evening). My dog had to have emergency surgery and was hospitalized. The vet bill was very high. I never got so much as an apology or a knock on the door to ask how my dog was doing. When I sent “them” the vet bill, they ignored me. Then the owner of the dogs (a business owner here in Palm Coast) would stand by his mail box and curse at me as I walked by. I had to end up taking them to court to recoup the cost of the vet bill. 2 years later the dogs still run loose. Unfortunately Mr. Gamble’s family will most likely not be getting any apology from the owners of the dog that caused the trauma to the dog and resultant death of Mr. Gamble (from the stress of the event). This is how things are in Palm Coast, and a quite common event. You take your life in your hands when you simply want to go out and walk your dog in this town.

  6. daddybear says:

    very sad these owners have no remorse as to not even acknowledge what has happened let alone apologize to this family….that seems to be all they are asking for….perhaps now they might even ask for more as they should

  7. King Canine says:

    I love animals, especially bully breed dogs. We as caring neighbors have to understand no matter how good of a job we do training our dogs we have to pay attention at all times. Especially with dogs that have a high prey drive built into their DNA. It doesn’t mean YOUR dog isn’t lovable and trainable but we must be honest bully breeds Mastiff/Terrier/Bulldogs/Boxers/Pit-bulls have the capabilities that make it hard to get under control once that drive is up. And if you say it’s all how you train them I’m sorry your not being honest. A dog that’s trained can still take a chunk out of you so deep its teeth scrap your bones and that is much different then superficial puncture wounds.

  8. DoubleGator says:

    Sorry for your loss. Dog owners have strict liability for the actions of their dogs. It is their responsibility. Sad they have not stepped up to the plate.

  9. Kendall says:

    The Bryants seem like pretty rotten people. They are responsible for the death of their neighbor and are incapable of an apology?

  10. Phyllis kramer says:

    Too bad the Bryant’s won’t even apologize and have retained an attorney. Sounds like they know they can’t control their large dog. It’s never the dogs fault, it’s the owners. I’m a dog lover but I would be afraid if their dog if I were a neighbor. I hope they also pay for the other dogs veterinary care. So sad.

  11. Layla says:

    Beautifully written….I hope that Maya’s family will apologize and put their dog down. Do not take the chance on any further attacks. Others are not safe until they do. This is a tragedy for all involved.

  12. Knowsalittle says:

    You will never get an apology from these people. If they apologize, that represents that they are liable for the death of Mr. Gamble. If this is the third complaint about the dog, the dog needs to be put down.

  13. anonymous says:

    It is truly disgusting that they won’t even say they’re sorry!!! As a dog owner, you have to make sure that collars are secure enough that they cannot slip out of it. Tim … I’m sorry for your loss and my condolences to your family…

  14. Sw says:

    Sad,, control your animals

  15. Wishful Thinking says:

    Dog should be put down and owners charged with involuntary manslaughter. If you can’t control your dog you shouldn’t have one.

  16. Paul Habot says:

    People with any type of pit bulls have a problem with other people and they think they know their dogs better than anyone else. They seem to have no compassion for others. A Staffordshire Bull Terrier is defined as a pit bull along with a few others such as an American Bull Dog. These dogs want to hurt people and other pets without a doubt when triggered and once they attack they do not want to stop. This man’s injuries from this attack caused his death alright and the pits owner should be accountable for it, plus the pit should have been pts for what it did.

  17. Shea Rodriguez says:

    And the son is right. A family has been changed forever and there is no remorse, empathy or offering from the people who owned the offending pit bull. This scenario happens over and over and over again because laws need to be changed to hold owners of offending dogs liable for the actions of their pets, mandatory jail time when a human has been attacked and dies. Mandatory felony manslaughter charges for every owner whose dog kills another human, period.

  18. JasonB says:

    The dog did not cause a heart attack, it was just a coincidence. he could have just as easily had a heart attack going out to the mailbox.

