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Dog Gets Killed by Neighbor’s Dog. That Was Only Part of the Problem for Responding Deputies.

| March 1, 2017

Rhodesian Ridgebacks were bred to be hunters and guard dogs.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks were bred to be hunters and guard dogs. (Markus)

Monday afternoon a small dog—a Shih Tzu–belonging to Sharon Strindholm at 62 Pine Crest Lane in Palm Coast crawled, unleashed, under the fence separating the property from Joshua Guyette’s, at 55 Pine Croft. The two properties’ backyards adjoin.

Guyette, 41, owns a Rhodesian Ridgeback, a largish dog of a breed with hunting and guarding in its blood. The dog attacked and bit Strindholm’s dog in front of Guyette. Guyette is disabled, so he wasn’t able to immediately get his dog. Once he got there and was able to get the Shih Tzu released from the large dog’s grasp, Guyette noticed the dog was dead.

Strindholm’s father came over to retrieve the smaller dog. Guyette apologized, and the man left, the issue apparently over with.

But soon after, according to a Flagler County Sheriff’s report, Strindholm, 53, walked over to Guyette’s property “and began to yell and curse at Joshua and his wife, Christina.” Guyette’s wife, 41, felt threatened and asked Strindholm to leave several times. Strindholm was then joined by her daughter, Tara Strindholm, 35, and the yelling continued. Christina told them she would “defend herself and her property if necessary,” the report states, and asked a neighbor to call 911.

The Strindholms eventually went back to their property.

When a deputy arrived at the Strindholm’s house, however, matters deteriorated again. The responding deputy was Sarah Casey, a young recruit sworn in a year ago. She knocked on the door and stepped to the side for her safety, as she would have been told by the 911 dispatch center of the earlier altercation between the neighbors and had reasons to take precautions. Sharon Strindholm answered the door “and immediately asked me in a gruff and aggressive manner why I was standing off to the side ‘in the bushes,’” Casey reported. Strindholm then got alternately upset about her dog, cursed out her neighbors, criticized the deputy for hiding in her bushes and having a “bad attitude,” and after requesting another deputy, told Casey to “fuck off” though Casey attempted to get a report on the incident.

Strindholm continued to scream obscenities at the deputy as Casey walked back to her patrol car. Later on her Facebook page, Strindholm unleashed a string of obscenities on the “Palm Coast police,” deriding Casey’s physical appearance in bigoted terms and calling deputies racist. The deputy, Strindholm and her neighbor are all white. Strindholm says her grandchildren are black. “She feels threatened because my grandson and his cousin are over 6ft and black and had hoodies on cause its cold!,” she wrote in the post that evening before further criticizing local cops in general. (Strindholm on her Facebook page copies memes that compare the Congressional Democratic caucus to the KKK, Michele Obama to an animal, and Muslim converts to slaves).

A few minutes after leaving Strindholm’s house, Casey again got a call from dispatch that a verbal disturbance had erupted between the same two sets of neighbors.

The Guyettes told Casey that both Strindholm had returned to their property, causing a disturbance and refusing to leave. As Casey was speaking with the Guyettes, Tara Strindholm walked toward her with the xdead dog in her arms. The deputy asked her to return to the house. Strindholm refused. She walked up to the deputy and said: “Why are you scared? Look at the dog!” Then Strindholm‘s mother stormed out “and began yelling and screaming.”

“I told both of them to go back to their residence or they would both be arrested,” Casey reported. “Both females initially refused and I told them again to go to their residence and sit down on the ground. I again stated they would be arrested if they failed to comply with my lawful order. Both females finally complied and sat down and I told them to calm down.” Other deputies arrived. While attempting to gather additional information, Sharon Strindholm called the deputies on scene “racist pigs,” according to the report.

The Guyettes declined to pursue charges following the alleged threats from their neighbors, and were advised to fix any un-mended part of the fence between the two properties. Animal control was contacted.

Less than two weeks ago at Canopy Walk, a large dog attacked a Yorkshire terrier and its owner, James E. Bennett, who’d been walking the dog. The attacking dog killed the Yorkshire and severely injured Bennett, 79, who died of a heart attack three days later.

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21 Responses for “Dog Gets Killed by Neighbor’s Dog. That Was Only Part of the Problem for Responding Deputies.”

  1. South Florida says:

    Why does she got one deputy. These deputies come dressed in armor to my house. It takes three to four to pick up a paper. They are ridiculous.

  2. Richard Smith says:

    So this is the type of people coming to live in Palm Coast! Time to leave and I have only been here less than one year after being sold a bill of goods by locals and many real estate people saying that Palm Coast is one of the BEST communities in Flagler County to live in. What a joke!

  3. Old Lady says:

    It’s a sad state when neighbors refuse to co-operate ad comply

  4. South Florida says:

    Sorry to the owners that lost their dog. It’s awful and if a dog bites another animal that quickly it makes you wonder.

  5. disgustedin palmcoast says:

    We left because PC is a joke. My Grandma used to always say”pretty is as pretty does” PC is pretty but underneath it all, its ugly.

  6. RayD says:

    It could happen anywhere but it seems to happen a lot in Palm Coast. Weird people, big dogs, craziness, alcohol, drugs, low incomes all balled up in one ugly ball in what looks beautiful on the outside. The Palms Coast Police, also known as the Flagler County Sheriff, do an excellent job with it all.

