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A Heartfelt Thank You To Brian McMillan and Flagler County

| February 14, 2014

Palm Coast Observer Editor Brian McMillan surprised FlaglerLive Editor Pierre Tristam with a moving, supportive column this week, illustrating the contrast between the two competitors, and the true meaning of community.

Obama’s Roosevelt Envy–And Ours

| December 9, 2011

Obama’s version of Roosevelt Lite won’t cut it if he can’t back up his rhetoric with a more serious program of defending the middle class against corporate predators and rich-class irresponsibility.

0.2% Stupor: Protecting 350,000 Millionaires At the Expense of 160 Million Workers

| December 2, 2011

There’s a very simple way to ensure that this country goes the way of old, bankrupt empires, and it doesn’t take flying planes into building or suckering the world’s mightiest military into pointless wars halfway around the globe. All it takes is voting Republican.

Our School District’s Uniform Follies

| November 20, 2011

The Flagler County School Board’s push for uniforms is out of touch with the county’s struggling families and plundered budgets and revealing of a board too prone to selling out to charter-school gimmickry.

Lazy, Cheap, Irresponsible Palm Coast

| November 12, 2011

This week’s dismal voter turn-out for the Palm Coast election is a reflection of a city and a council that mirror each other in laziness, misplaced penny-pinching and indifference to civic engagement where it actually matters.

My Fairest Tax Proposal: A Tax on Nonsense

| October 28, 2011

Watching Republican candidates debate taxes and creationism on TV reminds me of original Star Trek episodes featuring those low-tech aliens that nevertheless managed to speak English every time.

Between “Laramie” and “Spelling Bee,” All Flagler’s a Stage

| September 23, 2011

John Sbordone’s production of “The Laramie Project” and the Flagler Playhouse’s “Spelling Bee” musical are enough to briefly spoil serious and less than theater lovers this weekend. Take advantage.

What Barack Obama Can Learn From Rick Scott

| August 19, 2011

With Rick Scott’s poll numbers in the 20s, the governor went for a cosmetology make-over. Barack Obama could do the same, in reverse: he needs to be liked less and to govern more.

I Love Waste Pro. But.

| August 12, 2011

To my 7-year-old son, Waste Pro’s twice-weekly pickups are a sacred, joyful ritual made more so by Waste Pro’s thoughtful workers. That doesn’t mean Palm Coast should shirk its responsibilities to residents when it comes to bidding out a new garbage contract.

Firefighter Hero-Worship and Floridians’ Hypocrisy: When Public Employees Save Lives

| June 10, 2011

Flagler County and Florida residents are falling in heaps with praise for the same public and union employees they and the lawmakers they elected just finished bashing, insulting, demeaning and robbing. The disconnect is sickening.

Saving Medicare Without Destroying It

| June 4, 2011

Medicare’s demise is overblown. Modest fixes, eliminations of tax favors and a small rise in the Medicare tax can preserve America’s best and fairest government-run single-payer insurance system.

Good Riddance: How the Shuttle and the Space Station Crippled America’s Space Program

| May 28, 2011

Between the space shuttle and the International Space Station, America’s space program’s addiction to manned flights has been held hostage to an unimaginative low-orbit. It’s long-past time to scrap both and push the limits of unmanned exploration.

Bean-Counting Innovation: When Small-Bore Government Patents Job-Killing

| May 13, 2011

Innovation is at the root of job creation. The U.S. Patent Office is innovations’ gate-keeper, with a backlog of 715,000 patent applications. Yet Congress just reduced the office’s budget by $100 million while dickering over reforming its administration.

Birthers, Royals and Crocks

| April 29, 2011

Between Barack Obama’s birth certificate and William Windsor’s wedding to his girlfriend Kate, lust for make-believe idiocies at the expense of reality explains why problem-solving isn’t much of a priority these days.

Stereotype This: “Lazy Mexicans” And Other Insolvent Myths of American Superiority

| April 15, 2011

As it turns out Mexicans are not only harder workers than Americans. They are the hardest workers in the industrialized world, while smugness, selfishness and the pursuit of inequality are becoming American brands.

Florida Legislators’ Creepy Uterus Obsession

| April 1, 2011

Florida lawmakers want to force women seeking an abortion in the second trimester to watch an ultrasound of their fetus first. It’s a back-alley assault on women’s privacy and abortion rights.

FPL, Progress Energy, Florida’s Nuclear Fraud

| March 25, 2011

Florida taxpayers and ratepayers are footing the bill of Florida Power & Light’s and Progress Energy’s risk-free, $40-billion plan to build nuclear reactors, a fraud enabled by the Legislature and Congress.

Bipolar Obamocracy:
Bombing Libya While Invading Bahrain

| March 18, 2011

Barack Obama didn’t deserve the Nobel peace prize a few months into his first term. He deserves it less now. But Obama and Clinton certainly deserve the Nobel prize in physics for reinventing the rules of double-standards.

Peter King’s Muslim McCarthyism

| March 11, 2011

U.S. Rep. Peter King’s homeland security hearings about Muslims and “radicalization” recall, beyond McCarthyism, a long American tradition of xenophobia and prejudice on the lunatic fringe. It’s not more broadly representative.

Defense of Marriage Act: A Crack in the Crock

| February 25, 2011

The Obama administration came to its senses and called the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional. The homophobic law passed in 1996. We’re still a long way from equal rights for gays and lesbians. Pierre’s radio commentary.

Reality Check: Rick Scott vs. Florida

| February 18, 2011

It’s become one of Governor Rick Scott’s favorite clichés: “Government has no resources of its own. Government can only give to us what is previously taken from us.” He’s in the wrong country.

Reality Check: Censoring Al-Jazeera

| February 4, 2011

It’s no surprise when the thuggish Hosni Mubarak censors al-Jazeera. But American satellite and cable providers have been censoring al-Jazeera English since it went live in 2006, to the detriment of broader perspectives.

Reality Check: Against Civility

| January 28, 2011

More handshakes, fewer guns and Fox news sounding more like NPR won’t make us a better country. Fewer assassinations of reason, of facts, of character, and of course of people might.

Reality Check: The GOP’s Straw-Stuffing Health Care Repeal

| January 21, 2011

If repealing health care without presenting an alternative is the best thing the new GOP majority can do in an economic crisis, pack up your worries about 2012 right now and congratulate Obama for his second term.



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