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Progressive Voices Rise to Resist Locally as Flagler Beach “Rally By the Sea” Rebukes Trumpism

| April 29, 2017

Upwards of 200 people gathered at the Rally By the Sea in Flagler Beach’s Veterans Park Saturday at high noon in a demonstration of progressive voices not before heard to that extent in Flagler County. (© FlaglerLive)

One sign said it all: “Oceans are rising. So are we.” It’s a bluish message that until today had been unheard in red-tide Flagler, where Donald Trump’s sweep last November turned the county into a one-party county for Republicans as never before. But a rally in Flagler Beach, organized by a group barely a few months old, suggests the sweep is not as total as it appears, or Trumpism the only movement in town.

The day after Trump’s inauguration, Rebecca Cappetta had traveled to Washington, D.C., to be among the 1 million participants in the Women’s March, one of thousands like it around the globe rebuking the new president. When she returned she was told by one of her caucus members of today’s People’s Climate March, and that they should all go up to the nation’s capital again. “And I said no, I can’t go to Washington D.C. again. We need to do something here in Flagler County. And that’s how it came about.” 

What came about Saturday, starting with a march from Wadsworth Park across the Flagler Beach bridge to Veterans Park, was certainly a call to protect the planet’s climate, but it also turned into the largest rally for social-justice and progressive-liberal causes organized in Flagler County proper in recent memory. Many groups have been holding such rallies with increasing frequency since Trump’s election, but all in surrounding counties. Cappetta, who heads the newly established Coquina Coast Democratic Progressive Caucus with her wife Stephanie Capehart–itself one of several new groups mushrooming as part of the Trump-resistance movement–wanted to bring those issues home. “We always have to travel to Volusia or St. Johns and I just anted people to come out and express themselves,” she said, “and feel that sense of community here.” 

Rebecca Cappetta of the Coquina Coast Democratic Caucus organized the rally with Stephanie Capehart. (© FlaglerLive)

Rebecca Cappetta of the Coquina Coast Democratic Caucus organized the rally with Stephanie Capehart. (© FlaglerLive)

So they did, between 200 and 300 of them of them marching “for jobs, justice and climate,” as Cappetta put it, though the Rally By the Sea, as it was dubbed, managed to gather representatives of many more causes, including the ACLU, a group pushing for the restoration of felons’ voting rights, Veterans for Peace, Equality Florida, the Sierra Club, the NAACP, the new Indivisible movement, the reorganized local Democratic Club of Palm Coast (now at 60 members under the leadership of newly-minted president Mike Cocchiola), and the director of the Orlando-based Center for Peace, a subset of the Islamic Society of Central Florida. 

They spoke to an initially considerable throng of people, many of whom whom had made the trek over the bridge, all of whom half-circled the stage at Veterans Park with home-made signs (“There Is No Planet B,” “Global Warming is REAL,” “Resist, Persist, Insist,” “Da Nile Gives Life, Denial Will Kill Us,” “Denial Is Not a Policy”), the signs usually mixing with fluttering American flags and their wavers’ equally message-rich t-shirts). 

As speaker after speaker took the stage at Veterans Park, there were messages about the planet’s health–the late-April heat itself an echo of what may be record-breaking heat in Washington, D.C. today, underscoring the message of marchers there and here just a week after worldwide marches for science–but there were also many calls against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, calls for more protection in Florida of the LGBTQ community, and calls for what the ACLU is now calling “People Power,” a new grass-roots movement. 

“Most people think of the ACLU as ‘we’ll see you in court,'” said George Griffin of the Volusia/Flagler chapter of the ACLU. “People Power is more, we’ll see you in the streets. So we have local groups that are gathering to work on local issues without somebody from the top of ACLU.”

Diana Becker LeBrun, leader of the local Indivisble movement, took the stage to speak of her own personal history’s intersection with the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, the health care law Republicans in Congress and Trump had vowed for years to repeal, though they have been coming up short. LeBrun’s husband 16 years ago was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease and needed a transplant, She was ineligible: their blood type didn’t match. “The good news is, a lady in our town stepped up and donated her kidney,” LeBrun said. “Since I had no way to pay her back, I knew that I needed to help someone else.” She called the transplant center and put up her kidney for someone else, which she did 14 years ago, to a stranger whom she had a chance to meet.