  19. Andy says:

    I don’t know the Bryants very well; but I do know them from passing social occasions; they’re not monsters or anything. I can’t even imagine what the Gamble family is feeling right now and I’m no expert on law; all I know is this is a tragedy all around and I hope everyone involved, especially those who’s loved one passed away, find peace and closure in time.

  20. Pogo says:


    Small world – huh?

    NEWS RELEASE – City of Palm Coast

    Palm Coast Mayor Milissa Holland, Council Members Robert Cuff, Nick Klufas sworn in

    Nick Klufas, District 3

    Nick Klufas

    Nick Klufas was born in Eldred, New York, and spent the first 16 years of his life in Sullivan County, two hours north of New York City. In 2006, as a teenager, he moved with his family to Palm Coast. His wife, Kayla, was born and raised in Palm Coast. His parents, Andrew and Barbara Klufas, and in-laws, Russell and Cindy Bryant, also reside in Palm Coast.

  21. Shea Rodriguez says:

    My question is why would anyone want to own a dog that can rip the flesh off of bones? How about the words inherently dangerous? Has the reality in our society become so fluxed that we can no longer accept reality? These dogs are dangerous? Why would anyone want to own a dangerous anything? And, no, guns aren’t dangerous, people who handle them can be dangerous.

  22. steph richards says:

    This sort of thing is happening way to often here. I hope the victims family files a lawsuit. Several years ago folks on the next street had 2 pit bulls that notoriously dug under the wood fence and would roam then entire neighborhood. One day they were in my yard, I called animal control. By the time they got here the dogs had gone up the street and tore a baby kitten to pieces in his own garage. Animal control confronted the owners and they denied having dogs. The owner of the kitten went up and down the street and got verifications from neighbors that there were 2 pit bulls at that residence. It took quite a long time but eventually the people moved out of the house they were renting

  23. Hopeful says:

    Put the dog down! People, if you can’t control your dog pay and get it trained!

  24. kathy roberts says:

    I agree with King Canine! It’s Horrid that people have these types of dogs out and about……because so many people will not be able to control these dogs. The dog absolutely should be destroyed. It’s sad that people are so irresponsible. I won’t walk my small dogs on account of people not following leash law, etc. Even so, I still fear dogs that will break away from their owners and become lethal. Kids should be able to play, people to walk their dogs without fear of being attacked/and their pets harmed or killed AND people should be able to safely walk or ride bikes without fear of attacks.

  25. Fat Boy says:

    Knowsalittle is correct. Since the Bryants have lawyered up, I doubt the Gambles are going to get an apology from them.

  26. Violet says:

    So very, very sad. And, what if this had been a child walking a dog? A dog getting loose can happen. But, I don’t care what the attorneys tell them, common human decency calls for an apology and some show of concern/regret. I’m sure the owners are one could wish this to happen. But, if you can’t control your dog – by whatever means necessary – and it has caused injury – it needs to be addressed. My condolences to everyone involved.

  27. Tami Padilla says:

    I am incredibly sorry for the families loss. I am also DEEPLY sorry people didn’t read the article…… The dangerous pit bull was attacked by a HOUND BREED DOG!!!! Are we all so against pit bulls or bully breeds that even when it is in BLACK & WHITE which dog did the attacking you still read THE DANGEROUS DOG A BULLY BREED is the attacker? From all accounts the dangerous dog didn’t even try to defend itself. I am so very sorry for the Gamble family and I pray they get some closure. I also pray Maya”s owners look into a harness and Martingale type collar that is much harder to slip.
    As for breeds pit bulls are very good dogs that if bred properly can be trained and are very gentle companions. Get to know a Bully at any local shelter!

  28. anonymous says:

    For all the “pit bull” haters commenting on this post, please read the story again. It clearly states that a ” plott hound” was the attacker and the “pitbull” was attacked.

