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Road Rage Incident on Palm Coast Parkway Lands an Oklahoman at the Flagler County Jail

| April 28, 2011

Edward Snmith faces charges of aggravated assault for brandishing a rifle similar to the one above at occupants of a car on Palm Coast Parkway.

It was not the smartest way for Edward Smith to show off his new 9mm Hi-Point rifle, which he said he’d just bought at a store on Utility Drive in Palm Coast.

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Smith, a 27-year-old Oklahoman from Muldrow, a Bunnell-size burg on the state’s border with Arkansas, brought a little touch of the old West to Palm Coast Parkway Wednesday afternoon when a verbal smackdown with the driver of another car devolved into Smith pulling out his new rifle from his trunk and brandishing it toward the driver, according to a Flagler County Sheriff’s Office report. Smith had two 16-year-old girls in his car, a Mustang convertible.

Smith ended up in jail.

It happened at the intersection of Old Kings Road and Palm Coast Parkway late Wednesday afternoon. The two teen-agers in the car told police that while their Mustang was idling there, they began arguing with people in the car next to them. There were three people in the other car: a 17 year old boy, an 18 year old woman, and Robert Rogets, 44.

Smith’s rifle was in the trunk, along with two boxes of ammo, one containing 50 rounds, one containing 20. The occupants of the two cars gave differing stories about what happened next. Rogers and the two other occupants in his car told police that Smith got out of his Mustang, went to his trunk, opened it, took out the rifle, and pointed it at them before speeding West on Palm Coast Parkway, toward U.S. 1. A witness to the incident who was in his car, three cars back, told police that he saw Smith, whom he later identified, get out of his car, grab the gun from the trunk and “wave it” around.

The 16-year-old girls, one of whom thought there were two people in the other car, the other thinking there were three, confirmed that Smith took the rifle out of the trunk and put it in the backseat of the convertible during the confrontation. When they’d driven away, the girls said, Smith put the rifle back in the trunk. That took place around the library, at Palm Coast Parkway and Belle Terre.

Smith initially told police that there were “five guys” in the other car, and that he thought they were “about to jump me,” according to the police report. Somewhere along the way Smith changed his story. He did go to his trunk, he said, but only to move some cooking sauce from the trunk to the back seat. He also said that the driver’s door and one of the rear passenger doors of the other vehicle had opened during the confrontation and that two males had stepped out of the car before he went for the rifle. But the girls in Smith’s car said no one got out of the other vehicle at any point, though they did say that the driver’s door had opened as if someone was going to step out.

The 16-year-old girls were read their Miranda rights then released to the mother of one of the two girls. Smith was charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and taken to the Flagler County jail. Bond was set at $2,000.

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18 Responses for “Road Rage Incident on Palm Coast Parkway Lands an Oklahoman at the Flagler County Jail”

  1. Anita says:

    As a matter of curiosity, what sort of instantaneous background check was performed on the man from Oklahoma, before allowing him to walk out of the store with a 9mm rifle and 70 rounds of ammo? What ever happened to the waiting period and how reputable is the gun dealer?


  2. Joe A. says:

    There is no back ground check required to purchase ammo. In the State of Florida, there is a 3 day mandatory waiting period from time of purchase to picking up your weapon. Unless (big unless), you have a concealed weapons license, in that case the waiting period can be as little as 30 minutes. When you have a concealed weapons license its like you are “pre-approved” and do not have to go through the entire waiting period. All part of Florida State Statute 790.06.


  3. shaq says:

    The only waiting period for fire arms in florida is for a hand gun. That ruger rifle he was ae to take right there and then…just wondering…why are some of you palm coast people so against guns? No matter how much you bash gun owners you have to realize that there is always going to be a bad guy out there with guns. Plus its our american right to own firearms. So imagine if guns became illegal…criminals breaking the law probably wont follow that law either, making it easier to get their way. I carry a gun, not because i make trouble, because im not going to let anyone rob me…crime is getting worse and i deserve more protection then our police who arent going to do anything special if the criminal gets away. Anyone can be a victim…..not me.


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