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Badcock Furniture Will Fill Old Food Lion Space in Flagler Beach, Ending 8-Year Drought

| April 21, 2017

badcock furniture flagler beach

Flagler Square will finally be rearranging its furniture: the old Food Lion space is getting a new tenant. (© FlaglerLive)

Eight years after Food Lion closed in Flagler Square, leaving a gaping commercial hole in that Flagler Beach mall near the western foot of the Flagler Beach bridge, Badcock Home Furniture, the national chain, has signed a lease for most of that space and will open in mid-summer.

“Badcock furniture has signed a lease,” Donald Rosenthal of Boca Raton-based HHH Management, owner since 2002 of the 8.4-acre Flagler Square, confirmed today in a brief interview. “We are ecstatic.”

A sweet shop also signed a lease for another store in Flagler Square, and last February, the Flagler County Tax Collector reopened what had been a state motor vehicle office at the west end of the complex, but now as a county branch of the tax collector’s office.

So with Junque Trunk, the restaurant Sammy J’s, the Lacrosse sports store, Fitness One and a nail salon all there, the two new leases mean that Flagler Square will be at 85 percent capacity by mid-summer, a remarkable turn-around for the once-moribund mall and the latest indication that the local economy is in the healthiest state it’s been in a decade, as unemployment figures released today also suggest.

“They wouldn’t be coming here offering appliances and furniture if there wasn’t growth in the housing needs to sell to,” Barbara Revels, a member of the county’s economic development council and owner of a real estate and construction company in Flagler Beach, said today. Her company had actually been working with Badcock on a possible plan to build a stand-alone facility on U.S. 1. The lease at Flagler Square now takes precedence.

Flagler Beach officials were naturally very pleased. “It might help fill up that shopping center of course, be an anchor between that and the tax collector at the other end and the restaurant doing pretty well in the middle,” City Commissioner Rick Belhumeur said. He was in City Manager Larry Newsom’s office this week when Newsom was on the phone with the management company, discussing the deal (and wondering if he could again this year use the Flagler Square parking lot for parking and shuttles on July 4, the day of the year that draws the most visitors to Flagler Beach. The answer to that is yes.)

“To me it’s an exciting thing to have them come here,” Newsom said of the new business. “You’re probably not talking a lot of jobs but I’ll take one additional job above zero. Anything above zero, we’re good.”

There’ll also be an increase in property tax revenue. Last year Flagler Square paid just under $19,000 in property taxes, $4,600 of that to Flagler Beach. For comparative purposes, in 2007, just as the housing bubble was bursting and Food Lion was still operating there, the property paid a total of $47,000 in property taxes, $9,130 of that to Flagler Beach (the county took most of the rest). The Food Lion closed in early April 2009, just as Publix was building its store across State Road 100, where it has thrived since. The former grocery store space was eyed for a variety of uses over the years, including at one point a possible charter school. None of the possibilities translated into a viable business. But none of those had the cachet of a national chain.

HHH Management is now working with Flagler Beach building officials on plans to prepare the former Food Lion space and work out permitting.

Badcock sells home furniture, all major appliances, electronics and office furniture. It will occupy two-thirds of the old 20,000-square-foot Food Lion space. “Now that we know we have the 10,000 square feet left over, we’ll start marketing to 10,000 square foot leases,” Rosenthal said.

The new furniture store will stiffen competition in the county. Palm Coast has Home Trendz Furniture and Mattress Superstore at 480 Palm Coast Parkway SW, though on April 19 the store announced a moving sale.

“We’re looking at two areas right now, we’re actually going to take the summer off, reopening in August,” owner Steve Branham said this afternoon. The store is family-owned and has been at that location near Roma Court for three and a half years. It’s been challenging: the demographics, which projected 30,000 cars a day passing by, have been quite off, Branham said (counting the few passing cars as he spoke), and the city’s strict ordinances limiting signage and requiring trees makes it more difficult for a business to be visible. “I get it, they want to try to keep the parkway looking good, so I understand, but it’s hard on a business,” Branham said.