  29. Born and Raised Here says:

    It’s hard to determine Mr. Gamble’s unexpected death without performing a autopsy. I can not say the dog was a contibuting factor. Be interesting to hear the results of the post mortem examination.

  30. Bill and Carolyn's Friend and Neighbor says:

    DELILAH IS NOT A PITBULL!!!!! She is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier…

    I live very close to Bill and Carolyn. Maya’s owners need to place her where she cannot pose a threat to other animals/people. We own a pet and I am not feeling secure knowing the dog is still in the neighborhood. She has attacked other dogs previously and she is out of control and cannot be easily restrained when she gets in attack mode. At the very least, she needs to wear a muzzle when outside of her boundaries. Pet owners must be responsible and accountable for their pets. Please let us and our pets feel safe in our own neighborhood! Very sad it took you a week to reach out to Bill’s family. Very, Very Sad… 😢

  31. Dana N says:

    Wow!!! What is wrong with you people? Can’t you read?!!!it was a pitbull that got attacked by a plott hound!!HOW EMBARRASING!!Please learn to read, and pitbulls are not an aggressive breed, they love people and are horrible guard dogs! Have you been around Weinreimer before or German Sheppard? Why not just put all the dogs down according to some ignorant statements here?!!

  32. Bc. says:

    They dogs need to be removed and put down there are like a loaded weapon. And it seemes like the owners are very Irresponsible with ther dogs now the dogs have to suffer because the owners can’t or won’t control there dogs. The city of palm coast needs to remove the dangerous dogs ASSP. AND FINE THE OWNERS

  33. Avid Rescuer says:

    King Canine please leave Mastiff out of the conversation. Mastiff are gentle giants. All dogs have the capabilities to be good dogs. The problem is people not doing their research on the type of dogs they want. Then no one wants to do the work it takes to maintain a “good” dog!! That’s why we have so many abandoned and abused animals. I’ve fostered many “dangerous” pit Bulls with cats kids and other dogs. You have to understand what you have in a breed before you can properly train a dog. Hounds need distractions and things that keep their minds busy. They were bred to hunt smaller animals. Hernando DeSoto trained pit Bulls to attack, maim and kill innocent native Americans! A HUMAN bred that “dangerous” dog!!!! Blame the human not the dog following hundreds of years of instinct!!! The Bryant family needs to find a harness for walking their dog and do some serious research on plott Hounds and what motivates them. Invest in a trainer!! People let’s stop attacking and start educating!!!

    To the Gamble family I am so sorry for your loss and had that been my dog I would have apologized immediately. Your families loss is being minimized in all of this blaming. You deserve closure and peace I pray you find it sooner than later.

  34. Nancy Underwood says:

    I am shocked to read this story. I met William through my daughter in SC not to long ago with his dog Dahlyla. William was a very nice man and his dog was the sweetest dog coming and sitting by my 7 yr old granddaughter for a hug and a ride on the golf cart. I am so sorry for this family’s loss and I’m sure this sweet dog Dahlyla will miss his buddy. RIP. Mr. William.

  35. MannyHM says:

    A dog is like a car or a gun. The owner is always responsible if somebody is hurt.

  36. Don't you just love the sunshine state lol says:

    get a cat and keep it inside away from the horrible neighbors🤦‍♂️Horrible

  37. Lazaruis says:

    What good are laws and regulations if people don’t obey them ??
    A terrible and apparently avoidable incident.
    I feel very sorry for the Gamble family.

  38. Dana N says:

    , this seems to be a misunderstanding but actually in this case, , the pitbull ( American stafordshire terrier) is the one who was attacked! My mastiff constantly gets attacked by dogs like labradors( I’m not kidding ether), american bulldogs, standard poodle, mutts that look like lab mixes, so what is your point exactly to all of these facts? In fact, I have to be paranoid and walk around and try to hide my dog from stupid dog owners of little dogs who brainlessly let their dogs run up to my dog with or without the leash and start barking and biting his lower legs! And if god forbids my dog snaps back to protect himself we will be at fault! This is not fair and even though there are some crazy uncontrollable dogs out there, the standard you put here about the mentioned breeds is wrong! I’m saying this from experience! And to prove it, just look into what happened in this case, the poor mans pitbull got attacked! Not the other way around! Prayers for the man and his family!!

