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Fernando Chavez, Biker Hurt March 16 in A1A Crash in Flagler Beach, Dies

| March 25, 2012

Fernando Chavez. (Chavez family)

Last Updated: March 25, 8 a.m.

Update: Fernando Chavez died on March 24, eight days after he was critically injured when his motorcycle struck a car on State Road A1A in Flagler Beach.

Note: An account has been opened at PNC Bank under the name Paola Arce (Fernando Chavez’s sister), subtitled “Team Nando,” to help the family with expenses. An account number is not necessary to make donations, only mention the name of the account.

For anyone who is interested in helping Fernando’s Family, this link takes you to a website where you can make donations. This money will be used towards funeral costs. Any help is appreciated.

The following was contributed by the family:

Fernando Chavez Funeral Services

Fernando Chavez born on November 25th, 1982 in Santa Cruz De La Sierra- Bolivia, passed away on March 24th, 2012 at the age of 29.

Fernando Chavez nacio el 25 de Noviembre de 1982, en Santa Cruz De La Sierra- Bolivia, fallecio el 24 de Marzo del 2012.

Funeral Services will be held at the Demaine Funeral Home on Sunday April 1st, 2012 from 1:00PM to 8:00PM.
Servicios funebres se llevaran acabo en Demaine Funeral Home el Domingo 1ro de Abril, 2012 desde la 1:00PM hasta las 8:00PM.

Demaine Funeral Home
Funeral Visitations 1PM-8PM
5308 Baclick Road
Springfiled, VA 22151
Phone: 703-941-9428

Funeral Catholic ceremony will also be held at the Demaine Funeral Home on Monday April 2, 2012 @10:00AM

La Ceremonia Catolica de cuerpo presente tambien se llevara acabo en la casa funeraria Demaine, pero sera el Lunes 2 de Abril, 2012 a las 10:00AM

Funeral Catholic Ceremony
Monday April 2, 2012 @ 10AM
Demaine Funeral Home
5308 Baclick Road
Springfield, VA 22151

Followed by the Catholic Ceremony we will have the burial at Fairfax Memorial Cementery @ 1PM on Monday April 2, 2012.

Seguido inmediatamente por el cepelio en Fairfax Memorial Cementery a la 1:00PM el mismo Lunes, 2 de Abril del 2012.

Fairfax Memorial Cementery-Section 6
9900 Braddock Rd
Fairfax, VA 22032

We will have maps of the actual cemetery so you can locate the place of burial.

Tendremos mapas del cementerio para que puedan localizar el lugar del cepelio.

Demaine Funeral Home
Springfield, MD
View Map · Get Directions
Nando GhostRyderz Chavez

A biker speeding south on A1A in Flagler Beach struck a two-door Pontiac GT this afternoon, sending the biker flying about between 140 and 180 feet, according to several witnesses at the scene, before falling on the road’s west shoulder. Fernando Chavez, 29, of Annandale, Va., was flown out on Flagler County Fire Rescue’s Fire Flight helicopter at 1:31 p.m.

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The wreck took place at 12:50 p.m. on A1A between 22nd and 23rd Street North. A1A was shut down in both direction soon after, from 21st Street to 23rd Street, and remained shut down until 3:16 p.m., when the scene was cleared and traffic resumed in both directions.

“I was behind him, he was a ways up from me, and what i saw, I saw him go right into that car,” Carolyn Sanita, a resident of Flagler Beach who was driving a minivan behind the biker, said. “He just ran right into that car and went flying. That’s what I saw.”

“The motorcyclist was going at least 80 mph when he flew past our house,” LeighAnn Koch, another witness, said. “Neighbors and I heard him accelerating at higher rates of speed for minute, couple minutes before he passed us.”

There wasn’t much left of Chavez’s 2006 Suzuki motorcycle but a crumple as if welded to the front right side of the Pontiac, itself crumpled around the wheel. The right headlight and the immediate area surrounding it was intact. The damage begins about a foot behind the headlight, suggesting that the car may have been at an angle when the bike hit it.

Later in the afternoon, a Florida Highway Patrol investigator described the incident this way: the 52-year-old woman driving the Pontiac, Diane Toth of Palm Coast, had been at the Java Joint with her parents. The Pontiac had been parked on the ocean side of A1A, facing north. Toth then began doing a U-turn to head back south. Chavez struck the Pontiac at that point, never slowing down.

Chavez struck the car, the FHP investigator said, then violently struck the ground and bounced several times against the pavement and the sandy shoulder, finally landing some 50 to 60 yards, or 180 feet, south of the point of impact. The violence of both the initial impact and of hitting the ground repeatedly left Chavez with severe injuries to the head: he was not wearing a helmet, the FHP investigator said. As of this writing, he remains in critical condition at Halifax Hospital, but “it doesn’t look good,” the investigator said.

Charges are pending against Toth. She was not injured, nor were her parents.

Flagler Beach police, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office and Florida Highway Patrol investigators were at the scene, along with the Flagler Beach Fire Department and Flagler County Fire Rescue. The scene was wrapped in a large square of crime-scene tape.

The Java Joint overlooks the scene. It’s the second Bike Week wreck there this week. The earlier one was less serious. Several people at the Java Joint, in cars traveling immediately behind or in front of the scene, and on the sidewalk saw or heard the accident, and were being interviewed by FHP. (The Java Joint remains open.) The scene was cleared by Roger’s Towing. By then, the Java Joint had not a single customer left.