Progressives haven't had much to dance about lately, particularly in Flagler, but they did Saturday. (© FlaglerLive)

Progressives haven’t had much to dance about lately, particularly in Flagler, but they did Saturday. (© FlaglerLive)

This is how the nation’s insurance industry repaid her: because she donated a kidney, she was from then on considered to have a pre-existing condition. The ADA saved her from that discrimination, as the ADA forbids insurers from jacking up insurance premiums to people with existing conditions, or from turning them down (though a proposal currently floating in Congress would do just that again). “Stories change people’s heart, and I think you can all agree, LeBrun said, “that just because I donated a kidney, I shouldn’t be discriminated against.”

It wasn’t the sort of crowd where anyone would disagree, at least not audibly, though outside of strictly Democratic Party events, which themselves have been few and small, the remarkable thing about today’s rally was the number of people it drew in a county where Republicans now enjoy a near-total sweep of all elected offices but two (a school board member and a Flagler Beach city commissioner).

That’s just why Cappetta felt the rally was necessary in Flagler. “People need to be able to express themselves and have a voice especially here in Flagler County. We are not the majority,” she said, “we have [two] elected Democrat in office, we just wanted people to be able to come out and know we’re all here, and we’re together.”

Evelyn Brogden, who heads an outreach project for Equality Florida Institute, spoke about the current state of LGBTQ rights in Florida, the myths, and the growing scope of people covered under what had formerly been merely “gay rights.” Today, it’s LGBTQIA: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual people (the University of California at Davis has a fairly comprehensive glossary of terms here.)

“Currently there are no statewide anti-discrimination protections in the state of Florida” for the LGBTQ community. “We are having to go city by city, municipality to municipality, to get local ordinances in place to accord the same protections against discrimination as other marginalized groups.” What about the Civil Rights Act? Originally passed at a time when homosexuality was still officially classified as a mental illness, the Civil Rights Act has no such designated protections. “That is the myth, that there are already national protections in place,” Brogden said.

The doers: Adam Morley, right, and Eric Cooley. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

The doers: Adam Morley, right, and Eric Cooley. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

There was a good deal of speaking, and a good deal of it not related to the climate, but one man was visible, soaking with sweat and armed with a roll of garbage bags, crisscrossing park and picking up trash. You wouldn’t know it from looking at Eric Cooley, but he’s a Flagler Beach business owner (he owns the 7-Eleven down the street) and is becoming a commissioner emeritus, appearing at and usually taking part in every city commission meeting, either to report on a recent community initiative or propose one. His today was not just to keep the park clean, but to make a point about the stream of words on behalf of the planet’s health: “That’s my biggest thing,” Cooley said. “I’m here for the environmental message. I’m a big doer. I don’t like to talk a lot. I just like to get out here and do the message rather than just talk about it. That’s my thing.” He spreads it around, too: the deal at his store is that any child who grabs a garbage bag and fills it with beach garbage gets a free drink.

“Walk the walk, be the change, practice what you preach, all that good stuff,” Adam Morley, who was speaking with Cooley, said. Morley, an environmental activist and Democrat, has twice run for a House seat, managing in his last attempt to get close to 40 percent of the vote against Republican Paul Renner, though Renner outspent him by a factor of 28 to 1. (Morley is gathering petitions to run again, and appears to have Cooley’s backing, or at least shares his Voltairean cultivate-your-garden philosophy.)

“You know what’s disappointing that I’ve learned,” Cooley said, “as I’m picking up stuff, everybody is really quick to go, I didn’t do that, that’s not mine. I get that. Does it matter? It doesn’t matter if it’s yours. If you want to do good, then do good, don;t just do good for just your little spot. It was really strange. Everybody. ‘I didn’t do that.'” Nor had Cooley, of course, though he was picking up the entire park’s trash. “I’m going to take responsibility for the entire park’s trash, I’m not going to take responsibility only for my water bottle.”

Back on stage, one of the speakers was Bassem Chaaban, director of Orlando’s Center for Peace, the outreach arm of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, itself intended to project a more accurate understanding of Islam against a cacophony of misconceptions and Islamophobia. “We feel that for the last 15, 17 years, we had to defend ourselves from something we had nothing to do with,” Chaaban said, “and this is an example of the unfortunate history of our country and our world where if we do not engage with each other the right way, considering our differences, we can create boogeymen of each other.”

