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A Stolen Gun, A Cry for Help Over Crack, Then Surrender to Felony Charges

| January 27, 2017

Pamela Guth.

Pamela Guth.

Pamela Guth is a 54-year-old resident of Rose Petal Lane in Palm Coast, where she lives with her sister and 73-year-old brother-in-law.

Wednesday afternoon she went to the operations center of the Flagler County Sheriff’s in Bunnell. She was crying hysterically. She said she needed help. When a deputy arrived, she told deputies she was a crack addict, and that she had stolen her brother-in-law’s gun to trade it in for an unknown amount of cocaine. She told deputies who her alleged dealer was: Javon Dunlap.

Dunlap is a 35-year-old resident of Hymon Circle in Bunnell with a rap sheet thick with arrests: Since 2008, the county jail records 14 arrests for charges that include purse-snatching, driving on a suspended license, attempted murder, false imprisonment, dealing in stolen property, cocaine possession, probation violation, and marijuana possession. Dunlap served two stints in Florida state prison, totaling three years, both for selling or manufacturing cocaine. He was last released from state prison in 2007. He was arrested in March and again in September, was found guilty on a third-degree felony count of possession and sentenced to five months at the county jail at the end of October, with two and a half months’ credit for time served. He got out on Dec. 16, about six weeks short of the five-month sentence: his year’s time in jail all added up to three months and 23 days.

On Tuesday, Guth told deputies that she took her brother-in-law’s Glock 26FS 9mm handgun from atop the refrigerator and traded it to Dunlap, who had allegedly asked her if she could get him a gun. The following day, she texted Dunlap and asked if she could get her brother-in-law’s gun back. Dunlap’s girlfriend responded, saying the phone was hers, not his. And “there was no cooperation from the responding party in regards to getting” the gun back, Guth’s arrest report states.

Guth identified Dunlap from sheriff’s records. He was not arrested. But Guth was: she faces a charge of grand theft of a firearm, a third degree felony, and dealing in stolen property, a second degree felony, and booked at the Flagler County jail, where she remained today on $5,000 bond.

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8 Responses for “A Stolen Gun, A Cry for Help Over Crack, Then Surrender to Felony Charges”

  1. The Ghost of America says:

    HAHAHAHA holy shit. Let me get this right. She went to the police for help, told them what happened, and she was arrested and basically nothing was done about him? Sounds about right for palm coast, and definitely sounds about right considering my experiences with the fcso. She needs treatment, not a handful of felonies.

    Almost nothing good comes from involving the fcso in anything.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The drug dealing thug should have been sentenced to life as a habitual offender. This woman needs drug rehab, not jail. She she probably serve more time than the thug did.

  3. Richard Smith says:

    Truly a sad state of affairs. Any addiction is a terrible situation AND you will do anything to satisfy those endorphins. Dunlap is also addicted in many other ways demonstrated by the long rap sheet that he has. Drugs have ruined so many lives in this country and the “powers at be” have no clue how to stop or manage it. Ever think that maybe they are part of the problem? It’s called “Enabler’s”.

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    I’m sorry but having an “addiction” doesn’t give you a free pass to steal. No one forced her to start using crack and whatever else she was on. It was a choice made so now she has to deal with the ramifications from it.

    Yes get help for the addiction and hopefully become a productive member of society again. You’re still responsible for your actions though drunk high or sober.

    If that sounds harsh I’m sorry but to many times society gives drug users a pass when they are engaged in illegal activities already.

    And why on earth is Mr. Dunlap not being arrested for being in possession of a firearm while being a convicted felon? Along with dealing narcotics? Perhaps a story for FlaglerLive to follow up on?

    Is FCSO giving free passes to drug dealers now? Or are they afraid to do their job and remove these individuals from the streets.

  5. ryan says:

    Just sad. Smoking crack is pretty stupid. The fact that this woman stole a gun, and contributed to the real gun problem, which is thugs and other criminals using illegal guns to murder innocent people in their community. Just wondering why we dont have a mugshot of Dunlap also and why Flaglerlive didn’t question them more about why he wasn’t arrested so they could give their readers an explanation. Not being rude, but it seems like more and more news outlets are doing this and wanted to know why. Seems like a guy like Dunlap, with a rap sheet as long as his with as serious of charges and convictions he has had, is the type that shouldn’t have a gun. He is a violent felon.

  6. footballen says:

    Ghost, a felony is not something ANY cop gets to decide not to arrest for. I am pretty sure that is what we pay them to do so you should probably educate yourself on that before criticizing one of the most highly effective and efficient police forces around.If you are mad about the situation (and I can understand your anger/frustration) point it in the right direction. Don’t shoot the messenger. What is your beef with local police?

  7. DM says:

    Look, now they know who the dealer is. If he’s smart he moves away, and we don’t have to deal with one more scumbag in this town. We win. If she gets any lawyer with a brain, she’ll get off with a relative slap on the wrist and hopefully some compassionate “required” therapy.

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