Flagler County Fire Rescue's Fire Flight lifts off at 1:30 p.m. from State Road A1A in Flagler Beach, with one man in critical condition on board after he crashed his motorcycle into a car. Click on the image for larger view. (FlaglerLive)

Click on the image for larger view. (FlaglerLive)

Debris from the crash spread south of the scene several feet. (FlaglerLive)

The impact left parts of the bike embedded in the wheel of the car. Click the image for larger view. (FlaglerLive)

Click on the image for larger viw. (FlaglerLive)

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238 Responses for “Fernando Chavez, Biker Hurt March 16 in A1A Crash in Flagler Beach, Dies”

  1. Unknown says:

    WHO was riding with him on this day…or was he on a solo ride?


    • Anonymous says:

      That’s a good question that I also would like to know. from his Facebook comments he wasn’t alone.


    • Unknown says:

      That’s a good question that I also would like to know b/c from his Facebook comments on the same day he was not alone.


    • Anonymous says:

      He was staying right around the corner between 22nd and 23rd, he had just left home, he had not been riding around there the whole morning, so who ever said saw him, really did not, he had just left home.


    • Daniel says:

      he was riding alone at the time of the accident..


  2. Kathy & Tiffany Krupsky says:

    My daughter called me to tell me about a friend she had lost. Fernando was her classmate and friend. We are deeply saddened today and forever. Fernando we will truely miss you. If anyone hears about the funeral please let us know on facebook. Thanks t&kk


  3. Justin says:

    Godspeed Fernando. I’m sure u will be missed by many.




  5. Kevin Enoch says:

    R.I.P. Nando. We love you brother!


  6. the reality is there says:

    an account for the deceased for expenses? the deceased was breaking vehicular laws when he got himself killed…..

    i would rather donate money to the poor woman who needs o have her car repaired after a wreckless biker damaged it-and i would donate for her manetal anguish she now suffers from after being tramautized by the wreckless biker…


    • Unknown says:

      Your comment is extremely unnecessary. Regardless of how you feel of the situation, there are times when your own personal thoughts are best left unsaid. This is one of those times.

      Nando’s family and friend are certainly grieving their loss. If you feel so inclined to donate to the other individual, I personally have no issue with that effort. In fact, it sounds like you have volunteered to do just that. It’s possible your kind offer would be graciously accepted by their family, and I’m sure they would thank you.

      Are you willing to follow through?

      I seriously doubt it.


    • Anonymous says:

      Just as an FYI YOU ARE COMPLETELY RUDE AND INCONSIDERATE FOR LEAVING YOUR COMMENT! I am a close friend of Fernando and have been for many years and for you to say something like that is extremely uncalled for no matter your feelings about the situation! If you lost someone close to you in an accident like this no matter if they were on the bike or in the car you would be pissed someone left this comment on their news article…


    • Unknown says:

      This was a tragedy however you look at it. And unexpected expenses are incurred due to tragedies like this.

      And before you go making horrible comments such as” the deceased was breaking vehicular laws when he got himself killed….” you should think about the fact that he had the RIGHT OF WAY and the “poor Woman” (as you describe her) should have YIELDED to him when making her U-Turn. Maybe if you read the article a little more closely you would have seen the line that says “Charges are pending against Toth.”

      You should be a little more diplomatic in your comments.


  7. Daniel says:

    WOW!! really shocked .. did not expect to log in and see this today… he was a fighter for sure.. my prayers are with the family and friends of this man.. no more pain, no more suffering.. he’s in great hands now.. remember, God works in different ways. why or how in this case,we’ll never know.. but i bet mr chavez and the man above have had the conversation and know the reasons.. but i promise you the family and friends of this young man. where he is now , he wouldn’t trade it for the world.. as awitness to this accident that happened feet from my van, that has sent this man on a journey to his final home where our father has built many mansions for all of us. for our father has told us.. rest in heavenly peace mr chavez..
    wow, still shocked..


  8. Anonymous says:

    Please see the top of the article for funeral arrangements and locations.


  9. unknown says:

    Everyone stating their opinion of who’s to blame and making accusations against both parties should be ashamed. I was one of the witnesses at Java Joint. If you had actually been there and literally watched the life of another human being taken away in such a tragic event, you might take off focus of his exact speed and the driver of the car. Even though he lived 8 more days, the bottom line is Mr Chavez basically lost his life in that moment, that day, that split second of an accident. Everyone makes bad choices, it is life. The focus should go to the loss you feel for this young man’s life, his family and friends at home trying to cope, and even the driver who has to live with this now. It was an accident, on both party’s involved. It was the most traumatic and heart wrenching thing I have ever witnessed, and to his family and friends, you are in my prayers. I’m so sorry for your loss.


  10. Unknown says:

    100+ mph in a 45mph zone is not smart and will almost allways end up like this. The woman in the car could not even have see him going that fast. It is a dangerous road at 45mph. You make decisions in life and need to realize what that speed can and will do to you.


  11. Unknown says:

    It is respected that you pointed out the photo but then you left a speculative point of your own in regard to the braking comment


  12. JC says:



  13. Heidi says:

    My heart felt condolences go out to the family and friends of this young man who lost his life yesterday. Life is always delicate and precious. I pray peace for his friends and family. It is a terrible loss for them :’ (
    Pease everyone who rides, wear a helmut and slow down. Everyone who drives a car, truck etc. please slow down and be watchful for the motercyclists!!! Give them plenty of room ALways!!!! We can help avoid some of these tragedies!
    Best Regards to the family!


  14. Unknown says:

    Well said Heidi. I didn’t know the rider but hearing about something like this is a tragedy. As a fellow rider, I will think twice when I have the urge to ride fast in a busy area…Life is precious and this is a reminder of how quickly it can be taken away. My thoughts go out to the families and friends who knew him. I’m sorry for your loss.


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