  39. kyp says:

    People are acting like it was the dog that caused the heart attacks. The real story is the loss of life to what seems to have been an incredible man.

  40. King Canine says:

    @Avid Rescuer Mastiffs will be left in the conversation being that people are using Mastiff stock in their bulldog/ pit-bull hybrids. The problem with you supposed rescue types is you forget that dogs are animals not humans. Did you forget about Diane Whipple in California? You want to play the DNA splice game but Mastiff and various terriers are the basis for the bully breeds good or bad we have today. Your going beyond the dog whisperer with the statement that “All dogs have the capabilities to be good dogs.” It sounds good and noble but that’s not how life works. So do tells us what were Mastiffs/Molossus/Alaunt used for before you went and turned them into Winnie the Pooh on paper?

  41. a tiny manatee says:

    Would have thought that people would be more irate about the fact that someone was killed as a consequence of yet another dog attack and the county and police are just going to shrug about it and say welp can’t do anything instead of quibbling over the breed of dog involved, but hey what do I know. I’m just a resident of a county whose policy is to fine people that own the property that’s illegally being dumped on instead of going after the dumpers and shrug at the meaningless death of someone as a consequence of a dog attack.

  42. Dana N says:

    @king Canine. So how many mastiff attacks do you have every year in US? If the mastiff were used in other breedings, those dogs would weigh way over 100lbs! How many pit bull/terrier dogs weigh over 100 lbs? Besides, according to your theory a provoked pitbull/mastiff/bulldog lol is unstoppable, correct? So,then why in this case a pit bull was attacked by a hound and wasn’t able to defend itself?? American bulldogs or English bulldogs are harmless to anything and everything! And the pitbull/terriers you’re referring to love humans, they make horrible guard dogs and are eager to please humans! I was wary of the breed and listened to all the media brainwashing until I was forced to rescue one! She’s the sweetest dog I ever met! I can’t get children off of her, she’s highly intelligent, and very respectful! She won’t bark at the door or men loorking into my car window at night unfortunately! Let me tell you from experience, dobermans, German Sheppard, weinreimers, boxers,etc., etc., are no different than mastiffs, pits, terriers. They are all dogs! They all behave like dogs! The problem I see is the owners who can’t control their dogs, owners who’s dogs escape all the time, who walk 2 dogs they can’t control together, who don’t train their dogs at all, who maybe even loose or forget some drug stashes on the floor and after their dogs eat it they turn crazy! There’s a wonderful thing called an ecollar that any large breed dog owner should employ for safety of their dogs and others around! That is in case their dog is not fully trained and doesn’t respond to commands right away! Breed discrimination is not fair, I’m telling you from experience! There are hindereds of breeds that have a potential to hurt or kill, are we going to get rid of all canines now? Just leave chihuahuas and poodles? Which in my opinion are the best guard dogs one can wish for! Those dogs can be very very mean!

  43. Brian M says:

    Many of the people who have commented that pitbull should be euthanized need to pull your heads out of your asses and read the article again.
    The pitbull got attacked by the hound that was running loose.

  44. Jerry38 says:

    Last five years of numbers are all a reasonable person needs on this subject. Pit bulldogs and their variations maim and kill far more than any other type of dog. As their population grows the more maiming and killing there’s going to be regardless of how they’re raised, trained and loved. No amount of training can remove what’s in their genes.