He quoted several lines from a celebrated John Kennedy speech on diversity (“We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal”) before concluding: “It’s not enough to protest. It’s not enough to just gather. But the real action is what happens after today, because my message to you is to go back to your local communities, to your neighborhoods, get involved in local government or state government, but make sure you know your neighbor, who is not like you, who maybe has a different ethnicity, has a different religion, has a different view of life, and just engage in, maybe, civil discourse. That’s OK, no one told us we have to agree on everything. All of us came for different reasons to one place. So we need to reach out and be the better person, and be maybe the better party sometimes to really engage with the differences that we have in this country, because this country was built based on differences.”

On the way to the rally. Click on the image for larger view. (© Contributed for FlaglerLive)

On the way to the rally. Click on the image for larger view. (© Contributed for FlaglerLive)

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54 Responses for “Progressive Voices Rise to Resist Locally as Flagler Beach “Rally By the Sea” Rebukes Trumpism”

  1. bob says:

    It must be tough to wake up every day and remember CLINTON LOST.

  2. Sw says:

    Trumpism was dominate 100 days ago in these parts

  3. Babies says:

    All babies

  4. Mark101 says:

    People need to get used to it, Trump has a full term left. Darn it.

  5. The Oracle says:

    TRUMPISM IS AMERICANISM. Clinton/Obama have been rejected by the voters, get over it, and let’s all work together to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  6. Joanmarie says:

    In case you forgot she won the popular vote. The people’s president unfortunately is not in the White House. Or Mira Largo.

  7. Lazaruis says:

    Wow what a bunch of liberal crybabies !
    Since when did celebrities become scientists and lawyers??
    Remember republicans don’t whine, they vote !!

  8. Jon says:

    Instead of doing all the protesting like most of these liberal half minded individuals do, how about going out and actually getting a flippin’ job.

  9. Leslie says:

    It would be interesting to know how many protesters actually live in Flagler County. It appears that those interviewed do, but what about the others. I have always been suspicious about demonstrations whose numbers are gushed about because so many are composed of demonstrators who travel to locales. Perhaps they are all like Ms. Capetta and are tired of traveling. But I kinda sorta doubt it.

  10. PCer says:

    Hey bob, the majority of Americans know that America lost.

  11. gmath55 says:

    Snowflakes still crying and wasting time with these stupid marches. LOL

  12. Algernon says:

    Thanks Flagler Live for posting this.

    To Bob above. This wasn’t a Clinton event, so your comment, though factual, doesn’t matter so much for the future of the earth, and our little bit of it here.

    And, congratulations and thanks to Eric Cooley and Adam Morley for being such good citizens in cleaning up the park. Scouting and good camping rules say – if you bring it in – take it out with you. People seem to have forgotten that, regardless of party affiliation. Appreciate your good work Eric and Adam,

    This event looks like the start of something VERY good for Flagler County. Thanks to all who made it happen. A clean earth isn’t a political position.

  13. Duncan says:

    It’s much harder waking up everyday realizing Trump won! I’m an independent and never been more embarrassed to call such an egotistical narcissist my President. Trump’s gargantuan mouth has managed to put him a notch under George W. and Jimmy Carter in my book thus far. Thank God he seems to be destined to a single term. With a little luck, he’ll be a lame duck president beginning on November 8th 2018.

  14. Marlee says:

    Thank you! to all the organizers.
    It was so refreshing and energizing to see this event happen in Flagler County.

    Persist and Insist!

  15. AMW says:

    I lived in Flagler County for 4 years and I’ve been out for another 2, and for the first time, I’m proud of this place. Keep fighting the good fight.

  16. beachcomberT says:

    Not surprising that Trump’s first 100 days and his growing personality cult in the media spurred some sort of protest rally even in red Flagler. What will be more telling is whether a year from now whether those sign-wavers can coalesce around one progressive candidate to run for Congress, or at least push Republican Rep. DeSantis away from this conservative base.

  17. Brian says:

    I applaud them for picking up trash; as for the rest of their agenda, a big YAWN…..

  18. Edman says:

    So proud of people who want to improve our world for those who come after us and not abuse it for our own selfishness. This is about right and wrong not Democrat or Republican.

  19. Constantly amazed says:

    This is top story news, a bunch of ‘nothing better to do ” angry Lib’s as usual blaming all the worlds problems as well as their own on Donald Trump. If they are going to march keep going to you get to the end of the ‘VALLEY OF DENIAL” climb the mountain of ‘GET OVER IT”.

  20. Amom says:

    This has nothing to do with who won or lost. This has everything do with our country,
    Trump is dividing our country in a way it has never been divided before. Ha a total disregard for the Earth and the United States. WAke up people . READ and pay attention. This man has one interest and that is Donald Trump.