  7. Dutch says:

    The dog was only protecting its property. I have a Hienz 57 mutt and she would do the same thing. Dogs know their property is inside that fence and it’s their territory. Even a gentle dog like mine will fiercely protect its territory…

  8. Di G. says:

    A whole town should not be judged or classified by a bunch of ignorants that do not know to co-exist with neighbors. But, when more incidents like this one start to become more frequent, it is expected that the City starts to consider new regulations. Hope they react soon.

  9. Just My 2¢ says:

    Guess what folks? Dogs are dogs – and they are territorial, protective, loyal, and dedicated. And that is why when the smaller dog went into the bigger dog’s yard, he was attacked and killed.
    Yes, there are certain breeds that are more attuned and bred for guarding, protecting, hunting, etc. There are breeds that are deemed more aggressive – and conscientious safeguards must be taken to prevent attacks and damages.

    The problem here was the space under the fence that allowed the smaller dog to leave his yard.

    The problem here is the expectation that dogs are going to act like humans – dogs have been so “humanized” that people have lost their sensibilities about them. Dogs are not “fur-babies” – they are dogs.

    I understand the grief and sadness at losing a pet – I have raised & rescued dogs for over 40 years. But for the Strindholms to behave in the way they did – that is deplorable.

  10. Jose Caniusi says:

    I saw a sign that said ‘flush twice to reach Palm Coast’.

  11. Heading North says:

    Just another example of the fine residents of Palm Coast, and another of the many reasons why my family and I left years ago. Couldn’t pay me enough to live there again! we visit on rare occasions, but that’s it!

  12. StayoutofPC says:

    Used to be a great place to live ! I have lived here for 16 years and I’ve definitely seen a terrible change. Maybe Flagler should contact New York State and tell them to take down the billboard signs that are sitting in the ghettos of Brooklyn, that way they stop coming here.

  13. JasonB says:

    It appears that Mrs Strindholm has deleted her facebook rant, but her facebook page is still a hoot; her interests appear to be food and conspiracy theories. I’m no fan of local law enforcement, but it seems they were rather lenient in their dealings with this kook, she’s like she needed her dirty, racist mouth washed out with a little pepper spray.

  14. USA Lover says:

    @ Richard Smith. You are right sir. This place is the rectum of Florida. Thank you Flagler Live, for actually bringing us the REAL news unlike the other local “news” papers.

  15. cls says:

    So a little dog, unleashed, digs under his fence (why didn’t the owners see this and fix it?) and goes into another neighbor’s yard whereupon that dog kills the intruder. WHY are the neighbors angry at the other guy who’s dog went onto HIS property?

    I know Shitzus are expensive, but take care of your yard and you would not have had this happen. Now the pittbull that came out of nowhere, got loose from it’s owner (wth) and then killed not only the little dog but the man as well – THOSE creatures should be banned from Palm Coast. They are insane.

  16. Bill harvey says:

    Richard Smith u are so correct, when I purchased my property and had my house built on it several years ago neither the realtor (Watson) or the builder told me that duplexes were allowed on my side of the street well years later I have one and now there are renters who don’t take the same pride in their home as I do in my home , don’t trust realtors or builders

  17. Littledogowner says:

    I definitely agree with Dutch, I have a yorkie mix and he will even protect his territory and has bitten my sisters two big dogs, One a pitt and the other a german shepherd mix, neither of them have ever tried to bite him back and they are the sweetest dogs ever. My little dog is sweet as can be but if another dog or cat is in his territory he isn’t happy and will bite at them. It’s what dogs do.

  18. Ben says:

    I’m very sorry for the lost of the smaller dog and I hope nothing happens to the lager dog I just moved to Palm Coast five months ago and I can say everyone on my block are super nice they have lived here for years only problem we have is that the house behind us is a rental week to week you never know who is there but get back to the dogs again I’m sorry for the small dogs owners but they should have taken better care of the fence on both sides in the larger dogs offense he was just standing his ground ( he may have felt threatened and what I have found out in Fl that’s its legal To kill another one if you fill your in danger that’s why young and old drive the way they do in PC ) I own a large dog and already pay extra on my homeowners insurance – in some good sense if I was the owners of the large dog put up some cameras to provide protection for your family and family pet

  19. MannyHM says:

    So far this is a fight between dogs. Later on, it would escalate into fights between humans as revenge. I hope some type of corrective measure is implemented.

  20. nomorepitbulls says:

    Lets grab some of the local pitbulls – throw them in he backyard with the Rhodesian Ridgeback and let them fight it out until they kill each other.

  21. Glad I left Palm Coast says:

    Wow nothing has changed since we left, Palm Coast was great until 2008. We left 2012 could not make a decent wage to retire on in Flagler county. Had to move back up north and start new career which worked out in our favor. Went from $28,000 a year in 2012 to $126,000 in 2016. Yes Palm Coast is a joke along with the rest of the state, good place to be a tourist or retired on a healthy income. But for the hard working middle class forget it. As for the welfare grabbers and tax burderns it will only get worse. Crime, drugs, and stupidity great combination.

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