  45. AEM says:

    Please read the article more closely–it was the bull terrier that was attacked by the plott hound.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I have knkwn William (Jr to his friends) and Carolyn for almost 6 years. Some of thr nicest people you will ever encounter. 2 people on this earth that i know would give you the shirts off their back. JR could out work most 18 year olds. He could outwork me doing anything. If their was a couple of loves in his life his wife and his dogs were at the top of thr list. I have had children around both of his stafford shires he has had and both would love you to no end. Dalyla was the sweetest dog besides my 4 that that i have and i have 4 english bulldogs that played with her almost every day. I can tell you that if i walked my dog as much as he walked her and i knew that their were dogs that attacked other dogs i would carry and those dogs life would come to a end if they bothered my dog or anyone else for that matter. As for Jr rest in peace my dear buddy. You will be missed greatly. As for the family with the dog you should be ashamed of yourself and have your dog put to sleep and not be a dog owner ever. Mrs Carolyn we love you and miss you.

  47. Stacey says:

    William was such a sweet soul. This saddens my heart. Prayers and love to the Gamble family.

  48. Tim Gamble says:

    Thank you

  49. Anonymous says:

    I’m very sorry for your loss…Clearly your mother, you and the rest of your family are owed an apology. People on here are blaming pit bulls…Please correct me if I’m wrong here..Your Dad’s dog Dahlia was a Staffordshire Terror but, the dog who attacked your Dad and his dog was a Plott Hound. Please stop blaming Pit Bulls.

  50. Tim Gamble says:

    This is not about dog breeds. This is about dog owners and their lack of responsibility at a given moment. I’m sure that they will do different now but there were several incidents leading up to this. I forgive them but I don’t want it happening again.

  51. Tamara Withers-Thompson says:

    Dear folks of Palm Coast- William and Carolyn Gamble are dear friends of ours. They are honorable, kind, helpful people that have long desired to live in Palm Coast. William loved Delilah and was one of the most responsible pet owners that I have ever known. When he was our neighbor, he took D on long walks and golf cart rides. She is a well mannered dog that loves playing with our English Bull dog. She was a gentle giant to our pup Hazel.
    William left his house on that evening to walk D and was attacked! He and the dog were pushed down into a small ditch where I understand he attempted to get the Plott hound off of himself and his dog. Upon arriving home HE suffered a massive heart attack. This heart attack was provoked by the dog attack! HE lost his life three days later. For all of you that don’t think the HA was promoted by this attack- then you are ignorant. This is very upsetting to all of his who loved him that you make stupid comments like he could have had a HA walking to the mailbox. He was fit- in good health and extremely active. He could work circles around most men. Please end your heartless comments about pit bulls and William. If you do t have anything constructive to say- then just keep your thoughts to yourself! Some of us are mourning the loss of a dear friend, a husband, a father and grandfather. Please be more respectful!

  52. Sunshine says:

    The Gamble’s sadly will never get an apology! Why are the owners of the dog that attacked getting special treatment?? Because their son in law sits on the council. The dog should be getting the same treatment as Cooper Benton. I personally don’t think the dog should be allowed to live in this City. I sat start a petition to get the dog out of this town

  53. Tim Gamble says:

    Thanks for the kind words. You are correct about no apologies. They have also told others in the neighborhood that their dog did nothing wrong. They have made comments that could be offensive like “Are you going to be a good neighbor?” This is uncalled for. One neighbor even moved because of this incident. They still continue to walk this dog without a muzzle and without control. I don’t blame the dog. It’s an alpha. I blame the owners that have no control of their animal. Accidents happen, but this wasn’t the first time. The fact that the officers were told to back off on the investigation and the son-in-law being a local official speaks volumes to the good ole boy system there. They have hidden their finances well with him being an accountant yet they take overseas vacations while my mother has lost her husband of 49 years. I have removed Dililah from the area because I feared for her safety. I walked her in the neighborhood several times. We encountered the said dog being being walked. Rather I should say that the dog was walking the owner dragging her around. Yet Cooper has to be put down for protecting himself in his house after the victim was told not to bother him. Where’s the good ole boys for Cooper?

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