  21. Lovin Flagler Beach says:

    I find it disturbing that some are so hostile towards those who participate in peaceful gatherings to share views that are in opposition to their own opinions. What “Makes America Great” is Democracy!
    This is not about winning and egos. It is about the good of the country which includes the people and the environment. I would like to see our representatives in congress vote for the good of the people, and not their party.

  22. Duncan says:

    This does have to do with who won/lost! One candidate believes in climate change and one dosn’t. Guess which one didn’t…..the narcissistic one. He is just as ignorant as the rest of you that refuse to acknowledge science. In the end you deserve each other! Lets hope that the majority of Americans that do believe in CC continue to be motivated enough to keep your ignorance from destroying the planet for all our children’s children!

  23. GM2 says:

    Why do all of these people demonstrating for a clean planet leave their trash lying around? Did anyone see the horrendous mess the demonstrators at the Women’s March left behind in D.C ? Walk the talk folks .

  24. anon says:

    The popular vote doesn’t mean a thing. When you take out California, the results look a lot different. If a candidate knows he or she is not going to win a state like California, then using campaign resources there is pointless. So you give up that state’s electoral votes and focus on winning others.

    It’s like the World Series. Team A can outscore team B by 40 runs, but lose the series because they lost four games.

  25. The Oracle says:

    Donald J. Trump is the PRESIDENT Of The UNITED STATES. He WON the election. Stop the snowflake whining and deal with the facts as they are, not as you wish them to be. Thank you.

  26. another vet says:

    a point was made that all voices need to be heard, I agree , now if the so called liberals in berkley would try that instead of rioting when someone disagrees with them maybe we could solve some problems. Good point about saving the planet but leaving behind trash at the ralley!

  27. Duncan says:

    Although its true that the electorate is what counts. Discounting the State that has a GDP more than the country of France from consideration would certainly be a Trumpism. He is a total freak show The folks of CA, keep us above the EU in terms of GDP and certainly deserve their due. The fact that they are the most progressive State in regards to climate control and emissions a testimonial to those that want to curb emissions. Wake up! CC is just a tad bit more important than your ridiculous analogy to the World Series don’t you think? It’s doesn’t even apply to a an even bigger game called the Super Bowl!

    It’s not so much Trumps policies that I hate; I agree with some and disagree with others. It’s his never seen before arrogance and his complicity to divide rather than unite. The denial of undeniable science is just a part of his genetic make up. His ” I know more that the Generals” type of idiocracy. He is a total freak show and an embarrassment to most Americans and his own Party.

  28. Duncan says:

    This is America not Russia. No one has to be happy about the fact that Trump is representing them as President. I bet you weren’t touting the same BS when Obama won! Dealing with the way things our is to turn his Presidency into a lame duck Presidency in 2018 and vote him out in 2020. How’s that for dealing with the facts! Thank You!

  29. Amom says:

    If you are a true patriot and care about American values , you should support peaceful, well thought out protest. Please don’t allow the the tone of Trumps talk, such as at his rally in Pennsylvania influence your attitude toward your fellow Americans.

    He wants to punish everyone who disagrees with him and has a thin skinned hate for a good part of America. Talk about a snowflake! He is the most divisive person ever in office. Don’t let him divide us!

  30. Kris Cunningham says:

    Although I am thoroughly amused by the predictable cruel comments by Trump supports, it’s sad you can’t see how passionate people are about their beliefs. One really annoying assumption is that people either protest or work. WRONG. We do both. We give our free time to organize, we provide support to other groups and donate our own money to our cause. We don’t wait for others to speak for us, we speak for ourselves.

  31. Ram says:

    You all climb on your high horse and claim how horrible President Trump is because of the things he has said. Well if any of you think that our past Presidents, Republicans or Democrat, were so perfect, you better think again. Many cheated on their wives, chased other woman, slept around, and I’m sure have said worse things behind closed doors. They just didn’t get caught. And even if they would have, we didn’t have a bunch of whiners crying about them being our President! Most of us just want a President who cares about the security of our country. We have judged them on how they ran our country not their mouth. Instead of trying so damn hard to keep division in our nation, you should be looking for ways to keep us UNITED!

  32. Layla says:

    Very sad that somebody else always has to pick up the trash after these people. There is a message in that statement.

