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Apparent Double-Suicide Uncovered in Progress in Palm Coast’s R-Section: Woman Dies, Man Survives

| July 3, 2017

The house at Red Clover Lane in an undated Google map image.

The house at Red Clover Lane in an undated Google map image.

A double-suicide was partly averted Friday evening in Palm Coast’s R-Section when one of the victims’ daughter found her mother and her boyfriend in their garage after it had filled with car exhaust. The engine was no longer running when the couple was found.

Katherine Goddard, 52, was dead when Flagler County Sheriff’s Office units arrived at 29 Red Clover Lane just after 7 p.m. Bruce Haughton, 52, was unconscious but breathing. He was taken to a hospital.

The couple was in their Ford Escort. A note was left behind, on the trunk of the vehicle. There was no indication of foul play at the scene. “The Ford had what appeared to be dryer vent piping that was attached to the Ford’s exhaust pipe at the rear of the vehicle that went into the trunk of the vehicle,” a sheriff’s incident report noted. Both victims had reclined their seats in the car and apparently sealed the garage door leading to the residence with duct tape.

The victim’s 30-year-old daughter told authorities she had gone to work that morning at 8 and returned around 6 p.m., following her normal routine. She became concerned when neither Goddard nor Haughton were home. She called them and got no response. Then she detected an unusual odor and traced it to the garage. “The door appeared to be barricaded shut and after several attempts she finally got the door open,” the incident report notes.

The engine was not running. She found her mother unresponsive and Haughton still breathing. The daughter opened the garage door and reported the incident to 911. “This has been extremely, extremely difficult for me,” she would later write on her Facebook page. “Bruce is still in ICU, awake and moving. We have been asked to stay away from him until the investigation is over. There are details I’m leaving out until we know for sure what exactly happened. Everyone who knows me knows that my momzie was my ultimate best friend! I don’t know why this has happened.”

Both Haughton and Goddard had had relatively minor legal issues, but those had been resolved.

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21 Responses for “Apparent Double-Suicide Uncovered in Progress in Palm Coast’s R-Section: Woman Dies, Man Survives”

  1. Public Eye says:

    How is that not foul play and murder suicide?

  2. Corey Miller says:

    So sad, we really need more mental health facilites at an affordable cost. Just give me time and I’m going to open a facility and program as soon as I am able….

  3. Jolene dehart says:

    If neither is tied up or injured then they agreed together so it is suicide, no murder.

  4. RayD says:

    26 convictions and civil actions for the man and adjudication withheld on a felony drug charge recently for the woman, are not really minor issues when you look at their entire body of work. Add in recent evictions and the whole mess, as tragic as it is, starts to add up. I don’t know what people do when the mistakes and misdeeds compound like this. I mean who hires them and who rents to them? Regardless, very sad and preventable.

  5. ASF says:

    So sad–my condolences to the deceased’s daughter. There are suicide survivor’s/bereavement groups and, sometimes, they can help a lot.

  6. JasonB says:

    When Trumpcare takes effect, I expect we will see the suicide rate go way up.

  7. Lou says:

    Beside improved mental help for the poor and middle-class we need a civilized way for people to exit this world.

  8. Daniel D says:

    who turned the car off before she broke the door down. (Insert law & order theme)

  9. Local 1953 says:

    Ummm the car probably ran out of gas

  10. karri M. Victums Best Friend! says:

    My Dearest, Im so sorry for your loss and this is something we will not understand till we know more, but you know I’m here and will always be there for you. Love you Sis. Xoxo

    To the nasty commenters how about inatead of leaving your nasty thoughts and just keep them to yourself she just lost her best friend, her mother! Doesnt matter what troubles she had in the past it didnt mean she deserved to die the way she did! You have no idea what is going on in the case and to the family and also who hired her smart people she has a wonderful job and served for our country! We would app. Prayers not hate or judgement at this time, thank you and God bless to all.

  11. MannyHM says:

    Available and accessible mental health support is badly needed.

  12. Jess. H says:

    These nasty inappropriate comments need to stop. This woman lost her rock in her life. I can’t believe how pathetic and miserable these comments are. How about some encouraging words?!!!

    Listen Rocky if u need me call me I’m here for you. I wish you all the peace and love during this difficult time. I’m so very sorry for your loss. You’re in my heart thoughts and prayers.

  13. Skwow says:

    And here we go!

  14. Shark says:

    R – Section – should I say more ?????

  15. Billy says:

    To JasonB, seems like more people are committing suicide on Obamacare…..or lack of it in most states!

  16. december says:

    First I must say I don’t know any of the people involved, but to the deceased’s daughter, my deepest sympathy, my Mom was also my best friend and her death is something I still have difficulty with.
    To those who feel the need to rehash the past lives of this couple and make snide, nasty remarks, how about keeping your thoughts to yourself, this young lady has enough on her plate right now without your nasty comments.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to the ones left behind.

  17. tom says:

    JasonB…………….WE WON………….YOU LOST….

  18. Shark says:

    What planet are you from ????

  19. Paula Ann Baker says:

    Kathy is my big sister so i just need to say to those of you who didn’t know her or the just plain ignorant. The investigation is still on going and there are facts that no one but the police and close family now about. Also my sister is loved by her family, she is a daughter , a mother to two beautiful children and my sister.

  20. Atticus finch says:

    I hope someone says this to you when you lose someone close to you.

  21. Atticus finch says:

    Do some of you talk just to talk or be heard? Have any of you who had anything other than kind words to say, have any heart or soul at all? What does it matter their history? Are you any better just because you’re not in the system? Its alot easier to point out someone elses faults to make yourself better isnt it? No one ever notices a thief standing next to a murderer, but you all seem to know exactly who these people were and justify the tragic loss of her mother based off her past.. when you all have no clue who she was. I knew her and its just sad to read some of these comments… all of you who reached out to her daughter, I personally thank you. I wont go onto much detail but kathy was a great loving person and she was clearly fighting something bigger than us that we knew nothing about. Instead of hurtful comments, you shoul all be offering support. That is all.. God bless

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