There is also Hansen’s Furniture in State Street in Bunnell.

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18 Responses for “Badcock Furniture Will Fill Old Food Lion Space in Flagler Beach, Ending 8-Year Drought”

  1. Ashley says:

    A legitimate, affordable gym (Golds, LA Fitness, Powerhouse, Crunch) would have been fantastic in that location but oh well. Those types of gyms offer not only hourly staff/management positions but also employ dietitians, personal trainers, massage therapists and certified class instructors (yoga, cycling, aerobics..) all of which require college degrees or certifications and offer above minimum wage pay. Another overpriced retailer offering very few minimum wage jobs it is.

  2. Lazaruis says:

    I would not count on Babcock furniture to hire many skilled workers and who knows how long they will last in this type of internet economy ,where brick and mortar stores are failing everywhere like hhgreg ,sears, and Kmart …

  3. Nicky Capua says:

    Myself as along with one other staff member will be transferring from the St. Augustine store. We also have an awesome manager who will be transferring from the Winter Haven store, I believe. I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re all very excited about this new store! I know we’ll do a lot of business and we look forward to a new location with new opportunities as well as continuing business with our already existing customers!

  4. Wishful thinking says:

    I wish them well. My hair salon Toni has been there by herself for years and has bravely survived.
    Congratulations for thinking positive to any gutsy business venturem

  5. Wishful thinking says:

    I wish them well. My hair salon Toni has been there by herself for years and has bravely survived.
    Congratulations for thinking positive to any gutsy business venture

  6. Katie Semore says:

    The majority of the employees here are likely to be commissioned employees and Badcock Furniture sells low end furnishings so I don’t expect that the jobs will be all that well paying.

  7. Wogan says:

    Sorry To see the two previous comments, for over 100 years Badcock’ has created an environment were individual entrepreneurs can get into the home furnishings business offering affordable, quality home furnishings, electronics, appliance and floor coverings. These men and women who become part of the Badcock family with other Badcock dealers, throughout the southeast form a partnership to help each a every community where they live, work, buy food, send their children to school and attend community events, church, etc. The wages which these employees at the new Badcock store will not be at minimum wage and I bet their hearts will be just as big as a fitness center and will show greater care for customer service and engagement then an online retailers… Come on and give us a try! Like my great grandfather, “badcock’ will treat you right “.

  8. USA Lover says:

    It will be a few minimum wage jobs just like every other retailer in the country. Nothing more,nothing less. It’s actually smart for Badcock’s to come here because people will stand in line for those mighty $8/hr jobs,then go home to their mommy’s house.

  9. Edman says:

    Why do so many people on this site always see the glass as half empty… this is a positive step and we should be glad not pessimistic. Cheer up and enjoy life for a change.

  10. Lin says:

    Read the reviews (1.0) and top 163 complaints… Just what we need here. I’m excited

  11. dave corfman says:

    I think it is awesome. Looking forward to checking them out.

  12. Watching Closely says:

    Wow, I was excited until I read this company’s reviews. It doesn’t seem to matter what city…the customer service, and quality of furniture are both horrible. Go read the reviews yourself. Looks like I will stay far away from this place!

  13. yosh says:

    like the sign on the roof on US1 used to say “Good Stuff”. give them a chance.

  14. Kathy A says:

    I’m excited for anything to be in that space. It will be a great place for furnishings with a coastal vibe. Wish them well.

  15. brad says:

    That would have been a great spot for a ABC liquor store, I am just saying…

  16. George says:

    @Wogan, good to see the Badcock PR department hard at work.

  17. The Geode says:

    These people would rather see an empty space than a business supplying “minimum wage jobs” while supplying SQUAT to the economy or hiring people and paying them more than the minimum wage. There’s no satisfying these pessimistic people and little wonder WHY Trump is so popular among them.

  18. Charles F. Ericksen, Jr says:

    Welcome to Flagler County and Flagler Beach

    Charlie Ericksen, Jr
    County Commissioner

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