  33. WhoKnows says:

    Ms. Capetta should have done her homework before bringing her rally to Flagler Beach. Both Republican and Democratic residents in Flagler Beach are environmentally conscious, look at the recent group working together to replant our dunes and clean up our beaches. Her little rally just caused a traffic jam and much confusion on an already busy road. The entrance to Wadsworth Park was clogged with parking. If the group was truly concerned about the environment that could have saved the posterboard and paper and written emails to their senators and congressmen. Whether your candidate won the election or not, a lot more can be accomplished by working together to solve the Earths problems. Perhaps the march group will clean up the beach next time they decide to ascend on our wonderful town instead of leave their trash behind for Mr. Cooley to clean up.

  34. Katie Semore says:

    Trump voters don’t seem to have the good sense to be angry at what a jerk he turned out to be after they voted for him and gave him a chance to be a decent human being. Instead he just crapped on their parade and told them it was candy and they are just eating it up. Hillary was right, at least half of his supporters are deplorable and the other half seem to be deaf and dumb.

  35. Duncan says:

    If the allegations are true about not picking up after oneself then shame on those individuals. However, paper decomposes or someone like you or I can always pick up after others. I live on the beach and have to do it all the time unfortunately. But to compare emissions to paper trash is idiotic. You clearly don;t understand Climate Control and are part of the problem.

  36. Instigator says:

    I was across the street getting my haircut. I was third in line, so I wandered across the street to see what was happening. I know a Bash Trump crowd when I hear one. My President Trump T-shirt went over like a clinker in the punch bowl at Buckingham Palace.

  37. Anonymous says:

    We are facing the reversal of decades of hard work and dedication by millions of Americans to clean up and preserve our air, land and waterways. That’s not to mention the billions of tax dollars spent on the future of our country and our planet. And all for nothing if we continue down the path Trump’s science and fact deniers have laid out for America. The profound ignorance and wilful destructiveness of Trump and his followers are beyond deplorable. They are catastrophic.

  38. Mark101 says:

    Trump is clueless on anything and everything not related to a hotel or golf course.

  39. Chris Brumbaugh says:

    Wow, how many CRUSHING defeats will it take the SJW crowd before, they realize that we’re absolutely sick of political correctness and liberalism??

    Let’s just blame Russia… Lol
    I’ll wait.

  40. Duncan says:

    What does liberalism even means in the context of those using that word in this forum? I Does liberalism = Democrats = Climate Change activists? There are plenty of conservatives that believe in CC. It’s really just down to the brain dead and those that value dollars over anything and everything. Trump just happens to be a very big target since he is defunding the EPA, pulling back environment regulations and has stated he does not believe in climate change.

    Even if in the extremely unlikely event that CC is a “hoax” (created by China according to our so smart President); those who believe in CC will always go down in history as doing good things for our Planet. Those in denial will always be considered ignorant.

  41. Roger Clegg, Ctr for Equal Opportunity says:

    Re felon voting: If you aren’t willing to follow the law yourself, then you can’t demand a role in making the law for everyone else, which is what you do when you vote. The right to vote can be restored to felons, but it should be done carefully, on a case-by-case basis after a person has shown that he or she has really turned over a new leaf, not automatically on the day someone walks out of prison. After all, the unfortunate truth is that most people who walk out of prison will be walking back in. Read more about this issue on our website here [ ] and our congressional testimony here: [ ].

  42. Anonymous says:

    Amazing how many dont get that this is NOT a democracy but a Republic! the popular vote matters not a bit. It would be like in a world series the team that scores the most runs in it does not make them the champs its the team that wins the most games. Also some should look at where the majority of the hostile words and ACTIONS are coming from towards views that are in opposition to their own opinions. IT is our left who are the intolerant ones in this matter

    Joanmarie says:
    April 29, 2017 at 9:21 pm
    In case you forgot she won the popular vote. The people’s president unfortunately is not in the White House. Or Mira Largo.

    Lovin Flagler Beach says:
    April 30, 2017 at 8:24 am
    I find it disturbing that some are so hostile towards those who participate in peaceful gatherings to share views that are in opposition to their own opinions. What “Makes America Great” is Democracy!
    This is not about winning and egos. It is about the good of the country which includes the people and the environment. I would like to see our representatives in congress vote for the good of the people, and not their party.

  43. Mary Crawford says:

    I wish that all of the Trump supporters would step up and pick a good cause to support. As a FLAGLER County resident and registered voter I have several causes that I am passionate about, one being protecting the precious environment we live in. I started working on and supporting all efforts to preserve and protect natural resources back when I was 13 years old. I participated in this rally to show my continued support of protecting our environment. I don’t care who is in power. We need to do everything possible to support continuing efforts to help preserve and protect our environmental laws. It makes me disappointed that Trump supporters only have criticism and apparently could give a hoot about getting involved in good causes and rather just start bashing everyone who does not agree with their own opinion. How about giving suggestions to improve our country and it’s performance on environmental issues? Just always attacking others does not solve anything. It just shows your ignorance.

  44. Joan says:

    I am glad folks found a place locally to express their views and find comraderie. Thank you to the organizers for making this happen as there are others who did not attend but still appreciate this. If we care about one another, and as resdients of the same county I would surely hope we do, there is no need for name calling, bashing efforts made by others, etc. Anyone who is content with the election should have no reason to sound so negative. You have what you want. Anyone who is discontent has every right to express that peacefully. Next time it could be your turn.

  45. Knightwatch says:

    I’m slightly amused but entirely horrified that the right-wing regressives get lost in the myth that progressives leave behind trash after a rally. Trash? That all you got? The rally was about protecting our fragile environment from Trump’s regressive policies. And there wasn’t any trash left behind! And the environment is the issue here. And it’s your environment, too.

    What’s wrong with the right wing regressives is that they are entirely willing to breathe polluted air, drink, bathe and swim in polluted waters, and watch as more and more species disappear with their habitat so long as they get to worship their very own billionaire dirtbag.

    We progressives will never back down. We will protect America’s future with or without you.

  46. Ben Hogarth says:

    National Republicans complain about some trash left behind at one massive rally in Washington..

    Meanwhile they are destroying the middle-class and democracy itself through calculated Gerrymandering of political districts and obstructive legislation. Not to mention the GOP is the same party that has consistently deregulated industries with damaging impacts to the environment.

    The fact they pretend to act in favor of the “working class” and blue-collar workers isn’t an insult to the intelligence of those people.. then again based on their voting record, may end it wasn’t insulting their intelligence after all.

    Most “Liberals” I know share the same dreams as their “Conservative” counterparts. The biggest difference I have found is who is easier spoon-fed the BS of their party leadership. In that category alone, Republicans far outlead the pack. Democrat voters still need to check their own party leadership which has grown complacent and is complicit in losing the hard-working American values that propelled it to the top of the 20th Century.

    I also note the irony of some noteworthy commentors returning to this board and this article once again to lament the implied and assumed absence of employment for all liberals who spend time to protest. I hope with the amount of time each one of them spend here scouring these articles, looking for an opportunity to jump down the throats of any “snowflake,” they are being paid for their time.

    Because I can’t imagine any decent, intelligent American voting for a GOP candidate, who isn’t receiving an in-kind payment or personal check for regurgitating untruths and absurdities of their Party. If Enron is bankrolling you, it makes perfect sense!

    But here is a cold truth for these folks… time is very much against you. As Hitler once proved; lies only get you so far. This nation will wake up one day and realize Trump and his ilk are bad news for all; conservatives and liberals alike.

    Just don’t come looking to join our bandwagon when that day comes. You’ve already done enough irreparable damage with your votes. Our new movement is a train that isn’t stopping to reverse and pick you up. We want educated, hard-working, and dedicated people. The self-serving already have a Party – the GOP.

  47. Katie Semore says:

    The display of stupidity shown by some posters in these comments should be criminal. If this is what conservatism is about, God help civilization. As usual they can’t conceive of a future or have any concern for anyone or anything but their own selfish stupid ignorant interest which will ultimately be their undoing. It makes me ashame to be of the same species.

  48. Diana L says:

    That trash was not left behind by the ralliers. When I got there I picked up trash to set up my booth. I suspect Mr Cooley was picking up trash left by tourist and others. Our group joined Flagler All Stars during their clean up in March. It’s disheartening to hear some people accuse people of being snowflakes, are we in third grade, when we were marching and rallying for our climate. This march was not about about President Trump or Secretary Clinton. This is what democracy looks like and it’s sad that you can’t appreciate democracy. We will not surrender our rights and we will not be intimidated by these childish remarks.

  49. Markingthedays says:

    The Trumpies are so upset they have forgotten how to spell! Well done, Progressive Caucus.

  50. bob says:


  51. brad says:

    Go protest in your own neighborhoods we all voted for TRUMP, suck it up buttercup! Snowflakes go Home!

  52. brad says:

    With so many Snowflakes, I am surprised the Earth is not cooling?

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